Title: "Scandalous"
The 1st one-shot in the Post-"Salvation" universe.
Written by: Shawn

Summary: Anakin and Padme's romantic Cloud City vacation continues...

Category: Drama/Romance/Erotica

Rating: M for sensual, sexual situations

Ship: Anakin and Padmé Skywalker

Timeline/Spoilers: "Salvation" must be read in its entirety to grasp
what I'm aiming for in this universe. Everything in the prequel movie
series is canon up until a point in "Revenge of the Sith," and
then "Salvation" takes over.

Disclaimer: Lucasfilm and George owns it all.

Authors Notes 1: I've longed to explore Anakin and Padmé's life post
some sort of fairy tale ending. So if they are permitted to be
married, the war is over with and Palpatine is dead, Anakin is
granted mastery, the children are alive and safe, Obi-Wan knows
everything, and Padmé at least retains her post... then what? That's
the question I want to answer in this series. Its a drama and as such
don't expect things to be glossed over or played down. I intend to
treat P/A similar to the obsessiveness the media treats such couples
in real life, as well as handle things politically in a way I hope
keeps you interested.

Authors Notes 3: This is the beginning of the post "Salvation"
universe. You will be introduced to new characters and reintroduced
to ones who disappeared for a while. You just never know who might
pop up. evil laughter

Authors Notes 3: I'm writing adults here, so expect adult situations.

Authors Notes 4: This story takes place 4 months after "Salvation"


"Quit hanging on to the handrails . . . Let go. Surrender. Go for the
ride of your life. Do it every day."
~~ Melody Beattie, "Finding Your Way Home"




The Pair O'Dice Hotel
23th Floor
Room# 23490.
The next day, early morning.
Cloud City, Bespin

"Padmé Amidala-Skywalker, what wickedness has gotten into you?"

Sighing pleasantly in the oversized bubbles-filled Jacuzzi, Padmé
wiggled her toes against the soothing jets of water. "I shall pretend
to have no knowledge of your double entendre." Her friend's smirking
expression illuminated through R-2's holographic projection. "Suffice
to say I'm thoroughly satisfied and have no complaints at all."

"Yeah, I'll bet."

"Oh stop it," Padmé smiled, her eyes closed, her body enjoying the
luxurious feel of the jets against her lower back. "I just checked
in with my mother and sister before contacting you. They enjoyed no
small amount of ribbing, so get yours in before I sever this

Seated in her office at the New Republic Tower, Sabé rested her feet
on her desk in a relaxed pose. "Okay, alright. I shall refrain from
anymore teasing."

"Thank you."

"So how much sex have you had?"

Padmé expected no less of Sabé. "I never kiss and tell."

"That's because for so many years you had no one to kiss and nothing
to tell."

"My spinster years are nothing for you to joke over, dearest

Sabé attempted to look shocked and being out in her place. "I can't
believe you went there."

"I like surprising people." Sabé's lovely accent perfectly
complimented her teasing nature. Ever since the former handmaiden
turned bounty hunted returned to Coruscant for the Chief of Security
position in the office of the Vice Chair their friendship had been
renewed to a greater degree than even when Padmé was a Queen and she
was her decoy. Someone was needed who had experience in thinking
outside of the box, dealing with the current galactic climate
concerning the criminal world, and cared enough about the Skywalker
family to do anything to protect them.

Padmé took no small amount of flack for her choice; Sabé was indeed
the perfect choice.

Casting her gaze across the room at Anakin, who was meditating in the
corner, Padmé reveled in the late morning she was so often denied. "I
needed this so much, Sabé."

"I know. Anakin was quite insistent that he steal you off Coruscant
for a couple of days. I was more than pleased to assist in his plot."

"Of that I have no doubt. Rebelling seems to be something you both
have in common. While I wasn't exactly pleased with the way I was,
for lack of a better term, kidnapped. I'm glad you helped."

"Thank you for cosigning my evil ways." A handful of Dreshin dipped
berries, Sabé's favorite treat from Naboo, were devoured quickly. The
small glass dish of them sat right beside her twin laser blasters. In
some ways they were her most prized possessions. "So how are the
little ones?"

"My mother held Luke and Leia while I tried to explain to them why
mommy and daddy needed a few days away but still love them very, very
much. Then Luke reached out for me at my projection, and it just
broke my heart. I was a step away from telling Anakin to fly us home
now. Then he swatted Leia and she started crying, and then he started
crying, and they both forgot about me," she laughed. Sabé just shook
her head. "It's the first time I've been away from them even a full
day, so it's something I'm adjusting too."

"While you're doing that, I'm adjusting to not firing my blaster at
one very annoying Jedi Master."

"Ben is a dear friend and firing at him wouldn't do you any good.
Trust me; I've seen people try it."

"He's a galactic know-it-all."

"Takes one to know one."

Sabé rolled her eyes. "I should not ever have expected support
against a Jedi from someone vigorously sexing another."

"I assure you I hold no Jedi, not even my beloved, as a perfect and
infallible being. I just think you and Ben rub each other the wrong
way because you haven't taken the time to get to know each other."

"He's always correcting me."

"Kindly tell him to stop that. It's the teacher in him still rearing
its ugly head."

"I'd like to teach him a lesson or two."

Padmé's lips curled around no small amount of teasing. "However do
you mean that?"

"Don't start that again!"

Contempt didn't describe how Sabé felt about Obi-Wan. It was more a
powerful annoyance that she felt he looked down at her, when in
Padmé's opinion couldn't be further from the truth. Where Sabé
abhorred order, Ben was ruled by it. Where Sabé was a free spirit,
Obi-Wan's stature as a revered Jedi Master carried with it
expectations he lived up to. They'd clashed since day one over every
unorthodox, but ingenious new security protocol she put into action.
And her carefree, sexy style of dress. And her wild piloting skills.
And the underworld connections she kept and refused to part with,
ever grating on the nerves of the detective within him.

Obi-Wan was now an official member of Supreme Chancellor Bail's
cabinet as the voice of the Jedi Order to the highest office in the
Republic, and was given free reign to explore and offer advice on
every security protocol in New Republic Tower. Sabé hated having
anyone hanging over her shoulders. They clashed so often, and with
such shouting and aggression at times Padmé couldn't help but to see
the heat simmering below the surface. They got under each other's
skin because in Padmé's keen estimation, they wanted to get under
each other's clothes.

The unspoken tension between them had far more to it than Padmé's
belief Sabé was attracted to Ben on some level. The years haven't
been kind to her, and even as much as she confessed to her best
friend one dark night, her heart just wasn't into trying anything
with anyone. Padmé gently counseled and loved Sabé on being open to
the future, but her emotional scars were bone deep. It would take
time and a lot of patience.

"Ben is quite handsome."


"And the Jedi Code no longer restricts relationships."

"You must think just because you snagged yourself a Jedi Master that
all of us single women should want one. Sorry, milady. I don't like
my men wearing what almost counts as a dress."

"That was so wrong," Padmé laughed, and even caught sight of Anakin
smiling despite his meditative state. Absently allowing her gaze to
travel down his bare chest to the knot securing his pants, she slowly
closed her eyes and reached out with her hand. The same ethereal pull
she'd experienced in the past came easier for her to grasp a feel
for. Ever experimenting with this mysterious connection to the Force,
she mentally found a way to will the knot to uncurl. Anakin's eyes
shot open, and then he looked down at what was happening.

"Padmé, stop pointing at your husband's rather impressive crotch

"Ahem, how would you know it's rather impressive if he's practically
wearing a dress... unless you've stolen a peek or two?"

"Goodbye, Mrs. Skywalker," Sabé laughed. "Have a great day."

"You too," Padmé offered. "Be good. Don't get arrested. Don't shoot

".... never lets me shoot anyone," Sabé grumbled before waving her

Anakin rose from the floor, stretching his arms out over his
head. "Angel, your abilities are becoming a curious mystery."

"I know," her voice sounded softly still a bit in awe of her access
to the Force. One that shouldn't exist. "When we get back on
Coruscant perhaps I should consult... ANAKIN, WHAT ARE YOU...
hahahaha." Just a moment ago he dove into the Jacuzzi, reaching her
amidst the neck-high bubbles. "You're still wearing pants."

"Not for long."

Laughter ceased, and moments later were replaced with the sensuous
sounds of splashing water and vigorous love making.



Level 32 - The Entertainment and Shopping District
Section 7-12
Cloud City, Bespin

"How can a small hotel on the lower levels hope to turn a profit when
they are renting by the hour?"

Standing just over Padmé's shoulder, a half smile curving his lips,
Anakin was thoroughly amused at his wife's mildly innocent
assumption. In front of them, the Rendezvous Hotel's openly sleazy
decor of bright lights boasting its low prices, anonymity, multiple
exits, and... ahem, on-staff escorts were bold to say the least.
Before he could open his mouth several holographic female dancers in
very revealing attire began circling them and whispering about the
indecent pleasures offered inside.

Padmé's eyes grew wide when it dawned on her what type of
establishment this was.

"Don't you dare laugh at me," Padmé warned, trying not to laugh
herself as they quickly traveled down the broad pathway, sidestepping
small tri-legged litter droids patrolling for trash. Anakin knew
better, lifting his hands defensively before taking hers. "I knew
exactly what kind of place that was."

Allowing himself no more than a tick of his jaw, Anakin nodded. "Of
course you did."

"I am highly educated," Padmé reminded him. "I've read a lot of
books. And I've visited more than seventy different worlds. I speak
five languages fluently."

"Beyond a shadow of a doubt." It was harder to resist laughing than
it was the Dark Side itself. R2 chirped behind them, embedded in a
small gray hover-barge that held their shopping bags thus far. He was
sure if droids could laugh, even R2 would chuckle. "Love, you are
brilliant to a degree few could hope to aspire, but there are
elements of society you have never been exposed to. Corruption, yes.
But not the more seedy nature."

"Perhaps," she admitted in some agreement. She'd experienced a wealth
of life experience, both good and bad, but her sheltered upbringing
that progressed into royalty for a time, and then the highly
protected life of a Senator certainly shielded her from society's
underbelly. "Nonetheless, I wouldn't stay at that hotel if my life
depended on it."

"Neither would I. And for the record, you had no clue what went on at
that place."

"I know what won't be going on in our bed if you continue teasing me."

"Such an empty promise." Giving her hand an affectionate squeeze, he
marveled at the lovely, carefree mood she was in. Her sleeveless
white dress was sensual in its simplicity, light and comfortable,
accentuated by the green tear-drop jewel hung from a thin chain
between a plunging neckline. From the regal set of her shoulders to
the confidently feminine way she walked, her style was captivating.

Her beauty gave him life.

Bespin's spectacular skies perfectly complimented the basic white and
cream-colored appearance of the vast city. Its labyrinth of vibrant
streets, numerous advertising holographic images, towering
skyscrapers, endless rows of outdoor market stalls, starship malls,
above ground restaurants, and mobile vendors stretched the distance
of one's gaze. Living up to its hallowed reputation, Cloud City was
alive with an electric atmosphere of decadence and excess.

As Padmé and Anakin toured the city streets they recognized among the
hectic crowds various races of people. Humanoids, Weequay's, tall
Quir'sav's, horned Chagrians, pale skinned Umbarans, three-eyed Gram
Roadians, shaggy Thisspiasian's, Wookies, and Koorivar's. In
addition, every type of droid imaginable seemed on display offering
directions, tips for gambling, news updates, and credits for the slot
machines located on every corner.

Cloud City was a place like no other.

Both sides of the street were littered with hundreds upon hundreds of
stores selling just about anything one could imagine. Help droids and
store staff worked the crowds, offering special discounts on items
while especially looking out for wide-eyed tourists with credits to
spare. Above the streets, flight guidance beacons were set at every
corner, coordinating the busy auto-navigated skylines filled with
luxury and civilian passenger shuttles, air taxis, and speeder vans.

Humming a delightful tune from her youth as a refreshing breeze
tousled her hair, Padmé enjoyed simply walking amongst the many
diverse groups of people. It felt normal in a way that had been
denied her for so many years. Here, she was a nobody. A petite
humanoid woman with curly brown hair walking with her husband. Minus
her typically regal, professional, or Naboo-centric attire she
blended in as just another face in the crowd. For nearly four years
she could not so much as be seen with Anakin in public, much less
doing something as affectionate as holding hands.

But here... she was free. Free to laugh as loud as she wanted without
stepping out of the reserved character she was known for. Free to
drink a little too much just for the thrill of it. Free to enjoy her
considerable wealth instead of feeling guilty at times for it. Free
to indulge a woman's desires to their utmost fulfillment anytime she
felt the urge. Free of responsibility, if only for a little while.

"You have got to be kidding me?"

Padmé felt her hand released, and when she looked around she found
Anakin had stopped at a mobile data-zine market stall. "What is it?"

Producing several credits from his pocket, Anakin paid the four-armed
Frucian droid pilot for two data-zines that immediately caught his
attention. He took both, now marching toward his wife. "Can you
this?" He held up the first one for her to read the covers headline.


Lies in the media, Padmé complained to herself. What else was new.
The picture of her on the front was obviously doctored from days ago
when she was leaving the apartment via the Veranda's landing dock.
She had something in her eye and was rubbing it just before she
boarded her private shuttle. The photo gave the impression she was
crying while Anakin was holding both babies on the balcony, staring
at her. The headline was so ridiculous it was almost funny. No, to
Padmé it was funny. She couldn't help but to laugh.

Snatching the data-zine from his hand, she carefully considered its
cover while smiling. "That headline is still better than the one they
ran about us last week."

Anakin fondly recalled Obi-Wan showing him that one while offering
the Jedi's services for delivering baby formula. "When Luke and Leia
are both crying at the same time they're a handful. For us to adopt
four more infant children from four different planets would be

Padmé could only shake her head at the craziness that surrounded
their lives and the media's crazing for every detail. Even going so
far as to make up things when there is no story to tell. "Show me the
other one."

"This data-zine is two hundred and seventy five pages long."


"I have a method?" she laughed with her hand over her mouth. "I
didn't know I had a method."

"Well, that backless dress you wore on our first trip to Naboo was
quite alluring."

"I have told you time and time again I wore that dress because of
Naboo's warm weather."

Arms crossed, Anakin bent toward her, his tone soft and loving. "So
if Ben had been your Jedi protector you would have worn the same
dress?" Looking away, her fair complexion betrayed her as a light
blush spoke volumes. He tipped her chin with his finger. "You wanted
to entice me."

"You were already enticed."

"You provoked me."

"I did no such thing, Master Jedi." Calculated as ever, Padmé knew
how to stroke his ego. Addressing him that way could turn any tide in
her favor. "You wanted me."

"You wanted me to want you."


Her tone was so high and mighty. He equal parts wanted to bend her
over his knee as badly as kiss her senseless. "It was your wicked
ways that forced me to break the Jedi Code."

"I assure you my ways were far less wicked than you make them out to
be. I can't be blamed for being irresistible." Flirting with him in
broad daylight was so much fun. Especially since they could go back
to their hotel at any time and... "Must I continue verbally besting

When Anakin suddenly kissed her, deeply and with such hot passion,
his arms hauled her flush against his chest. She was again reminded
of his utter power over her because he tasted so delicious. His
erotic suckling of her tongue left her soft and warm in his embrace,
clinging to him. Ripe, luscious kisses followed one after the other,
no matter who was watching. When their lips finally parted she
moaned, her head tucked beneath his chin.

Padmé hummed softly, "Apparently my method works." Anakin's laughter
pleased her soul to no end.

They spent the next hours shopping inside a starship mall. Anakin,
Padmé, and R2 were shuttled from a street corner to the Silas
Shopping Center hovering some fifty feet above ground. For the next
standard hour Padmé searched for shoes, jewelry, and gifts for her
nieces and parents. She found three amazing paintings for their
apartment, and an outfit she thought Anakin would look dashing in.
She tried his patience shopping, but he held his tongue and let her
peruse at her own pace.

Not to be outdone, Anakin purchased five antique swords from an era
long before the lightsaber. And he found a particularly funny red
shirt with "Ask Yourself. Would Obi-Wan Kenobi Do That?" on the
front. With his former master's current stance as the people's moral
compass of the Republic, something he hated relentlessly, he'd
probably find this amusing. At least Anakin did.

After enjoying an intimate lunch at a very nice Aldearrian restaurant
aboard the starship, they were shuttled back to the lower levels for
more sightseeing. They came upon a artistically astounding stone
fountain where a band of female Twi'leks was playing soft music for a
gathering crowd. One sang while the other three played instruments
and was rewarded with whatever credits appreciative listeners left
for them. The crowd of twenty or so was mostly older couples, perhaps
seeking a quiet moment in the chaos of Cloud City.

The heartfelt music was so pleasing to Padmé that she tossed a
handful of credits on the red carpet the band performed on, a sign of
great respect and adoration. They bowed appreciatively. Upon
returning to her husband, she settled in with her back to his chest,
safe and loved. His arms wrapped around her slender waist, with hers
covering his forearms. Nothing was said for the longest time as they
enjoyed the performance and each other's company. The warm, mildly
windy weather was a wonderful compliment to a great day so far.

"So can we talk about it now?" Anakin whispered in Padmé's ear before
brushing a kiss over her neck.

"Talk about what?" she asked, her eyes shut, lost in the singers'
remarkable voice.

"You and the Force."

Eventually they had to address it. For some reason she'd always found
a reason to put off this conversation. She still wasn't sure
why. "Okay, but I'm not sure how much help or an explanation I can
offer," she explained. "Early on in our relationship I could sense
your feelings, but I didn't think of it as any different than any
other couple who were in love. I knew how to judge your eyes and the
way you spoke and that's how I reasoned knowing your mood. But as
time passed, even during the first year of our marriage, I began to
feel surges of anger or sadness or loneliness from you. Your emotions
would startle me no matter where I was, and I knew I was feeling what
you were feeling at that time."

"All romantic notions aside, Angel. You're not supposed to be able to
do that. It should be impossible."

"Like I said, I can't explain any of this."

"What about other people? When did you begin to sense their

"That was random at best, and I don't think I really began to accept
that was what was happening to me until you left for the Outer Rim
Sieges," Padmé offered. "It was more than Palpatine's rhetoric and
shady dealings that left me cold with him. I could feel dread and a
deep lack of caring in any way from him. I almost felt sick in his

"I couldn't sense that," Anakin admitted, again hating that it was a
fact. "Neither could Master Yoda or Master Windu."

"My best guess is that because I am untrained in the ways of the
Force, maybe whatever Palpatine did to shield himself had no effect
on me. Again, I'm grasping at shadows. I have no real answers." Her
husband squeezed her in his arms, causing her to smile from the
tender affection. "When you returned from the Sieges I could sense
your feelings stronger than ever. I could hear your stray thoughts,
but never enough to make out what you were thinking."

Ever amused by this memory, Anakin recalled, "Remember that time you
saw Luke's baby toy on the floor and went to pick it up, but it flew
into your hand?"

"Of course," she smiled. "I was sure you did that. I couldn't believe
it when you told me you didn't."

"I'm not looking for answers, Padmé. I don't seek them anymore. There
are enough mysteries that surround my own life. Sometimes when you go
looking for things you don't like what you find. So, I'm going to
enjoy the moment."

"Sounds like a good idea."

"And train you."

Padmé tilted her head. "Excuse me?"

"Not as a Jedi. Nothing like that. But if you have access to the
Force. If it is a part of you then I can show you how to harness
whatever ability you have. Any advantage is an advantage, love."

She couldn't argue with that. Not with the unpredictable and
dangerous days ahead. "In our private time that would be fine."

"It begins now," Anakin declared, and then reached into his pocket.
He tossed a single silver credit down at Padmé's feet.


"Look at it closely," he began. "Look at how it landed on that small
pebble and the sun is shimmering off its end. Look at the position
its lying in. Observe how far from your hand the credit is. Now I
want you to close your eyes." She did as instructed. "You know what
the credit looks like, Padmé. You know the distance between it and
your hand. You know the size and the shape of the pebble it is lying
on. You can feel the breeze in the air. The warmth of the suns rays
on your skin. You're aware of everything around you. You're touched
by your surroundings. The music. The sounds of people talking. The
atmosphere. I want you to summon the Force. Will it to bring the
pebble to your hand. Relax your mind, and accept the wonder of
something you can't understand. Don't think about it, just do it."

Exhaling a deep breath with her eyes still shut, Padmé lifted her
right hand and opened her palm. A powerful sense of warm energy
surged through her body. As her fingers widened the credit gently
lifted off the ground and pressed against the center of her hand. She
closed it and then opened her eyes. "Amazing."

With his face pressed into her hair, holding her so close, Anakin
thanked the Force that she loved him. "Yes you are."



Inside a V.I.P Luxury Skybox
"Bespin Speedway 101"
An open-entry speeder race round-robin tournament
Late afternoon
Cloud City, Bespin

Not the deafening roar of the rowdy crowd nor Padmé's boisterous
applause could soothe the agitated mood Anakin was in after losing
his third racing bet in a row. After shouting a series of
unpleasantries at his losing pilot, the esteemed Jedi Master
complained, "That makes no sense at all. A Wookie has razor sharp
piloting reflexes. How could he lose his lead in the final lap to a
one-eyed Glomorian flying an old Type-V speeder pod?"

While comfortably seated on a plush lavender lounge couch, Padmé
casually observed her husband pace back and forth in front of the
broad balcony overlooking the massive, circular racing arena. Forty-
five thousand wildly cheering fans serenaded the daily free-for-all,
anything-goes races that were a hallmark of Cloud City
tourism. "Dear, it's not that serious to be getting angry about.
Maybe that Glomorian is simply a superior pilot?"

Trying to make sense of his loss was made a bit easier by the immense
size of their luxury skybox. He at least had room to walk
about. "Trust me, out flying a trained Wookie isn't easy at all."
Running his hand through his hair, Anakin grimaced at the sight of
the overjoyed Glomorian flying a victory lap around the arena in his
wreck of a multi-rusted racer that looked to be held together by
children's glue and dear hope. "If you had only let me race I would
have won easily."

"Yes, probably. But with your years battle-tested piloting experience
and Jedi reflexes you would have a clear advantage over the other

"But Padmé..."

"Enough whining!" Anakin's attempt to glare at Padmé didn't deter her
pleasant mood in the least. He held it for a long as he could before
trying not to smile when he spun away from her. "I know you're

He could feel her gaze on his back. "No, you don't."

Her husband's playful tone of voice said it all. "You're just mad
that a racing expert and new Jedi Master such as yourself lost three
bets in a row, while a novice such as me won that many in

"You're lucky at best," Anakin quickly pointed out, his arms across
his chest, leaning his back against the railing. Behind him the
salvage droids began clearing debris from the track for the next
round of races. "I know racing. I've been doing it since I was a
child. I know vehicles and engines and how to factor in the wind and
what species are adept to being good at handling great speeds with
amazing reaction times."

Anakin approached her trying to explain. "In the first race I picked
the Tyerell with the twin-carbine Nero engine who started third and
had an inside lane. He finished fifth. I personally think he threw
the race. His six arms alone should have allowed him to win easily."
Padmé continued enjoying her cool drink while he continued. "In the
second race the burly Quadlinaros I bet on was flying a Dreadnought
speeder bike. That thing nearly has the maneuverability of a Jedi
star fighter. He led the race from start to finish until the last lap
when he suffered single engine failure and seemed to forget how to
fly with one engine. I knew how to do that when I was ten!" His wife
nodded understandably while nibbling on a delicious piece of sweet
honey-cress bread. "This last race I was sure the Wookie would win.
Wookie's are excellent pilots, Padmé. Glomorian's should be lucky
they even were allowed to race with one eye. For Force sakes, two
thirds of the other twenty pilots had three or more eyes!"

Patience, Padmé remembered her mother told her would be necessary
when dealing with men. "Would you like me to pour you a drink?"
Anakin threw his hands in the air, clearly frustrated and still
pacing. She shook her head at his reaction to losing his bets. As if
they needed the credits he lost or she won. Men indeed. "You were too
serious when you picked your racers, Ani."

"Okay, oh great speeder-race expert," Anakin noted sarcastically as
he just had to ask, "Why don't you tell me how you picked your

Oh, this was going to be good. Padmé smiled brightly as the
background chatter of the next race beginning soon could be
heard. "The pilot I bet on in the first race was wearing a hat that
bore a Naboo design insignia. The second racer I chose waved to his
mom in the stands when a droid-cam flew past. I thought that was
sweet and bet my credits on him. And the Glomorian Home World
President was one of the few high officials to publicly vote against
Palpatine during his rule, so I had to show support for a Glomorian
racer. And he had well-manicured claws."

Dumbfounded, Anakin just stared at her.

Padmé simply shrugged.

After several moments Anakin rolled his eyes, grumbled under his
breath, and then gazed out over the balcony once more, much to
Padmé's chagrin. She watched her husband exhibit his less than
wonderful traits with amusement. He wasn't perfect, but he was hers,
and perfect for her. "Love, come share a drink with me. It'll help
soothe that male ego of yours."

Having had enough of watching the races for the time being,
especially since Padmé forbid him to participate himself, Anakin made
his way to her side and sat down in a heap. He accepted the cold
drink she poured for him. Unable to hold onto a bad mood in her
presence for very long, he could tell how tickled to death she was at
his outburst. And she was right; his pride was bruised a bit. Still,
she seemed so happy and had thoroughly enjoyed the thrilling races.
He had a feeling when he suggested coming here she would have a great
time and that she did. That's all that mattered to him at the end of
the day

While enjoying a long, satisfying swallow of the cold liquid, he
savored the refreshing taste. "You're never going to let me forget
how you beat me three times today, are you?"

"Of course I'll let you forget it," she replied. "Unless I need to
use it when that ego of yours rears its ugly head again." He was
still mildly grumpy, but she knew how to fix that. Standing to her
feet, she walked around the couch to a small table behind it.

Ever aware of her attire and the need to change it often, Padmé
surprised Anakin yet again with her stylish black jumpsuit and silver
chain around her waist that very much resembled the outfit she wore
when they were held hostage on Geonosis. Unable to resist looking,
the way her backside swayed when she walked by in that devilishly
feminine way left him hungry. And food wouldn't appease that

Alas, food was part of her plot. Padmé reappeared behind him, leaning
over his shoulder to offer a piece of the delicious sweet honey-cress
bread she'd fallen in love with when they arrived. Begrudgingly, he
ate a piece she fed to his mouth, and then another. "Is this your
weapon of choice to quell my anger?"

"Only a man would use a weapon to combat anger," Padmé noted. "Now as
a woman... your woman," she whispered in his ear with full knowledge
of how he adored whenever she acknowledged his possessiveness. A deep
and intimate chuckle was her reward. "I intend to simply take the
best care of you, as you belong to me as well."

Breaking off another piece of the sweet bread, she fed it to him bit
by bit, gently wiping his mouth clean before offering more. Between
bites she pressed soft kisses to his temple and cheeks, all the while
sensing his mood lighten and his arousal spike as she was hung over
him. She particularity enjoyed the latter.


There was such a wealth of tenderness in the way he spoke her
name. "Yes, love?"

"Whatever," he began with a deep and intimate laugh, shifting his
body to reach for her slender waist," Did I do," he continued before
hauling her gently from behind the couch and over his lap, "To
deserve you?"

"Nothing. You simply fell prey to my method."

"And what a seductive method it was." The softest sigh of delight
escaped her lips while he thoroughly, deeply kissed her. Snuggled
warm and safe in his arms, her legs draped over his, Anakin held her
cheek while nibbling her mouth, and then chasing her tongue with his
own. Her arms held tight around his neck, while the solid feel of his
hard manhood beneath her sent tingles throughout her body. This was
what they needed, away from Coruscant's scandalous gossip mongers and
malicious hearsay.

A simple, quiet moment alone between husband and wife.

"How dare you wear such wickedness?" Anakin growled with a gentle
bite over her ear lobe. His hand gave a firm squeeze of her backside.
She moaned accordingly, her cheek pressed to his warm chest. "When
you know what it does to me?"

"I am unaware of the wickedness you speak." High and mighty as ever,
Padmé reveled in the solid beat of his heart and the throbbing length
of him that signaled just how badly he wanted her. "Whatever Dark
Side thoughts are parading through your mind, Master Jedi. I suggest
you reign them in."

"Perhaps better, I shall relieve you of your clothing and ravish you
to a screaming climax with my tongue to start." When she shivered, he
smiled. "And then claim you on this couch until you can do no more
than hum."

This was the part of their marriage she struggled with from time to
time. His ravenous need for her and her inability to say no. It
wasn't that she ever wanted to deny him and herself, only that some
places for such physical theatrics were inappropriate. In her
husband's mind that didn't exist. Still, the side of her now so
confident in her sexuality enjoyed toying with him. She rocked her
backside over his erection in a slow circle, eliciting a husky groan
from deep in his throat.

"You evil Sith."

"Takes one to know one." Slinking off his lap, Padmé smirked when he
had to... ahem, adjust himself. "Would the galaxy's most amazing,
handsome, and utterly satisfying husband please go cash in my credits
and donate them to the charity booth, and then get us some more of
that bread and some Drobusto pasta?"

Anakin was being manipulated and played oh so well. Nonetheless,
Padmé was incredible and pleasing her pleased him. Plus, he now had
a chance press her buttons a bit. "Far be it from me to deny you
anything." Marching toward their credit betting console, he removed
her bet card and slipped it in his pocket.

"I'll lower our V.I.P luxury box so you can..." She heard a whiff of
air and saw that he had already jumped from their booth some sixty
feet to the ground below. Crossing her arms, she yet again uttered
trademark. "Men indeed."


Having turned in Padmé's winning bet card for the several thousand
credits she won, Anakin walked through the long tunnel from the race
tracks entrance to a small booth run by the Galactic Children's
Relief Fund. The charitable organization worked across the galaxy to
end hunger, slavery, and disease where children were concerned. It
was one of his wife's favorite charities and a welcome surprise to
find them represented on this world.

Having performed his good duty for the day, Anakin was dying to bribe
a credit-greedy pilot to enter at least one race himself. Although
he'd pay a hefty price when Padmé found out, the thrill of
competitive racing was calling him and he was helpless but to obey.

Anakin weaved through the busy crowds on his way towards the pilot's
ready port, having taken a private shuttle around the back-end of the
massive arena. He was itching to test his piloting skills again and
couldn't wait to enter a race. Upon climbing out and paying the
driver, he walked towards the pilots' staging area and then overheard
someone's angry voice shouting from around a corner up ahead. Even
though he was on vacation a Jedi's mandate was to protect, so he had
to investigate.

He crept slowly to the corner, peeking out from around it. In a small
mechanics' alcove he saw a very large, intimidating man with a thick
beard lording over a scared child appearing to be no older than ten
years of age. Around them were three other children wearing worried
expressions. The child on the ground was holding his face as if he'd
been struck.

Anakin watched very closely, listening for the meaning of this

"I told you little swamp-rats to disable the Vlista's main engine
line. This one here," the man pointed angrily at the child on the
ground, "Disabled the wrong ship. That caused me to lose a great deal
of credits. And since I'm going to pay, you cretins are going to pay

Anakin recognized bruises on the other children's face. Venomous rage
grew hot in his belly until he emerged from the corner when the man
raised his fist to strike the child on the ground again.

"I want you to listen to me very closely," Anakin warned while
marching toward the man. The other children helped the boy on the
ground back to his feet. "You are never, ever going to raise your
hand to another child."

"I don't know who you are, but you're asking for the beating of a
life...uggghhh!!" Suddenly his throat felt as if it were being
crushed from the inside out, his lungs refusing to inhale air. He
choked horribly, falling to his knees before the stranger who
appeared out of nowhere.

Anakin used the Force to pull the satchel from around his waist. It
descended in his hand, leaving he children spellbound at what they
just saw. When he looked inside he found two thousand credits.
Perhaps the man was cheating the children. He was certainly looking
to use them to do his dirty work. Fixing races no doubt. When he took
a good look at them, four boys, ragged and wearing worn clothing he
hoped they weren't slaves. More than likely just poor residents. "I'm
going to divide these credits among you. I want you to take them home
to your parents. And I don't ever want to see or hear about any of
you doing anything bad for anyone. I have powers and abilities and if
you do I will know. I also never want you to talk to this man again.
Do you understand?"

The four boys nodded, gleefully accepting the credits the stranger
gave them before running off.

Anakin turned his full attention to the groveling man on the ground.
His face was crimson from the lack of oxygen, though he wasn't
dead... yet. While the Jedi Master in him knew this wasn't the way of
the Force, the former slave in him remembered beatings he'd witnessed
his friends had endured. And his mother had suffered abusive
indignities from time to time as well.

Releasing the Force choke, Anakin slowly circled the man. "You're
alive because killing you wouldn't bring justice to what you've done.
But trust me, there's a dark part of me that would glorify in
watching you suffer a slow, painful death." The large man crawled on
all fours like an animal, trying to get away. He was kicked viciously
in the gut, still choking for air as he laid face down in the dirt.

Anakin wielded the Force once more. "You're going to find the nearest
security checkpoint and turn yourself in for attacking children.
You're going to admit to every crime you've committed in the last
standard year and demand to be arrested immediately. Do you
understand?" The man nodded, tears streaming down his face as he
tried to catch his breath. "Good. Go now. And pray we never cross
paths again."

Anakin watched him slither off, and as the Force directed his
actions, he wandered toward a security check point. Backing away, the
Jedi Master had lost his appetite for racing. Instead, he decided to
pick up the things Padmé had asked him to, and then check in on his
own children.

The cute sight and sounds of Luke and Leia would hopefully wash away
the simmering rage still swelling within him.



"Siege 1"
A sleek black two-seater luxury touring starship
Currently hurtling through the lower gaseous atmosphere near the
center of the planet Bespin

The brutally frigid lower atmospheric temperatures near the core of
Bespin had no effect on the warm and cozy intimacy inside the small
starship Anakin and Padmé rented to tour the amazing planet.
Breathtaking views through the broad sera-glass canopy revealed such
an array of vivid colors as they burst through whirling storm clouds
at breakneck speeds. Gusting tempests of massive billowing mist
erupted without warning all around them, adding an element of danger
that only amplified the enjoyment of their night cruise. The fast
starship deftly maneuvered around several automated Tibanna gas-
collecting facilities, zipping through the seemingly endless void,
its occupants marveling some of the most astounding visuals ever.

Bespin was a truly remarkable world like no other.

If one possessed the necessary skills when renting one of the touring
starships, the manual controls could be engaged to allow for a unique
excursion. Otherwise the auto-piloting computer would fly around at a
prearranged course that, while wonderful, offered far less than the
amazing sights Anakin treated his beloved to. Nose-diving the
starship at its top speed, he barrel-rolled away from a gigantic
streak of lightening at the very last second, eliciting quite a
reaction from Mrs. Skywalker.

"Anakin, I swear!" Padmé gently released her death grip on the arm-
hold when the starship leveled out and its speed decreased. Despite
secretly loving his wild side, her husband's current reckless abandon
wasn't appreciated. And if he didn't laugh so carefree or look so
thrilled to be flying she'd probably hit him with something. Alas,
his joy filled her through the Force as surely as she saw it etched
on his handsome face. Her sudden anger faded at once. "Your
outstanding feats of piloting are well known, but kindly remember we
are trying to enjoy ourselves tonight and aren't being chased. Tone
it down a notch, please."

"As you wish, milady," Anakin complied while switching on the
autopilot. He had his fun already, and now it was time to appreciate
the rest of their cruise. The pilot chair's adaptable-oversized
luxury offered such comfort and despite the ship's diminutive size
the cockpit provided ample leg room for a man his height. Padmé was
practically swallowed by her seat, appearing so beautiful in her
sexy, black Vion dress. Backless, with a plunging neckline, yet again
she chose attire he couldn't begin to resist her in. "Better?"

"Yes, thank you, love." Now that she was finally able to luxuriate in
the wonder of her surroundings without holding onto her chair for
dear life, Padmé allowed her thoughts to warm to the moment. The full
glass of Bless wine and subsequent refill she had at dinner relaxed
her mind and soul in the most pleasing of ways. She looked to her
husband with adoring eyes and sighed. He was such a powerful,
dangerous man. And yet he possessed a gentleness she had heard men
weren't capable of. His caring nature, romantic spirit, and heroism
made him so appealing. He was a gentleman in every sense of the word,
and she was thankful as Luke would have a wonderful man to follow in
the footsteps of. The utter joy he exuded whenever he made Leia float
via the Force, his favorite way to play with her, was captivating.

And he was so sexy to her. By the Force, she found him irresistible.
The intensely hot passion he loved her with left her breathless and
feeling so alive. Sure, he wasn't perfect by any stretch of the
imagination. But he was perfect for her. Meant for her, she felt from
the bottom of her heart. They were destiny, and thank the Force she
didn't fight it.

"You're smiling brightly, Padmé," Anakin noted in a tone that was
teasing while gazing at her face. "Whatever has inspired such a
beautiful expression?"

Tucking her legs comfortably beneath her, she gave a half-shrug and
simply spoke from the heart. "Ani, you make me so happy."

Did she know that he lived to do that? For a brief moment he was
speechless before echoing a humble, "I try."

"You succeed," she reassured him and then fluttered a well-manicured
hand in his direction. "When you do as I say," she grinned at the

Anakin sought and captured that small hand, curling his own around
it. His voice was laced with mirth. "What is thy bidding, my master?"

He was oh so dramatic at times. A side of him that tickled her to no
end. "Oh stop it. I was only teasing."

"You do know that I would do anything you asked of me?"

"You won't even stack up all of your flight manuals or put away your
small lightsaber repair tools when I ask you too," she
snickered. "Don't make empty promises."

"You're one to complain when as courageous and brilliant a woman as
you are you nearly threw a fit when you saw that six-legged arceture
crawling on the veranda."

Her hatred of all things bug began in her childhood and existed until
this very day. "I did not throw a fit. Former queens don't throw

"You screamed and dropped Luke's bottle. Poor 3PO thought were under
attack. He hid in a closet."

That particular morning might not have been the highpoint of her
mature, adult life, but she wasn't going to stand for this. "I don't
like bugs." She followed that up with, "Anymore than you liked Sola's
garshen pasta."

Anakin blanched. "Trust me, I've tasted better bugs that your
sister's garshen pasta."

Padmé shuddered lightly. "I didn't need to hear that, love."

"So you don't want to hear about the small, scaly bugs I've..."

"ANI PLEASE!" His laughter filled the small ship as well as her
heart. She playfully pouted, "Sometimes I think you've been turned to
the Dark Side and just haven't told me yet." When her eyes lifted she
found his eat-you-alive expression focused on her plunging neckline.
She was instantaneously aroused by his obvious hunger. "Behave,
Master Jedi."

"I never have," he gently tugged on her hand. "And I never will."
Using the Force, he undid her seat belt and his own. "Come here."

An arched brow accompanied, "Am I to do your bidding now?"

"You are so difficult sometimes." He stared with such longing at her
gorgeous mouth. "Now do as you were told."

"I am your wife, Master Jedi. Not your servant." It was a game, as
always. A game of wills. Who would give in first and garner the
bragging rights later on. And in this game, Padmé won far more often
than she lost. "I see no reason to honor your request as it felt like
an order. And as you well know I don't respond to orders."

"I seek no more than the feel of your beautiful body against my own,"
he began with his gaze trained warmly on hers. "When you are in my
arms my soul is at peace." She was trying her best not to smile, and
knowing how she found his over the top comments so amusing at times,
he went for the jugular. "I am adrift in life, yet you anchor my
heart with your love. You sustain me as surely as the very air I
breathe. My very existence depends upon yours. I was born for you,
Padmé. Of that I am sure."



"Can't you just tell me you love me like a normal person," she
laughed so carefree, living in the joy of his pleased expression. And
with but a gentle wave of his hand she lifted from her chair and was
settled comfortably in his strong arms, her legs dangling over
his. "I shall allow this as it was sweet, but..." All talk ceased
when his lips brushed sensuously over her neck just below her ear.
Cuddled in his warm embrace, she could do no more than purr. "That's
not fair."

"I never learned how to play fair," he whispred, and then nibbled her
ear lobe. "Sorry I didn't tell you that before we got married." The
pleasurable feel of her weight centered on his lap grew a hot searing
need in his belly that begged to be sated. His hands ascended her
slender waist and filled with the gentle swell of her breasts,
squeezing them firmly. She writhed in his arms, her head resting back
on his shoulder. "Do you feel what you do to me?"

The rock solid length of him throbbed powerfully against her
backside, causing her breathing to quicken. "Yes," she replied while
snuggled in his arms. Tilting her head, she lunged for his mouth,
bathing his lips with the sultry heat of a lingering kiss. "Patience,

"I have none where you are concerned."

"Then consider it a new skill to master," she playfully taunted,
shifting her body so that her back was fully pressed to his chest.
His arms cradled her lovingly. "When we were out to dinner you never
told me what you and Ben talked about. But when you returned to me
you seemed a bit disturbed. Is there trouble?"

His dear wife had no idea how badly he wanted to avoid talking about
this. "Ben is attending to Jedi business on... he's informing certain
people that the Order and the Republic are united once more and
keeping a close watch on everyone suspected of illegal activities.
He's very good at getting his point across as well as opening lines
of communication with certain key underworld figures that will give
us new eyes and ears in the galaxy. I don't think its terribly
dangerous, but.. I don't know."

"Where is he?" Suddenly, Padmé sensed a wave of sadness and despair
flood her husband's subconscious. The emotion was so jarring she
shuddered. "Anakin, what's wrong?"

Pausing for a brief moment, he announced, "Ben's on Tattoine. He's
meeting with the Hutts in secret. They'll receive a certain amount of
leeway for their activities within reason in exchange for pertinent
information from time to time."

Deciphering his dread was easy. Tatooine would be forever tied to his
mother and in his heart, his greatest failure. Padmé caressed her
hand over his jaw, her fingers tracing with tender care. "Do you
think you will ever go back there?"

"Never. Not even to save my own life if I had too."


"Padmé, please."

"I'm serious. Tell me why?"

Holding her tighter, he tried to pull his tumultuous thoughts into a
verbal place. "I lost myself there, Padmé. I took my first steps
toward the dark side on that accursed world. Toward where Palpatine
ultimately wanted me to be. I disgraced my mother's memory in a rage
of mindless violence. Going back there would bring back memories to
painful to face."

"Love, look at me." She drew his focus upon her. "Your mother wanted
you to fulfill your destiny by becoming a Jedi. She wanted you to use
your incredible abilities to help people. To be a benefit to the
galaxy. You have accomplished all of her dreams for you. But you are,
above a Jedi, a husband, and a father simply a human being. And if
any human being found their beloved mother tortured after being
kidnapped and had her die in their arms I'm not sure what any of us
would do to those responsible. Anger and rage are a part of our
humanity the same as forgiveness, kindness, and caring. You can't
hold yourself above other people."

"I was a Jedi Knight then. I knew better."

"Palpatine and Count Dooku were far older and much more powerful than
you were at that time. They were evil and horrid beings. Age and
title had nothing to do with this and neither did failure. You struck
back at the people who kidnapped and murdered your mother. Perhaps
you went too far. Perhaps you regret your actions and always will.
That's life, Ani. We all have regrets. Actions have consequences. But
they don't damn your soul for all eternity. We live, succeed, deal
with loss, regret, love, and die all the same. At some time you have
to let it go."

Pressing his face into her thick, curly hair, Anakin
sighed. "Someday."

"Someday," she repeated while tenderally touching his face. Standing
to her feet for a brief moment, Padmé turned around and straddled his
lap low, centering herself directly over the heat of his erection.
With her knees on either side of his thighs, her hands framed his
handsome face, drawing him ever closer. "I am so in love with you.
You just have no idea." While well-known for possessing a very high
opinion of himself, he bowed his head, humble before her. "You
are..." She tried to think like him, failed quickly, and then sought
his sense of humor. "You are the engine in my starship."

"Padmé, that was terrible," he smiled widely.

"It's a good thing," she added softly, edging closer to his
mouth, "That I'm so much better," warmed over his parted lips, "At

Padmé claimed his mouth with a demanding, breathtakingly passionate
kiss. Her tongue was gently inhaled in response, now twisting around
his own. She shivered when his hands snaked under her dress to caress
her smooth thighs. And each time she ground her hips he groaned into
her mouth so deeply. His simple Jedi attire, minus the robe made for
easy access. As for her, he had no idea.

From the exotic scent of her skin to the exquisite taste of her
mouth, Padmé's bewitching grace tore at Anakin's sanity. Needing to
feel more of her, he begrudgingly tore his lips from hers, and then
pushed the shoulder straps of her dress down. His hot breath fanned
over her bare chest before he drew a pebbled nipple inside his mouth
and began suckling the tender flesh, the stiff tip brushing the roof
of his mouth. She held the back of his head, feeding herself to his
ravenous need as she experienced a trembling state of ecstasy. His
tongue played over the gentle slop of her breast, and then the other,
tugging and swallowing the nipple until she was writhing on his lap,
wet and needy.

"By the Force, Ani," Padmé groaned as her nails combed through his
hair. With his mouth performing such pleasurable wickedness over her
breasts, his hands filled with the rounded curves of her backside,
kneading her, pulling her over his hard manhood in a rhythm she felt
her body responding to all to fast. Sucking in air, her hips began
rocking over him while he panted hotly against her.

Grabbing a handful of his air, a simple tug pulled his tortured gaze
back to her. Mercy, pure lust was written all over his face. His wide
eyes darkened with greedy desire for her alone. They clearly matched
what she felt inside.

At that very moment inspiration, confidence, and the sheer need to be
bold for once drew Padmé off her husband's lap. She fell to her knees
before him and spread his legs apart. Her hands tore at his pants and
was helped when he lifted up and she was able to drag them down to
his feet. With both hands she wrapped around the hardness throbbing
before her and began slowly stroking him until his eyes rolled back,
his lips parted, and his entire body shifted in the seat.

"Ani," Padmé smiled shyly from her perch before him. "This is how the
best husband in the galaxy gets treated." Bracing her hands on his
quivering thighs while basking in the powerful rise and fall of his
chest, her tongue began a series of methodical feathery brush strokes
from the base of the shaft to the head and back down again, tasting
him, eliciting such a heady response the muscles in his legs were
drawn tight. Upon reaching the tip again, her tongue swirled slowly
over the head before closing around it. Long, smooth strokes around
the base of his cock accompanied the inch by inch sucking until she
possessed all of him. He throbbed and jerked in her warm mouth, now
bathed in her saliva and sexual hunger.

Lost in a world of decadent pleasure, Anakin's hands gripped the
armrest of his chair as if the starship were about to crash. He
shivered behind closed eyes, sitting further down, trying his best
not to lose control in an embarrassingly fast manner. By the moons of
Eltar, her incredible skill murdered any Jedi meditation for calmness
he had ever learned. Her soft, warm lips surrounded him, drawing
stronger now on each descent. Her jaws tightened around the length of
him that dragged along the corners of her small mouth. Her head rose
and fell over him, draining him of all coherent thought. When his
thighs shook her hands held him still. His world became a warm cloud
of unbelievable pleasure as the sight of her long, thick chestnut
tresses fanned over his thighs while she sucked noisily, crippling
his will by the second.

In Padmé's adult estimation this act wasn't subservient, but
controlling in every way. She loved pleasing him. Loved him, period.
But she was in full control, here. She could go faster and drive him
over the edge, or draw out his pleasure until he couldn't stand it.
If she stopped he'd beg for her to continue. Probably offer her
anything. And he felt so good in her mouth. The skin was so soft and
yet he was as hard as she had ever felt him. Pleasuring him this way
pleasured her. She could please her husband until he couldn't speak,
and that thought empowered the once demure woman who could barely
make eye contact with a handsome
man. Now she was married to one who thrilled her and she him.

When his throbbing began to intensify Padmé backed off with a lasting
gentle kiss over the weeping tip. Her glistening brown eyes lifted
and found the intense gaze of her beloved, flushed and so incredibly
aroused. Rising to her feet, she gave a sensuous wiggle until her
dress slinked off her body, pooling at her feet, and then stepped out
of her shoes. No doubt he noticed that yet again, she wore nothing
beneath her clothes. "I sincerely hope my under attire, or lack
thereof, meets your approval, Master Jedi."

Unable to speak, Anakin swallowed hard in the back of his throat.
Padmé's teasing, pouty expression taunted his self-control. Didn't
she know he would crush the entire galaxy for her? No matter. He
hauled her back over his lap, overtaken by the sheer need to feel her
wrapped around him. She quickly straddled him again, mid-kiss, and
then dipped her hips at his cock until it deftly pierced her body.
Taking him inside her on a long, drawn out descent, he felt so thick
and hard electric sensations rippled down her spine.

He filled her completely, mind, body, and soul.

Dark eyes met and held on, drowning in each other as Padmé rose and
fell slowly over his lap. She took all of him, gliding at a divine
rhythm, his hands anchoring her slender hips. She threw hear head
back, her hands braced on his shoulders, grinding her body at him,
and was met with the growing need of his impacting counter thrusts.
His pumping hips rocked her to the core, driving her up and down over
him. Slick and hot, wrapped so tight inside her clenching inner

Unable to resist, Anakin drank from Padmé's lips once more, suckling
her tongue hard. Her hips rolled insistent, straining circles over
his lap, squeezing and drawing him deeply inside her. She worked her
body aggressively, twisting and impaling herself on his hard cock.
His nipples brushed over her chest, as hers did the same to him. His
hands filled with the firm cheeks of her backside, slamming her down
harder now, forcing the most pleasurable little squeaks from the pit
of her throat. Riding him at a steady gallop, her nails dug into his
back, nearly breaking skin. She arched into him, grinding sensation
over her clit, and then slowed her rhythm to bend and wrap her lips
around one of his nipples.

"Padmé... love you so much," he moaned huskily.

"Love you more," she whispered, gently biting his ear before riding
hard again, working her hips in unison with his. Their passion burned
white-hot as both sought the sweet, sweet end. Vigorous lovemaking
shook the entire chair, echoing loudly around them with the hard
slaps of flesh and the ripe scent of passion.

Padmé rode him in tight circles that he pounded into her until her
eyes finally squeezed shut, and she cried out as a rumbling, raging
climax roared through her, triggering his own. Her inner muscles drew
tight, clenching uncontrollably around him until he clutched her so
tightly, lifting her high in a series of bursting surges of wet heat,
coming so hard his foot slammed into the bottom of the control

He didn't care. Didn't even feel it.

Sweat soaked and sated at last, delayed after-spasms merged with the
most tender kissing as their breathing returned to normal. Still
connected, they inhaled the others breath, their foreheads touching.

"My angel," Anakin smiled at his dear wife, brushing some of her hair
off her brow.

"Yours, always," she replied happily, and then laughed. "I think I
need another drink. And something to eat."

"Room service?"


Anakin kissed her again, his arms still wrapped around her. "Have I
told you lately that you are the most passionate, sexy, incredible,
utterly satisfying woman in the entire galaxy?"

"You didn't add brilliant."

"Fine, you are the most passionate, sexy, incredibly, utterly
satisfying and brilliant woman in the entire galaxy," he noted

Padmé thought it over. "You also forgot best mother, best wife, and
most formidable politician."



"Shut up." he laughed.

"For now, okay." She kissed him again... and again... and again...



The End of Chapter 2