Title: "Hate That I Want You"


Written by: Shawn

Summary: The will to survive!

Rating: Gloriously, Unapologetically NC-17

Category: Angsty Smut Romance

Ship: Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala

Timeline/Spoilers: In this universe the Clone Wars lasted four full years. This story takes place during a AU "Revenge of the Sith" time-frame. Palpatine died aboard General Grievious's ship, and Count Dooku survived, thus becoming the new Sith Lord. No one ever found out who Palpatine truly was. Anakin never turned to the Dark Side. The new Supreme Chancellor has ended the war, but the shroud of the Dark Side still clouds everything...

Disclaimer: George Lucas owns it all. I'm just playing in his backyard.

Authors Notes 1: Passion, love, jealousy, pain, stubbornness, and regret are all parts of life.

Authors Notes 2: This takes place five months after Chapter 3

Authors Notes 3: WARNING! Dark, Disturbing territory ahead! WARNING!

"You can survive anything"
~ Unknown

Senate Apartment Complex

Located at 500 Republica

Senator Padme Amidala's private transparisteel glass elevator

Senate District

Late Night

Galactic City, Coruscant

"I... ahhh, I can't live without you, Angel," Anakin's ragged groan strained as he sank her down onto his hard cock, her back braced to the curved transparisteel clear-shell of her private elevator. His hunger for her seemed endless, craving her to the point of obsession as he swore his love to her as their bodies collided. The ecstasy of filling her so deeply was etched on her beautiful face, the way it contorted passionately... the way her mahogany eyes shut tightly as the air rushed from her lungs. Her smooth legs wrapped themselves around his back as he anchored her high on his hips, slowly withdrawing before surging back inside her tight warmth. Faint traces of mist shaded the glass before evaporating as they made love after having been part five whole months. "... my love... need you... want you always..."

"Ani!" Padme cried out as he made love to her, lifting her in his arms, and then drawing her down until she was so full of him her toes curled. Her heels snapped clicked over his backside as he took her to such pleasure. She felt a hot flush rise in her cheeks as a surge of wetness slicked his rigid shaft as it spread into her. Gods, how she missed him.

Having reunited only moments ago, Padme pre-programmed her private elevator's ascent to her 186th floor apartment at the slowest pace possible, while adding the outside shade similar to the glass wall in her office. The security cameras were off, as they just couldn't wait until they got to her apartment. Not after five long, lonely months apart.

Slowly, deeply, thrusting into her up against the glass shell of the elevator with all of Galactic City visible, Anakin pressed his cheek to hers. Needing the contact. The warmth of her breath upon his face. Her soft grunting noises that made his cock throb inside her. The humid depths of her were drawing deliciously tight around him as he thrust up into her, driving her down onto his cock until her nails dug into the back of his neck. Her weight, so slight in his arms as he rode her on his hips, loving the way her lips trembled so sensuously. He breathed her in, his nostrils flaring. She smelled so damn good, and when she arched her neck he attacked the regal column of her throat, sucking hard.

"Uhhnnn... uhh... uhh... dontstopever..." her voice sank to a low moan, her body drowning in pleasure as her breasts strained against his hard chest. They were still clothed, having shoved aside only what was necessary. The erotic sound of his cock entering her made her blush fiercely as she held onto him. Rising and falling at such a lazy pace, feeling every inch of him spread her flesh. Her clit throbbed against every grinding thrust of his strong hips, shooting shivers of pleasure throughout her body. By the Force, he knew just how she liked it, somehow hitting that sweet spot over and over and over again inside her that left her crying out his name, "Anakin, yes!"

"My Angel... can't ever get enough of you... missed you every day..." Still fully clothed, he recalled them entering the elevator, kissing wildly, and then then both shoving and pushing whatever was between them aside. And now he had her! She was squeezing hot around him as he fucked her high against the glass shell. He marked her neck, darkening the skin, gently biting before she grabbed a handful of his hair and wrenched him back to her soft mouth.

They shared deep tongue caressing kisses as he drove into her with a slow, measured pace. Up... down... up... down... up... down...

"Harder," she begged, her body quivering in his arms, the glide of her back against the glass wall coming faster now as he pounded into her, fulfilling her lustful request. Her breath came in wild gasps now, thrashing in his arms, bucking and writhing as he fucked her harder. "Don'teverstop... Uhhnnn... ahh... ahhh... please Ani!"

Feeling dizzy with lust as he fucked her, Anakin met her every descent with soaring lunges as the transparisteel glass shell shook from the ferocity of how vigorously he fucked her. Lifting her high before crashing her back down onto his hips. While bracing her hard to the wall with one arm, he reached with his free left hand and tore the front of her sky-blue dress open. Jeweled buttons cascaded to the floor as he feasted on her bare breasts, sucking hard on her nipples until her panting whimpers turned into full shuddering moans. "Take it!"

"Yesss!" she moaned under the onslaught of him fucking her so deeply. Her eyes burned with rapture, her nipples brushed with sensation each time he thrusted her entire body up and down the glass wall. Her climax threatened so suddenly, so wildly, as pleasure swelled, and then exploded. Gloriously pleasurable spams overcame her through a blinding rush of cumming so hard all around him. She vaguely heard her name in husky fragments roar from his lips as he fucked her faster, and then his cock jerked wildly inside her. Contracting around his ejaculating cock, she felt every wet burst fill her to overflowing, his warm seed drawing out her orgasm until she slumped in his arms.

Boneless and sated, her back still braced to the wall, she began peppering his face with soft little kisses, smiling brightly. He was here and he was alive and he belonged to her. She was so happy her heart could barely contain it. Alas, as her mind returned to her, sadness tinged her voice. "You cannot stay tonight, but tomorrow night..."

He nodded, pressing his mouth hard to hers so that me might never forget the taste of her. Holding her was all that he needed in this world or any other. "I just had to see you, Padme." He shook his head in utter frustration. "Five months is just to long to be without you. I am lost if I am not by your side. The hunt for Dooku seems endless as his cowardice."

"Seven more months, my love," she promised him with all her heart. Holding his handsome face in her hands. "Seven more months and then we will be together. We have given nearly five years of our lives to the war effort. We've lost so much... survived so much... but from that day on we live for ourselves."

90 minutes later

Yawning happily as she emerged from the warm steam of her private bedroom refresher, Padme padded over to her bed and sat down on the end. Snuggled inside a thick Anial-cotton white robe, she felt so refreshed and hopeful. She sighed happily, her eyes slipping shut as she recalled her joy at seeing Anakin... and then the relentless passion they shared not so long ago.

In seven short months her marriage to Malacore would finally end by her own hand. She would leave him to his ambition and pursuit of power. Let him have it all. His fill to overflowing if he so wanted. He coveted nothing that mattered to her at all.

But being a romantic with clear intentions on getting her happy ending, Padme Amidala was not a naive, foolish woman. It was her cunning, will, intellect, and sharp instincts that allowed her to navigate the treacherous waters of galactic politics at such a young age. And if things were tricky before, in less than a year they were about to become insane. "C-3PO, you can bring my Norsa tea now."

"Coming Ms. Padme," the protocol droid called out from the kitchen area.

Sitting barefoot, Padme playfully dug her damp bare feet into the soft rug at the foot of her king-sized bed. The end of her terrible nightmare was within reach, and now was the time to begin preparing for it. Later on tonight after a meeting she was holding here, Anakin would return to her. With Malacore off-world for the next eight standard days she intended to enjoy her future husband to her hearts desire. They had a future to plan, and the time was now.

C-3PO knocked at the parted bedroom door before entering. "Are you decent, milady?"

Padme wasn't earlier, she smiled wickedly. "Yes, 3PO. You may enter." The golden droid approached her with a cup of her favorite tea. The scent of which soothed her before she drew lightly from the top. There was a mild hint of... something new... or maybe she was imagining things. "3PO, please give me a status update on my personal banking accounts. A total will suffice."

"Ms. Padme, your personal wealth totals seventeen million pure credits, and another two and a half million credits in assets and investments. The combined wealth with your husband exceeds..."

"Irrelevant," Padme concluded, cutting off the droid. Although she at times felt embarrassed and even a bit guilty about her great wealth, she knew there was so much more she could do with it to help people that truly needed it. And with a life minus politics on the horizon, creating and overseeing that galactic relief organization she's thought of for years was now about to become a reality. A force for good without the bureaucracy and fighting over where the help needed to go first. She had a clear vision for the type of organization she wanted to create. But there were personal plans to be made as well. "Have those emails been sent?"

Yes, Milady. As you instructed to the letter," he proudly proclaimed. "Several computer systems with time-release encrypted hard-drives have been set up in the Lower Levels. They will periodically send the emails."

"Very good." Those emails would be sent to various gossip news agencies, all detailing the beginnings of a strained marriage with Malacore, all the way to reports of a amicable split. She had no interest in branding him the villain or herself the victim. She simply intended for it to appear that they grew apart and went their separate ways.

When she started to rise from the bed, Padme swayed a bit, feeling light-headed all of a sudden. Her cup was half-empty when she sat it down on the night-stand. And then she noticed her hand trembled as she stared at it. Noted how warm she felt all over. "3PO, has the apartment's heat system been altered? It feels so hot in here."

"No, milady. The entire apartment's temperature is exactly as you instructed me to set it. In fact it..."

A chaotic burst of metal and debris splintered from C-3PO's chest as the sound of a blaster unloading crumbled the destroyed droid to the floor.

Padme could not react fast enough, stumbling to her feet amidst a terrible headache that left her with double vision. Her mind was foggy... her ability to concentrate, fading fast. But she was able to make out, "Malacore... what... what are you... what..."

Prince Malacore watched Padme fall back upon the bed, her bathrobe slightly open at the neck. He couldn't help gazing at her soft skin, or the way her hair fanned the pristine white sheets. She was remarkably gorgeous as she was treacherous. But today... now... she would know her place! "Its a shame it has come to this, my dear wife."

He lorded over her, a fire flashing in his eyes, fanning flames into a inferno. Rage and hate and revenge dominated his thoughts as he slowly began unbuttoning his shirt. He spoke so softly to her, "Before I kill you, I will have you. And then you and that bastard of a Jedi will finally be together forever... in death!"

Two Hours Later

The cold water splashed against Padme's face drew her to a dull wakefulness, her head tilting sideways as she came around. Droplets trickled down her cheeks as she couldn't gauge her surroundings just yet. Her mind slowly realized she was seated upright in a chair, her arms bound behind her back, while more rope looped across her waist. Every muscle in her body felt limp, numb even as it began to feel again. She could barely open her eyes a slit, but instantly recognized the cruel timbre of Malacore's voice.

"You were barely worth the effort," he considered dryly from a chair directly in front of his wife. Malacore straddled it backward, watching her struggle to regain her bearings. Oh how he had waited for this moment. For the power to show her true worth, and by his hand alone. "The drug I injected you with works as quickly as its cure fades away, which I gave you moments ago. You'll be able to see and hear and feel soon enough. And when you do," he smiled coldly. "You might feel a bit... sensitive. I was rather rough with you, milady."

Even though she realized she was still in her bedroom, Padme knew she was in deep trouble. Life-threatening trouble, without a shadow of a doubt. She struggled to focus, mostly on her surroundings and how tightly her wrists were bound. Malacore's taunt didn't begin to truly resonate until her pain throttled her lower body. Her heartbeat pounded in her ears as her vision finally cleared. Malacore met her with a frigid expression, devoid of any warmth at all. His belt rested over his shoulder, his expensive dress shirt unbuttoned completely. A hard knot of dread grew in her throat.

"My dear Padme... my faithful wife," he called her with a mock loving tone, though his eyes betrayed his utter contempt. His complete lack of caring. "You're a whore, Padme Amidala. And I treated you like one tonight. Like just another one of my possessions. And rest assured that after your death I will make sure the galaxy knows you were a lying, cheating whore."

Between her thighs felt raw and swollen. Uncomfortable. Irritated. Her heart clenched like a vise inside her chest. She noticed she was dressed rather recklessly in a basic green gown. Her bathrobe, the last thing she recalled wearing, laid on the floor. The sheets were tossed about on the bed. Acid bit at the back of her throat when realized sex scented the air... Her expression paled in mute horror as she came to one vile, inescapable conclusion. Her voice trembled mightily. "You... you raped me?"
"Yes, and thoroughly I might add," Malacore answered darkly, his gaze narrowed. The sheer revulsion in Padme's glare pleased him to no end. Her helpless state gave him strength. His power over her was simply delicious. "I took your cunt and your ass until I was sated," he declared as her scowl burned through him. "And then once more simply because. And I must admit, I never thought I would enjoy sodomizing you as much as I did."

Shaking powerfully now, Padme's eyes widened in absolute horror. The pain... the raw, swollen pain ached between her thighs. Ached now as she sat on the chair. There was no doubt he was telling her the truth. She was beyond herself. Frozen in rage and hatred and... raped! She'd been raped and she couldn't remember anything! He violated her! And now he planned to kill her!

Stilling herself in the moment, Padme battled shock and rage with her razor sharp mind, forcing all emotion aside. Trying to calm her breathing, she gave all her thoughts over to a single purpose. Survive this. Find a way to survive this. Again, she tested the tight binds on her wrists. Not as tight as they should be, and with her slender hands she felt just enough give... and then stopped moving when her stare found the suit-case sized gray cylinder in the corner room.

Malacore followed her gaze, glancing over his shoulder. "That, my dear wife, is a Omni bomb. One that will decimate this entire apartment and you as well." Suddenly he appeared somber as he explained, "It was planted by anti-Republic terrorists. And in the wake of your death, I will uphold your moral values and your inspiring goals by assuming your Senatorial seat... and adding every single credit of your wealth to my own."

"Don't do this, Malacore," Padme pleaded with him, her face wincing painfully in a show as her hands twisted and turned behind her back... another inch... and then another, as she felt she could free her hands. Survive this... find Anakin... bury Malacore!

Malacore's voice rose emphatically. "If you would have just listened to me that day months ago and taken the position Supreme Chancellor Mothma offered you, I would have never sought this dark course of action!" He stood to his full feet, stretching as he walked over to the bomb. "But I've learned all about of your countless lies and your betrayal. I know everything about your Jedi lover. I am no fool!" he spat out venomously.

She didn't have time to turn away before he quickly stalked across the room and violently struck her face with the back of his hand! Her fair skin bruised easily, the top of her lip split as she lifted her head to face him. Defiance lit in her eyes. "You are a cowardly, disgusting, little man!"

"And you're just another hole I fucked until I was done." Making his way back to the bomb, Malacore set about calibrating it. Pleased at whatever he just did, he addressed her again. "Do apologize in the afterlife to all those unfortunate neighbors of ours on the three floors below us. They will join you in death. And so will your precious Anakin. His death is at hand as well." He offered her a gentlemanly bow, loving the absolute fury in her eyes. "I'm off to the moon of Farloir where I will sate my appetites with wanton women far more attractive than you. And I will be horrified when news arrives of your assassination. Truly horrified, indeed," he laughed as he approached the bedroom's entrance. "One more thing, Padme."

One hand was free of her binds, but she felt so weak and had no weapon nearby. She wouldn't win a fight with him now. She needed him gone to make her move. "Out with it, you bastard!"

Smiling evilly, he shook his head, and then laughed. "My scientists found a cure to Naboo's plague two standard years ago." Her hatred of him was as clear as day, written all over her bruised face. "You were a means to an end. Your influence, your wealth, and now today... your tenderness were all that I ever cared about. Your people... let them all die for all that I care!" He had the nerve to lean down and kiss her cheek. "Now I take my leave of you. And soon, life will take leave of your body. Goodbye, dear wife."

"STOP! DON'T DO THIS! PLEASE!" she screamed, fanning his mistaken victory over her. He was easily manipulated. Made to feel he had won. Her hearing followed him to her secure emergency exit. He must have rigged it, she surmised. No matter, he was soon gone.

She had no time to waste.

Padme quickly tore her hands from behind her, and then the ropes around her waist. She shot to her feet, only to crumble to her knees as searing pain burned her center... blood dried on her inner thighs... her legs trembled weakly, but somehow carried her to the bomb.

The countdown was set for two minutes. She had seconds left. She had neither the time nor technical knowledge to deactivate it. Without 3PO or R2, she needed to flee. Now!

Pushing past the pulsating pain, she ran as fast as her legs would carry her from the bedroom, through the living quarters, and past the water fountain towards her balcony. All power was shut off in the apartment. She had no way to communicate. No way to save herself or anyone else.

Inner strength meant pushing past your limits and fear to overcome any obstacle. Wincing painfully, Padme climbed onto her balcony railing as the winds gusted over her face, and then without a second thought leapt from the edge.

Free-falling past waves of multi-directional repulser traffic lanes, Padme saw a gigantic wall of fire burst out as a deafening explosion roared from above her. What could she do? She had nothing. No plan. No idea of what to do or the Force to call upon. Jumping was her only, best option. Perhaps this was her death.

Hopelessness took over as she began losing consciousness, her body nose-diving through the air. Chaos erupted as gigantic slabs of fiery debris, glass, and even bodies smashed into starships, shuttles, and sky-cabs all around her. Somehow all of it missed her. Somehow she felt her body shifting as if fell out of the way of the riotous explosions around her until at last she hit something hard. Something that now carried her full weight.

Her eyes blinked opened even as her body screamed at her in agony. She'd fallen through a advertising sale-barge, the brightly-colored roof made of some form of cushion. Her nails dug in into the fabric with the last of her strength as the ship maneuvered towards a broad veranda and landed.

Ani... The last thing Padme recalled before passing out was a colossal explosion that seemed to come from the direction of the Jedi Temple.

The End of Chapter 3

The Finale: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!