Title: "Definition"
Written by: Shawn

Summary: After a classroom misunderstanding leaves Kimberly's
feelings hurt, Tommy seeks to find out why.

Rating: PG-13 at best
Category: Romance/Fluff/Teasing

Spoilers: For the purpose of this story consider that "White Light"
happened on a Friday. This story picks up the Thursday of that next
Dedicated to: my slightly sick fic-sister, Melissa aka Pink-Green-

Authors Notes 1: This was written a few days ago when my sis was
under the weather. I wrote it in a hour, so forgive me if its a bit
brief. But I did think it was kinda cute and it cheered her up, so
here it is. If you're a fan of TK fluff then this will probably be
your cup of tea, just with my typical slant on things. Enjoy.


"No, this trick won't work...How on earth are you ever going to
explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological
phenomenon as first love?"
~~ Albert Einstein




The home of Kimberly Ann Hart
Thursday, 6:30 PM
Angel Grove, California

Maybe this is what it felt like to walk the plank way back in the
pirate days?

As if facing his final execution, Thomas James Oliver descended the
curving steps to the Hart's basement. He wasn't exactly sure what he
was walking into, but after Kim's surprisingly emotional reaction
today to something he thought so little of he just had to see her.
Something meaningful took place and he needed answers now. Tomorrow
was just to far away. Also, he wasn't stupid. He had a good feeling
what this was all about, although it didn't hit him until he got home
from school.

When he should have felt elated that he had earned Caroline Hart's
trust to such a degree that he's allowed to be with her daughter
alone with the door closed, he's braced himself for dealing with this
last bit of unfinished business he's avoided for the longest time.

The unspoken hurt and unshed tears that glistened Kimberly's
beautiful brown eyes today when silently she walked away from him
tore at his heart until he just had to fix things between them. His
hopes that she would brush off Stacy's teasing nature as typical
classroom BS didn't pan out at all. And now he's left with the guilty
feeling that perhaps he's taken her for granted.

And now the nearly two year old elephant in the room can no longer be

Ever since her brother went away to college the Hart's full-finished
basement served as Kim's private den of sorts. Affectionately
named "The Hartland" by the Pink Ranger herself, it served mostly for
company and parties, but also when she wanted privacy to write songs
or just needed to get away from everyone for a while. Zack often
joked this was her personal Command Center, complete with stuffed
animals, guitars, a gymnastics mat, a disco globe hanging from the
ceiling, a mini-fridge, two love seats, and a seemingly endless
supply of M&M's. Her current addiction.

Being here again after so long, Tommy realized just how much he
missed this place. Or more to the point, missed the young woman who
owned his heart. She deserved better than he's given her and he knows
that. His own fears and insecurities won out over making her feel
better, and that had to end. So he summoned his courage while peering
around the basement until he found Kim curled in her favorite spot on
the couch with a bag of hot potato chips in her lap. She was in
her "Lazy-Kim" outfit which consisted of a white tank top with a big
pink heart, pink pajama pants with white hearts and fuzzy white tiger
slippers that were a Christmas gift from Trini. The Pink Ranger often
said comfort and not fashion deemed what a woman wore when her day
was done.

Nonetheless, to Tommy she looked adorable.

No doubt her mom shouted downstairs when he arrived, so she's
expecting him. But unlike in the past there was no sweet smile or
come hither wink awaiting him. In fact, there was no response at all.
She didn't acknowledge his presence in the least. Hands in his
pockets, he sighed while rounding the couch next to her. She was
watching a TNT rerun of Pretty in Pink, ironic as it was.

Meanwhile, Kim wished she didn't care so damn much about what
happened today. She felt as angry with herself as she did with Tommy.
But honestly, how long could they go on without any sort of
resolution to what everyone plainly saw? He's her first love and the
cause of far to many of her tears. None on purpose, mind you. But
still, he could have answered Stacy's statement with a definitive no.
Instead he laughed as if he expected her to as well. But they've
bonded since his return, even more than before which was saying
allot. The kiss they shared on the rooftop of the Command Center the
night he became the White Ranger made her feel as though he wasn't
just back to fight the good fight, lead the team, and save the world.

Dammit, as naive as it sounded a part of her wanted him to come back
specifically for her. And not to be another guy friend in her life,
but THE guy. The urge to throw things at him was at an all time
high. "Are you going to stand there all day and not say anything?"

Her biting tone of voice clearly told Tommy this wasn't going to be
easy. "I'm not sure what to say."

"That's the problem."

Tommy bowed his head, standing by the couch on the other side of her.
His strong, brave Crane looked fragile in her comfortable evening
attire. Her feelings had been hurt and it was all his fault. "I'm

"Do you even know for what?"Kim quickly challenged him on. His unsure
expression answered that one clearly. "Stacy was teasing all the guys
in the class about who was dating who, but when she got to you she
asked if you were single. I was standing right next to you. When you
laughed it off I felt like a fool."

"But she was razzing everyone, Kim. I didn't take her seriously."

"But do you take me seriously?"

Tommy exhaled a deeply held breath, nodding. "Of course I do. Always."

Then what is this?" she asked outright, somehow unafraid to finally
give voice to her late night worries. "We kiss and hold hands and
flirt all the time. We take walks and go out to the movies and you
open doors for me like a boyfriend does. We can talk on the phone
past midnight and never get bored or sleepy. We have never been able
to stay away from each other. Everyone already knows how we..."
Fighting off another fresh wave of tears, she flinched when he came
to stand in front of her, and then bent down on one knee, invading
her personal space. "Since you didn't answer her question, answer
mine. Are you single?"

His lips curled into a slow smile, and then he shook his head. "No,
I'm not. I'm just a scared little man who pretends to be this tough
super hero with all the answers."

Smiling for the first time since she arrived home, Kim laughed as a
weight lifted from her heart. "Exactly what does that mean?"

She deserved his humble side. "It means that I'd gladly face armies
of bad guys and not blink, but when it comes to you I''m terrified
I'll say or do the wrong thing. I'm just not confidant with this

Feeling as though she has him on the ropes, Kimberly crossed her
arms, leaning into him just a bit. "Define this stuff?"

He gazed deeply into her eyes. "Being in love."

Okay, political correctness aside, Kim wanted to jump up and down and
do the Happy Dance, but held her peace. Her voice remained calm, her
eyes bright with mischief. "So you're in love, huh?"

Her teasing smile told him this was payback for his silence today.
Nonetheless, she deserved this. "Yes, I'm in love."

Kim laid her hand over her heart as if she were shocked, clearly
mocking him. "Wow, that's news to me. You never said a thing."

Yeah, she was going to play this card for all it was worth. She
wanted her pound of flesh and every single declaration she felt she
deserved no matter how embarrassed he felt saying it. Penance for her
tears, mind you. Nonetheless, Tommy curled her hand around his. "I
probably should have said something to you sooner."

'You think' was on the tip of her tongue, but she declined. "Just how
long have you been in love?" asked a clearly grinning and winning,
Kimberly Ann Hart.


"Uhm isn't a answer. English, Tommy. English."

The White Ranger paused for a moment, loving the cute smirk she
wore,"I have been in love since the first day I met you."

"Woah, love at first sight?" She was playing him like a piano,
appearing so surprised. "And here I thought shivery was dead."

Tommy knew he was paying for his transgression today. And he didn't
mind one bit because she looked so happy. "She made quite an
impression on me. And even asked me out after our first, brief

You might want to be certain she wasn't just being polite to the new
kid and offering to introduce you to some friends of hers."

"Wherever she was going to be was where I wanted to be. I didn't care
about her friends."

Yeah... Kim really liked that answer. Trini was going to get one heck
of a shocking phone call tonight. "So you met this girl and me on the
same day?"

She wasn't giving an inch. "Yes."

"Well what's her name, silly? Don't keep me in suspense."

Her answer came in the form of a dearly sweet and very long kiss that
featured more than a little tongue while still holding her hand. When
it finished their heads pressed together, their breaths softly
fanning their faces, with her free hand framing his handsome face. "I
hope that mystery girl of yours won't get jealous that you just
kissed so good I'm seeing stars."

"Its a good thing she's you, Kim. I'm crazy in love with you."

"Now was that so hard?"

Being so close to her now after sharing that long, delicious kiss, he
offered a mildly uncharacteristic, "I can think of a pretty racy
reply, Kim."

"You get those naughty thoughts out of your mind now and just kiss me

"Because I love you?"

Because you love me as much as I love you. Now give me my fairy tale

"You're so demanding."

"No, I'm your Beautiful. Now get to kissing."


The End
For Melissa