Title: "Addicted"

Written by: Shawn



Summary: The passion... the desire... the possessiveness... the hate... and the love. Just another night in Tommy and Kimberly's stormy relationship.

Category: Angsty Erotica/Drama

Rating: NC-17

Ship: Tommy/Kim

Timeline/Spoilers: Everything is cannon up until the end of Power Rangers in Space. Zordon is dead. Trini isn't. Things were quiet on Earth for a number of years until all hell broke loose and Rangers were needed again in the summer of 2005. Billy returned to Earth with new Morphers and recruited the Rangers to combat this new threat. A new Command Center and Zords were built for a war in this new millennium. The Rangers have been back in action, all of them, since July 2005.

Disclaimer: I own zip to do with the PR series, characters, or settings.

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Authors Notes 1: The sight of unidentified starships flying over cities shocks no one. The proof of the existence of aliens has become a part of pop culture. Beings with far advanced technology than ours, or those who possess mystical and magical abilities aren't a cause for public panic anymore. Verified nearly ten years ago, only now the Earth is considered one of the most resource rich planets in the galaxies. It's the galactic playground for criminals, space pirates, those bent on committing horrible acts of evil. Earth is constantly under attack. Only now those attacks are brutal, serious, and worldwide. The world is a dangerous place these days. It's not a game.

Authors Notes 2: The Rangers are older and a have a darker edge to them due to the world around them. They were living normal lives until the Earth was in danger again. Ripped from their lives, they are now the planets best, last line of defense. Lord Zedd and Rita were petty shoplifters compared to what they face these days.

Authors Notes 3: The newly rebuilt Command Center houses individual apartment-like quarters for all the Rangers to sleep in over night if they choose to.

Authors Notes 4: Tommy and Kimberly have been back together since October 2005. How and why are explained in the story.

Special Notice: Kelly Clarkson's song "Addiction" inspired this story.




Kelly Clarkson


It's like you're a drug

It's like you're a demon I can't face down

It's like I'm stuck

It's like I'm running from you all the time

And I know I let you have all the power

It's like the only company I seek is misery all around

It's like you're a leech

Sucking the life from me

It's like I can't breathe

Without you inside of me

And I know I let you have all the power

And I realize I'm never gonna quit you over time

It's like I can't breathe

It's like I can't see anything

Nothing but you

I'm addicted to you

It's like I can't think

Without you interrupting me

In my thoughts

In my dreams

You've taken over me

It's like I'm not me

It's like I'm not me




The Present



Earth Rangerís Command Center X-1

The bedroom inside of Kimberly Hart's quarters

Sunday, March 19, 2006 2:00 AM

Angel Grove, Ca



"Say it."

His command. His wish. His prayer in the dark.


Her need to resist. Her weakness to him. Her defiance.

"I'll stop if you don't." His empty threat. His promise. "Say it."

"Oh God..."

She's trying to hold on. She's trying not to give in. She's failing.

"Say it." His plea. His greatest temptation. His final love.

"Fuck me harder," Kimberly whispered in Tommy's ear before her teeth gently clamped around it, her hot breath warming the inner shell as his thrusts drove her into the bed with force. Her smooth, bare legs clutched around his heaving body as the grinding friction over her sensitized clit left her whimpering in the back of her throat. "Don't stop... ever."

The moonlit shadowed bedroom filled with the sensuous sounds of their intense coupling, the wooden headboard smacking rhythmically against the wall.

The high black ceiling and smooth purple walls adorned with brown glass wall-lamp fixtures defied the traditional Italian interior-decorating scheme Kim had hoped for when designing her Command Center bedroom. Twin mahogany crane statues guarded the entrance, and were complimented by a handcrafted oak closet and a beige night table overlooking the huge window that faced Angel Grove Mountain. Antique wood-stained dressers and a wall mounted Bordeaux-framed 'Under the Sunset' painting of a beach in Italy created an atmosphere that was both distinctive and sophisticated.

There was nothing sophisticated about what the two bodies melting together on the bed were doing.

Gazing at the rapture of her eyes fluttering, Tommy felt Kim arch and writhe beneath him, signal enough that she loved what he was doing to her. His gasps of pleasure and exertion blew misty warmth on the side of her face. Her soft lips nuzzled his neck while her inner muscles rippled heat around him, pulling on him deliciously every time he withdrew. She tenderly nipped and nibbled his throat, and then cried out from the sudden depth of him buried inside her.

The sound of which tore at his very soul.

The natural bleached oak king sized bed shook from the aggression they took out on each other, both blinded by the fear of death. Fear of losing what mattered most, and so they sought to erase that foul emotion by drowning the night away in passion and lust. Their words to one another were falling on deaf ears. But this... this made sense.

Outside her bedroom the complex nature of their relationship took on so many twists and turns neither knew if they were coming or going. Nonetheless, they're addicted to the fiery love that burns white hot whenever they're together.

Hooked on the slick feel of her wrapped so tightly around him and the way she quivered from his every surge, Tommy pressed the faintest of kisses over her lips. A brief taste of her was never been enough, and so he plundered her mouth slowly at first, and then harder when her lips parted. His tongue dove in, dueling with hers, brushing the roof of her mouth while her heels dug into his backside, her fingernails dragging across the breadth of his muscular back.

They were a writhing mass of sweaty flesh shifting all over the bed. All over each other, lost in the one thing that made sense in their lives.

"I can't lose you," Tommy groaned hoarsely over her chest, and then fastened his lips over a nipple, sucking furiously.

Kim had to clamp her teeth shut to keep from crying out over sensation of his mouth feasting on the soft swell of her breast, and then his tongue grazing the underside. Her nipples blossomed into hardened peaks inside his mouth. His cock was so hard inside her she could feel the blood throbbing through it, swelling, spreading her asunder. "Can't... I can't stand the chances you take... I need you... love you... sometimes I hate you."

Tommy fucked her harder for uttering those words, even as they echoed his own personal thoughts toward her. But the ecstasy etched on her beautiful face and the way her body glistened with perspiration that clung to his own, he doubted he could ever give her up. He was lost in the trance of her, the provocative aroma of their passion, and the wildly responsive way she clawed at his shoulders, her nails dragging pleasure/pain over his skin.

She felt wicked and divine beneath him, her mouth biting his neck and then lashing her tongue over his pulse point. God, he loved how into it she always was. He increased the tempo and depth of his thrusts, grasping her sweaty thighs, pounding into her all his anger... all his pain and regret and the limitless love he felt for her.

A hellish night led to this. To the only way they could express what they felt when all else has faded away into nothingness.Kim had planned to have it out with him and then send him on his way. She couldnít fathom them finding a common ground over tonight's events. She couldn't imagine how she could ever live with or without this man. Her head said walk away. Her heart pleaded it couldn't live without it's other half. Her body said it couldn't live without him fucking her as only he could.

He was sucking the life from her and replenishing it all at the same time.

Kim gazed into his eyes and felt the humbled by the intensity she found. Suddenly, he's kissing her deeply, the warm pulsing length of him exquisitely filling her faster as the bedsprings squeaked their approval. The sensation of her nipples grazing his chest left her moaning against his lips. Her fingers raked through his short, dark hair; anchoring his mouth back down to hers. The upper ridge of his cock sawed agonizing pleasure over her erect clit, causing her legs to tremble as her body began that long sweet spiral towards a soul-wrenching climax.

"I've always... always loved you."

Those beloved words, coupled with the insanely aggressive way he took her faster and the feverishly uncontrollable spasms coursing fire through every nerve in her body left Kim sobbing against the crook of his neck. She clutched him fully, arms and legs, arching her hips to meet his powerful lunging thrusts. Their sweat-soaked skin slid against, heating their flesh, their faces contorted with passion.

Kim panted in a shaky voice, "I wish I could love someone else."

"That will never happen."

"I know," her breath hitched, coming in hot gasps as she felt the muscles of Tommy's back stiffen. Her ears popped when her name erupted from the pit of his throat, his cock bursting inside her. Her body cringed in desperate need of the blissful release just over the horizon and then it hit her with the force of an atom bomb and she left this world screaming...







Earth Rangerís Command Center X-1

The bedroom inside of Kimberly Hart's quarters

Sunday, March 19, 2006 12:50 AM

Angel Grove, Ca


Born a curious child, Kimberly remembered wondering just what it was adults talked about when kids were banished from the room that was so important they couldn't be around to hear it. And while she was the curious Hart, her older brother was the sneaky one. He knew which floorboards squeaked in the house and where all the best hiding places were.

The few times they actually were able to spy on the adults in their family talking amongst themselves they quickly learned adult talk wasn't all that interesting at all. But Kim did have one particularly fond memory. Her beloved grandfather Paul, ever the family sage, had an opinion and saying for anything life threw at him. And his most favorite saying of all time was...

"There's nothing in this world a good shot of whiskey can't fix or make you forget. And if you can't fix it you might as well forget it. At least for a little while," Kim said to herself in her best rendition of his burly voice. She smiled, a chilled shot of Crown Royal and cola in her right hand as she sat on the broad cedar wood window ledge in her living room looking out over the majestic mountains of Angel Grove. "I miss you papa," she thought fondly, having lost him several years ago.

He lived a long, good life for 78 years. He was well loved, respected, and missed.

With the echoes of loss on her mind, Kimberly couldn't help but to think of all the families who were being informed of or already have been that their loved ones died tonight. Hundreds of tragic phone calls were being made, and of course the news programs were reporting what happened nonstop.

The Rangers saved the day again, but at a great cost of human life.

Death was a part of her job. Always had been and always would be. Understanding that never meant you made peace with it. Concentrating on the living kept you going, while remembering the dead brought perspective on the value of life.

If the Rangers had a motto, that was it.

Gazing out over the moonlit sky, she appreciated being able to enjoy the simple beauty in the world. She wanted to hold onto it for as long as she could because very soon the man she loves is going to come looking for her. A man who right now at this very moment is probably as furious with her as he has ever been.

Shutting her eyes for a moment, Kimberly stilled herself for the confrontation to come. Restlessness would no doubt bring out the worse in both of them. She could already hear the shouting in her mind. She saw the outcome, with Tommy storming out angrily amidst a heated exchange of words and no resolution.

Kimberly knows Tommy. Intimately, spiritually, thoughtfully, lovingly knows him better than he knows himself. She knew what he must have felt when he saw what she did. A small part of her hoped he choked on it because she's experienced those dark emotions a hundred times over.

His feelings were understood, yet in her eyes they were misguided in the grand scheme of things.

The whiskey's cool burn down her throat was already working a little magic on her mood. Fresh from the shower in a silk purple robe, she wanted him to arrive as badly as she wished he would let what happened tonight go.

She knew that was wishful thinking. And of course her heart went out to him. Their fearless leader feared many things in fact. He fears the consequences of his actions as he has to live with them. Tonight will weigh heavily on his conscious for the rest of his life.

Sometimes she warred within herself over treating him with professionalism versus her deep-seeded need to protect him from anything that might ever hurt him. And that included himself.

Suddenly she wants to take care of him and ease his mind. Remind him that the team would literally follow him to hell and back, that he is a good man, and that she loves him without end. But he won't see that tonight. He will seek answers that he himself could never provide. He will fire accusations at her that are hypocritical at best, and then will shoulder guilt deeper than anyone could possibly imagine.

The entrance chime sounded, causing her gaze to lift towards the front door. "Open," she commanded the voice-prompt locking system. The smooth white door slid sideways and there he stood.

Barefoot, dressed in white pants and a t-shirt, with his hair still damp from a recent shower. Tommy caught sight of her standing by the window, illuminated by the specter of the mountains in the distance. He pondered with his jaw clenched tight how a woman so beautiful could be so damn infuriating?

Did she know he couldn't live without her? Not now. Not after things have changed so much.

Kim didn't expect him to ask if he could come in. He never did. She treated his place the exact same way. The door swept shut behind him as he walked through her living room towards her. The only thing going through her mind was that if he was expecting her to back down on the decision she made he was out of his fucking mind.

Seriously pissed off at her, Tommy made his way through her dining room. Her silence meant she knew what was coming. When he reached her the scowl she wore matched his own. "Why?"

Asked simply enough. Kim lifted her glass. "Can I pour you a drink?"


"Something to eat?"


The hint of warning in his voice saw her stop trying to put off this fight any longer. She finished off her shot-glass and then sat it on the ledge. "The second Cryon Battle Cruiser I engaged was heavily damaged and the other Rangers had the first cruiser on the ropes. You and I both know that if the Cryon Warlords can't win they will kill themselves and try to take as many people as they can with them." His stoic expression wasn't unexpected. But the resentment she saw in his eyes left her seeing red. "I saw the Cryon vessel flying at full speed toward a heavily populated area of London near Thames River. The ship was going to dive bomb the city, so I did what I had to do to prevent that."

Tommy swallowed hard and then crossed his arms over his chest. "So you decided to stop their suicide nose dive by performing one yourself on their engine section?"

"If I disabled the ship over Thames River thousands of lives would be saved when it sank into the water. Case closed."

Having led their ground forces alongside the British military, all Tommy could recall was the horror he felt at hearing over the Ranger communications line that all contact with Kim's Zord had been lost and they could no longer track it on radar. "You rammed an enemy ship with your Zord and ejected before it exploded. You disobeyed my direct order to wait until reinforcements arrived."

He had some nerve throwing his rank around. "I couldn't sit around and wait for Zack or Katherine to get there. I saw that ship accelerating and going down. A ship that huge would destroy everything within ten miles, and the radioactive fallout alone would have made that section of London a very quiet place for the next twenty years. I had to do something."

"You could have gotten killed!"

"Don't raise your voice in my face," Kim warned him. He backed off. "Besides, the possibility of being killed is par for the course in our line of work. We all do this job knowing that we might not come home one day. That's how its always been. That's how it will always be."

"I don't need a lecture concerning the job I've done longer than any other Ranger alive."

"And I don't need you giving me crap over doing exactly what you would have done. And don't even get me started on the fact that if any of the Rangers other than me did this you'd be giving them a pat on the back."

"Believe what you want."

"You're in love with me," she stated the truth he could never deny. "There's a difference. You can't, no matter how you cut it think of them the way you do me." His pained expression shifted away and in that brief moment she hoped that she had gotten through to him. "I wasn't trying to be a hero."

"What you did was stupid, not heroic."

"Like you know the difference!" she venomously accused, and then walked past passed him on her way to the island in the kitchen. Footsteps followed her. With her back to him she poured herself another shot of

whiskey. "I was out of Viper and Hex-11 missiles. The Purple Crane Zords ion blasters were as effective on Cryon Battle Cruiser armor plating as cursing at it. Aisha, Zack, and Katherine were miles away."

"You disobeyed a direct order to wait until reinforcements arrived and could have gotten yourself killed," Tommy declared angrily. "The British Royal Air Force had ten heavily-armed Typhoon 2000 fighters in the air. They were minutes away."

"That battle cruiser was dive-bombing, Tommy. Do you get that? Once it was past the river it didn't matter who showed up. Thousands of people were going to die."

"You don't know that the fighters wouldn't have arrived in time."

"Neither do you," she fired back in his face. "I didn't do anything you haven't done it over a hundred times before. You could care less what anyone thinks of your actions."

"I'm the leader."

Kim met his piercing stare with an equal one. "You're the field commander. Billy is the leader now. And you won't admit how hard a time you're having with that." When she lifted her glass to her lips he smacked it out of her hand. It shattered across her kitchen floor. She was seconds away from slapping him. "You gonna clean that up?"

"How could you risk your life like that?"

"How couldn't I?"

"You destroyed your Zord. Newsflash, Kim. Now we're at risk with one less space-capable weapon. They aren't easily replaceable."

"Neither is the loss of human life. And while I know Billy can build me another Zord, his nickname isn't Jesus. He can't bring back the dead."

She didn't understand. She refused to. All Tommy could see in his minds eye was her coffin lowering into the ground and the worst day of his entire life flash before her eyes. Smoldering rage threatened to overwhelm

him. "You were reckless and impatient. Katherineís ETA was 3 minutes. Thames River is over 215 miles long. You had just crossed over it. There was time to wait. She could have brought that ship down in ten seconds, or even used the Hawk Zords tractor beam to drag it a safe distance away. Your stunt almost got you drowned and the fact that you didn't tell anyone what you were going to do it before you did put the rest of us at risk. We didn't know what was happening. So maybe if you'll get your head out of your ass you'll see that you could have still stopped the ship without almost getting yourself killing and losing the Crane Zord."

Gritting her teeth to ward off the seething rage she felt building inside her, what Kim uttered next bit bone-deep at the core of who he was. If he wasn't going to hold back then neither was she.

"You have a lot of nerve criticizing my decision tonight when you personally signed the death warrant of 550 people. So how about you take your bullshit argument over my actions and tell the families of those people who died all about why you made the choices you did tonight. The people I fought to save are alive. Can you say the same?"

All that Tommy could do was stare at Kim.




It's like I'm lost

It's like I'm giving up slowly

It's like you're a ghost that's haunting me

Leave me alone

And I know these voices in my head

Are mine alone

And I know I'll never change my ways

If I don't give you up now

It's like I can't breathe

It's like I can't see anything

Nothing but you

I'm addicted to you

It's like I can't think

Without you interrupting me

In my thoughts

In my dreams

You've taken over me

It's like I'm not me

It's like I'm not me





The Present



Earth Rangerís Command Center X-1

The bedroom inside of Kimberly Hart's quarters

Sunday, March 19, 2006 2:40 AM

Angel Grove, Ca



All that Tommy could do was stare at Kim.

Her damp flushed face hidden behind a veil of curly mahogany, her body bathed in night's ethereal pale-blue shade, slowly rising and falling over him... around him so exquisitely hot he was unable to draw a complete breath. His mouth hung open, his tongue rasping over dry lips, eyes trained where they connected so deliciously. God, she was a dream. His dream. And he never wanted to wake up.

With her palms braced firmly on the hot skin of his chest, Kim rode a lazy rhythm, intending to draw out the erotic torture he so richly deserved tonight. She sought her pleasure at her pace, loving the sheer need written all over his face for her to fuck him so hard.

The planes of hard muscle under her fingertips seemed to shake from the heart pounding wildly beneath his skin. She felt him buried so deeply within her very soul as surely as her body, the fullness of him she took with a greedy possessiveness. The feel of his strong hands kneading the softly curved cheeks of her backside sent shivers up and down her spine. Her back arched above him, lips parted on the wing tips of a silent wail... she was so wet for him.

They were jealous of each other even when they were together. Neither were the others first, but they intended to be the last. Inhaling a sharp breath through his nose, Tommy shut his eyes, head tilted sideways on the pillow while giving her all the power. The juicy heat of her surrounded the length of him... the woman owning his body as surely she owned his soul had no equal ever. She's his drug of choice. His addiction. As necessary as the very air he breathed.

To be without her would kill him.

That was what she refused to grasp tonight. He loves every square inch of her, from the lack of height she hates, to the sparse freckles across her chest that she's not fond of, to small perfect breasts she sometimes wished were larger. She appreciated when he told her she was all that he wanted, but did she know for sure that she was? That it was far more than the physical? What in the world would he have if he lost her? Nothing. He'd be an empty, useless shell of a man.

She had to know that. She couldn't make love to him as confidently assured of her place in his world as she did now, gliding up and down over his cock while gazing into his eyes if she didn't.

Tommy deepest desire was Kim. She was the happy ending at the very long, dark tunnel that was his life. His fairy tale. The painful loneliness she erased when he claimed her again, taken from another man because she belonged to him always meant being without her wasn't an option.

She's every bit the thrill seeker he is these days. Post the Pan Globalís; when her goals had been reached she sought new ones. College. Done. Living a year overseas. Done. Getting her navel pierced. Writing songs again. Done. Gaining financial independence. Done as well.

And like him, she's still searching for something... something elusive. Something that fulfilled her the way being a Ranger did. And that terrified him as it echoed so familiar in the back of his own mind.

Almost every weekend the weather allows Kim skydives. She shocked most of her friends when she purchased a motorcycle last fall. She doesn't even ride it all that often, but she needed to master the skill. She needed to conquer the risk. To find a way to kill the fear.

Fucking kills the fear in their relationship.

She doesn't play it safe. It's not that she has a death wish. Far from it. She's just fearless. And bullheaded, same as he is, which is why they butt heads so often.

But God does he love her more than anything else in the world.

Especially at this very moment when she's loving him so good. When she's grinding her slender hips in hard circles, rubbing him around inside her, angled forward so that her clit received the necessary friction to get her off. The blood rushing fire to his cock seemed to swell inside her... his goddess.

Panting in the dark, Kim's fingers dug into the flesh of his chest every time he squeezed her thighs, caressing his hands all over her legs and then her back. His touch left her quivering over him, wetness coating his shaft every time she slid all the way down and then back up. That glazed over look on his face made the woman in her want to shout. She fucked him harder because she wanted him to know that she was all he would ever need, grinding down now to meet the long pounding lunges he lifted to meet her exertion.

She controls him here... now... and has his total focus. All of his attention. All of him where he belongs. Inside her, mercy he felt so good... thick and hard, throbbing, the fiery length of him causing her to tremble over his lap, her body unconsciously massaging all around his cock

Without a doubt she needed his love, but demanded his respect. He acted as if she were all that mattered, and that she wouldn't be crushed if he died before her. That watching him die wouldn't make her consider ending her own life. No, that wasnít a politically correct thought. It wasn't nice or sweet, and neither were the lives they led.

Tempered by the years apart and the brutality of being a Ranger, both possessed a darker edge just below the surface.

Kim has come to except they're a mirror image of each other. Two halves of a dangerous whole. Tommy's inability to face that truth threatens this precious new relationship they've built. She won't conform to become someone she's not. He can't compromise. They fight and argue and shout and yell and scream and then...

... the love they share is just too strong for either of them to walk away.

With her fingers combing through his short, dark hair, Kimberly bent over Tommy, squeezing around him as she perched just over his lips. Engaging in a sensual stare down, Tommy caved first, lifting towards her.

Kim pulled away; smirking at his glare, and then she slowly bent toward him again.

Only to pull away at the last second when he tried to kiss her.

"You're such a tease." Tommy was dying to taste that droplet of sweat careening down her cleavage. The shimmer of her platinum belly ring caught his eyes. Her hands found his on her hips and twined their fingers. He let her lead the way, and loved her aggressive side when she lifted his hands above his head, trapping them there while riding him.

When Kim bent forward again their bodies pressed together and the feel of him throbbing inside her made her toes curl. His heart beat a powerful drum against her chest. She again settled just above his lips. "You didn't say the magic word."

His saint of a princess turned sinful before his very eyes. "Please," he whispered to her, and then went after her lips. Yet again denied him and never once did she stop grinding those damn circles. The sensations caused the muscles in his neck to constrict almost painfully.

"Wrong," Kim whispered back, and then lashed her tongue across his lips. A solitary drip of moisture slipped from the side of her face onto his chin. For some reason she found that so sexy.

His lips lunged for hers and missed them just barely when she pulled away. She knew he could overpower her easily, and that he wouldn't. He needed her to want him as badly as he wanted her.

Her round little backside collided with his lap over and over as she took him at her whim. He couldn't help the pleasurable groans escaping the back of his throat. "Love."

"Wrong again."

"You're playing games."

"Exactly. And I'm making all the rules." She settled over him fully, no longer moving, her lips a breath above his. He wanted her so badly and she loved him all the more for it. "What's the magic word?"

"What do I get if I guess it?"

"Paradise," she ran her tongue along his lips again. "But you only get one more guess."

"And if I guess wrong?"

"You go home."

Her grip on his hands tightened, holding him where she wanted him. Her dominance wasn't to be tested. He gazed into the warm brown eyes he fell in love with the first time he saw her, and everything became crystal clear.


Kimberly captured his lips that instant, kissing him deeply. She relinquished her grip on him so that she could caress his face, and then abruptly pulled her lips from his before his tongue could tangle with hers. She quickly slid off and down his body, curled her fingers around the base of his cock, and then slipped her lips over the swollen head.

"Jesus... Ohgodkim," fled his lips in a rushed gasp, his back arching high when the slippery feel of her tongue swirled all around his cock until she took him inside her warm mouth. He couldn't blink, eyes now drawn to the ceiling as the sounds of her sweet technique ripped him apart.

Each descent saw Kim take more of him, the velvety soft texture pleasing to her tongue. Devouring him like this was a power trip, even as she drew pleasure from the act itself. Her mouth tormented him with every gentle bob of her head over his lap. Never mind the taste of them, she stroked the base counter clockwise while slowly lifting her lips and then sinking all the way back down. There was a note of desperation in the labored breaths she heard above her. She intended that desperation to become a violent ecstasy.

She released him for a moment, gasping moist heat against his shaft. "I won't change for you," she panted softly.

"Ki..." Before he could respond her mouth began working furiously as the erotic noise of her blow job filled the room. The superheat of her warm breath ignited the skin of his cock. She used a deep sucking action as his chest heaved, his entire body strung so tight in search of the delirious release to come. Only a mass of lovely brown hair bobbing furiously over his lap filled his line of vision. Her soft lips swallowed him with such intensity his explosive orgasm attacked like a thief in the night, nearly robbing him of consciousness with its reckless ferocity...





Earth Rangerís Command Center X-1

The bedroom inside of Kimberly Hart's quarters

Sunday, March 19, 2006 1:20 AM

Angel Grove, Ca



She verbally slit his throat.

Standing mute on the hardwood flooring in her kitchen, Tommy had no immediate reply to Kim's accusation. His chest hurt, the pressure building by the second, choking the life out of him. If anyone other than her had said that, other than the one person who was supposed to love him most, he would have respected the opinion and gone about his way.

Tommy couldn't do that with 'his' Beautiful. He couldn't wipe his hands clean of her views. Nor could he believe she would ever say something like that to him. He'll live with the command decision he made tonight the same way he's lived with countless others. But he never thought she would throw it in his face, using it against him in such a viciously cold way.

'You have a lot of nerve criticizing my decision tonight when you personally signed the death warrant of 550 people. So how about you take your bullshit argument over my actions and tell the families of those people who died all about why you made the choices you did tonight. The people I fought to save are alive. Can you say the same?'

To hear those words uttered from her soft lips... Gritting his teeth hard, Tommy backed up a couple of steps and then turned away from her. Swallowing hard in the back of his throat, waves of grief and anger roared through him. Of all the ways she could get her point across, to go about it the way she did set fire to the blood in his veins.

As if she understood the heavy burden he lived with as the field leader of the Rangers. To be expected to have not only all the answers, but also the right ones. The answers that saved lives. That won the day for the good guys. Praise and blame were laid unequally at your feet no matter the outcome of the battle.

And then there were the bodies... dead, gone, and yet with you spiritually late at night and every night thereafter. There were the hidden emotional scars worn on the inside, burned next to your heart along with the self-doubt that tagged along for the ride. What did she know about that? Nothing, the answer raged through his mind. Nothing at all.

Feeling as detached from him as she's ever been before, Kimberly stared at his still form. The short distance between them felt like miles. A Grand Canyon from where they swore they would never leave. She didn't regret what she had said, only that she could have worded it differently and that it hurt him. She felt backed into a corner and so she came out all guns blazing. And knowing him as well as she did, she used the one weapon she knew would hurt him the most.

His guilt.

Unable to speak for fear of making things worse, Kim suddenly hated herself. She silently cursed the life they led and the pain they caused each other. Never a momentís peace for a love that endured a decade long separation to reawaken just a few short months ago. Anything that threatens their relationship terrifies her. Ironically enough, they were their own worst enemy.

"Tommy Oliver doesn't really have to do much," he spoke in a slow, calm tone of voice. "Tommy just has to go to work like a responsible adult, be a good person, love you and his parents, love his friends, tell the truth, and accept that he isn't perfect. He has to trust and be trustworthy."

Unable to stand the sight of her at the moment, he continued. "Tommy doesn't make life or death decisions. No one is going to die because of what Tommy does each day." The need to face her overwhelmed him at last. The expression he wore resembled his mood, grim and withdrawn.

"That's not the case for the White Ranger," he explained. "He doesn't have that luxury. His decisions can mean the difference between life and death for the team he leads and the people he helps protect."

Taking in the sum of the woman he loved, Tommy wondered how he could sometimes hate Kim when he needed her with every breath of air he took. "The White Ranger isn't a robot that can have its memory banks purged if he has a bad day. He doesn't abuse drugs or alcohol to forget his problems. He remembers every battle, every outcome, and the face of every person he couldn't save. When he's out in the field he has to trust his instincts and make split-second decisions. At the end of the day he is the only Ranger who has to live with the consequences of his leadership decisions that cost people their lives. He's the leader. All responsibility ultimately falls on his shoulders."

"Does speaking in the third person make you right?"

Tommy bit back an angrier retort. "Your sarcasm isn't appreciated."

"And you aren't the only one who remembers the dead. I've had nightmares so bad that when I wake up I'm screaming. We've all have bad nights, Tommy. Every last one of us."

"Not like mine," he fired back. "You haven't had your mind twisted over and over until you tried to kill all your friends. You haven't been tortured for hours by the Machine Empire the way I was. You haven't been hunted the way Lord Zedd hunted me until my powers were gone. You haven't had to choose who lives and who dies out in the field."

"That's total bullshit. I've been kidnapped, brainwashed and tried to kill my friends too. I have comforted grief-stricken mothers holding their dead children near areas that were attacked. I've bled to protect this planet."

"It's not the same."

"So you're the only one who's suffered?"


"Then what's your point?Ē

"Every single time someone dies under my watch it kills a piece of me I can't ever get back!" Tommy seethed, pointing his finger at his gut. "I've dealt with that longer than anyone else. So thank you for your vote of confidence."

Tommy didn't just push one button; he pushed all her buttons until she wanted to scream at him. Kimberly crossed her arms over her chest. "Look, I know being the leader isn't easy."

His bitter laughter amplified the tension between them. "You risk your life to protect the world, but you are not the leader of the team that risks their lives to protect the world. And for all the good Billy's does he's not on the battlefield when all hell breaks loose, the unexpected happens and your plan goes to shit. That is when a leader must actually lead. That's when hard, definitive choices have to be made"

He suddenly invaded her personal space, glaring at her. She stood defiant. "For you to throw those peoples lives in my face show how much respect you have for me."

"You have the nerve to talk about respect?" Kimberly shouted in his face and then swept past him back to her living room, her hands balled into fists. "All you've done since you walked through my front door is criticize, complain, put me down, and basically call me crazy for what I did."

Tommy was hot on her trail. "I stand behind everything I said."

"You have some fucking nerve, Tommy." They began circling her long white leather sectional couch, neither wanting to get to close. "You haven't once asked how I was. Newsflash, I ejected out of a Zord flying 200 miles per hour 50 feet into an ice-cold river. I had seconds to get out off my seatbelts, get out of my pilot chair, and swim away from the Zord's wreckage that crashed into the water." She shook her head while staring angrily at him. "I guess nothing says 'I love you' like bitching somebody out."

The nerve she had to act as if he didn't... "You look fine."

"Do you even care?"

"If I didn't care I wouldn't be standing here," he declared what he felt was obvious. "And for the record I haven't heard you once ask how I was doing either."

Of course she cared. All she wanted to do was comfort him, but she knew this fight was inevitable. Nonetheless her expression softened a small amount. "Are you alright?"

Tommy sighed, and then summoned the strength to recap what happened tonight. "The air attack on London by the Cryon Battle Cruisers were a front for a Cryon Z-Class Driller to burrow beneath the underground waterlines and poison them with a toxin that would turn the entire UK's water supply deadly inside of five hours."

After Kim was rescued the airborne Zords returned to the Command Center well before the ground Zords did. She hadn't heard the full story in detail as of yet. "You were sure?"


"Then what?" The tense anger he argued with seemed to fade when he ran his fingers through his hair and then took a deep, cleansing breath. He was in pain and she couldn't just stand there... but she did because she was still so mad at him. Loving him was the most complicated aspect of her life.

"When the attack began all teleportation signals were scrambled. The Cryon couldn't teleport themselves and they didn't want us using it against them. So while their cruisers made it look like a random attack on the city..."

"They were planning on killing millions."

"They believe the ancient alien artifact they're looking for is hidden somewhere in England. You and I both know they'll lay waste to everything in their path to find it."

Kimberly studied the files on the ruthless Cryon Empire ever since their presence was discovered on Earth. They had no regard for human life in any way. They wanted an artifact that was foretold in their faith to extend eternal life to their people. An artifact that was supposed to have been on the Earth for over a thousand years. They would do anything to find it. "How was the toxin identified?"

"Rocky and Adam flew speeder-bikes and fought their way onboard the driller. They identified the bomb and the canisters of a toxin onboard. It was Phalanx 947." Stark recognition dawned in her brown eyes immediately. "The bomb was preprogrammed to go off in ten minutes. It was heavily armored to the point that we fired everything we had at it and nothing took it down. Billy told us over the communicators it was on a course to a location in northern London and once it arrived there it would burrow deep underground until it reached the waterlines to distribute the toxin. I had no choice but to attach Neron bombs to the canisters onboard the driller and set them off."

Kimberly bit her bottom lip to hold off the tears that threatened to fall as it dawned on her what tonight meant to him, and what it would mean for years to come.

"So I was forced to sacrifice the five hundred and fifty civilians that lived in the area so that millions wouldnít die. If that driller reached it target point and went underground before we reestablished teleportation capabilities we were going to have a catastrophe on our hands. I knew destroying the canisters would release the toxin into the air."

Tommy stalked around the couch in a rush, his eyes wild. "I planted the bombs myself, Kim. I set the timer and I detonated them with a remote from the palm of my hand."

"Did you contact Billy for an alternate solution?"

"Billy's good at what he does. I'm the best at what I do."

"And you couldn't possibly be wrong, right?"

Tommy yelled at her, "I didn't have time to contact him. I made a decision in the moment. That's it, alright?"

"Then don't ever get in my face again over what I did tonight," she shouted equally as loud.

"You almost got yourself killed."

"You told me you would die for me, but you don't respect me."

"And you all but called me a murderer."

"Then what do we have left, Tommy?"



I'm hooked on you

I need a fix

I can't take it

Just one more hit

I promise I can deal with it

I'll handle it, quit it

Just one more time

Then that's it

Just a little bit more to get me through this

I'm hooked on you

I need a fix

I can't take it

Just one more hit

I promise I can deal with it

I'll handle it, quit it

Just one more time

Then that's it

Just a little bit more to get me through this

It's like I can't breathe

It's like I can't see anything

Nothing but you

I'm addicted to you

It's like I can't think

Without you interrupting me

In my thoughts

In my dreams

You've taken over me

It's like I'm not me

It's like I'm not me





The Present



Earth Rangerís Command Center X-1

The bedroom inside of Kimberly Hart's quarters

Sunday, March 19, 2006 3:30 AM

Angel Grove, Ca



Once ignited, their fiery passion for each other could burn all night long.

The heavenly sounds of Kimberly's low, husky moaning drowned Tommy in her feminine sensuality. She's a vision of wickedness on her hands and knees before him, thighs spread for him to take her as he pleased. A fine sheen of glistening sweat canvassed her blushed skin, her back arched like a cat on the edge of the bed. The small rounded cheeks of her gorgeous backside shook with the impact of his every invasion. The enchanting sight of his hard cock disappearing inside her exquisitely snug flesh left him groaning loudly with pleasure, his hands filled with the gentle swell of her hips, rocking into her with insistent lunges that made her fists clutch at the bed sheets.

"You're loving this, aren't you?" Kim dared him to deny. Her eyes shut when he draped his heated frame over her, slow stroking into her, his lips now devouring the sensitive skin on her neck.

"As much as you are."

The base depravity of allowing him to fuck her this way amplified the thrill. Her nipples swelled erectly when his hands firmly cupped her breasts, kneading them in such a deliciously sinful way her toes curled. His heavy breathing was music to her ears. "Don't get..." she panted hotly, "Don't get to used to this."

Rolling his hips into her, Tommy bit into the soft flesh of her shoulder, causing her to softly cry out. "You love it when I take you like this. Admit it?"

"Never," she sighed defiantly, her eyes half closed, her backside colliding time after time with his thrusts. The feel of his hands all over her body, caressing over her skin was enthralling. She silently thanked whatever woman taught him just the right angle to take her with that made her purr. He's buried deep inside her, but not so deep that it was painful. In fact, it was so good she couldn't get enough of him. "You're just a control freak and I'm in a giving mood."

Tommy captured her ear inside his mouth, nibbling the shell until she began flexing tightly around him. Standing behind her on the floor, he yanked her slender figure back to him, pulling her to the very edge of her bed. The erotic sound of him penetrating her slick flesh filled the air as surely as the ripe scent of them. "You're mine."

Kim bit back a wincing sob, her bottom lip gently tugged by her teeth while being taken like an animal. The words played over and over in her mind. Tommy had said that she was his. He fucked her hard like she was. He claimed her in such a possessive way that she could never deny the truth, being she was his. Oh God how she was his and his alone forever.

She sometimes wondered if she were born to be his.

Their tentative, careful friendship began again when they returned to their lives as Rangers. Only half a year back in California, Kim dated a guy named Noah. He was a kind, sweet, dependable, and career-minded 30-year-old lawyer. Noah, who bought her flowers and always called on time. Who knew how to dress, loved his mom, and had a ton of friends. She liked him at a time when her faith in men wasn't all that great after a particularly nasty break-up she suffered through in London where she lived for a time with her mother.

Noah was fun to be around, handsome, and just the kind of guy she was looking for. He might not have challenged her spirit, but he was compassionate. He might not have led all that exciting a life, but he was honorable. He didnít make her blood boil, but he didn't break her heart either.

Kim wasn't in love with him, but was open to the someday possibility. He understood that and felt the same way.

And then Billy summoned all the former Rangers on that hot, sunny day last June and told them of the great threat to the Earth looming in the very near future. He stood before all his friends with a heavy heart and asked them to take up the cause once more. Only this time things would be much harder, far more unpredictable, and on a grander scale than ever before. From the moment they all accepted their new powers and began training and building the new Command Center each knew their former life was about to die a slow, painful death.

They were soldiers preparing for a war the likes of which had never taken place on Earth before. A war that saw the heavens open up and evil attack from across the stars. The Rangers weren't civilians anymore. Friends outside the group slowly faded away. Relationships outside the group withered and died. As the new missions came and went, reaching all over the globe and far more violent than anything they saw in their teen years, their lives changed accordingly.

The woman Kimberly was when she met Noah evolved into a new person. One capable of dealing with the life she now led. One who knew that the only way to truly fight the darkness was to allow enough of it into her soul so that she understood it.

As months passed Kim grew closer to Tommy. Teammates once more, they naturally gravitated towards one another. The past was what it was, and neither saw a reason to play the quiet game over it. That settled, the spark they felt in their youth fanned a roaring fire in their adulthood. They fought and denied it; an attraction hidden behind the pretense that they were just getting to know each other as again.

And then came that one unforgettable stormy night in the Cratloe Woods of Ireland. After a horrifyingly brutal rescue mission something snapped between them and they made passionate love in the pouring rain.

The Kim who would have loved to continue dating Noah didn't exist anymore, and so she broke up with him. Tommy had taken her from him, and for the life of her she loved him even more for it. With him she could lose herself in the same darkness he called home, now ready to face a harsh, cruel world that needed saving.

"Don't stop... justlikethatdon'tstop," Kim squealed into the mattress, her clit pulsating against the fingers gently masturbating her. Tommy's hot breath on the back of her neck sent tremors up and down her spine. She ground her hips back, meeting his primal need with her own, straining tight around him.

Long surges were out of the question, but deep short thrusts made her thighs shake. The scalding heat of her sex rippled liquid fire along the length of his throbbing cock. He pressed his body against her petite frame, simultaneously stroking her clit while fucking her until goose bumps covered her warm skin. Until his fury drove the air from her lungs.

"Ohgodohgod, I'm going to... so close, going to...just a little... please don't sto..." Her mind spun with delirious ecstasy. Her nipples stiffened against the sweat-soaked sheets. Her belly muscles clenched tight as she began trembling all over until a thrashing inferno of a climax caused her to cry out, her body twisting unconsciously as waves of powerful shuddering sensations tore through her.

Tommy held her through it all, gently slipping from her as they glided down over the bed, her shuddering form beneath him. Her labored breathing slowed to something close to normal, and all the while he brushed kisses along the nape of her neck.

Blinking away the last of her incoherency, Kimberly slowly shifted underneath him onto her back. The moist length of him cock rested coolly against her thigh. "I want to see your face when you come inside me," she confessed in the darkness of her bedroom. Her arms slipped around his neck, pulling him down to her hungry lips.

"Baby..." she whispered between them when he gently slid back inside her. She felt liquid smooth and so utterly pliable beneath him. Despite his growing need she appreciated that his strokes were slower this time around. More loving as they moved as one, kissing the light back into their lives.

Nothing rushed or hurried took place on the bed this time. Nothing frantic, desperate, or angry. Nothing except their heated lovemaking in slow motion. And it didnít matter that the world tried to bury them in it's problems, or that life threw its worst hardships their way, or that their own fiery attitudes would never allow them to completely see eye to eye.

Tommy and Kimberly love each other endlessly. Come whatever hell set in front of them, they'll crush it together. Being apart is simply not an option.

"You drive me crazy," Kim softly panted heat against his neck when his thrusts grew intense, his cock throbbing inside her. She lifted her legs high over his lower back, locked her ankles together, and hung on for dear life. "I need you," she told him with his sweaty face buried in her shoulder, his strong body rising over hers, eyes shut, grunting louder as his climax built up a head of steam. She ached whenever he was so lost in her he couldn't speak. "I love you I love you I love you," she whispered for his ears alone so that he knew the words were her greatest truth.

With a gut-wrenching groan Tommy's soul tore from his body in a thundering rush of liquid heat, his overpowering orgasm fleeing his body into hers, bathing her insides with intense sprays of warmth... until his body was limp and broken. Until all that he could utter in an exhausted tone was, "Please don't ever leave me."

"You wouldn't let me get far if I tried. And I'll never let you go."







Earth Rangerís Command Center X-1

The bedroom inside of Kimberly Hart's quarters

Sunday, March 19, 2006 1:45 AM

Angel Grove, Ca




"What do we have left..." Tommy quietly repeated what Kimberly had said to him, his heart lodged somewhere in the vicinity of his throat. She had no immediate reply, her poker face firmly in place. "Will you clarify what you meant by that?"

The harsh tone of his voice couldn't hide the fear in his eyes. The same fear Kim knew reflected back in her own. "Why aren't we comforting each other?" she questioned him while searching for the answers herself. "Why aren't we talking things over rationally? Why are we shouting at each other? Why are we tossing accusations around like either of us will change are minds?"

"You're the one asking what we have left."

"And you haven't?" Her boldness chilled the air around them while she waited for him to say something... anything.

"I've never doubted how I feel about you. Not tonight or any night."

"I need you to love me, but right behind that I need you to respect me."

"I can't respect you when you disobey orders and your actions almost get you killed."

"If I judged you by those same standards I would have left you a long time ago."

"Is that what you want?" Tommy observed the subtle quiver of her lips and the way her hands fidgeted by her sides. He couldn't breathe until she... Could this be what she wants? He couldn't help but to wonder if he's finally pushed her away.

Kim felt the searing tension crackling between them. She's so tired of their constant bickering. Their arduous journey back to each other felt dangerously close to ending and for the life of her she couldn't figure out how to stop their emotional train wreck.

Suddenly, Kim snapped, "This relationship is insane!" Abruptly walking away from him, she never once looked back. Her restless movement toward the veranda just outside her kitchen saw her carefully step over the shards of glass on the floor. Pulling the screen door aside, she stepped outside. The cool night winds swept over her as she gazed out over the beautiful moonlit sparkling lake.

She wrapped her arms around herself to ward off the chill. Though she tried not to listen, she couldn't hear any footsteps approaching. Not even a shuffling of feet. And the distance from the veranda to her front door was great enough that if he left she wouldn't even hear the door slide shut.

Sighing in the night, Kimberly forced herself to face the very real possibility that maybe he had enough of her. She's come to accept that she's not the easiest person to date in a relationship. She knows she's demanding and strong-willed. Guys didn't always like that about her. Couple that with a smart mouth and you get 2006's version of Kimberly Hart.

Tommy certainly wasn't perfect either. If you looked up the phrase 'God Complex' in a thesaurus there would have to be a picture of him as one of the definitions. He didn't run away from danger, he ran toward it with glee. He's confident to the point of arrogance at times. He drove her crazy with the chances he took with his own life, all the while acting as if he couldn't understand why she did the same. Sometimes she wanted to just haul off and hit him as hard as she could.

Other times the thought of being without him nearly left her in tears. The inexplicable bond they shared felt as if they were joined by the soul. After coming to know his love she felt ruined for any other man.

Kim didn't know who Kim was without Tommy anymore. He factored into every aspect of her life, as she did his.

Standing alone on the veranda, she truly hated the way her relationship with Tommy was falling apart. They've weathered so many tough times, but it's not the individual bad times that kill relationships. Itís the culmination of all of them that cracks the foundation, splintering the whole.


Upon hearing her name she quickly whirled around and saw him, having not heard a step toward her the whole time. Not a sound at all. His mere presence spoke volumes. "I see you still possess those old Ninja skills, huh?"

Her attempt at something resembling levity was appreciated. "I never lost those skills."

She couldn't deny that. "Did you consider leaving?"


Kimberly could breathe again. He hadn't given up on them. She nodded, and then turned around, her gaze seeking serenity of the lake once more. "We've been arguing so much lately."

Erasing the distance separating them, Tommy stood beside her. "You've been working late every night for the past three weeks and my hours have always been erratic," he began in a somber voice. "Any free time we've had has been eaten up by the Ranger missions."

"We had to cancel our three-day trip to Vegas," she remembered from three weeks ago. "We needed that trip alone."

"I'm sorry," Tommy offered at last, shifting so that he could gaze into her lovely brown eyes. She softened before him, as if his apology meant the world to her. "I..." he stuttered briefly, "I was afraid that you could have died tonight."

"The Rangers face that fear every night."

"I'm not head over heels in love with every Ranger."

"Not even Rocky?"

He almost cracked a smile in spite of her smirk. "I'm being serious." Kimberly knew she deserved his apology, so she waited patiently for him to continue. "I don't respect any of the other Rangers ability, courage, or intelligence more than yours. I'd trust you with my life under any circumstances. The problem is... I have issues."

Kim's eyes widened sarcastically as she smacked her face with both hands in mocked shock. "The former green, white, red, and black veteran of three different Ranger teams who mixed in some Nascar racing for a few years before going back to college to study dinosaurs has issues? You don't say?"

He stared at her until she bit back a smile. "Enough with the teasing, I know."

"I have abandonment issues, Kim." His confession lay before her at last. She seemed to understand how hard that was for him to admit. "I don't know why my birth parents put me up for adoption. I don't know what they look like, who they were as individuals, or if they even had a loving relationship. Then I found my brother when I was a teenager only to lose him years later."

Kim held her silence while hating the pain life's caused him. He's lived through so much already, never mind his history as a Ranger.

"After David died and my relationship with Katherine ended I found myself getting used to being alone again. I've always been a loner, so that never bothered me. I dated and had friends, but I wasn't looking for anyone special because everything I ever thought was special ended for me. Now maybe that's not the best outlook on life. Unfortunately, its how I saw mine." He paused a moment, enchanted as always by her beauty. "Then you came back into my life."

Realization dawned slowly, but surely as Kim listened on.

"I didn't want to find anyone special again because I'm so sick of losing everyone I love. I have my parents and friends, but that's not the same as being in love. Couple that with all the unanswered questions in my life like why my parents didn't want me or couldn't keep me, what did Rita saw in me that made her want to use me as the evil Green Ranger, why Zordon chose me to lead, and..."

"Why I left you and broke your heart?"

"Yeah, that was a piece of the huge puzzle as well." Tommy inhaled a deep breath while gathering his thoughts. "No one was more surprised than me when I fell in love with you again. I've always felt an attraction between us. It's just that after ten years apart we were strangers to each other. And when I finally couldn't deny how I felt for you anymore I had to have you. And now I'm terrified of losing you again. That's why I reacted the way that I did."

Unable to resist, her hand lifted to his cheek, tilting his face toward her. He leaned into her touch. "Don't you know I live with those exact same fears every day?"

"I can't imagine anyone loving me as much as I love you."

"Believe it," she swore to him, caressing his cheek, holding his gaze with her own. "I don't know what I would do if something happened to you."

"You would try to get on with your life."

"What life?" she struggled to say, fearing its truth even as it was the truth. "You just don't know how much I love you." Kim found herself gently pulled against his chest, into his arms again as the world went silent around them. "I'm sorry too."

Kim lifted her head from his chest to address him. "I admire your courage, your strength of character, and your leadership abilities. I respect the man you are and I have complete faith in you. I love you with everything that I am. And as tough a decision as you had to make tonight, you made the right one. You made the one I would have made. You saved lies because that is what you do best."

As if a heavy burden lifted from Tommy's shoulders he held her closer, and then brushed his lips over her forehead. "Thank you."

"You're welcome."

Tommy reveled in the feel of her in his arms. "You know things will never be easy for us."

"I know," she smiled against his chest. "Easy would be boring and boring would drive us nuts."

"You drive me crazy."

"Sometimes I just want to kick you really hard."

"You snore."

"So do you."

"It's kinda cool neither one of us notice because we're snoring at the same time."

"Oh the irony," she laughed, her eyes lifting to meet the loving expression on his face. "I was so close to kicking you out of here tonight."

Leaning closer to her lips, Tommy whispered, "Do you want me to go home?"

"You are home," she whispered back before their lips touched, bewitching them both in passion. Her arms linked around his neck, her mouth feeding his soul through the lush, hungry kissing they enjoyed. When his fingers tangled in her hair she whimpered softly and threw herself into the thrall of the kiss.

Sampling her lips in small, tender pecks, Tommy broke the kiss first. Kim could gaze at him in such a sexy way that stole his power to think straight. "I hope you don't kiss your brother like that."

It took her a few seconds before she caught on to what he meant. "After all these years you're still teasing me over that stupid letter?"

"Hey, you wrote that stupid letter."

He had some nerve grinning like that. "I said I was sorry a thousand times."

"You even sent it to the Youth Center. How cruel was that? Adam is still in therapy over having read it."

"Get out," she giggled until his lips pressed to her neck, ghosting his tongue along her throat. "I said get out." His hand slipped between them, now tugging on the knot holding her silk robe together. "I'm not playing Tommy. I am ordering you out of..."

He's kissing any restraint from her body... kissing her so deeply she swooning in his arms.

Kim pulled away this time, blushing despite herself. "You have two options."

"And they are?"

"One, we go back into my apartment. You clean up all that glass on my kitchen floor, and then we finish off the whiskey and watch some late night comedy reruns."

"What's option two?"

"You fuck my brains out."

Her shrieking laughter filled the entire apartment when she was whisked off her feet and carried into her bedroom.




The End


PS: Tommy's sexual prowess has been enhanced for Kim's pleasure. That's the Gina rule!