Title: "Secrecy"

A stand-alone story.

Written by: Shawn



Summary: Passion is unpredictable, private, and part of the sheer essence of life.


Rated: NC-17 for very hardcore explicit sexual content and adult language.

Category: Angsty Erotica

Ship: Tommy/Kim


Timeline/Spoilers: After the Turbo powers were passed on all of the former Rangers went on with their lives. Dino Thunder never took place in this universe. All else is explained within the story.


Disclaimer: I own zip. Disney and Saban make all the money.


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Authors Notes 1: The year is 2005, with friends and family meeting in Hawaii to celebrate Jason's impending marriage to Emily. Jason, Emily, Billy, Tommy, Aisha, Adam, and Kim live in Angel Grove, while the other former Rangers live in other parts of the country. But family is family, no matter where you live.


Authors Notes 2: Assume everyone is around the ages of 26 years old.


Authors Notes 3: Hopefully some of the more complex feelings and issues involved with passion and love will be explored here. This is a very adult story in every way beyond simply sexual.


Authors Notes 4: This is a highly sexual story, surrounded by angst and love, but still extremely erotic in nature. This isn't a warning, it's a promise.


Dedicated to: Irina, cause it's all her fault!!!!!







by Poetix



A rush of passion

searing desire

lustful impatience

insatiable hunger

thirst unquenchable











animalistic ferocity


let go

pull in

go down


uncontrollable shakes

thrust harder

reaching deeper

holding tighter






love remaining

longing gone

composure regained

appetite full

thirst no more














The Kamaole Sands Resort

Condo 307#

Friday, July 22, 2005    9:45 PM

Kihei, Maui, Hawaii




Kimberly Ann Hart, this is your life.


Her slinky little silk black dress exuded sensuality, confidence, and a air of quiet mystery that captivated every man she walked by. They wanted what she had, and so she denied them, furthering the eternal conflict between man and woman.


Sexy instrumental jazz music playing on a balmy summers night serenaded Kim as she made her way back inside the luxury condo rented for Jason and Emily to throw a party this weekend to celebrate their engagement. Everyone's here, and that's a highlight as well as a simmering distraction for reasons all her own. Having mediated a absolutely hilarious debate between Rocky and Emily's brother Joshua on UFO's and what exactly goes on at the legendary Area 51, she's in a great mood. Especially since like Rocky, she's actually been inside Area 51 in Nevada, and so Joshua's conspiracy-theorists personality was all the more entertaining.


Alas, as the humidity refused to let up, she needed the cooler temperatures of a controlled climate, and a chilled glass of wine. The spirits were flowing as freely as the well-wishes and congratulations. The hired bartender hooked Kim up with a drink as soon as he saw her.


Sipping her glass of wine as she made her way through the humongous living room, she's as relaxed as she can remember being in a very long time. She spent the entire day with her oldest, dearest friends; reunited once again. Only this time had nothing to do with saving the world, and everything to do with glorifying all the pain and suffering they lived through to reach this better place in all their lives. Jet-skiing, hang gliding and a BBQ on the beach were a blast, and everyone had the best time.


Work's back in California, thoughts for another day. Tonight is all about celebrating Jason's engagement to the girl he's been dating for over five years now. Kim watched them talking intimately with one another out on the

terrace. The boy she's seen grow into such a good man is now ready to take a wife, and she couldn't be happier with his choice. Emily's a perfect fit for their little group, and since she knows their secret former lives, there are no lies to come back and haunt her. Also, marrying into a well-off family wasn't exactly a bad thing in the least, as Emily's parents sprung for this trip, renting this luxurious condo as well as flying fifty friends and family all the way to Hawaii just to give their daughter and her future husband the celebration of a lifetime.


Not bad at all.


Now that she works in a interior design company, Kimberly has a far greater appreciation for how things are decorated and arranged around her. This condo did nothing but impress, with it's amazing cathedral ceilings. Complete with seven bedrooms, four full bathrooms, and three Jacuzzi’s. The condo is spacious and comfortable, with central air conditioning, truly elegant and upscale furnishings and decor, a gourmet-equipped kitchen and private lanai with views of the pool, courtyard garden, and the ocean. Enough, despite a few of the guys bunking together, to spoil them rotten for the next week of their lives.


Having paid their dues with blood, sweat, and tears for years, this vacation was well earned for the former Rangers.


The condo sat on Kamaole Sands, one of the most popular condominium beach resorts in South Maui. It's located directly across from the stunning Kamaole Beaches. Merely a stroll away from the beauty and majesty of the ocean.


It's mighty waves as tumultuous as Kim's inner turmoil in recent weeks over her personal life... her intimate personal life, as it was.


Kim would never reveal this to anyone because they would no doubt think she's crazy, but she can 'feel' him here. Nearby. Perhaps even watching her from afar. In some ways, she's always felt his presence. Connected by the soul despite miles, years, lovers, loves, and life. The more things change...


Pushing those feelings away from her has been a full time job as of late. Even now as she's supposed to be enjoying herself, unconsciously, she's looking for him, yet she doesn't want to find him. She could ask anyone and no doubt she'd have his location in a heartbeat. He's not part of her plan, and so she declines. On the plane ride here she swore to herself that outside of pleasantries, she wanted to leave all issues with him for another time.


She only needed to stop craving him so badly to make it through this trip. Could he say the same? Did he even want to try?


Having caught the eye of three handsome men, looking around her age with no rings on their fingers, more introductions and small talk ensured. Everyone’s nice and down to Earth, so that's a goods thing. The music fits the heat of the night and there are some absolutely gorgeous men here. Single and dying to make eye contact with her. That feels so good, just the attention and the anticipation. Being single had it's benefits... but she can still feel 'him' nearby.


A refill of her wine glass is needed.


There's talk of a trip to see some volcano's tomorrow, and she's in right away. That new digital cameras of hers is gonna get one heck of a workout. She wished she had it with her now as Zack waved to her from one of the spacious Jacuzzi’s, a girl on each arm. Ever the Player since high school, but never lost his sweetness or respect for women.


Let him have his fun.


"We need to steal a bottle of this stuff."


Standing by a piano near the other side of the condo, Kim heard Aisha walk up behind her. "I was thinking the same thing. You think we can pirate a bottle away without anyone noticing?"


"Well, Adam is the resident thief in our group, being the quiet one. He might do it for ten bucks."


"I got five on it."


"Sold, girlfriend." After refilling her glass, Aisha walked with Kim, touring the condo they both arrived at this morning. "Can you believe this place? It's incredible."


"I know. It must cost a fortune."


"The Connor's have a fortune."


Emily's parents were both doctors. Just around the pool area, they stopped when they found Katherine and Billy kissing. The newest Ranger couple were the shyest as well, choosing to not parade their affections around publicly. Everyone respected their privacy. Kimberly especially understood that well. "Is everyone falling in love these days?"


Aisha sighed, but not all that sadly. "Seems that way, doesn't it?"


"Must be nice." The unexpected find of their friends kissing gave Kim the hoped for segue way into whatever Aisha's been going through lately. She's been far to quiet and reserved. "I just saw Rocky out on the porch with Joshua."


Rolling her eyes at her best friends obvious poke, Aisha paid her no mind.


"Oh come on, give me some gossip," Kim half-begged, playfully pulling on her arm. "I haven't had any good gossip for weeks."


"Why does the gossip have to be about me?" Aisha asked, most amused. "Why do you think I have some?"


"Because you always have some or know of some. You are a gossip hound, and we all love you for it."


Kim's always pushing, but Aisha didn't really mind. Friends do that. "Okay, here's the short version. I'm in love with a guy who's best friend is in love with me. Oh, and the guy I'm in love with, he's not sure how he feels about me yet. That's my drama."


"Sucks to be you."


"Hey! Where's the support and encouragement?"


"Sha, this ain't Felicity."


They both got a laugh out of that one.


"It's a sticky situation," Aisha begrudgingly admitted, adding no details or names. Maybe she just needed to air things out at last. "Someone’s going to get hurt. Someone that I care deeply about. That seems pretty inevitable."


"Breaking someone’s heart is never easy," Kim spoke from experience.


Making their way upstairs, they settled on a second floor patio, looking out over the balcony at a fabulous night sky. Kim and Aisha looked on as the partygoers enjoyed themselves in the backyard, pairing off as the night went on, slow dancing to the seductive sounds of jazz.


Aisha's sadly introspective mood didn't sit well with Kim at all. "So what are you going to do?"


Holding her glass in the air, the former Yellow Ranger considered it. "My plan as far as tonight is concerned is to finish drinking this wine. I hear there's a answer at the bottom of this glass." Kim chuckled next to her, pondering thoughtfully if she had any at the bottom of hers. "I love them both, Kim."


"But you're only 'in' love with one of them, right?"


"... yeah."


"And you're afraid of losing both?"


"I'd just about go crazy if I lost one of them."


"What about the one who says he isn't sure about his feelings for you? What’s up with him?"


Thankfully, Kim respected her privacy. She still didn't ask for names, though it obviously wasn't hard to guess at least who the two guys were. "I think he loves me, Kim. I can see it in his eyes, but he can't go there. He won't allow himself."


"Because of the other person?"


"Yes... no... some days I'm not sure. Men suck." The was the painful, honest truth. "I didn't ask for these new feelings after all these years."


"Feelings are tricky things, Sha. You never know when they'll come or go. Sometimes you wish they'd leave altogether," Kim finished softly at the end, tapering off.


Aisha could tell she wasn't the only person keeping secrets these days. Someone’s holding out on her as well. As it is in her own life, everyone’s so busy, and can't keep up with all that's going on with each other the way they used to. Such was the life of an adult. "What's happening in your neck of the woods?"


Asked at last, and now the gossip hunter becomes the prey. A gentle ocean breeze kiss her face as Kim shut her eyes to it, imagining the moonlight above. "What I'm about to share with you, I haven't shared with anyone else. Not even Trini. None of the guys know either."


"Is this something I should be worried about?"


"You tell me when I'm done talking."


"The floors open, Kim."


There's no right way to begin this story, so Kim just dove right in. "Three weeks ago Tommy stopped by my place on a Sunday night."


Tommy and Kim. The Rangers fairytale romance that nearly split the group in half, and surely broke both their hearts. No greater drama existed than between them, as Aisha listened on. "This keeps getting better and better. Do continue."


Kim had to shake herself free from the intense emotions threatening her all at once. "We've talked a few times in the last five months since I moved back to Angel Grove, but never alone and never about our old issues."


"And?" Aisha didn't even try to hide her eagerness. She could smell something good was just on the horizon. She could feel it in her bones. See it written all over Kim's face, now accompanied with a light blush. "Spill, Kim. Now."


Kim glanced at her at her, and then away, sighing. Recalling that night wasn't easy for some many complex reasons. "It's been almost ten years since our breakup. The letter conversation went pretty easy."


"Did you really believe it wouldn't?"


"No, of course not. It was so long ago. But..."


"But, nothing. Come on, girl. Don't hold out on me."


For Aisha, this is big-time juicy gossip. For Kim, this is recalling one of the single most profound nights of her entire

life. "I thought he'd stay for a hour or so. I thought we'd say all the things we've avoided saying since the whole Divatox thing, apologize to each other, and then he'd leave on a hug." Film reel-like images invaded her mind with a ferocity matching what happened. "Well Sha, he didn't leave on a hug."


Kim's focused, pointed stare nearly knocked Sha off her feet with the implications. Suddenly, Aisha can barely catch her breath. "Uhm, okay, you need to start talking right now."


Leaning her back to the balcony, Kim gently tugged at her bottom lip, a nervous habit indeed. "The chemistry was still there," she confided in her best friend as if she barely could believe it herself. "We were flirting inside of ten minutes, and after the first hour we clicked in a way I haven’t clicked with a guy in years. We talked about our lives and the things we’ve been through, laughed about our friends and family, drank a bottle of wine... we talked for three hours straight until Desperate Housewives came on."


"Three hours?" Aisha practically gasped.


"Three hours of talking, Sha."


Knowing Kim as well as she does means knowing her moods and reading what she doesn't say. Kim's a quiet soul when it comes to her intimate life. Her bubbly outgoing high school self evolved into a equally positive, though slightly reserved persona. The Kim standing before her now was in that far off place known as 'fond memories.' She's here with her, but not really. All at once, Aisha saw things clearly, as if a light switch was flipped on. "You hit it!" she almost shouted, causing Kim to duck her head, turning away, but with a ghost of a smile. "You hit it?" she asked only long enough to see her best friends face again. "Oh my God. You did hit it!"


"I didn't mean to."


"Oh, I suppose you just fell on his dick?"


Kimberly exhaled loudly, a little flushed. "One second we were looking through my DVD collection on the floor, talking about what we could watch and if we wanted to order a pizza. The next we were fucking so hard it's a wonder my neighbors didn't call the cops."


Eyes as wide as saucers. "Damn, girl!"


"After that first time..."


"Hold on. Wait a minute. You did it more than once? Did he come back the next day?"


"Uhm, ten minutes later."


Aisha's 'Oh Crap!!' face was in full effect. "We're gonna need a whole bottle of wine for this." Throwing her arm around Kim's slim waist, she leaned beside her, offering whatever her friend needed. As much as she wanted to get all the naughty details, this went far deeper than sex. "What happened?"


"I don't know," she replied in a hushed, partly unsure tone of voice. "We did it and it was... oh God, Sha. It was so good. The best I've ever had."


"Which time?"


Suddenly, she could hear his moaning in her ear just the way he did that night. "All three times?"


"I hate you and all the great sex you're having."


"We didn't have a long talk or whisper sweet endearments or anything like that. It wasn't flowers and candy, or rose petals leading toward the bed with the Marvin Gaye music playing. It was raw, relentless, aggressive sex on my living room carpet." Turning to her best friend with a smile bordering a sneer, she added, "And it was incredible."


"And you wished it was more?"


Pausing for a moment, she considered the notion. "No, I loved it for what it was. That's what's shocking to me. We didn't talk for three days afterward and I wasn't crying my eyes out or staring at the phone wishing he'd call me. I was fine afterwards."


Okay, now Aisha's a little confused. "So, you're mad that you aren't more torn up about it?"


"I don't know what I feel. I just know we connected and it was incredible, and then afterwards it was like neither of us were nervous or scared or weirded out about it. It was like we did what we should have been doing for years and there wasn’t anything that needed to be said. It's driving me nuts."


Interesting indeed. Aisha hadn't expected any of this. As far as the group goes, they all just assumed friendship was the most hoped for outcome for Tommy and Kim now that both live in California again. "Do you still love him?"


"I haven't thought about loving him in years, Sha. It's not like we've been pining away for each other for a

decade. It's not like I stared at his picture every day or he kept the letter I wrote him in his wallet. We talked about past lovers and relationships and all that. It's not that we ever stopped caring about each other. We just had our own lives to live apart, and we did that."


"You still didn't answer my question."


Kim almost didn't realize that. "I don't know if I can," she quietly admitted at last. "That first night wasn't so much confusing as it was a culmination of something years in the making." Pausing, she laughed to herself. "There I go sounding all dramatic."


"Hey, life's like that sometimes. So what if you and Tommy did the naughty. You two had almost a decade of unresolved sexual tension. You had to get it out of your systems sooner or later. And you're both friends and single, so you weren't cheating on anyone. What's wrong with a one time deal?"


Oh boy... Kim knew she was in for it now. Part of her thought of lying and leaving this hidden part of her life in the shadows. Another, stronger part of her thought that it's time someone she loved hear what's been going on. "It wasn't a one time deal, Sha. It's been a three time deal so far." Her best friends shocked expression soon evolved into a round of giggles and a Hi-five. Sometimes you just had to laugh at life. "He asked me to lunch one afternoon a few days after our first time, and when he picked me up from my job," Kim struggled to verbalize as the memories flooded her subconscious, leaving her warm all over. "We went back to his place and neither one of us made it back to work that day." Jesus, they actually broke plaster on the wall behind his bed. Kim thought that was only possible in over-the-top romance novels. She surely had never experienced such fiery passion... such raw intensity before in her life. The sensitive skin of her neck was covered in his teeth marks for days, causing her to cover up at work.


While she's certainly no prude, Kim's been very selective in what she tells her closest friends about her sex life, and details were hardily ever part of the package. But here and now, Aisha could tell her best friend was... okay what in the world is she staring at?


And then Aisha saw it... saw what had captured her best friends focused attention. Below them, dancing under a full moon was Tommy and a blonde co-worker of Emily's. Nikita was tall and gorgeous, with the kind of breasts only a kind God would bestow upon a lucky woman, and legs that went on for days. With her head on his shoulder and her eyes shut, she looked the picture of quite content and in the arms of a handsome man. As they slow danced closer, moving rhythmically to the sensual music, Aisha considered the expression on Kimberly's face and smiled.


Not a hint of jealous or envy. No green-eyed monster. No tears threatening to fall. Nothing save a sliver of a smile as she watched them dance.


Curiously, Aisha stood just over her shoulder. "You want me to round up the girls and go kick her ass?"


Good friends were hard to find, and Sha was one of the best. "Not even. She's been eyeing him ever since we arrived this morning and the introductions were made. And I already knew Tommy had a thing for

blondes." Katherine came to mind.


"She's hanging all over him."


"He's not really interested."


"How can you tell?"


"Because he just looked up here at me and smiled." Turning away from the balcony, Kim stretched her arms

out, enjoying the sensation. "Let's get another drink and find some sexy dance partners of our own."


"More alcohol. Less worrying over men. I like the sound of that."


"I thought you might," Kim smirked as they descended the stairs.






2 hours later





"Let me see if I have it right. You're a former race car driver, martial arts instructor, and now co-owner of your own martial arts school," Nikita commented, smiling as they ascended the stairs. Hopefully, in her mind at least, for a pleasurable destination at the end of the evening. "You're quite the accomplished man."


Reaching the top of the stairs, Tommy gazed into her piercing baby blues. From the seductive sway of her hips when she walked, to her great sense of humor, she had the kind of style that captivated a man. "I do alright, I guess," he said. "I've lived an interesting life."


"I'm sure you've had plenty of wild nights."


"Wild nights..." he repeated in far off way, remembering days of old. High action and adventure. Once upon a time as they walked down the hall towards his room. "Being a ER nurse, I'm sure you've seen plenty as well."


"Yeah, but I'm trying to leave shop talk at home. I'm here to have some fun." Her intentions were obvious, and she felt confident he knew that. Especially after the slow dancing they exclusively indulged in. This isn't her normal operating procedure, but then again, she doesn't get all expense paid trips to Hawaii every day. With a condom in her purse and a absolutely gorgeous man who's charmed her silly for the last two hours, she's hoping to end the night on a high note. A passionate liaison to write about in her personal journal when she got home. "It occurs to me that I've enjoyed your company so much tonight I never asked if you have a girlfriend or not."


Reaching his bedroom door, before he could say another word she leaned her back against it. "I never asked you if you had a boyfriend back home either."


God, he smells so good, and has been such a gentleman all evening. "Maybe neither of us want to know," she tried to reason with a shy grin. "Maybe we just want a discreet, no strings attached good time. It happens."


Now comes the hard part. Tommy knows himself. While never one for a one-night stand, under any other circumstance on a night like tonight he'd be all over her. Despite the forwardness she's displayed, he could tell this wasn't something she did often or ever. He could tell from the way she talked and classy way she conducted

herself. "Nikita, you are amazingly sexy and charming." He watched her face fall ever so much, as she must have seen what was apparent all over his. "I probably gave you the wrong idea by letting you walk me to my room. I'm sorry if I did."


She exhaled a deeply held breath, fighting off a slight wave of hurt ego. "So what's the problem?"


"I don't have a wife or a girlfriend, but there is someone in my life. Things between us are complicated right now, but she's here in Hawaii for the wedding party."


"So why aren't you with her?"


"Because I had a great time with you all evening," he expressed honestly, and when she smiled he felt a little better about things. "Until I figure things out with the other girl, I'm not really comfortable being with someone else in the same house she's staying in."


A lesser women might offer her hotel room ten minutes away, but she's played herself enough for one evening. "I hope you don't think badly of me for being so... for assuming?"


"No, not at all. You're absolutely ravishing. And if this other girl wasn't in the picture I wouldn't be wasting time out in this hallway."


Satisfied, if not physically, then surely that there are still some nice guys left in the world. Leaning in, she stole a whisper of a kiss he returned, just to mark the evening. She had a great time with a sexy guy on her arm all night. She had no regrets. Stepping aside, Nikita began backing down the hallway, her finger lazily brushing her lips where they touched. "Tommy, promise me one thing?"


"Name it."


"Promise me you'll regret this a little in the morning."


"Nikita, I regret this a little right now," he smiled as she laughed just out of sight. "Goodnight."


"Night, Tommy."


Nikita was sexy, smart, and had that casual sense of humor he loves in a woman. Sometimes he wished he was a jerk, but only sometimes. Shaking his head, he unlocked his bedroom door, walking inside the dark room. Before his hand flipped the light switch...


"Leave it off," came a hauntingly familiar voice from across the room. "I like the dark more these days."


His heart started beating faster the very second he heard her voice. Silhouetted in pale moonlight by the partially ajar window next to his bed, Kim reminded him of everything forbidden, untouchable, and irresistible. As if that little black dress hadn't drove him mad when he first saw it. Now it clung to her like the garment of a Goddess. At once he wanted to tear it off her body. "What are you doing here?"


"I don't know yet. We'll see."


Defiant, and so seductive. She's a mystery he'd love to spend the rest of his life unraveling. Two things were crystal clear to Tommy as he kicked off his shoes. Number one, she no doubt heard his entire conversation in the hallway. Number two, her shoes are already off, sitting in the corner. She's not going anywhere tonight. She's where she wants to be... just another chance to dance with the devil. "Her name is Nikita."


At least he had the decency to not pretend she didn't hear them in the hallway. "I saw you dancing with her. She looks good."


"You look better." Tommy took his time advancing on her. She's bathed in shadows, deliberately ripping his sanity to shreds. When he's upon her at last, he hands gently framed her lovely face. He lowered his head, and savored her soft lips with a moist, lingering kiss that saw her hands come to rest over his. Their mouths melded in a lushness as erotic as any either of them had ever felt before. The complex dynamics of their relationship were forgotten in these sweet moments when there's nothing else in the world save their kiss and the billion and one kisses they're owed by life for the last ten years.


As usual, Kim broke things off first... just barely. Her eyes were still shut when she side-stepped him, walking over to king-sized bed. She sat down at the edge, so sure of what she wanted, yet unsure if what she wanted was good for her. "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired of loving you."


Has he ever known a more complex woman? "Then stop."


"I've tried."


So has he. Many, many times. "Do you want to hear how I got over you?"


She lifted her eyes toward him, curious. "Go ahead."


"I can't. I never have." He rested his back to the window ceil, adorning her with his undivided attention. "Do you ever wish we could go back in time and change things?"


"Not really. I have no regrets. I'm not ashamed or unhappy with my life." His handsome features are half-hidden in the shadows of his bedroom. His silence spoke volumes. Perhaps he wished she said something else. "If you want I can go find Nikita and tell her how great a lover you are."


Sudden anger rose within him. "Is that a nice way of saying you're going to hook up with someone tonight?"


"I'm here, aren't I."


Two steps forward. Five steps backwards. Four steps sideways. Tommy and Kim, all over again.


The bed sank next to her when Tommy sat down. Close enough to feel his presence all over her body, but not close enough to touch her. Maybe this is a mistake. Damn her traitorous body and it's sheer aching for him. She didn't have time for foolish sexual liaisons, or love for that matter. One broken heart was enough for a

lifetime. "Do you want me to leave?"




She accepted the flattery, implicit in that it added to the allure. At the end of the day Tommy bore no similarity to any other man she had known. Maybe that's why he's the one she could never forget. "You drive me crazy," she confessed in the dark. Even his brooding took on a sensuous appearance.


"There hasn't been a night since our first time I haven't gone to bed thinking about you." Boldly stated as he struggled with his composure. Every single fantasy he ever had of her paled in comparison to the real Kim. The nearness of her body tears at his senses. If only he didn't know the heavenly feel of her skin against his, or the noises she made when he's inside her, or the way she whimpers his name after he's made her... Knowing those things have ruined him for any other woman, though he'd never, ever admit it.


Her face was suddenly clouded with conflicted emotions. "Sex can't erase a decade, Tommy."


"Was that all it was to you? Just sex?"


"... no," she confided, as tough as it was.


"I don't think we want to talk about this," Tommy felt, rising to his feet. He unbuttoned his shirt, tossing it on the floor, revealing the white tank top he wore underneath it. Standing by the dresser, he turned to

face her. "Every time we talk we don't solve anything."


"We talked for three hours that first night."


"We talked about our careers, how are families are doing, and the other people we've dated. Other people we had feelings for. But we never talked after we made..." He caught himself at the last moment. And yes, she wanted to hear him finish that statement. But was that a good thing or bad? He wasn't sure. "We never talked about what this all means for us."


"Because it's insane," she declared with a mildly sad laugh, forcing her eyes away from him. "We've wanted each other since high school, Tommy. We're single and maybe we just needed to get all this out of our systems."


"Is it all out off your system?"


Kim swallowed hard, looking away. If only she could hide from what he made her feel. If only she could hide it from herself. "It's not like you asked me out on a date or I ran into you at the laundromat and just struck up a conversation. What we did was give into desire."


One stride later he's before her, kneeling down at her feet. Leaning toward her, he's invaded her personal

space. She does not cower nor fade away, simply holding her ground... holding his passionate stare. "Tell me you're not still in love with me?"


Kim felt as if she was on the edge of a cliff, helpless and about to fall. "I'm not in love with you."


"Then leave," he told her, motioning towards the door. "Or are you that good of a liar now?"


"Dies it matter? Most men lie, anyway."


"I never lied to you."


She felt that in the pit of her soul, and knew it to be true. "I know you told me you and Kat grew apart, but what really happened between you two?"


Switching gears when the truth was so near. "The short story is that when Billy returned from Aquitar, they had a instant connection that we didn't anymore."


Judging by the moody look in his eyes, as well as she knew him, she concluded, "There's more, isn't there?"


"I couldn't love her the way she wanted me to. The way she deserved to be loved. And she didn't love me enough either. We lasted years because it we were comfortable and easy and we were lonely and close, trusting friends. Like I told you, sex played a major part because we were each others first. I think when we crossed that line we thought we had more than we did. It took us a while to understand that sex didn't equal love."


Kim understood that all to well.


"You never went into great detail on why you didn't marry Kyle."


A three year relationship. The longest and most adult of her life. She told Tommy everything about

them... mostly. "I didn't marry him because I was still in love with you."


They held a equally serious stare for around ten seconds until both started cracking up, laughing at it all. "That cliché is so old, Kim. Tell me the truth."


"It just didn't feel right for me. For my reasons. For my feelings," she explained as best she could. "I loved Kyle deeply, but I knew I didn't want to spend the rest of my life with him. I broke his heart, but I told him the truth."


"Did you write him a letter too?" Tommy just had to tease.


Tongue planted firmly in cheek, she replied, "I only use letters for the most important people."


"Well, please scratch me off that list. I don't want to ever get another letter from you again."


Gentle laughter soon evolved into a quiet erotic allure that bound them to each other. Such intense desire laced the moment, searing the very air around them... they craved each other, and that need felt endless and forever.


Reaching out a trembling hand, she caressed his face, sighing when he leaned into her touch, softly kissing

her palm. "It scares me how badly I want you all the time."


While kissing her wrist, Tommy inhaled her strawberry perfume, nearly overcome by the sheer arousal of the scent of her. "I can't stop thinking about you."


"I dream about you."


Her beloved confession stole what he worked so hard to withhold from her. Try as he might to push, shove, and bulldoze every ounce of his feelings for her from his heart, he could never seem to accomplish his goal. "Last week when you had that date with Colin, I couldn't sleep all night. I kept picturing..."


"We didn't," she assured him even when she didn't need to. "I couldn't."




"He wasn't who I wanted."


"Then who do you wa..." Her greedy mouth answered his question, brushing firm and sensual against his, as her arms wrapped around his neck, holding him to her. Long, wet kisses shared in the dark, as their tongues worshiped the other. The heat they generated burning hotter by the second. Tommy laid Kim down on the bed, covering her body, devouring her mouth with his.


His lips taste of honey, so sweet to her. His intensely focused passion, coupled with that dark side of him she for years wanted to be filled with, she's consumed by her need. Addicted to his kiss. Her fingers are combing through his hair, possessive of all of him and even more than that.


The wild animal within Tommy roared possessively, at last plundering her warm mouth, inhaling her very breath. She's life eternal to him. As necessary as air, and twice as vital. No woman has ever compared to her. Surely she knew that she held his life in the palm of her small hands.


Unable to speak, his hunger ached for satisfaction, and so he lifted his lips from hers, staring down into the cloudy darkness of her warm brown eyes. "I need you," he swore to her as he moved down her body until his knees hit the floor.  


"Oh God," Kim whimpered when she felt his hands caressing her legs. She heard his whisper of her name, and felt his warm breath against her inner thighs. He gently pushed her dress up on her hips, then her thighs apart. Sexy black cotton panties hid from him what he desired most of all.


"I want to taste you so bad."


A husky moan erupted from her throat when he brushed light kisses up the inside of her thighs. His strong hands gently pried her legs apart wider. Locking eyes with her, his mouth descended... he pressed a kiss against her sensitive mound, causing her whole body to quiver in response. Her harsh panting breaths awakened something primal inside him. His tongue began lapping wildly at her through her panties. Her knees bent, drawing inward as his mouth covered her, soaking the cotton separating her flesh from him, munching on her.


"Take them off," Kim pleaded with a dire need in her voice. Her hands grabbed at the sheets. Her toes curled. He took hold of her underwear, and with a swift tug, yanked them down and off, throwing them over his shoulder.


Kneeling between her thighs again, his mouth zeroed in, covering the glistening pink lips of her womanhood.


"Uhnnn... OhTommy." She had no time to react before his mouth was firmly planted on her slit, loudly sampling all of her, the sensations so overwhelming her thighs clamped around his head. Her right hand grabbed the top of his head as she arched her body. His agile tongue ran up and down the length of her, softly teasing her clit, flicking it back and forth, and then sucking it into his mouth. "Just like that... oh baby. Just like that."


With a ravenous thirst, he plunged his tongue rhythmically in and out of her, slowly at first, then increasing the speed. She tasted like raspberries and white wine was all his mind could comprehend. His tongue had her floating miles high in a lusty haze. Her breaths came in louder and louder gasps, as her contractions multiplied in strength. The sensations were like icy hot electricity flowing through her. Little fingers of delight spreading up, out warming her whole tummy, the center of the powerful pleasure in the tip of her clit.


The sight of his head rocking back and forth between her legs set her mind on fire. Her body jerked up against his mouth, seeking what only he could give to her. The full flat of his tongue dragged up and down, spreading her nether lips, lapping with firm broad strokes. Whenever she could hear him sucking, her eyes rolled into the back of her head. She moaned deeply, unable to think. Barely able to breathe. He would lap shallowly against her one moment, then the next he would delve deep inside of her, pushing into her with his tongue.


"God, you taste so good, Kim," he groaned while lapping up all of her juices, watching her erotically wincing

face, evidence of how good this was for her. His hands fell beneath her, squeezing her firm ass as he fed from her, suckling her clit until she's rocking back and forth on the bed, practically rolling on her side. At one point her fist pounded into the mattress, and then again. She couldn't handle it. Her hips rocked against his mouth, rotating, pushing her sex harder against his face. He took the hint and buried his face in her slick flesh, his tongue lashed hard and fast over her clit, suckling it deep inside his mouth. His lips grasped at the sensitive, throbbing flesh and nibbled out to the very tip which he would nip sharply then lick until he could suck it back

into his mouth.


"I'm so close... I'm so... OhGod, Tommy!!"


He felt her entire body tense, her muscles tightened, her panting turned wild, and all at once her whole body throbbed wildly. She wailed loud and without shame, glorifying her peak, exulting him with her response. Her thighs crushed his head when she came so hard... wrenching the sheets with her left hand, her mouth wide open, groaning in a way that made his cock ache. She's so wet and his tongue can't get enough of her.


After a time her shudders simmered down slowly, until at last she's simply breathing heavy. A gentle push at his head tells him she's had enough. She still couldn't open her eyes yet and her hands are shaking.


Moments later when Kim's able to open her eyes again the sheer sight of Tommy sitting back on his heels, his lips and chin soaked in her juices, left her speechless by the intensity of her feelings. "You're incredible."


"You're beautiful," he spoke to her soul, ripping his tank top off. Standing to his feet, his pants and underwear slinked down his slim, muscular frame, revealing all of him, and what she did to him to her hungry eyes. He's hard and thick, immense before her. Let her see 'it.' Know that she's left him in this maddening state. "Your turn."


As if to pay homage, he fell to his knees again. Leaning over her, his hands moved under her body, unzipping her dress. Somehow the man she wished she didn't love tore her dress from her body, leaving her bared naked before him. Not love Tommy... she's incapable of that. Hopelessly incapable.


When his hands fell to her slim waist, caressing her flushed skin, she whimpered and moaned under his tender manipulations. Those amazing hands of his trailed upwards, kneading her breasts in a way that she couldn't

sit still. More, more, more... God she wanted more of him. Her nipples peaked hard against his palm.


So long ago he'd made peace with the loss of her. One sweet young love affair, ended as life goes on. Kim wasn't supposed to still own him. Not like this. He knew... he just knew he could resist her. Keep away from her. Let her go for good this time. Here and now, he knows how futile that thought was. If she wanted him, he'd be there under any circumstance she'd allow. The lure of forbidden fruit. Perhaps that made the attraction all the more poignant.


"Lay back," Kim instructed him, but not on the bed. Wearing a naughty smirk as devilish as any he'd ever seen before, she pressed her palms to his chest, pushing him down on the floor. Once he's there she straddled over his lap. She proceeded to take his mouth deeply, drinking in all of him. Their mouths engaged and he surrendered with a humming moan the very second she reached behind her and wrapped her fist around his cock.


"Jesus!" Though his vision was hazy, Tommy watched her mouth curve with amusement as her fist methodically corkscrewed his engorged shaft. She worked him from root to tip, reveling in the careful arch of his hips as he effectively fucked her fist.


Bending over, Kim's so close to his lips she can feel the warmth of his breath on her face. She's in total control, wrenching from him the deepest of groans as she stroked him harder. "I hate I wasn't your first."


"You can be my last," his voice echoed raspy at the end.


"I've never wanted to fuck a man as badly as I want to fuck you," she whispered in his ear, loving her daring side that gave freedom to things people never thought she would say. "I want to make you scream, Tommy." Her fist refused to let up enough for him to provided a coherent reply. She stroked and twisted his weeping cock until it's moisture is dripping down over her fingers, slicking her hand. "I want to turn you out."


"Kim," he barely managed to say, his back arched, panting harshly. "You're going to make me cum if you don't stop soon."


"And that would be a bad thing?"


"Like this, yeah."


"Hmm, let's see what I can do about that." Swiftly moving down his body, her hand held him high as her mouth engulfed his rigid cock before he even said another word, gasping out part of her name as his lower half shook. She stretched her jaw open and slid her lips down the top half of it as the room filled with soft slurping and smacking sounds. She bathed his cock with her tongue on every descent, sucking that much harder, then pulled her lips off of him with a smack. She ran her tongue over the head, giving it a series of wet, open mouth kisses. She never broke eye contact with him, even winking at one point.


Tommy's delirious and three sheets to the wind gone. She's his new religion, and he shall never worship another, ever. Staving off the urge to hold her head, something he knew most women hated, his fingers dug into the carpet as her head bobbed over his lap, her silky brunette tresses shielding his eyes from the grand sight of her sucking on his cock. She's softly nursing the head now, rolling her neck about as her cheeks hollowed, increasing the pressure around him. Every nerve in his body is on fire. His world refocused to where he's inside her. There is nothing he can do but praise her name, shut his eyes, and give in to her completely.


Taking him deeper than before, her motions slowed as her intensity built. Her fist wrapped around the base of his throbbing shaft, working in tandem with her up and down play, stroking him faster as she refused to let his cock slip from her mouth until he'd died and gone to heaven, courtesy of her and her alone. His hips lifted of their own accord, as if trying to thrust in her mouth. She politely stilled him with a hand on his chest, then sank her lips down as far as she could, stroking him faster. His appreciated attempt to warn her that the end was near, was ignored. She began vigorously sucking the head until his voice rose to such a bellowing cry that when he came, the hot rush of cum filling her mouth was barely registered as she swallowed every drop, thinking nothing of the taste, having broken her man for all time. Yes, she gulped him through spurt after satisfying spurt until he simply shook beneath her tender ministrations. Until at long last she released him, settling back on her heels, gazing at him as her tongue lapped his residue from her lips. She's smiling so wide, her cheeks flushed.


She completely and thoroughly bent him to her will. No greater evidence of that was his half-hearted attempt to sit up, only to slump back to the floor, grinning like he'd just won the lottery, all the while trying to catch his

breath. She's pleased, indeed. 


"You're magnificent."


The steady rise and fall of his chest was nearly hypnotic. "You're welcome." Sliding her body over his once more, she pressed pecking kisses to his lips, each lasting a little longer than the last until they're kissing deeply

again. Kissing with roaming hands as their desire spiked white-hot yet again, until she's on her back, with him looming above her.


Lips and tongue played and merged, swam and sank, giving life to the passion their swimming in tonight. For untold minutes they clung like a second skin, showing the French a thing or two about tongue kissing. This sweet indulging included the intimacy both of their lives have missed until recently, when fate and desire corresponded and gave them a kick in the right direction. Now, as they're clawing and panting, trying to crawl inside each others skin, kissing so hard their teeth clanked, there's no outside world or anything except their desperate lust for each other.


Tommy pulled from her lips, only for a moment to appreciate with his eyes her beautiful body showered by moonlight streaking through the widow curtains. His mind held no critique, nor expectation, nor wishing of change when it came to her figure. She's simply all he's ever wanted, period. "No one has ever compared to you in my heart," he said in a soft voice.


She's humbled by his honesty, her fingertips seductively grazing his chest. "Can I get that in writing?"


"No. I'll just tell you every day," he whispered before he leaning over to lightly kiss her neck, trailing his lips down her collar bone, causing her to close her eyes when he licked her most sensitive spots. He took his time French kissing her ear, while his hands world-toured her dips and curves, revisiting the wonders she possessed.


His kisses are tender and lustful at the same time, his lips falling down the regal column of her throat, across her lightly freckled shoulders, slowly. She drew a majestic tapestry of hunger over his back with her fingernails, her humming approval accompanied by the sensuous feelings he elicited from her with his lips and hands. He's capable of arousing her to a level she didn't believe existed. From that first time, and every time since, all he's left her with is a deep seeded aching for him. The smoldering embers glowed a dark red again. She felt the tingling down in her belly flutter when he sucked her stiffening nipples one by one.


"You're so perfect," Tommy complimented her with a full kiss on her chest, then took one of her beautiful small breasts into his hands, and took as much of it, nipple first, into his mouth as he could. He sucked so loud, so hard, trying to devour it all. Her hands were suddenly on his face, holding him by the cheeks as he devoured her nipple... biting, sucking, pulling at the sensitive tip. Gasping for air, he pulled away and rested his head on her chest. She stroked his hair, sending shivers all over his body. His scalp tingled as his cock ached, needing all of her at last.


"Fuck me."


His ears picked up her dark demand. He could not respond with her other nipple being nursed within the warm heated confines of his mouth, drawing as much of her as he could into him, gently biting the tip. She arched her back off the floor, dying from the sensation of his tongue bathing her nipple in saliva, then sucking it harder again.


"Please, Tommy," she begged. "Fuck me now." Grabbing hold of his cock, she began stroking and pulling until he released her nipple, gasping warmth onto her breast. Rising, his teeth found her neck, biting her just hard enough to make it feel so good as the head of his hard cock pressed at her slick mound, and with a long throaty whimper from both their lips, he surged into her deeply, and she clenched on to his cock like a vise, crying out.


He nearly pleaded her for mercy, she was so snug around him. Her sheathing inner muscles massaged his aching cock as is hips delved into hers, lunging harder and harder until the only thing that could be heard in the room was the intensity of their rutting on the floor. She's sucking on his tongue as deeply as her body willed his to never leave, squeezing his length as their hips worked together, grinding out a near violent, sweaty fuck.


"Yessss, oh god yes, Tommy, yes!" she shouted as he pounded into her, driving her mad with his frantic pace. Even the burning friction of the carpet on her back didn't matter as long as he stayed inside her as hard as he is now. He was finally inside her, completely. Perfectly. Her legs locked him in a full body embrace as the slapping of their flesh echoed loudly, surrounding them, filling her time after burning time. She's meeting his need, aggressively lifting her hips forcefully, taking his raging desire and matching it with her own.


There's a time and a place for a softer session of caresses and endearments, but this was not that time.


"Ahhh...Ki....ohhh.." Tommy attempted to speak, but no words came forth, only his harsh breathing. She felt small beneath him, and a darker part of his psyche adored that. Sex before Kim was good, but sex after her would not exist becasue nothing before her ever compared to this, so giving her up was impossible. His thrusts came even harder when he spread his knees wider apart on the carpet, hammering into her so fully he hoped he didn't hurt her. Encouraging him with her words and actions, her arms snaked around his neck tighter, pulling him forward in-between gasps of breaths. She told him nothing's ever felt this good as he lapped the sweat glistening her neck, tasting her all of her flesh exposed to him.


Riding high so the edge would rub and further torture her clit, he grind/thrusted into her with deep, fast, hard strokes. Droplets of moistures beaded on his face and neck fell onto her skin, mixing with her own perspiration as they worked each other into a frenzy, fucking with such aggression they’ve somehow moved a short distance across the carpet.


"Tommy, oh God... don't stoppleasedon'tstop." Kim' lovely face contorted painfully with lust, her eyes closed and her mouth hung wide open as she breathed in short gulps, scratching at his back with her nails. Tremors wracked through her body, her stomach and thighs quivering as she was overcome by wave after intense wave of a deafening explosive climax. She let go of her inhibitions, shuddering uncontrollably in her lovers arms as she rippled and twisted around him inside, her legs squeezing his body almost as tightly as her womanhood did.


Kim's heart was pounding like a drum while Tommy began pressing warm kisses over it, still slow stroking into

her. She's lax and yet enjoyed the fullness of him within her that she couldn't stop if she wanted to. They're soaked in each others sweat... among other fluids, clinging to one another. She's mildly amused when Tommy wrapped his arms around her waist, sitting up on his knees with her, and then standing. "Someone’s been taking their vitamins, I see."


"Oh, you can talk again?" he taunted with a kiss on her neck.


"Teasing me won't get you anywhere," she kissed him again, her legs locked securely around his waist. She found herself with her back to the dresser, so she reached behind her, bracing her palms their as Tommy began to thrust again, fucking her in mid-air. She couldn't help but to whimper at the sight of his hard, thick cock disappearing inside her, his hips loudly smacking into hers. She's being taken and possessed, used and desired, fucked so hard her teeth rattled... and the look on his face.


Good God... at this point she'd sign over her paycheck every week to never give up this incredible pleasure.


Kim felt powerful and small and wet and loved... all while being fucked so hard until Tommy lifted her again and they fell back onto the bed, with him on his back this time. The landing pushed him in a little too deep, but even those few seconds worth of discomfort were pleasurable as she began rolling her hips, lifting off him then driving herself back down. All he could do was hold on tight as she rode him slow and deep, taking her time after he took her so fast moments ago.


Tommy's eyes flew open when her hands gripped his hair behind his head, using him as her anchor while she churned her slim hips on his lap, rolling his throbbing cock around inside her. He loved that bold, passionate side of her that was for his eyes only. She's a real woman. Confident, self-assured, and knows what she wants and how to get it. As if he could ever love another as much.


Kim threw her head back, a Queen on her throne of flesh as she ground down and away, stealing the air from his lungs and any sense of anything he had left.


There was only the droplets of sweating trailing down her chest he craved to lick. Her kiss swollen lips, and the moist cavern he's buried to the balls inside. Grabbing her hands with his, Tommy used his superior strength, rolling them over, but kept her slow pace. He carefully pushed her hands up above her head on the mattress, twining their fingers as her ankles locked over his lower back.


Watching his slow descent, she accepted the sweet softness of his kiss, the tender way he stroked into her, and at that very moment she knew... she just knew... this is different.


Her wet tongue played alongside his in her mouth as their mutual rhythm of push and pull turned lazy, giving way to gentle rocking. They're catching feelings big time, taking it slower than ever. His hands held hers as they moved as one. Opening his eyes, he stared into hers and found her staring back. Their first three times together were so primal and frantic that it felt as if they were going to die and had to rush everything before they did. They were reckless and had zero patience for anything outside of pleasure.


But not tonight.


Not now, in this bed.


Kim's gasping and whimpering underneath him. He's held in her four-limbed embrace, clutched to her in a cherished sort of way. With each thrust of him inside of her she would cry out softly, and when he would withdraw she would reach out for his hips, trying to force him back into her. Try as he might to push the thoughts away, Tommy knew and accepted they were not fucking anymore. That thought broke through his control and he started a series of longer, deeper strokes that satisfied both perfectly, while prolonging this moment in time. The woman beneath him is simply not like any woman he's ever been with before. The years they spent apart suddenly didn't matter at all. "Say it," he whispered in her ear, his hips matching hers in a decadent rhythm.


Kim knew heard him right, shoved her fear away, and held him even closer. Her mind shut down long ago, so she only had her heart to go by. Did she know what he was asking for? Yes, of course she did. But could she give it to him again?


"Please, Kim," he whimpered against her ear, nibbling the end as he felt her stomach muscles ripple along his. "Say it."


Part of her wished they would stop and walk away now before either of them got hurt. They've both come already, and opening this door could only set herself up for a world of pain and disappoint. Or it could be whatever bad relationship she's ever suffered through was leading her here. Leading her back to him, her first true love.  If only she'd take the risk. Still, she held her tongue, whining softly while her fingers coursed through his hair. The speed of his thrusts increased to such a delirious pace her body simply gave in, wept all around him, tightened and prepared for such a glorious end. "Tommy... OhTommy."


"Say it, Beautiful."


Standing at the edge of the end of the world, she felt light headed and dizzy. Fighting for and against her heart until the sensations began to overtake her and soon she couldn't fight her feelings any longer.


"I love you," she declared on a breathy whimper, sobbing as the pinnacle reached her. Her body tingled and hummed with a deep shudder, that started in her legs, shook through her entire body making her feet feel hot, her fingers tingled and her breath caught in her throat. "I love you," she confessed her souls darkest secret as she came in a violent rush of waves rolling and breaking on the shore that was her heart.


Her words changed his life in a instant, reawakening his heart. "I've always loved you," he managed to say amidst his cock swelling inside her, until at last he came so hard with such short erratic thrusts that filled her with his steaming essence. He's died. Simply, utterly, dead. Gone. Lost. Nothing worked save his heart pumping blood and air. She's talking in his ear. Saying something. Holding him closely, kissing his face. His mind can't pull his hearing and thoughts together, so he says 'I love you' over and over to compensate. Nothing else really mattered anyway.


It's been said throughout the ages that any declarations made at the point of climax should be taken with a grain of salt, if that. But not here. Now with these two, who knew each other so well that they would never doubt, not even at the moment of highest pleasure, that the other would say something so important and not mean it from the bottom of their heart.


They're kissing again... softly.


The kiss was so lingering, so touching. Not anything like their ravaging first kiss. Nothing so hurried, so rushed.  This was a tender thing, their lips pressing and yet fluid, moving, feeling, parting and joining together until

the perfect fit was discovered and all the while their tongues dancing. Tommy's probing deep inside her mouth, touching the roof, playing along her teeth, coaxing her tongue to follow, to probe within his mouth.  And, once there, the power he felt as he suckled it, deep, deeper into his mouth.


As the intensity waned, and the shaking slowed, their breathing came back under control. They collapsed together as Tommy hugged Kim close, feeling her rapid heart beat next to his own. "I love you, Beautiful."


"Say it again," she requested with a smile against his chest.


"I love you, Beautiful," he graciously complied, stroking her back in soothing circles, holding her to his chest with his other arm. "So is this big talk time?"


"What's there to talk about?" she smiled up at him, simply overjoyed. "This is crazy, and we know it's crazy, and we know we're crazy too. It's not like we're blind to that fact."


"But do you want to try again." She pressed her lips to his in a tender kiss.


"No, Tommy. I don't want to try. I want to succeed."


They cuddled in the dark, shifting only enough to drape the covers over them, lying in each others arms. This is that warm, happy time where you feel safe, secure, and loved. This is where they want to rebuild their lives together. 


That new life however, did not include the insistent knocking at the door or the talking in the hallway they could clearly hear, amidst some laughter. Pressing a finger to Kim's lips, Tommy hoped whoever it was would just go away until the morning. When they didn't he frowned, much to Kim's amusement. Relinquishing his hold on her, he scrambled off the bed, found his pants and pulled them back on. If this wasn't a emergency he was going to kill someone. That was for certain.


Kim slipped on his shirt before he grabbed the door knob, so she's decent on short notice. When Tommy opened the door he found Jason, Emily, Zack, Trini, Katherine, Billy, Adam, Aisha, Tanya, and Rocky all standing there with the most wildly amused expressions on their faces. "What's up?" he asked in a higher voice than he intended. With the way he probably looked, and the way Kim's hair was going every which way on her head, he figured lying would be futile. "Is there a problem?"


Jason rubbed his chin like a proud King, his fiancée grinning just over his shoulder. "Uhm, bro. All of us hooked up again after the other people left and uhm," he looked around the group collected in the hallway, just smiling their asses off. "We were all next door in Rocky's room. We were putting together a little card game tournament. You know we haven't done that since high school."


Kim could feel Tommy's embarrassment just behind him, as her own grew to epic proportions. Oh God, how obvious this must look to them. Their clothes are strewn out all over the floor and the beds a mess. "Hi... Hi guys. What's going on?"


"Kim, I think your underwear is over there by the night stand," Rocky pointed out, and was pleased to do so. "I must say those are very nice. Did you buy them at..."


"Shut up, Rocky." Kim's threatening tone made him do that little zip-lock motion on his lips with his fingers.


Arms crossed, Trini stepped forward, smirk firmly in place. No way was she going to miss out on this. "It's so funny, really. We had three tables of games going, just having a great time. We figured you two were talking privately, so we decided to leave you alone. We thought that after while one of us would knock on the door and invite you to the games." She walked up to her oldest friend and shook her head in a parental sort of way. "Then all of a sudden loud moaning and groaning came through the thin walls and that air vent next to Tommy's bed. All of us eventually stopped playing as the 'Oh God's' came louder and louder."


"Don't forget the 'Oh Tommy's,'" Aisha added to further the humorous torture. Kim and Tommy looked like they wanted to crawl under a rock and die. "The moaning kept going..."


"And going," Adam chimed in.


"And going," Tanya shared.


"And going," Zack frowned, having known Kim long enough to see her as a sister. The thought of her having.... ewww!! He shuddered. "Then all of a sudden it stopped for a few minutes. We thought we might get lucky, but..."


"Even louder sex was heard after that brief period of peace," Katherine declared, hands on her hips, grinning at the blushing, quiet duo. They looked as guilty as sin. "For the last," she checked her watch, "Thirty minutes all we've heard are the sounds of nasty sweaty sex."


"Nasty," Trini pointed at them.


"Sweaty," Emily pointed as well.


"Sex," even Billy had to say, "Or the more appropriate term of sexual relations." Like Zack, he simply wanted no part of any of this.


Tommy wanted to say something, but this was one of those moments where there's absolutely nothing you can say. He surely wasn't getting any help from Kim, who stood just behind him, her head ducked down.


"We heard the bed rocking against the wall," Jason felt the need to tell them. "We heard the yells and shouting that sounded like those movies Rocky has under his bed."




"Boy, are you going to deny it?" Aisha stood up to him. He looked as if he was about to, then shrugged

it off. "Thought so."


Katherine looked from her ex-boyfriend to his ex-girlfriend and back again. Despite looking ragged, they looked amazingly happy and well satisfied. If Billy weren't with her she knows she'd tease Kim about showing Tommy everything he knows about pleasing a woman. Nah, she'll hold that for another day. "So how long has this little secret relationship been going on, hmmm?"


Having heard enough, Kim said, "Goodnight. We'll see you all in the morning." She then shut the door in their faces, turned with her back to it, and burst out in a fit of giggles that threatened to double her over with glee. She could hear their friends laughing in the hallway as they walked off. Tommy's laughing as well, taking it all in stride. He pulled her into his arms, clutching her to his chest. "What a night."


"I couldn't say it better myself."


"We are the new King and Queen of gossip."


"And will be teased about this for years to come." She pulled from his embrace, grabbing his hand as she led him towards his bathroom.


"We need a shower. And you better keep your hands to yourself."


"Kim, I doubt I could do anymore tonight if I tried."


"Oh, I don't know about that," she continued with a sly grin. "All you would need is the right motivation."


"All I need is you."


"And to think it only took you ten years to figure that out."


"Hey, you dumped me, remember."


"I never stress the details."


"Okay, I'm going to get a pen and a piece of paper and write you a letter. Maybe I'll start by saying how this is the hardest letter I've ever written and how you're like a sister to me."


"You'll never let that go, will you."


"Just never let me go, Beautiful."


"I promise I never will again."







The End. No Sequel.