Title: "The Ties That Bind"


Written By: Shawn



Summary: Given a brief period of time off during the Clone Wars, Padmé and Anakin visit her family at the Lake Country estate on Naboo. A family that still doesn't know they are married, although they are about to find out.


Category: Drama/Romance

Rated: M

Ship: Anakin and Padmé Skywalker


Timeline: I've always believed the Clone Wars lasted about three and a half years. This story takes place at the two and a half year mark. So it's been two and a half years since PA were married. None of her family know about the nuptials.


Disclaimer: GL owns everything.


Beta Read by: The Dark Lord of the pen, Master Anne *bows respectfully*


Authors Notes 1: At the end of the day life is all about family.







Family quarrels have a total bitterness unmatched by others. Yet it

sometimes happens that they also have a kind of tang, a pleasantness beneath

the unpleasantness, based on the tacit understanding that this is not for

keeps; that any limb you climb out on will still be there later for you to

climb back.

~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960













One of the Nabberie family home located in Lake Country Retreat






Jobal stood on the docks of the Naberrie family island lodge and gazed at the gorgeous, clear blue skies as a gentle breeze lifted the air. It had been nearly six... no, seven months since she last came here, though it had been years since her entire family was together at this retreat. With the galaxy locked in turmoil over a war she prayed nightly would end soon, a need for her loved ones to gather during such unpredictable times carried a great deal of importance to her.


Soon the Naberrie clan would be reunited again. And that was cause for celebration indeed.


Casting her gaze just to her right, Jobal watched over her husband, wearing a mildly pleasant smile, as he coordinated the finishing touches on the newly renovated balcony overlooking the lake. As hard as he had worked over the years in the Refuge Relief Movement, and as much as he loved teaching, he was a builder at heart. He was born with a love of building things with his hands, and when their youngest daughter informed them that she was granted a ten day leave from the Senate he not only couldn't wait to see her, but his ambition to create seemed to return as well.


For the longest time he'd told her of his ideas for renovating the balcony with Valarrian Bird statues while extending the view farther over the lake to better enjoy the peaceful ambiance. Ten days ago when they arrived here Ruwee hired a small construction crew, and with the Lake Retreat caretaker, Paddy Accu, began the short period of reconstruction he'd put off long ago.


Ruwee's rediscovered creativeness was a breath of fresh air in a spirit Jobal feared was slowly growing bitter the longer the war dragged on. A highly educated man with an acute understanding of how to bring differing sides together, for the life of him he failed to see how this war couldn't be ended peacefully if both sides understood the simple basic truth that even when one side won, there wouldn't be much left of either. War turned civilians into survivors, not winners.


The bureaucracy, alleged corruption, and the Supreme Chancellor's bull-bullheadedness worried him a great deal as well.


Add into that his youngest daughter, a very outspoken and well-known Senator with powerful enemies, who lived alone on Coruscant and worked very publicly to bring an end to this war scared him. She made enemies who had tried to kill her before and would try again.


Jobal shuddered at the thought and knew Ruwee's feelings were the same. At least the Jedi saw fit to send her away again with another protector for the duration of her vacation.


Nonetheless, they had no control over the affairs of the Republic. Turning her focus, for the next ten days she would have Padmé, Sola, her husband and her grandchildren all under the same roof to love and adore. Perhaps she'd finally have that talk with her youngest daughter she'd been meaning to have about the more important things in life.


And maybe even a surprise or two...


"If you add anything more to this balcony Padmé will barely recognize it when she arrives."


Lifting his eyes toward the beloved sound of his wife's voice, Ruwee smiled as she looked beautiful amidst the backdrop of a bright Naboo

afternoon. "You're worried about her recognizing this balcony?" he smiled as she walked toward him. "I'm worried I'll barely recognize my daughter. I haven't seen her in nine whole months."


She was pleased to note the happy radiance in his facial expression as she stopped at his side. "Her work keeps her away."


"I know it's just..." Ruwee exhaled a sigh.


"You're the one who instilled her drive and interest in a life of public service."


"But not a life bereft of anything more."


Jobal nodded as they gazed out over the shimmering lake, Ruwee's arm affectionately draped over her shoulder. "She's an amazing woman who I am humbled to call my child. Sometimes when I'm watching one of her speeches I'm enthralled by her strength of character."


"She's as impressive as I always thought she would be," Ruwee admitted with no small amount of pride. "But she is all alone on Coruscant. She's so lost in her work that her family sees her barely twice a year. She has no one special in her life and that worries me. I hate to think of her being lonely."


"As do I," Jobal replied. "I hope to speak with her privately about that very issue when she arrives. I want her to experience so much more than professional accomplishments," she detailed. "I want her to fall in love and come to know the joys of sharing your life with another person. I worry that she is so closed off and dedicated to her work that she not only doesn't have time to meet anyone special but that she may not know how."


Ruwee's lips curled in a hint of a smile. "Is that why a certain critically acclaimed and very single painter has been invited to spend a couple of days here with us?"


Jobal looked straight ahead, offering no denial. "I thought you would disapprove."


Ruwee squeezed her shoulder tenderly. "I want Padmé to enjoy a full rich life that consists of everything truly living has to offer. So to that end while I will never push a suitor into her life, I'm not totally opposed to placing one in front of her and letting nature take its course."


"I knew there was a reason I married you," Jobal teased as they strolled along the balcony. "Padmé will come around; I'm sure of it. It's just sometimes I wonder what's gotten into her."











The Naboo Royal Cruiser II

The Bed-Chamber

En route to Naboo




"... deeper," Padmé half-begged in a husky sigh, her polished nails raking over the sweaty muscled skin of Anakin's heaving back. Hot perspiration mingled with each solid collision as their bodies became one time after pounding time. She craved the heavy weight of him pressing down on her, his strong hips surging his thick shaft in hard thrusts as she raised her lower body to meet his passionate aggression. Clinging to him for life, his mouth conveyed a tireless lust for her alone, suckling over her pulse, his broad chest ghosting over her hardened nipples.


Lying sideways on the bed with the torn remains of her ruined custom-made dress lying on the floor, Padmé was being thoroughly taken by

her husband. "More... love you so much."


"... such a tease," Anakin panted against the shell of her ear, his mind's eye providing the wicked smirk he was sure adorned her beautiful face. Thrusting deeply into her outspread thighs, her feminine tightness pulled so deliciously around him he gently bit his lip in an effort to maintain control of which he had very little left. Only a short time ago he'd succumb to her seduction. As if sharing her with her family for ten days, of which time he wouldn't even be afforded the right of sleeping in the same room with her, wasn't bad enough, the wickedness with which she toyed with him while he piloted them

from Coruscant were cause to consider if she were the Sith Lord the Jedi were looking for all along.


"You're going to pay for what you did," Anakin promised her with short, grinding strokes that made her mew softly in his ear.


With the base of his cock rubbing such pleasure over her clit she tilted her head back and clutched him tighter. Through half-closed eyes she quietly replied, "By all means, Jedi. Make me pay."


Padmé's sweet cries filled the bed-chamber when Anakin claimed her just that much harder for her evil transgressions. Force, she was a sight to behold beneath him, so small. The curly strands of her chestnut hair fanned her flushed face and the pouty bow of her succulent lips called out to him. The intensity of his breathing increased while laboring above her, wishing for no more than to never be without her again. She was home... forever home.


The solid thickness of him gliding in and out of her as the bed shook left Padmé soft and receptive. Above her Anakin was smiling and still a bit jaded by the fact that she had pushed him to near insanity. From the moment he took the pilot's chair she had touched him tenderly all around his neck, over his thigh, and along his face while he tried to fly the ship. Her sensual manipulations came in such a way as if she didn't know she was doing it at all. She spoke in a whispery, sensual voice about missing him and how good he looked and how lonely her bed was without him.


Anakin warned her of his slipping self-control... told her he would need to maintain it for the next ten days around her family; they would be closely watched... conveyed the absolute need for a Jedi to master himself if he ever hoped to master the Force.


Standing behind his chair, her slender arms wrapped around his neck, she whispered that she lay in bed at night in the dark and wept while touching herself, thinking of him... wishing her were inside her.


C3PO was nearly knocked aside when Anakin stalked through the back of the ship, carrying a mockingly-complaining Padmé over his shoulder. Once they reached the bed-chamber he kissed her with such hunger and then lustfully tore her custom-made dress from her body completely before throwing her down onto the bed to ravish her.


Being apart for the last four months left them voracious as that aching need had to be filled, damn anything in its way.


Having rolled across the bed a few times while making love in a new position, Anakin held onto Padmé's trim waist while gazing up into her gorgeous brown eyes. The hypnotizing warmth of her body closing so snugly around him, rising and falling above him was indescribably pleasurable. His hands filled with the gently-curved swells of her backside, guiding her down harder as he spread his legs to thrust with her, utterly lost in each other and the moment. "My angel..."


"Your angel," Padmé pledged forever before leaning over to capture his mouth, her hips grinding low and away, riding her husband as she pleased. Riding the hard length of him embedded so deeply inside her she... she... Suddenly her hips bucked violently, her body stiffened, and then she began to uncontrollably tighten and flutter all around him as a wild cry of ecstasy escaped her lips. She felt his strong arms close around her, holding her through the delirious, shuddering climax coursing through her body until she lazily slumped over his chest. She emitted a thoroughly satisfied hum against his shoulder, her body lax and sated.


Stroking her thick hair with a lover's touch, Anakin turned them over and then gently withdrew from her. She wore an innocent smile as her rosy lips beckoned him, so he had to kiss her that instant, loving her to the depths of his very soul. His adoration soon fell over her cheek, and then methodically down the column of her throat, over her slender shoulders and down the valley between her beautiful breasts.




"Shhh," was all he chanted with his face buried against her chest, breathing heat there, before his flesh hand rose to firmly cup her breast. The sensation caused her back to arch in such a provocative pose he couldn't believe a woman could ever look so sexy. His tongue drenched the pebbled peak in moisture, and then began sucking the hardened tip until she cried out. He was ravenous, tugging gently with his teeth before pulling hard again and then treating its twin to the same.


When his flesh hand filled with one soft breast, his mouth drew urgently on the other. Her nails clawed at the bed sheets, her head turned sideways tugging her bottom lip as his mouth began to descend her body.


When his kisses rained down her toned, flat belly the muscles quivered beneath his lips. His gazed up from between her slim thighs, found her breathlessly staring at him, and then took an agonizingly long lick of her from top bottom to top and back again. Her backside ground into the mattress as she moaned loudly. His hands held her thighs while he sampled her softest flesh, dragging his agile tongue in firm lashes up and down her sex while her thighs quivered shut around his head.


Her deep, erratic breaths were evidence enough she was close to oblivion. The exotic fragrance of her arousal enraptured him equally to the love of how she tasted. His insatiable tongue exploration sent every muscle in her body taut. He alternated between fast and slow before sucking firmly her sex, sparing her clit just enough attention to keep her shaking above him. And when his mouth finally devoted itself to her pleasure he suckled the small sensitive flesh so tenderly while driving two fingers fast inside her that she came again, wild and untamed, her nails digging into his scalp as her hips pumped against his open mouth. He wouldn't stop until she finally had to push him away as the sensations were too great to bear.


By the time Padmé was even able to realize where she was again Anakin loomed above her, snaked between her thighs. His blue eyes were filled with a lust and desire she awakened in him like no other... there would never, ever be another. He wanted her so badly just by the way he looked at her that it was almost scary as much as it was thoroughly thrilling. Her hands reached for his handsome face, drawing him closer to her lips, and then she softly whispered a most un-Padmé like phrase to send him spiraling over the edge of restraint.


"Fuck me."


Her flushed, triumphant smile faded the second he pushed deeply inside, her eyes rolled back, her mouth slacked opened, and all she could do was hang on for dear life as he took her... Force, he took her hard.


"Mine!" Anakin chanted in her ear, riding her furiously into the mattress, fiercely fucking her, never stopping for a breath as the bed shook in the wake of his need. He felt her hands roam all over the firm, smooth flesh of his backside, squeezing it, urging him to take what he wanted. Her arms wrapped as tightly around his neck as her body did around the rigid length of him surging inside her. He lifted her slender legs up over his shoulders. His knees spread for power as the sheer agony of desiring her so badly drove out of him in thundering waves of passion. He took her faster, roughly thrusting

with a primal flair that saw his climax violently erupt without warning. A final deep thrust and he was gone, coming in powerful bursts of hot wet heat as she clung to him, arms and legs locked in a full body embrace, softly chanting her love for him.


A time passed.


The thick Naclair covers kept the remains of her expensive, custom-made dress company on the floor while the bed sheets were adorned with the enticing scent of their passion. Padmé inhaled deeply, half lying over Anakin's body, one leg hung over his. Naked and sleepy-sated in his strong arms, her fingers drew small circles over the steady rise and fall of his chest. "I never meant to provoke you."


His wife truly had some nerve, Anakin considered happily. Gentle laughter bubbled out of him, eyes shut as he simply enjoyed the beloved sound of her voice. "Liar."


"I do not lie," she defended herself. He quirked open a curious eye, smirked, and then had the nerve to say...


"You're a politician. And as Obi-Wan says they are not to be trusted."


"Tell me. Did Obi-Wan ever mention anything relating to ravishing your wife and then lying naked in bed with her afterward?" Her husband shivered next to her.


"Perish the thought."


"So you don't trust me?"


Pulling her closer, Anakin noted to her smiling face, "I trust you in all things, but alas, you are a politician. Your ability to spin your actions into a more favorable light is legendary."


Mildly impressed by his assumption, Padmé affectionately toyed with his hair. "Regardless of your misguided interpretation of my earlier actions, the end results cannot be argued with," she ended with a kiss that sweetly lingered to mark her point.


Then a knock came at their bed-chamber door.


"Excuse me, Miss. Padmé and Master Anakin?" C3PO was overheard saying. "Oh dear, I sincerely regret interrupting your 'aggressive negotiations.'"


Anakin laughed whenever C3PO made mention of that term's "alternate meaning." The one the protocol droid accidentally overheard Padmé say months ago. She feared the day that 3PO might slip up in front of friends or family. "Yes, 3PO?"


"Ms. Padmé's sister, Sola is attempting to communicate with us. What should I say?"


Padmé shot out of bed like a light, searching for and finding a pale blue robe to slip on and then seeking a brush for her post-sex bed-hair. "Accept the communication, and tell her I'll be with her in a moment."


"As you wish, milady." The unmistakable sound of C3PO walking off faded behind the door.


"Calm down, Angel." Watching Padmé rush to the refresher to splash some water on her face and then back to the  bed-chamber was very amusing. "I'm sure everything is fine."


"I'm not worried that something is wrong. Sola would have told 3PO immediately if it was," Padmé explained. "I just want to give the appearance of everything being normal." She reached the door wearing a regretful expression that she had to vacate their bed. "I'll be back shortly. Be good." He gave a nod that she barely trusted but didn't want to keep her sister waiting any longer.


Padmé quickly made her way though the new, larger version of the starship that was destroyed years ago in an assassination attempt on her life. She took a long deep breath, brushed her hair back and then assumed the pilot's chair. A clear image of her dear sister greeted her. "To what do I owe this early communication?"


"Can't a sister say hello before you land? Or is that some new family rule I am unaware of?"


"It's uncommon for you to make interstellar communications is all."


"So I can't surprise you from time to time?"


Padmé arched a whimsical brow. "It would be a first."


"That's interesting coming from the Queen of predictability," Sola playfully accused.


"Former Queen, dear sister." Padmé sincerely looked forward to being with Sola again as it had been far too long since they spent time together. Gazing at her now, she found Sola gazing back at her just the same, only more closely.


"Padmé, you are practically glowing," Sola complimented her clearly surprised sibling. "You look like a new woman. Whatever is happening with you?"


Padmé smiled. She had mastered the art of calm and poise amid probing questions years ago. "I've just been getting more sleep lately, that's all. Thank you though. And you look lovely as always."


"Chasing Pooja and Ryoo keeps me young. Those little yard rats run me ragged." Sola paused for a moment and appeared to look around and behind Padmé. "Where are Dormé and Moteé? Aren't they accompanying you?"


Padmé shook her head. "No, not this time I'm afraid. I gave them time off for their own families or whatever they might want to pursue. They have so very little time for their own lives so this was my way of repaying them."


"How about Captain Typho?"


"The same," Padmé replied to her sister's now curious expression. "I have my Jedi protector with me, and I am expecting no trouble nor have I suffered any threats to my life in quite some time. I'll be safe, I promise."


As much as Padmé's explanation made sense, it was still strange for some reason. Sola couldn't help feeling something was amiss. Something elusive, just tickling the back of her mind. Why would her sister travel alone with a sole Jedi and none of her staff, who had)accompanied her to Naboo on every trip she'd made for years? Especially since all of them hailed from Naboo as well.


And then it all became crystal clear to Sola when a very handsome, very familiar Jedi Knight entered the cockpit area wearing what could only be described as a daring smile and took the chair beside Padmé. Her sister looked at him for a brief instant... mortified, and then her cool facade slipped back into place.


"I hope I'm not interrupting?" Anakin asked while Padmé stared daggers at him. "It's a pleasure to see you again, Sola. I hope you're well."


"I'm fine, Anakin," she nodded gracefully, now keeping her own cool. "You look quite well yourself. I know this is long belated, but congratulations

on your Knighthood."


"Thank you, milady," he replied.


"The 'Hero Without Fear'," rolled off Sola's tongue, now ignoring her eerily quiet sister to focus on the Jedi. "We're treated to your heroic exploits on HoloNet almost every night. My children are going to go crazy when they see you."


"The HoloNet portrays everyone bigger than life," he bashfully alluded.


"Well you are doing a great and important service to the Republic during these trying times. I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay on Naboo." Looking to her sister, Sola noticed that she (looked like she) might not be breathing. Could it be that she knew it made absolutely no sense at all that the hero of the war was given the task of accompanying a senator on a vacation to see her family? Any Jedi or more likely a Padawan would have been given the task. But Anakin... oh no, there was much more going on than met the eye. And she was going to discover exactly what it was. "Sister, I just wanted to

make sure you were on your way and not taken back at the last minute by some business in the Senate. The family can't wait until you arrive."


Breathing again, Padmé smiled. "I can't wait to see all of you too. We should arrive in a couple of hours. I'll see you then."


"Take care, Padmé. You too, Anakin. I think the next ten days are going to be most enjoyable... for so many reasons. Goodbye."


Sola's communication feed ended, and as soon as it did Padmé kicked Anakin. Hard.


"Hey, what was that for?"


"Oh please. I didn't kick you that hard. And why did you come up here? I had an explanation already planned for why you're with me, and now they will know long before we land. There'll be even more questions and eyes on us all trip long."


"Everything will be fine, Angel." Rubbing the ache in his shin, Anakin gave her a look. "And I think Sola has suspected something for a long time.")


"As do I, but now you've made her even more curious than she already was," Padmé said. "But she has no evidence and will mercilessly tease me no matter what she suspects."


Despite her frustration with him, she still looked far too beautiful when she was mad. "Is the autopilot still engaged?"




The sounds of a giggling senator being carried back to the bed-chambers for more "aggressive negotiations" filled the starship.







The End of Chapter 1