Title: "Playing Hooky"

Chapter 1/2

Written by: Shawn

Summary: Still shaken from the events of "Wild West Rangers", Tommy takes advantage of Zordon's temporary absence to steal Kimberly away from a boring day in class. The result, a globe-trotting day trip that reveals more than they ever expected.

Category: Romance/Fluff

Rated: PG-13

Ship: Tommy and Kim

Spoilers/Timeline: This story is a post-ep for the MMPR Season 2 episode "Wild West Rangers"

Disclaimer: Disney owns it all now, lol.

Authors Notes 1: I'm writing this in the mind state that TK are 17 years old and a bit more realistic than the TV show. Just have fun with it. They sure will.

Authors Notes 2: Only a wee bit of angst here, but for the most part its just a story about stealing a day away from responsibilities.

Authors Notes 3: The term "Playing Hooky" refers to skipping school or work for no good reason smile

"Wild West Rangers" summary: Tommy gives Kimberly a cactus as a present. Lord Zedd & Rita Repulsa steal it, and turn it into the Needlenose monster. Confused by the cactus' disappearance, the six Ranger Teens teleport from the Youth Center's hallway to the Command Center... all except Kimberly. She's accidentally sucked into a tear in the fabric of time, known as a Time Hole! Kim ends up in Angel Grove, circa 1880. There, she witnesses Bulk & Skull's ancestors, a pair of bandits known as One-Eyed Bulk & Doc Skullovitch, robbing a stagecoach. Tommy's ancestor, a man in a white cowboy suit on a white horse, known as the White Stranger, saves the day. Kim ends up in Ernest's Juice Saloon, where she meets Rocky's ancestor Rocko, Adam's ancestor Abraham, Aisha's ancestor Miss Alisha, and Billy's ancestor William. In the present, Zedd sends Goldar, Needlenose, and some Putties through the Time Hole, despite the protests of the remaining Power Rangers. The Time Hole closes, leaving our heroes hopeless to recover Kimberly. In old west Angel Grove, the evil space aliens wreck havoc on the town.

Trapped in the Old West, and facing multiple villains, Kimberly is forced to morph. She discovers that her powers do indeed work in this time period, and takes a chance, teleporting to the Command Center. Zordon & Alpha 5 are awake, and quite surprised. Kim informs them of her situation, and they lend her the Power Coins. She goes back to Angel Grove, and gives each of her teammates' ancestors the powers of their great great grandchildren. The Pink Ranger, along with the four Cowboy Rangers (their morphed suits are the same, save for some tassles and cowboy boots added), take on the Putties. The White Stranger helps out. Needlenose & Goldar flee through a Time Hole, and once in the present, the monster grows. The other Rangers use the Megazord to defeat giant Needlenose. At the end of the day, Zordon & Billy come up with one last hope in rescuing Kimberly from a hundred years ago. It works, she's returned to the present, no worse for the wear, back in the late 1800s, the Rangers' ancestors find their lives enriched by their brief periods as Power Rangers. White Stranger narrowly misses meeting Kimberly's ancestor, who just arrives in town, as he rides off into the sunset.

I love you - those three words have my life in them. by Alexandrea to Nicholas III

My love for you is a journey; Starting at forever, And ending at never. by Anonymous

Angel Grove High School Room 312

Mr. Cooper's World History Class Second Period

Monday, May 12, 1995 10:15 AM

Angel Grove, California

This was going to be one very long day.

For someone with such a legendary bad memory and mercilessly teased by his friends for it, Tommy truly wished he could forget the last week of his life as if it never happened at all. Alas, such a thing was impossible as the events that took place just a couple of days ago haunted him every waking moment since. The only thing nearly as bad was his current attempt to remain awake through the most boring teacher in the history of the California educational system's world history class.

While genuinely intrigued by world history, Tommy just couldn't focus. Three days ago he almost lost Kim forever when she was accidentally flung into the past. Yeah, that's right. She was sent back in time to Angel Grove in the 1800's. Go ahead and laugh. When most guys worry about other guys hitting on their girlfriends his Beautiful time travels and manages to get into a fight in the past. Yet again the insanity of his life almost cost him the love of it. And as young as he was, high school romance that they enjoyed and all that, he couldn't imagine ever recovering from losing her.

Tommy still felt chills just thinking about it. What if...

Adding insult to injury, after having feared all day long that he might never see Kim again she left that very evening to spend the weekend with her father. And while the trip was pre-planned, being without her so soon after being ripped away from her hurt all the more.

It was a very long weekend. Thankfully, Lord Zedd wasn't heard from one time.

So here Tommy was, seated right behind his girlfriend who seemed equally bored out of her mind. The sound of her foot tapping aimlessly beneath her desk was evidence enough of that. It was only second period and he was already dying to go home... or somewhere... anywhere with Kim. The need to be near her was born not only because he loved her, but because of how profoundly terrified he was when he thought he lost her. A topic he hasn't shared with her yet, though he wondered if she already knew. She had a way of reading his mood that he's only recently become comfortable with.

As Mr. Cooper's uninspired voice bellowed throughout the classroom Tommy tried to take notes but found himself scribbling the most basic information. He felt wired and restless, having spoken to Kim only once all weekend. His mind refused to shut down and relax. She was home, safe and sound and by his side. But he still wasn't at ease. He just couldn't forget what he felt when he thought he might never see her again.

A loud, obnoxious snore sounded from behind Tommy, followed by a couple of snickers as Mr Cooper shook Bulk's shoulder to wake the big guy up. Kim yawned through a soft smile when she glanced over her shoulder, and then fired a little wink his way. That alone made the class tolerable. Anytime he was with her...

Suddenly inspiration hit him like a bolt of lightening.

The end of the school year was near and that thought seemed to tingle an interesting idea in the back of his mind. A very un-Tommy like idea that involved a bit of untruth but could be a lot of fun. He rolled it around his head a couple of times, weighing the pros and cons of his plan. Both he and Kim had already passed all their classes and so finishing out the last two weeks wasn't a very big deal. After all, he was only thinking of one day.

Okay, Tommy wasn't fooling himself. He knew Zordon wouldn't approve of this. Not at all! The Ranger's founder was recharging for the next 48 hours along with Alpha and maybe wouldn't have to find out a thing. The Command Center's main computer and everything it controlled from the telepotation system to the Viewing Globe and the Zord station bay's were all attuned for the time being to his new wrist communicator until Zordon re-emerged. He had verbal access to 'everything'.


This would be just about the most politically incorrect, underhanded thing Tommy had ever done without the influence of evil alien magic. How insane did that sound, but whatever. Zordon's rules would be broken and the choice would be premeditated. The other Rangers would no doubt want in, but he just didn't want to be around anyone else but Kim right now. He'd have to make it up to all of them somehow. Aisha would be the worse, but her deep ankle sprain had her at home today.

Contemplating his idea, Tommy shut his eyes for a moment. Could he really do this? Could he break Zordon's rules on purpose?

Honestly, he knows he's been a good leader, student, and son. He doesn't cause any trouble, his grades are pretty good, and his parents were granting him more freedom because he's earned it. This one little mark on his record wouldn't damn him in everyone eyes. After all, having helped to save the world countless times in the last year should earn him at least one day with his girl, shouldn't it? Just one unforgettable day was all he was asking for.

The decision was made.

Quietly as possible Tommy tore a small a strip of paper from his notepad and began writing.

For all the enthusiasm Mr. Cooper taught with Kim figured he could have just recorded his lesson on a cassette and then played it for the class. He didn't seem remotely interested in what he was teaching, nor if anyone in his class cared or was listening. At this point she just wanted to get out of here before she fell asleep the same way Bulk did.

In addition, sadly enough, the girl to her left had bad breath. As if being sent back in time to the wild west days of Angel Grove weren't bad enough, they all had better breath than Suzy Walters and without the benefit of Crest, Scope, or those new battery-operated toothbrushes.

Her thoughts on oral hygiene aside, at least Tommy was near and that always lightened her mood. This was the only class they shared and though it certainly didn't give them any time to do anything other than be bored out of their minds together, it was something. Still, she was a bit worried about him. When he picked her up for school this morning he was too quiet and withdrawn. Something was on his mind and he hadn't bothered to share it with her. Despite that slight sting she intended to drag it out of him at lunch.

She already had a hunch what it was. And if her instincts were right she was very familiar with that fear.

While lost in her inner thoughts a small folded sheet of paper landed on her desk. She discreetly opened it and and smiled upon reading 'Wanna run away with me?' Tommy left her with a 'Yes, No, and Maybe' multiple choice. She scratched out all three and wrote 'Anywhere, Anytime.' She refolded the paper and reached behind her back to lay it on his desk.

The teacher went on and on as she struggled to keep her eyes open while dying from a taste for some hot potato chips for some odd reason. Well at least Tommy was sweet and that alone was worth surviving this snooze-fest of a class. She was surprised again when yet another folded sheet of paper found its way onto her desk. She slipped it into her lap and read it. 'Mexico, Hawaii, London, and Tokyo, Japan. You game?'

Spontaneous and Tommy weren't synonymous words so Kim reread it to make sure she wasn't seeing things. This wasn't his normal flirtatiousness, not that he indulged in that all too often to begin with. Still, she was more than a little curious what this was all about. She wrote on the back of the paper 'Just so long as we're together' and then snuck the paper back to him. Thankfully the bell rang and the rush to the door to get the hell out of Mr. Cooper's room was as if it was on fire.

Now in the hall Kim was pleased to no end when Tommy sweetly took her hand in his without her having to give him the patented 'We're a couple now. Hold my hand so that all other girls know you love me and only me' look. His handsome features bore a mischievous smirk today that she loved, but further baffled her when instead of walking her to her next class, which he knew was on the third floor, he seemed to be guiding her down the hall towards the gymnasium.

"Smooch time is after school, Tommy," she playfully reminded him but received no verbal answer. While passing through a small crowd exiting the gymnasium, Tommy pulled her down an empty hall and then stopped on a dime and turned to face her. "What's gotten into you today?"

"You need to pack a bag, Kim," he explained. "I want you to grab some comfortable walking shoes and something light cause its going to be hot where we're going, and then I want you to pack something for cooler weather. Something long sleeved. Bring a pair of jeans as well."

At this point Kim was a bit dumbfounded. She watched Tommy pressing something into his wrist communicator. "What?!"

"If you could do anything today what would you do?"

"Uhm, swimming," came out first as she watched her boyfriend closely. He gave a slow, approving nod. "What's going on?"

"Pack something to swim in. I'll come get you in thirty minutes."

Her whimsical expression was hardly disapproving as she was more than up for getting out of this place. Even better, seeing this 'against the law' version of Tommy intrigued her. "Okay, what's the plan?"

"We're going to get away from it all."

Please, please, please don't let him be evil again was all that flew through Kim's mind! "Tommy, have you lost your..."

The sudden flash of pink light thankfully was only seen by him. He had teleported her to her bedroom and then when he saw that the coast was clear teleported himself home as well.

Kimberly's house

1414 Gates Lane Her bedroom

Monday, May 12, 1995 10:40 AM

Angel Grove, California

"Are you sure he's not evil?"

"I didn't hear his typically bad evil laugh, so no, I'd say he was good," Kim explained while whirling around her room trying to decide what to throw in the small suitcase lying on the bed. She had two outfits already packed, though no clue where she would be changing clothes or exactly where she was going. Still, the smile adorning her face signaled her good mood as Tommy's surprise trip left her a bit breathless. "I'd know if Tommy were evil again."

"Like you knew the last three times?"

"So not funny." The speaker-phone she got from her mom for Christmas came in handy as Aisha couldn't make it to her house while she packed, but she needed her girl's ear just the same. "I detected no evil in my boyfriend. He even held my hand when we walked out of class."

"So his eyes weren't glowing?"


"And northing's missing from your purse, bedroom or locker, right? Nothing that could be turned into a fifty-foot monster that might terrorize downtown Angel Grove?"

"Well, I believe I misplaced a Snicker this morning, but I think Rocky is the culprit there. Although Adam looked kinda of suspicious this morning when I mentioned it."

"That was gas, Kim. Adam's mom makes taco's every Sunday night."

"I didn't need to know that."

"Back on topic. What about when Tommy slipped you the note? Was his handwriting the same? Did the paper glow? Did you feel strange after reading it?"

"Come on, Sha," Kim chuckled softly while admiring her new pink and white string bikini. One she knew Tommy would never get over seeing her in. "Are we so paranoid that we think if someone acts just a little out of character they might be evil or a shape shifter or clone or..."

"You're answering your own question, Kim. You know our history and its all bad and wacky. Our little eclectic group could be the poster children for Ripley's: Believe It Or Not."

Shaking her head, Kim had to give her that one, but still. "The Tommy that wants to take me away is my Tommy. He's just in the mood to be a little bad today. Not try to kill us all and throw us out of our Zords kinda bad, but sweep his amazing girlfriend off her feet for a day kinda little-bad."

"Amazing girlfriend?"

"Work with me here." Aisha's laughter calmed Kim's nerves as she finished packing and then sat down on the bed. Spending the whole day all alone with Tommy was going to be fantastic, but that he planned it and was so spontaneous and romantic had her on Cloud 9. She felt giddy and couldn't wait to go. "Okay, the first place he's taking me is somewhere warm. I think I'm going to wear my denim shorts and my white shirt with the pink trim. I'm pretty sure we're going to be outdoors so I'm going to grab my hiking boots too."

"He didn't tell you where he's taking you?"

"Uhm, well..." This was tricky territory considering Aisha's purse-throwing capabilities. The Yellow Ranger was feared in thirty states for being the most dangerous woman under the age of twenty with a loaded purse. "I'm not exactly sure where he is taking me, but he did write a few places in the note he passed me. He might of been joking about all that." 'Please don't ask where, please don't ask where, please please please don't ask' Kim hoped over and over in her mind.

"Where Kim?"

Swallowing a deep breath, Kim struggled to find her voice. "Mexico, Hawaii, London, and Tokyo."


More silence...

A wee bit more silence...

Then Mount St. Sha exploded!


"Maybe, I don't know. We'll see, I guess," Kim noted weakly while slowly edging away from the phone, farther across the bed.

"I can't believe Tommy chooses today of all days to grow a pair and have some fun. Heck, if I were the leader we'd be in Vegas every time Zordon recharged. If Rocky were the leader we'd be in Amsterdam getting arrested or something. Even Billy would have us in Washington. I'm not sure what we'd be doing there but we'd be doing something. AND IT MIGHT EVEN BE FREAKY!"

Despite the humorous fury in Aisha's voice, Kim knew what laid beneath it. "Don't act like you're mad at Tommy. You know you love him dearly. You just want some quality time with the teleportation system."

Sighing to herself, Aisha had to admit her best friend was right. Tommy was a sweetheart, its just his timing was terrible. "Of course I adore Tommy and all that. But damn, Kim. Shouldn't all of us be getting in trouble together? I bet we could round up the guys in an hour and take off somewhere."

"Sorry, Sha. Tommy and I need some alone time today. I think what happened last week still has him wigged out. We haven't really talked about it yet and we need too."

"I know, I know." Though feeling somewhat dejected, Aisha remembered how scared Tommy was when Kim disappeared and they were worried they might never get her back. He tried his best to hide it but she could see through him. "Tommy is going to owe us big time. And I mean B-I-G-T-I-M-E."

"I'll be sure to relay that to him. Trust me, he already knows."

"And you will owe me too. Don't forget. I'm your alibi for after school. We're 'studying for the big test'."

Having a co-conspirator for a best friend kicked ass. "You're the best, Sha."

"I am, aren't I?" Joking around with her was Ashia's favorite pastime. "You're going to have a great time, Kim."

Lying back on her bed, the Pink Ranger shut her eyes. "I know and I can't wait. I was so bored in class today I was just watching the clock and it looked like it refused to move. I thought it was broken or something."

"And now you're going on a mysterious romantic getaway with your super-hero team leading boyfriend using alien teleportation technology."

"Sometimes I love my life." At that very moment Kim noticed a white flash of light come from outside her bedroom door, followed by a light knock. Her lips curled into a smile.

"Hey Kim, are you decent?"

Aisha instantly recognized Tommy's voice. "Looks like your boytoy has arrived. Go have a great time."

"Thanks Sha. Catch you on the..."

"DON'T!" was shouted through the speaker phone. "I swear to God if you say 'Catch you on the flip side' one more time I'll lose my mind. And where in the heck is the flip side anyway?"

"Its in Alaska and I'll call you as soon as I get home with all the details," Kim laughed.

"Especially the sex details."

"Oh shut up," Kim blushed furiously and then ended the call on the speaker phone. She walked over to the door and opened it. Her boyfriend boasted an eager smirk, his overnight bag hung over his shoulders.

Tommy took a quick glance over her shoulder at the suitcase on her bed. "Are you ready all packed?"

Racing back to the bed, Kim shut her suitcase. "I'm good to go, provided you to tell me where we are going." He calmly walked over and gave her a short but sweet kiss that made her toes wiggle,and then took her suitcase with one free hand and her hand with the other.

"Trust me, we're going to have a great day."

Kim did trust him. With her life, her heart and just everything. Her heart was skipping a beat as they walked down the stairs and out of her house without another word said. She saw his car parked in the front. "So we're driving somewhere?"

"Not exactly," Tommy commented while opening the trunk door and placing their bags inside. "You'll understand soon enough." She seemed so excited and that only made him moreso as well. Lies aside this was exactly what he needed. What they both needed. He'd worry about the consequences later.

Tommy opened the car door for Kim, who climbed in and then watched him round the vehicle. When his drivers side door shut he paused for a moment as if in deep thought, never starting the engine.

"I was really scared last week," Tommy began in a quiet, shaky voice barely above a whisper. With his head bowed he continued, "I'm so used to operating on autopilot during a crisis, but when you were in danger I felt lost. I didn't know what I was going to do if we couldn't save you."

She had suspected as much and the weekend she spent with her Dad only left him with time to go over what could have gone wrong instead of being with her to celebrate what went right. She reached for his hand and held it between her own, softly stroking his knuckles. Admitting his fears was a big deal and that he trusted her enough to let her see him vulnerable spoke volumes about the depth of their relationship. "I've worried about losing you a hundred times before, so I know how you feel. But the thing to remember is you didn't lose me. Things turned out good in the end. I'm right where I want to be, with you."

Squeezing her hand, Tommy exhaled a deep breath and relaxed.

"Thank you."

Tommy looked up. "For what?"

"Telling me how you felt without me having to ask. Its a pet peeve us women have and you just proved that a man can be open with his feelings."

"I'm not sure how used to this you should get," he joked wearing a smile.

"As long as we share the big stuff, I'm cool."

"Good." Tommy gently extricated his hand from hers and pressed something into the small keypad on his temporary communicator. "I already pre-programmed this."

Kim watched him look down the street in both directions, and then scan the porches and front yards of the houses nearby.

"Here goes nothing."

"And our first destination is?"

"The Temple of the Foliated Cross."

In a brilliant flash of light the SUV teleported away.

The Temple of the Foliated Cross

Monday, May 12, 1995 11:15 AM

Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico

Having teleported just off the side of the gravely road that led to their destination, Tommy drove through a small cluster of bushes onto the main road and traveled about a half-mile down until he parked alongside a makeshift lot with other cars.

"Wow," was all that Kim could utter softly when Tommy opened the car door for her and she got out. It was as if she had traveled back in time again, except instead of Angel Grove's 1800's past her surroundings appeared far, far older than that. Lush green foliage and gorgeous hilltops seemed to envelope massive ancient temples and other stone structures that looked vaguely familiar to the Pink Ranger. "Are those Mayan Temples?"

"Yep," Tommy just over her shoulder her, himself awed by the amazing architecture and history of a lost civilization spread before them. "We're in Mexico."

"Why Mexico?"

"I kind of wanted to keep with the world history kick we were on this morning in class, only I wanted to see it in person. I've always loved the pictures of this place and I wanted to see it for myself," he explained. "Who better to visit it with than you?" he smiled. "It seemed like a fun idea. What do you think?"

"I think its incredible," Kimberly exhaled as the majesty of their surroundings humbled her. Stone watchtowers and shrines dating hundreds of years old told the tale of a society people to this very day were still deciphering. "Where do we begin?"

"Against that hillside over there," Tommy pointed out to the right, "Is the Temple of the Foliated Cross. Over to your left is the Temple of the Sun. And all the way over there across Otolum River is the Temple of Incriptions. We're going on a tour of all of it. We can start anywhere you'd like."

This was truly amazing and Kim couldn't believe they were about to do this. As if being alone with Tommy wasn't wonderful enough already, experiencing something like this together made for a great date of sorts. She had to admit their was a timeless natural beauty here... such mystery and style. The ambiance was incredible. So incredible she wished she had brought a notepad with her so she could have tried her hand at writing song or two. If this place couldn't inspire her creativity nothing would. "This is such a great idea, Tommy."

Moving behind her, Tommy carefully slipped his arms around Kim and gently tugged her back to his chest as he leaned against the car, simply breathing in the anticipation of this little adventure they were about to undertake. "I'm happy you think so."

While they certainly weren't in public back home, this was a very affectionate Tommy that Kim enjoyed a great deal. But she knew his mood was more a result of what had happened recently then how he normally acted. He was always sweet to her and never minded holding her hand when they were around people, but holding her this close to him the way he was doing now felt different. Wonderful, but different. And if they were going to truly enjoy themselves today then they had a couple of things to work through beforehand. "Its alright to be afraid."

Ever a mans man, Tommy never wanted her to know he could feel that way. Stupid male pride and all. "Leaders can't show fear."

"You're not a leader here and now. You're just the the person I love more than anyone else in the world. You don't have to act like nothing bothers you around me." She heard him sigh and then briefly bury his face her chestnut hair, inhaling the scent. A feeling of pure intimacy came over her, warm and delightful. "Are you going to talk to me or not?"

"What do you want me to say?"


"It was different this time," he spoke of her disappearance and knew she understood. "There wasn't an enemy for me to fight to get you back. I couldn't bring you home. You were just gone and all I could do was hope and pray Billy figured out how to bring you back. I felt helpless and I hated that."

Kim could only imagine how feeling that way affected someone like Tommy. "I remember how helpless and scared I felt when you were losing your powers."

"I wasn't missing though."

"No, you were missing. You were missing from me," she explained, shifting in his arms, but leaving no room between them as she gazed into his brown eyes, her hands playing at the bottom of his white shirt. "I could feel your walls coming up again. You were slowly distancing yourself from me and the team. I was worried that when you finally lost your powers you wouldn't want to be around us anymore. And sure enough when you did, you left. That's when I felt helpless to show you how special you were to all of us, especially me."

Admitting this came at a great price, though she derived the truth. "I felt like if I didn't have my powers I didn't bring anything to the team."

"Powers or not your friends didn't care, they just wanted you around. And I never loved you because of them," she assured him with a adoring smile. "You can't go back and not lose your powers anymore than we can go back and make what happened last week never have happened. They did. They're bad memories now. But everything worked out just fine. We're here, together, and we look hot."

"Better watch it, Kim. Your shallow side is showing."

"Alright, already," she laughed. "I look hot. There. Are you happy?"

"Yes, very," he whispered just before capturing her warm mouth in a long, deep kiss. They held each other so tight as the rest of the world faded away. After a little while passed they parted, but neither relinquished their hold on the other.

Sighing happily, Tommy shut his eyes when Kim laid her head on his shoulder and did the same. "So how am I doing in the running for the 'Boyfriend of the Year' award?"

"Considering I only have one boyfriend I'd say you're in the lead."

"So its by default?"

"Well, I've had a guy or two bring me flowers. I've even had a bad poem written by a boy in the sixth grade for me. I've been taken to a couple of movies and enjoyed a couple of dances, but none of them ever played hooky from school with me and teleported us to Mexico for a mini one-day vacation. In the romance department you're leading the pack by a mile."

"I think for the 'Most Understanding Girlfriend of the Year' award you're the winner two years running."

"Don't forget 'Hottest Girlfriend,' 'Best dressed,' 'Most Forgiving of a Boyfriend With A Terrible Memory', and 'Most Forgiving of a Boyfriend Who Was Turned Evil' awards as well."

"'Shortest Girlfriend' might also be an..." Kim away shoved from his arms, her clearly amused as well as appalled expression firmly in place.

"It would do well to keep in mind Mr. Oliver that in my suitcase there's a two-piece string bikini you'd very much like to see me in."

Part of him wished he could hide just how badly he wanted and needed to see her in that bikini. Alas, he felt like he might be blushing. "Ms. Hart, 'The Most Wonderful and Height-Perfect Girlfriend Ever' award is yours. Women taller than you should be shunned. In fact, it should be against the law to be taller than..."

"Oh shut up," Kim laughed at his silly side, which only she knew he possessed. She liked that a great deal. "Lets get a move on. I'm ready to tour this place and see all kinds of old stuff."

"We have two hours before we have to leave for our next stop." Tommy took her hand in his as they made their way towards the tour station. "Then we're going to get wet."

"Are you flirting with me, Mr. Oliver."

"Absolutely not, Ms. Hart."

They most definitely were flirting.

The End of Chapter 1