Title: Succumb"

A One-Shot

Written by: Shawn



Summary: Succumb - To yield or submit to something overpowering or overwhelming.

Category: Erotica

Rating: NC-17

Ship: Tommy/Kim

Timeline/Spoilers: Everything is fair game up until the Zeo Rangers gave up their powers to the group that would later become the Power Rangers in Space. After that, it's all my AU. More explained in the Authors Notes.

Disclaimer: Disney now owns it all, lol. I wish I were paid for this.

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Sub-Category: I'd like to call this a "Stormy Night" fic. "Stormy Night" being the phrase I'd now like to use to describe a story for the Grown and Sexy. If you read a story of mine and it's categorized as a "Stormy Night" fic, then expect a sensual, mentally stimulating, erotic story. This isn't smut. At least that's what I'm shooting for. A "Stormy Night" fic should be one that when you're done reading it, you need to take a deep breath and probably a drink. That's what I'm shooting for. A story for the Grown and Sexy.

Authors Notes 1: None of the former Power Rangers have been Rangers for a number of years. They are all living their own lives in the real world now.

Authors Notes 2: As with most of my stories, everyone’s between the ages of 25 to 27 here. They are written with those ages in mind.

Authors Notes 3: Big time thanks to Gina and Denise for going over story details.

Dedicated to: Princess Kimberly. Luvs ya, P.K:)




"Undeniable Attraction"


Do you feel it?

There’s something between us.

Something that we can't deny.

Do you feel it?

We have something.

Something that no one can take away from us.

Something that we can't resist no matter how hard we try.

Do you feel it?

It draws us to each other.

It brings us closer.

It's just waiting to be uncovered.

And once we discover it...

Nothing will be able to tear us away from each other.

Do you feel it?

- written by Denise








45 South Concord

The 4th Floor

Tommy Oliver's apartment

Monday, April 9, 2006 11:30 PM

Angel Grove, California



At least the raging thunderstorm would provide him with a good nights sleep. It would be the only check in the positive category of his entire day.

Ever since he was a child, Tommy loved when it rained hard at night, just before he crawled into bed. Storms were exciting to him. He never feared the dark, nor the loud, rumbling of angel drums. Howling winds never rattled him. Nature's most visceral yell that man had no real control over the world gave him a sense of peace that things were the way they were supposed to be in the universe.

His best nights sleep came when it poured down like cats and dogs.

Whipping off his dark, soaked sweatshirt, he tossed it onto the bedroom floor, along with his keys. Having arrived home only ten minutes ago after a late dinner with his parents, he's exhausted after working a ten-hour shift today. And while he loved his parents, their constant barrage of questions about who he's dating, why isn't he in a serious relationship, do you really think it was wise to go into business with three of your friends, how's Katherine doing, and how serious is Kim with her beau left him restless and weary. He loved his mother and father dearly, but he just didn't need to see them every day anymore, and thankfully, he didn't have too.

Sparing a view outside his bedroom window curtain, the predicted storm seemed as powerful and relentless as the weatherman said it would be. Strong gusting winds sprayed droplets against the window glass. Dark, foreboding storm clouds rolled through the heavens as it rained nonstop.

Tommy kicked off his shoes and socks next, then stepped out of his pants, leaving them in a heap on the floor. His mother hated it when he did that. Katherine did too, once upon a time. Well neither of them were here to see it now, so it didn't matter at all. Score one for the defiant male, his Y chromosome cheered.

A shower and brushing his teeth could wait until the morning. Stretching out onto his bed after a long day, Tommy slipped under the covers. At long last, peace and quiet.

Then the phone rang.

Groaning didn't seem to make it stop ringing, and guilt forced him to at least check the Caller-ID. Rolling over, he grabbed the cordless phone from its stand and looked at the LCD screen.



A quick check of the time, at this late hour something could be wrong. The thought of her being in trouble overwhelmed the annoyance he felt over the call. He pressed the 'talk' button. "Hello?"


She sounded softer than he expected, and careful. "It's late. Are you alright?" She sighed on the other end, and he imagined her chewing her bottom lip, the way she did when she was trying to think of what to say and couldn't come up with anything.

"I'm alright."

"Then why the late call?" he questioned from his position on his back, eyes shut as the rain assaulted the city. He noted that she took her own dear, sweet time before replying. He couldn't hear anything... or anyone in the background.

"I need to see you tonight."

Spoken as if she had a right to say those words to him. Tommy blinked in the darkness, wondering if he even heard her correct. Had she peeked outside recently? "Kim, it looks biblical out there tonight. Why would you need to see me? Are you sure you're alright? Is something wrong?" Another measured pause gave him a reason to sit up in bed. She didn't sound like she'd been crying, or was hurt in any way. There was something unmistakably off about her tonight. "Talk to me, Kim."

"It's... complicated. I can explain more when you get here."

He failed in controlling the bite in his tone of voice. "Wouldn't your boyfriend have a problem with me stopping by your place this late?"

"He..." she began, until her voice faded. "If you want me..."

Gritting his teeth, jaw tightened, Tommy considered the way she left those words in the air to linger for a long moment, as if a challenge being laid down before him.

"... to give you answers, then you'll have to get them in person. Please."

Suddenly, the phone went dead.

Tommy stared at the receiver, a slow rising anger bubbling inside of him. He wanted to throw it at the wall, smash it into a million pieces, but somehow resisted the impulse. What kind of game was she playing? Her behavior didn't make any sense. Why would she need to see him so late tonight, and in the middle of a thunderstorm, nonetheless? She wasn't acting herself.

But she was alone.

All alone.

Alone, without the boyfriend, and she wanted him to come to her now. Tonight. She had said please, and that she needed to see him.


With every fiber of his being, Tommy hated that she knew he still desired her. That she had seen in his eyes a thirst for her and her alone. He hated it as passionately as he wanted her.

Eight long months of rebuilding a friendship that had always been so much more than that came with it's share of peaks and valleys. There were times when she seemed happy and content, while others he would catch her gaze upon him and swear a longing lived within her pretty brown eyes. They talked, teased, and flirted as they became comfortable around each other again. The letter wasn't an issue in the least. They lived in the present, after all.

No need drudging up issues over old relationships when she had a new one.

True, what he knew of her relationship was the bare bones at best. Casual dating he assumed led to more, and the bedroom, he knew for sure, courtesy of a conversation he accidentally overheard that he wished he hadn't. But he didn't know anything deeper than that. Didn't ever hear her tell anyone she was in love. Not one time.

Kim rarely ever brought her boyfriend around their mutual friends.

Martin Hale was a mystery in as many ways as he was in the way. Having lived the past year in no way resembling a monk himself, Tommy was fine when he realized the young teenager he fell in love with was gone, and the grown woman was now in her place.

The problem was, he found himself drawn even more to the woman Kim had become. To her style, and her personality, and how sensual and confident she carried herself. She exuded a charm he found irresistible, despite his best efforts.

Neither had ever made a move for anything more meaningful than a polite hug, and yet Tommy felt a dangerous pull between them. Sometimes their teasing banter would degrade so close to temptation they had to leave the room. He never ached for her more than after they had an argument. She was in great shape, and looked fantastic. He had to remind himself that she was involved with another man more than a few times to keep from...

Lying in bed with his eyes shut, he fought off the unwanted images of her... and him together. He hated that she had this kind of power over him. The kind that would make him consider driving all the way across town in a storm Noah would have a hard time navigating his Ark through, and for what? Just because she said she needed him? And that she had said please?


"No," he declared to himself, and then rolled over onto his stomach, preparing to fall asleep. Kim could play games with Martin all she wanted, but not with him. It would be a different story if she was single, but she wasn't. Toying with him only exposed her inner bitch. He didn't need the drama in his life. He didn't need her. He refused to be swayed, no matter how weak he knew he'd become if they ever got to close.

His mind was made up.

He wasn't going.







819 Markham Drive

The 8th floor

Kimberly Hart's apartment

Monday, April 9, 2006 11:50 PM

Angel Grove, California



He wasn't coming.

Her mind was made up about that.

As she stared through the partially opened window in the living room of her eight-floor apartment, Kim observed the fury of nature in its most defiant hour. Cool, blustering winds swayed the driving rain in all directions, as lightening lit up the sky, streaking bolts of illumination through her apartment. The power was off. Everything went black twenty minutes ago, not long after she called Tommy.

He hadn't tried her cell phone.

And for the life of her, she couldn't come up with one single reason why he should climb into his car in this kind of severe weather and drive all the way across town to her. And for what, because she asked too?

Not likely.

Yet, ask she did.

Perched on the window ledge, she leaned half past her curtains. She loved the natural poetry of storms, all the while hating the one brewing within her. The events of tonight have emotionally shaken her to the core and left her barely able to breath. For right or wrong, she felt only one person could help her find the answers to her turmoil.

That, in itself, was a powerfully dangerous admission.

Perhaps she would have her answers on her own if she could just... Kim shook her head, wishing some things in her life were simple, because Tommy Oliver never would be. Her past with him had been tangled and twisted enough, although time healed those old wounds with understanding and compassion. Eight months into a new friendship, while getting to know each other all over again... his presence, at times, was intoxicating.

She knew he felt the same way about her. Sometimes it bothered her. Other times she found it thrilling.

Suddenly, a booming thunder crackled across the heavens, wild and untamed. Kim felt that in Tommy's gaze whenever he became angry with her. They argued over things any two friends did, as there were times they were sincerely annoyed with one another. It never lasted for long, and whenever they made up, they grew closer. Hugs lingered close to holding on. Talks on the phone were long, even though they never took an inappropriate turn. They shared the years apart and found a genuine interest in the things they'd done and experienced. The re-connected on a level they never had before.

Tommy was a good man.

A handsome man.

A very strong, moody, attractive man and she could not remove that truth from her subconscious.

What she felt for Martin couldn't either. The war fought inside her over what was right and what she wanted on lonely nights left her restless and unsure.

Martin was a good man as well. The twenty-six year old law student, who befriended her one afternoon when she had a flat tire at the mall and helped her, turned into a dinner date three days later. Inside of a month that had dated several times, and Kim knew that Martin's feelings were growing for her even then. Having relocated back to California, and with a new job at the interior design company she'd fought for a job, she felt the need to concentrate on her career more so than anything else.

She told him she wasn't looking for anything more than a casual dating experience. But she was open to her feelings changing, someday. He accepted dating her on her terms rather than not at all. He was good looking, sweet, considerate, and a gentleman. Sincerely, she knows that he loves her... deeply. After so many months she was surprised she wasn't in love with him yet. He treated her so well, and had given her all the space she had asked for. To her credit, she never once lied to him. She never told him she was in love, or that if he met another woman who was ready to commit, that he wasn't free to go. She was fair and would understand.

He stayed.

He loved her.

And tonight, he asked her to marry him... out of the blue... and now she's lost.

Could Tommy find her, she wondered? Did she want him too? Or did she just 'want' him? There was no reason she could think of why she shouldn't be in love with Martin. Why couldn't she commit? What was lacking that held her back? Why hadn't eight months of being romanced led her to feeling what he felt? He had made the supreme effort, something a man hadn't done for her in a very long time.

When Kim looked at Martin, she felt she could trust him. When he kissed her, it was always sweet and gentle. When he held her, she felt safe. When he touched her, he did so when he knew she wanted him too. And when they were together physically, he was considerate of her needs.

Martin was a good man.

But when Kim looked at Tommy, she feared the sheer depth of emotion he awakened in her. If he kissed her, she could only hope she wouldn’t pass out. When he held her, she fought wanting to stay there forever. Whenever he touched her, she wanted to touch him back twice as badly. And if they ever made love...

The storm answered for her... violently loud and roaring. She couldn't help but to smile.

Surely, if she had fallen in love with Tommy again she would have made a move by now. That's her rational side talking. The part of her that justified her tumultuous feelings. For one man, she needed to understand why she didn't feel what she knew she should. For another, she needed answers to why her body hungered for him, and she just couldn't turn that part of her off.

And then she saw it.

Tommy's car pulled into her apartment buildings parking garage. Her heart leapt in her throat as the possibilities ran through her mind. Some of them she couldn't stand to look at for longer than a few seconds. Despite every reason to the contrary, he came to her in the dead of night during a severe thunderstorm.

Because she asked him too.

Her eyes watched him sprint from the garage to the front of her building. Clad in a soaked sweatshirt and jeans, he stole her very breath away. Her heart was pounding and her nerves were on edge. What in the hell was she going to do now? Where was her trademark bravado? Why did she suddenly feel terrified?


She needed to change her clothes. Needed to do that right now. Clad only in one of white Martin's dress shirts and a black pair of panties, she wasn't even remotely dressed for company. Her attire was what a woman might wear to provoke a man. To incite him. To tantalize and taunt until he...

What if he...

And what if she wanted him too?





What if she wanted him too?

From the moment Tommy entered Kim's apartment building, he thought of little else. Taking the stairs due to the elevator being out of service, he was surrounded by darkness. His good conditioning defied the eight floors he had to ascend sans any light. His mind was set on autopilot. His destination, a possible date with destiny.

He had tried to stay away... tried to shut his eyes and fall asleep... to forget about the soft tremor of her voice and the mystery of what she was truly after... he tried and tried and tried until he just had to know what she wanted... and why.

When he reached her apartment at the end of the hall on the eighth floor, he wondered if this was the worst idea he'd ever had, or the one journey he had to see through to whatever end. As always, he pushed himself forward.

Drenched from head to toe, his sweatshirt clung to his upper body like a second skin. And even in this hallway, he could hear the storm picking up momentum, growing ever more aggressive.

Upon reaching her door, Tommy thought of knocking. Instead, he followed his instinct. He took hold of the doorknob and turned it. Unlocked. Why wasn't he surprised?

And then he saw her standing by the living room window, staring back at him. Waiting for him.

Beautiful... Kimberly was a pure vision of decadent sensuality. His hungry eyes devoured her. She stood there as if she had a right to look that fucking good. Storm shadows enveloped her slender frame, though could not hide the luscious tone of her bare legs, or the succulent hint of cleavage courtesy of the top two buttons on the dress shirt she wore being undone. Loose wisps of her brunette hair dangled from what wasn't pinned up.

She looked absolutely glorious.

The mere sight of her tore him up inside. Ripped him to shreds. His stomach clenched tight. He was so enthralled his hand was still on the door knob.

Right then and there Tommy knew that he should turn around and walk away. He didn't sleep with other men’s girlfriends. He wasn't perfect, but he had far more character than that. He also had an ego; so even thinking along those lines could be way off.

The look on her face was hidden from him, and she hadn't said a word yet.

"Close the door."

He kick shut it with his foot, and then took three cautious steps forward as he made his way into apartment, now standing in the center of the living room.

"You're dripping all over the floor." Stating the obvious was a safe way to start, if a bit sarcastic. Her tone was calm, unlike how she felt inside. Unable to resist, she drank in the sight of him as if dying of thirst. His dark hair was pasted to his forehead, and that old sweatshirt had certainly seen far better and dryer days. She couldn't quite make out the expression he wore, but the faint hint of hard lines gave her an idea at least. "The power's out."

"I hadn't noticed. I just felt the need to run up eight flights of stairs in the dark at midnight."

"You ran?"

She seemed... intrigued. He didn't answer. He refused to.

Her arms crossed her chest in a defensive pose as she leaned her back to the window ledge. "Have you ever felt like someone was under your skin so far they were living in your bloodstream, and you didn't know how to get them out, or how to let anyone else in?"

"Maybe the real question is do you want that person out?”

"Sometimes I think it would be for the best," Kim stated as much to herself as to him. With his hands in his pockets, Tommy walked further into her living room, though not that much closer to her. She tracked his every step in stark detail. She wasn't sure if he, at any moment, was going to turn around and walk out, yell at her, or 'take' her. His moody brown eyes were so intense. The rigid set of his shoulders gave off a dangerous impression. "I'm sure you're wondering why I needed to see you."

His mind ran over what she said while his body reacted to how incredibly sexy she looked in that men’s dress

shirt. He was hard from the moment he saw her. Even harder now. The fact that it was more than likely Martin's shirt she was wearing didn't lessen the delicious appeal she owned. "That did cross my mind."

"Did you come up with any answers?" Kim watched him watch her, and wondered whatever was going through his head.

"You asked. This is your game."

"I'm not playing games tonight."

"Then talk."

As she had in her youth, Kim nervously nibbled her bottom lip, unable to move from where she stood. The tension was so thick... and God, he looked so hot tonight. Rugged, angry, and just this side of untamed. "Tonight, after Martin and I had dinner, he asked me to marry him."

Luck won out over an emotional reply when his eyes danced up from her well-muscled calves to her hands. "I don't see a engagement ring. I guess congratulations aren't in order?"

"I didn't give him an answer yet."

"Doesn't that give you an answer?"

His observation gave her a moments pause. "Possibly," she considered in a far away tone, averting her gaze from him. "We've been casually dating for about eight months, but we haven't made a commitment to each other. We were always free to date other people, but we never did," she explained. "I wanted to focus on my career more than I wanted a relationship at that time. I had just relocated back here and I didn't want anything more than casual intimacy. I have never told him I was in love with him."

That was more information then he expected. He realized that certain assumptions he had made

were incorrect. "Because you were afraid?"

Steady rainfall serenaded their tense confrontation, pelting the window in a heady rhythm. Kim struggled with how to convey her feelings into words. Ducking her head, her eyes slipped shut. She had no answer to his question. At least not one she was ready to give to him.

The smell of fresh electric-charged air settled around them. Tommy's patience was wearing thin as he waited for her to say something. Anything.

"I should love him," declared finally when she discovered her ability to speak. She nodded, as if working her thoughts through her mind while talking to herself. "Martin is such a great guy and he's been so good to me. I just don't know... I don't understand..."

Her inner conflict wrenched Tommy's heart as he listened on. He was only comfortable with desiring her. He just wished that were all he felt, or nothing at all. If she were happy and fulfilled he would keep his opinion, and heart, from her forever more. She looked anything but.

"It wasn't love at first sight," she admitted upon reflection. "It took a while for me to feel comfortable with him. We were both knee deep in pursuing our careers, so we didn't have a lot of time to spend together early on. But as the months passed, he made time for me. He made me a priority in his life. I kept thinking that after while I would fall in love with him. I just knew that one day I'd wake up and see in him what he saw me. I wasn't looking for a fairy tale or anything like that. I just thought that what we had was a slow build to something wonderful." She sighed heavily, still unable to face Tommy. "Eight months later, I'm still not where he is. And I just don't know why."

Thunder rumbled in the distance, and lightening flashed across the dark skies above, briefly giving each a clearer picture of the other. Something deeper than words. A prelude to action.

The details of her relationship with Martin were surprising in a way Tommy hadn't expected. He knew love wasn't something you could force or will to come to you out of the blue. And it was certainly not owed because someone treated you nice. His former relationship with Katherine bared something of a resemblance to Kim and Martin. Sometimes, just because the other person was a good person just wasn't enough. "Why am I here?"

He stalked toward her before she could utter a single word, and whatever she had planned to say began

to fade. She had nowhere to run. Good thing that wasn't her style.

"Answer me?"

Uttered in a chilling tone, but his eyes were the truth, and far from cold. The swelling bulge in the front of his faded jeans sent her a message loud and clear. Then again, her erect nipples revealed the same. She felt terribly flushed before him.


"I can't stop thinking about you," she quickly, breathlessly confessed, her eyes wild and dark. Tommy glared at her so intensely she felt a shiver wrack her entire body. "I should be head over heels in love with Martin," her voice quivered. "I should feel the things for him that I do for you. But I just don't and I can't figure out why."

"So what do you want me to do? Fuck you so we can get it out of our systems?"

"You could never just fuck me, and you know it?" A challenge for a challenge. They stood their ground as gladiators in a deeply emotional war. At once, Kim wanted a resolution. An end. Something final at long last. "Why did you come here tonight?"

A smart-alec smirk accompanied, "I had to know what you would do if I did."

She smiled, but only a little. "Did you think I would throw myself at you the moment you walked through my door?"

"I was more worried about what I might do."

"So was I."

"But I know we're just friends, Kim."

"That's never truly worked between us. Not for one day, and you know it. We've always been something more." Kim defied him to deny the statement. He couldn't. End of story. As the thunder outside rumbled ever so near, she swallowed hard when he suddenly invaded her personal space, now towering above her. "I'm not intimidated." Her lie was a defense mechanism. She was damn intimidated. And aroused. Wet...

And he hadn't even touched her yet.


Tommy physically boxed her in, leaving no room for escape when his arms trapped her, hands braced on either side of the window ledge. "Tell me to leave," he ordered her in a husky, dark tone that left nothing to the imagination. She slowly licked her lips, averting her gaze yet again, her breathing labored. Her nerves were humming. "Tell me before it's too late."

Their dangerous edge to his voice and she liked it. She didn't have to ask 'too late for what.' That would have been a waste of time, and far too much of that had been wasted already.

Kimberly lifted her head, face-to-face with her deepest, darkest fantasy. Giving in for just one night wouldn't damn her for eternity. Godamnit, she just had to know him 'in that way' once before she died. She's desired him for nearly a third of her life and felt like she loved him since the day she was born. "If you want me, I'm right here. Go for it."

Tommy bent his head, as Kim rose to meet him.

His soft kiss began at the corner of her mouth, tumbling ripe with passion so ferociously hot it bothered her right away. When at last his lips fully covered her own, pressing down with purpose, the sensation felt sinfully delicious. Sweet desire thrummed through their bodies, crying out joyfully at last. The liquid warmth that radiated through her accompanied the painfully hard throbbing he felt as their kiss threatened to intensify. Overcome, they nipped slowly, nibbled, chased with an innocently primitive need until Tommy pulled away.

Breathless, Kim swallowed hard in the back of her throat, her gaze so intense it threatened to bore right through him. She hated that not one intimate encounter with Martin left her as insatiable as Tommy's kiss. "Tease," she taunted as another streak of lightening criss-crossed the sky. Tommy held his ground solid, his hard face betraying nothing of what he was thinking. He said no more, and that only added to his mystery. "Was that a goodnight kiss?"

"Do you have your answers?"

The moment she turned away from him, she was pressed into the ledge with his solid form braced against her from behind. The partially open window sprinkled dampness onto her face, cool just a bit. Refreshing, but paled in comparison to the hardness aching against her backside, pressed so tight into her she could barely stand it. All she could do was moan.

"I didn't drive all the way over here in the pouring rain just to hear you mouth off about your boyfriend and why you don't love him," Tommy whispered in her ear, bending them both half over. His right hand found the back of her leg, slowly rising over her baby soft skin to a point on the inside of her thigh. "When all along you know perfectly well why you don't love him."

Her veins were filled with surging passion, re-igniting all the longing she'd hidden for so many months. "I suppose you think I love you?"

"I suppose you think you don't?"

"Love, where you're concerned, wasn't on my mind tonight."

"The feelings mutual." His hand traveled over the lace of her dark panties, and then suddenly delved inside them.

She shuddered in his arms when he gently cupped her, and then his fingers tenderly stroked the soft petals of her womanhood. He discovered the secret of how aroused she was and reveled in it. The heat of his breath brushed fire onto the nape of her neck. His skilled touch left her weak in the knees; until she unconsciously found herself grinding into his hand to increase the friction. "Do you feel what you do to?"

The downy soft curls surrounding her slickness slowly drove him mad. "Yes," he gasped as he worked her, until a new need... a hunger overtook him and he had no choice but to give in.

Slipping his hand from inside her panties, his fingers left a moist trail over and around her thigh until it tapered off her hip. When he fell to his knees behind her, Kim just knew a heart attack was around the corner. And when his hand fitted behind her knee, hauling her right leg up and over his shoulder as he shifted his position under her, a moment before his mouth covered her center, inhaling the whole of her being through her panties. Her sensitive flesh clenched in utter need as he lapped her slowly, the cotton darkening, damp with her arousal. "Oh my god," came a voice not her own, but one that was wanton and mad with desire.

One that Martin had never heard before. Had never come even close to hearing.

With his left hand kneading her cheeks and the other massaging her thigh over his shoulder, Tommy adored the power of torturing her this way, making her moan and arch her back as he did his to reach her. His need for more forced his hand from her backside down between her legs to pull her underwear to one side, revealing all of her hidden charms to him at last.

"Tommy... oh...oh my..." desperately escaped from her lips as she balanced one hand on the back of his head while the other laid flat on the window ledge, one foot planted firmly on the floor. The provocative rippling tremors in her belly as his tongue slowly lapped hastened her descent into ectasy. His warm mouth opened, now suckling her tender flesh whole with such voracity, devouring her, lashing long strokes up and down as she clutched at his head and fed him what he desired most.

His greatest fantasies were nothing compared to her lush reality. She tasted honey sweet on his tongue as he lashed her center, then changed it up to nibble, until her hand scratched along his scalp. The full flat of his agile tongue ravenously sampled her pussy.

"I've wanted to do this to you forever," Tommy confessed at the end of a long upward lick that left Kim whimpering in its wake. His tongue spread her soft nether lips, then lapped back down, covering her sex fully with his lips.

Incredible. He was... this night was... what he was doing was... No one had ever gone down on her like this before. Never with such enthusiastic longing. Her fingers grabbed onto the dark locks of his hair as his head shifted back and forth, mimicking the strokes of his tongue that had her gasping for air. When he settled his free hand between her legs, gently rubbing her clit with his thumb, tracing slow lazy circles, she knew the end was near. And then he let his tongue finally trace over her clit, at the same time building pressure and speed, only stopping long enough to plunge his tongue in to her opening, sighing around the delicious flavor of her.

Her vocal cries and whimpers encouraged him on. If this was to be a once in a lifetime situation, then Tommy swore he would shatter any experience she had ever had before. She would never, ever forget this. Not ever.

His tongue fluttered faster and her hips bucked in accordance. He then drew her tender little clit into his mouth, suckling hard around his assaulting tongue. Her response came violently. He knew she wanted his fingers and that would get her off so hard, but that wasn't part of the plan. At least not this way. With a careful motion, shifted, and allowed her leg to carefully slip from his shoulder. He stood up, gazing into her wild eyes as she did the same to him.

When she tried to move away, his strong hands found her shoulders, holding her in place, facing the partially open window. "Like this."

"... Jesus." She said it. Thought it. And knew she would soon be crying it out as well. He reclaimed his position behind her, so close she felt his need and wanted to be filled by it forever. "Need a hand?" Before he answered, she reached back and grabbed his throbbing cock through the damp fabric of his jeans, squeezing and pumping him until he was moaning in her ear.

"I want you."

"I want you more." The all-encompassing thrill of power she felt with his throbbing hardness pressed against her palm melted her insides. "Hurry."

He quickly unbuckled his belt, undid the button on his pants, and pulled down his zipper. He gasped when her small hand reached for him, and squeezed his hard cock.

Consequences be damned, they wanted each other like the end of the world, and nothing would stop them. Not anyone looking up at the window, perhaps watching Kimberly arch her back when Tommy slipped her panties down her thighs, and then tossing them over his shoulder. Not him erasing the space between them, or her hand gripping him to guide him where she needed him. He throbbed in her fist as she stroked him from root to tip.

They cried out as one when he slowly pressed against her opening, and then pushed inside her that deep first time.

Perhaps the storm switched places with them and chose to watch. As it died out into the night, maybe the wind observed Kim's bottom lip caught between her teeth, her beautiful brown eyes shut to the world as her lover's face laid hidden in the tresses of her hair, his body rocking into hers from behind.

He was buried deep within her slick heat, surging into her tightness at an agonizingly steady pace, savoring the experience. Every lazy withdrawal and every hard re-entry only fed into his ravenous appetite for her.

Her fingers sought purchase on the window ledge, steadying her utterly submissive pose as she hung on for dear life; giving herself to the one man she desired more than she had any other ever. The erotic sounds of them colliding electrified the nerves in her body, adding to the euphoria of feeling him moving inside her.

It wasn't only unfair to compare sex with Martin to sex with Tommy, it was damn impossible. At the moment, Kim couldn't even remember ever having sex with Martin. It was like it never even happened.

With his strong hands steadying Kim's slender hips, Tommy brushed his lips along the back of her neck, tasting her yet again, all the while delving forward. He was inside her... God, he was so deep inside and what was even better, she wanted him there. Every inch of him and more than that.

Her polished nails clicked the surface as she braced her hands on the ledge. Grinding short bursts tore the very breath from her lungs, as her inner muscles strained around him. She was being thoroughly slow-fucked from behind and loved every second of it. "Harder."

Kim's wish was his command. Tommy rammed home deep and she cried out. She lifted up more, clutching the window ledge tighter with her fingers, consciously rocking backward, meeting his invasion. It felt like he was made of hot steel inside her, throbbing and thick. He hit that sweet spot that shut her eyes and made her hands shake every time. He's over, around, and inside her in every conceivable way. She just couldn't get close enough to him. Couldn't feel him deep enough. Couldn't possibly stop this runaway train.

His rapture increased, fucking her powerfully, so dominant in this position. But he couldn't, no matter the paradise, last forever.

She was whining now, twisting back into him, crying out when he lunged faster. She ground back at him wantonly. He rested his head chin on her shoulder, gasping with effort. She bucked, grinding into him, her lips parted as she forced back a squeal of pleasure. Relentless, agonizing ripples blew through her mind. Her snug flesh clenched around him in satisfying waves, holding onto him because that part of him belonged to her.

The harder he fucked her, the more she wanted him to ravage her completely and mercilessly, leaving her weak and sated in the wake of a mind-shattering climax. This was passion. Lust. Life. She wanted him to take her until he realized what was between them eclipsed everything else that wasn't.

Sweat glistening flesh mated with the same until finally the impossible rang out. Unintelligible groans and whimpers and shrieks filled the room as they came simultaneously, crying out each others names in the throes of the most exquisite pleasure either of them had ever known before.

Two extremely long, drawn out, savagely glorious orgasms.

It was one hell of a first time.

It wouldn't be the last.

Understanding that she wasn't in the most comfortable of position, Tommy gently pulled out of her, and carefully backed up. He suddenly realized he never even took his shirt off and his jeans were still around his ankles.

Kim was still wearing that damn dress shirt. For whatever reason he wanted it off of her, now!

She rose to her full height, such as it was, and gingerly of course. Her first coherent thought was to thank God for the birth control pill. She took her time in turning around, her body humming still, her heart beating a mile a minute. She had a ton of options as to how the evening could proceed, though only one truly mattered. The man she craved like the air she breathed wasn't going anywhere. "Take a seat."




All that he could hear... all that he could see... all that he could feel... all that he knew... was Kimberly.

She's writhing on his lap while his tongue plundered her soft mouth. With the living rooms plush recliner angled all the way back, Tommy's hands locked tight on her hips as she rode him at a agonizingly slow pace, pushing upwards on her every descent.

The pitter-patter of light rainfall that tap-danced on the window glass, accompanied the rythmic creaking of the recliner on the carpet as Tommy and Kim's untamed vocal passion grew in volume... the breathy moans... the whimpering sighs... the sensual language of two bodies moving as one in the most intimate way possible.

Having shed them in a desperate rush, their clothes led a trail here, and once Tommy did as Kim had asked him to do, she straddled him low and kissed him so hard, claiming his lips with reckless abandon. It was an insatiable long kiss that rejuvenated him so quickly, he barely registered it when she sank him inside her creamy depths until she actually had.

And now her slow, grinding swivels pleasured him to no end as she rode at a steady gallop.

With the raging storms passing, slivers of moonlight invaded the apartment, tinting the living room in a hue of pale blue and bathing Kimberly in the colors of the night as she braced her hands on Tommy's strong shoulders and worked her slim hips over him, taking her pleasure while dealing out his. All of him looked delectable, and even as she swayed on his lap, she dreamed of learning the entirety of his body with her tongue.

Eyes wide open, Tommy gazed at her like she were a Goddess. Her silky brunette tresses, freed from their pins, framed her beautifully sensual face. He relished the deliriously sexy expressions that curled her full lips as she buried him to the balls, effectively fucking him now. The pink tips of her supple breasts called out to him, as did every other inch of this incredible woman.

This time, he found being at her mercy exhilarating.

Contracting her snug, inner walls around his length, she gave him a hot internal massage with every slow fall. She shoved her hips down and away, squeezing the juicy heat within her. The thick column of him created the most feminine sensations throughout her entire body, a fullness only a woman could truly appreciate, and appreciate it, she did. For every gasp she wrung from his throat or tortured moan she elicited, every harsh breath she encouraged, he was hers. Marked, claimed, and utterly possessed by her.

"... so good," escaped his lips before hers found his again, softly.

"... knew it would be."

"I used to dream..."

"So did I."

He hadn't taken his eyes off of her the whole time. He knew missing even a second of this would kill him.

With a confidence born of experience and skill, Kim rode him that much harder, all the while enjoying the sight of his heaving chest as she worked him over. He loved what she was doing to him. It was written all over his handsome face, tense and flushed. Sexually speaking, when once she was shy and unsure, she didn't like to be watched, and often preferred having sex in the dark. But not with Tommy. The hunger and need clearly shone in the way he could barely blink it made her feel so desired. His constant throbbing was clear evidence of her abilities. The way his lips were parted, she could hear his breathing underscoring how taken he was by her.

And so she rode him deeper, and loved that little hissing sound he made every time she bottomed out, pressing them tightly together. Their lips brushed tenderly when she leaned in for a kiss. He softly caressed her jaw, holding her face as their lip-lock intensified. His hands were all over her, as if he couldn't touch her enough.

They took their time, pampering each other with lingering, wet, soulful kisses that were so lazy they never wanted them to end.

Now swirling her hips in hard circles while trapping him fully inside her, Kim wrapped her arms around his neck, embracing him fully as he began lifting his hips, thrusting into her with hard, faster bursts. Her lips sealed around his tongue, drawing him fully into her mouth as they rocked to a rhythm of almost bouncing her on his cock. Never mind ripping the skin, her nails clawed at his back while her nipples scraped along his chest. His hips began snapping into her heated sheath, fluttering the muscles of her belly as her body began a heated journey towards oblivion.

"Don't stop... just don't stop." Pride was gone as she laid over his chest and let him pound up into her until every single nerve ending in her body collided and shattered in a blazing climax that sent waves of primal convulsions all over her and around him. She cried out his name a few times, held onto him so tight, and lost herself in the aphrodisiac of a relentlessly steamy orgasm.

Nothing, anytime ever, compared to watching her... holding her in his arms when she came. Tommy gently stroked her lower back, his cock still erect inside her. It didn't matter. All that did was that she gained her ultimate satisfaction while clutching her arms around him for every second of it... letting her go again would not be an option. "You okay?"

His soothing voce came without a hint of sarcasm. Sitting up astride his lap, Kim brushed some of the hair off her face that had stuck there from the sweat. "I'm great, but you're not... not yet," she smirked. "Sit up."

The loss of her walls around him stung when she lifted off. He pushed the recliner forward into its upright position, and then lost any form of coherent thought when Kim fell to her knees between his and wrapped her fist around him. The warm hard flesh vibrated in the palm of her hand, and she smiled. The rise and fall of his chest matched the rhythm of her slow stroking his weeping shaft. "Feel free to scream."

Tommy looked as if he just might.

Her tongue slowly eased out and traced across the head of his cock. She bent over and lapped a droplet of their passionate residue off, and then chased another drop as it fell down the side with her tongue in hot pursuit. Lazily licking her way back to the crown, she opened her mouth and fully swallowed the head.

Delirious best described Tommy as every muscle in his body clenched tight. This was way beyond his wildest dreams. She slid her soft lips up and down his cock while hollowing her cheeks, creating an intense vacuumed seal that felt too good for words. Better than anything ever had before.

God, he tasted so good, perhaps more from the power of the act than anything else. Her head bobbed over his lap, framed by her soft brown hair as she inhaled him deeply. She used her hands to steady his hips, and appreciated that he didn't use his own in the time-honored and women-hated tradition of guiding her head. His graciousness was rewarded when she felt him suddenly stiffen, and she sucked that much harder and faster, willing his soul from his body.

"Kim... Kim, close."

He earned two brownie points for consideration, but this one was all for him. His shaft glistened as she bobbed up and down over it. Her rigorous suckling was to end any and all memories of any other woman doing this to him. She would attain that number one slot, and leave him with a memory he would never forget, a feeling no woman would ever hope to match. Her impatient, famished mouth inhaled him time and time again. She intended to blow his mind, literally, and set about working her hand and lips in tandem until he, at long last, groaned so bone-deep his body shook as he violently came.

An animalistic shout rang out as Tommy left the world itself. His eyes rolled into the back of his head, and he could only focus on Kim swallowing his every savage ejaculation without a hint of slowing down or disinterest. He could not breath. Gone. Lost. Game over. She left him a gasping mess.

Pulling away at last, her eyes fixed on his and she licked a droplet of residue from her lips. No woman that she knew, herself included, enjoyed the taste of semen. But a good diet, coupled with the guy’s reaction and a desire to do it could make for a magical experience. Thankfully, Tommy had a very good diet.

He also had not a hint of shame when he hauled her into his arms and kissed her tongue first, inhaling her own in the process. Her arms slipped around his neck while she sat on his lap, engaged in a kiss filled with such hunger, such intensity, she felt the blood under her skin was scalding.

Gasping for air, Tommy broke the kiss, his hands framing her lovely face as he stared into her eyes. "Did you know I would come to you tonight?"

"I wish I could lie and say yes, but no, I only hoped."

"I tried to stay away."

"For weeks now, so did I," she honestly confessed. "On some level I thought that if I confronted you about our attraction, I would finally be able to walk away from it."

"What do you think now?"

Her hand lifted to caress his face. "That in the last eight months I've gotten to know the adult Tommy Oliver, not teenager I used to know. You're so different now, and so am I." She took a deep breath. "And as much as I regret breaking your heart once upon a time, I feel like I'm losing mine to you again." The calming effect his gentle smile caused wasn't surprising. "Lust?" she asked in a one-word question.

"It's so much more than that, Kim."





"I Love You...But I Don't"


I love you...but I don't.

You're everything I want...

But not everything I need.

You're the one who has my heart and my soul.

But you're not everything to me.

I give you everything I possibly can.

But I can't give you everything of me.

You make me feel whole...

But I'm not complete.

You are my life...

But you aren't my world.

You are who I want...

But you're not who I desire.

I want to commit myself to you...

But I just can't.

I know it's hard to understand.

I don't get it either.

Know that I love you.

But understand that I don't.

- written by Denise




6:50 AM, the next morning.



The comforting warm rays of an early morning sun signaled not only the start of a new day, but a new beginning as well.

Illumination filtered in through the double window in the corner of the room, raining sunshine on the bed and it's two occupants. They were still fast asleep, cuddled together under a thick blanket, oblivious to the world around them. Their red-hot night before gave way to this peaceful, quiet morning after.

A fire was lit in the dark, and it was only simmering until set ablaze again.

Falling into bed after their torrid living room tryst, Kim and Tommy felt it was far to late and too much had happened for them to have the 'important talk' they knew they needed to have. They decided on a platonically shared shower, followed by a good nights sleep, and would negotiate upon waking up on taking the day off of their respective jobs to discuss things further.

Baby steps for sure, but steps forward nonetheless.

Despite the bold fury of their lovemaking last night, something of a cautious air settled between them when they slid in under the covers. It wasn't as much awkward as it was... wow. They didn't fall into a long kiss goodnight or snuggled or anything like that. They simply smiled, said goodnight, and fell asleep apart, but still close.

Fate saw to it that through the course of the night they found one another yet again.

Lying spooned together in the center of the bed, Tommy's strong arms curled protectively around Kim's slender waist. His legs tangled with hers like puzzle pieces. He had slept most of the night with his face buried in her softly scented hair. Her arms rested over his, sealing their loving embrace. Their pose was as unconscious as the events of last night had been, and yet, seemingly as inevitable. When one shifted, the other quickly repositioned, molding into whatever new shape their merging created.

They enjoyed five and a half hours of blissfully perfect sleep until...

The loud shrill of her cordless phone reminded Kim that once again she forgot to set the volume at a lower setting. A new purchase to replace the old phone that she broke when she accidentally backhanded it from her nightstand one morning, this model sounded more like a blaring ambulance than a phone.

By the second ring, she yawned as she started to wake up. Her surroundings, and the man surrounding her drew last night's memories back to her, and suddenly she blushed. And then smiled as wide as she had in a very long time. Blinking away the last vestiges of sleep, her eyes slowly opened on the third ring. She spared at glance at the alarm clock on her nightstand, and knew that it was most likely Martin calling before one of his early classes.


On the wing tips of another yawn and ring number five, she searched herself for the guilt she thought she should feel, but was surprised to find none. She had never lied to him about her feelings for him. A resolution to talk to Martin and tell him about last night and where she felt they stood was what she was going to do, but in no way did she regret following her heart last night. Not now and not ever.

"Are you going to get that," Tommy softly breathed into her neck after the sixth ring. His arms tightened around her.

Snuggling back into him, Kim shook her head on the pillow they shared. "What I need to say to him, I need to say in person. He deserves that." She heard her answering machine ask the caller to leave a message. Additionally, she felt how 'truly' awake someone else was behind her. A smoldering heat wave began in her belly and quickly spread.

Tommy whispered before pressing his lips just behind her ear, "You are so beautiful."

The enticing sound of his voice sent to her to a higher place, even as the sound of another’s barely registered in the background. Suddenly, she was being turned over...

((Hey, sleepyhead. I was hoping you wouldn't be so dead to the world that we could chat for a few minutes before my first class. I can understand if you are awake and just staring at the phone, not quite sure what you want to say. I know what I asked you about last night was out of left field, and I know we never discussed marriage before.))

Just after Tommy threw the white tank top she slept in onto the floor, Kim's mind descended into a sensual fog when his tongue circled her nipple, bathing the pebbled peak in warm moisture until he inhaled it into the heated depths of his mouth. His free hand paid loving homage to her other breast, molding his hand to her in such a gently pleasurable way that she sighed his name. His sweet butterfly kisses led him across her chest to the other nipple, which he captured and passionately suckled until she grew wet and restless. Her hand slipped down between them, massaging the hard outline of his cock through his boxers.

((I just want you to consider the idea, okay. Yes, I know it's odd seeing as how we never fully committed, but after eight months I know how I feel and I think you're just afraid of how deep your feelings are for me. I just don't want you to be afraid of what you really want.))

Underwear were shoved down and kicked off under the covers as their passion took flight. Having never had his tongue sucked on as hard as she was doing, her ability to multi-task only added to his soaring opinion of her. She reached for him and grasped his cock in her right hand as he gently pried her thighs apart. In one smooth, gliding motion, he slipped nearly all the way inside her. The heated sensation caused his eyes to roll back and he groaned deeply.

Exhaling in elation as he eased further, Kim inhaled a deep breath, and then as he sank all the way in, filled her to overflowing. The solid weight of him above her, and now embedded inside her was astoundingly emotional. Thus began a slow surging rhythm as they exchanged wet, heated kisses.

((I know, I know. I promised I wouldn't push and I won't. I just wanted to hear your voice this morning, that's

all. I just hated the idea of you spending all night alone during that terrible thunderstorm. I hope your building didn't lose power like mine did. I can only imagine how bored you must have been.))

Writhing beneath her lover, Kim clawed at the muscles of Tommy's back, and then down his shoulders. His hips glided into hers time after time, sweet-talking her temptation with each lunging thrust of his cock into her. Powerful thrusts gently rocked her bed until the headboard began lightly tapping against the wall. She leaned towards his neck as her teeth gnawed his flesh and she felt him shiver. She ground her heels into his backside, encouraging him to take her as hard as she knew he wanted to. He followed her lead, slamming his hips into hers, sheathed within her moist clinging tightness.

Panting as she clung to him, she felt swelled with him. The sensation only grew tighter.

((As I leave this very long message and hope you will eventually pick up, I wanted you to know I saw this guy wearing a ponytail yesterday when I was out getting some lunch. It's 2005 and I can't believe some guys are still wearing that dorky looking hairstyle. Then I remembered that old picture you showed me of your ex-high school honey who used to wear one. His hair was as long as yours back then. No wonder you dumped him.))

"I'm so," Tommy gasped lush kisses onto her lips, "I'm so gonna kick his ass."

"Hush and fuck me," Kim teasingly ordered before resealing her lips to his. The size of what was inside her made for a delicious suffering. The desire burning in his eyes for her alone left her breathless. Her small hands squeezed the quivering cheeks of his backside. His hard cock invaded the deepest regions of her, driving them both

mad. They clutched in urgency as she contracted around him.

The headboard began rocking harder against the wall. The bed was even prodding the nightstand that sat beside it as their groaning and grunting grew louder. Faster. Harder. They shared a starved, ferocious hunger for each other that seemed without end.

The sensual music of their lovemaking reached a crescendo that quickly sent them both tumbling over the edge in ectasy. Feeling heaven within arms reach, Kim was gasping and tossing her head deliriously while tugging her bottom lip with her teeth. She held on for dear life as Tommy's ravaging of her broke something wonderful in him. With his face buried in the side of her neck, he groaned deeply when his shaft violently pulsed deep a series of hot bursting spurts inside her.

With her arms wrapped tight around his neck, Kim's entire body trembled and shook from the wildly intense orgasm that tore through her triggered by his own. She was gasping desperately for air as her climax smashed through her again and again, scattering her senses to the far winds. Hard, jerking convulsions overtook her in satisfyingly deliciouis waves.

((Okay, so I'm gonna assume you are still asleep or just not ready to talk. That's cool. We'll chat tonight. I know after a good nights sleep you'll see how perfect we are together. I'll call you tonight. Bye sweetie.))

And then all was quiet.

Easing down to her, Tommy's forehead rested against Kim's, both of their eyes shut as they slowly tried to catch their breath. Their arms held onto each other so tight, breathing the others air, lost in what could no longer be denied.

Feeling 'this' went so far deeper than just sex.

'This' was soul gratification. 'This' was heart gratification. 'This' was glorious and savage and simply meant to be.

Kimberly swore she could hear her heart beating as she felt his pounding in his chest against her own. "I can't marry him."

"Because he's not me?"

She didn't, or couldn't, quite deny that... yet. "Because I'm not in love with him. I like him and I think he's a good guy, but what you and I share is beyond anything I have ever felt for anyone else. I refuse to settle for what's safe and what I perceive as a sure thing rather than go after the unknown, which just might be spectacular. I won't let fear rule me any longer."

Flushed and utterly gorgeous, she was the sun, the moon, and the stars to him. He could only think to himself, when had she not been? That's just how good he felt at this very moment. "Last night meant more to me than you will ever know."

"I see we're on the same page then."

"I think you and I need to date."

"Okay. I can agree to that."

"No more seeing Martin."

"Is that an order?"

"It's a hope."

"After I talk to him, it's done. The same goes for you and all other women."

"Until we know if this is true love?" he asked a question he already knew the answer to.

Her hands gently pulled his face down her. "Until we admit this is true love, and that we're never letting it go again," she said before they kissed one more time.






The End. No Sequel

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