Title: "The Long, Hot Summer"
Written by: Shawn
Chapter (4/5)

Summary: Mrs. Hart's costume ball gala provides thrills, jealousy, and those three little words...

Category: Erotica/Romance/Angst
Rating: Hard NC-17
Timeline/Spoilers: Summer of 1997 following the Power Rangers Turbo season - Rangers have passed the Torch - Zack, Trini, and Jason have returned from the Peace Conference. Billy is healed and fine.

Disclaimer: Saban owns it all again.

Authors Notes 1: Slightly AU time-line wise as Rangers are all 20 or so here - Tommy/Kim never had their talk after the events of the Turbo movie as she went right back to Florida. This story will span the entire summer of 1997.

Authors Notes 2: Love, regret, passion, anger, and growing up are all issues explored here.

Authors Notes 3: This series will be a series of 1 scene chapters and I will only post this when all five are done. Then I will post each one day after the other.


"Jealousy is that pain which a man feels from the apprehension that he is not equally beloved by the person whom he entirely loves."
~ Joseph Addison

"It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return, but what is the most painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let the person know how you feel."
~ Unknown




The L.A. Metropolitan Theater
Saturday, August 13, 1997 7:30 PM
Los Angeles, Ca

The sheer extravagance of it all was sinfully sexy, ghoulish, and glamorous all at the same time.

Although far from Tommy's typical element as the partying crowd was as loud as he'd ever heard before, tonight held endless pleasurable possibilities when he thought of a certain ex-Pink Ranger honey of his. He most certainly had plans for her and they would not end at this party, but in his bed if he had anything to say about it. So for once he'd brave the boisterous masses as only one among them held his complete attention.

Caroline Hart's new boss was a major player in California's rapidly-changing political arena. Word was he had hopes of running for Governor someday. Tonight though, his charitable foundation was throwing a gigantic costume ball for West Coast homeless shelters, and though Tommy wouldn't normally be able to afford anything close to the ticket prices needed to attend, Kim gave him and a few of the gang free passes to attend.

A night of drinking and partying with celebrities and all that surrounded them didn't appeal to him in the least. It was a element he wasn't all that comfortable with, and the paparazzi were clearly on the hunt. But a night of drinking and partying with Kim... well, that held a special allure he was unable to resist.

Pushing through the humongous sea of people clad in every conceivable form of dress and undress as it were, he could only shake his head at the glitzy atmosphere of the costume ball. After enjoying an array of complimentary whistles from a small group of Harem girls, Tommy walked into the sprawling main ballroom amidst hundreds of party goers, mood lighting, and music so loud he almost covered his ears with his hands as the Charity Costume Ball roared into full swing.

"Far to many damn people," the former White Ranger grumbled under his breath as he made his way through scores of costumed dancers. The vast marble floor was invisible due to the smoke being pumped from vents all along the walls. A glowing center-piece DJ booth and bars with scantily clad male and female bartenders on both sides of the grand hall kept the vibe electric. Spiraling mood lighting cascaded over the huge dance floor as he searched for Kimberly or any of his friends.

When a gorgeous dark-haired girl on skates rolled by taking orders, Tommy motioned for a drink. A couple of minutes later a Long Island Ice tea arrived, and he enjoyed the burn of alcohol as he continued on in search of his prey. He grew impatient as he recalled that night he braved a dangerous blizzard to insure Kimberly made it home safe was incredibly erotic, but the coffee she offered him when they arrived at her place, and the way a long talk saw them fall asleep against each other was far more meaningful than even the Earth-scorching sex they enjoyed again even later on that same night. He awoke the next morning curled around her and could only marvel at the hypnotic rise and fall of her chest as his own swelled with...

Tommy was falling in love with her again.

That much was obvious and lying to himself simply wasn't working anymore. From that cold night on, and for weeks afterward they gave up the pretense of fighting this incredibly intense heat between them. Instead, they indulged. Immersed themselves. Dove in head first and drowned in it and each other. But could you possibly love a woman you did not trust? Could he honestly forgive her and see if she wanted to try again? Did he truly see love reflected in her pretty brown eyes, or was he secretly hoping to see it, or even worse saw what he wanted to see?

There were far to many questions and real life issues of work and responsibilities hadn't yielded any answers. He never expected to feel this for her again, or to imagine she felt anything for him at all. She'd broken his heart completely, and yet she apologized and explained. It didn't erase the hurt, but it helped bring about a closure to all his unanswered questions. She'd done her sincere best to make things right, and now he had nothing else to hold against her. Hating her for the rest of his life seemed juvenile, and he thought he was a better man than that.

Life happened, as he remembered his dad told him once when they talked about that first heartbreak a person goes through. No one got out of life without at least one broken heart and a lost dream of what might of been. But the measure of your character was the way you treated people despite how they treated you and how you got back on your feet afterward. There was a lesson here he felt they both learned, albeit painfully.

But if he'd seen aliens, time traveled, teleported, piloted gigantic robots, flew through space and visited other worlds before he was even the legal age to drink alcohol then why couldn't he imagine finding love with Kimberly again? Honestly... terrifying as it felt, he most certainly could.

Two five-team news crews and a host of celebrity photographers maneuvered through the party, soliciting interviews, taping pieces for the nightly news, and showing off the sheer luxury afforded the rich and famous. Despite some of the actors, actresses, singers, and even famous athletes he recognized, Tommy wasn't very impressed. But anything done to raise money and awareness for the devastating homeless plight in California was a good thing in his eyes. And on a personal note he planned to spend the entire night with Kim and gauge if she felt the same way he did. If maybe she could see them as they are now, and not as they were.

Tommy intended to allow things to happen naturally. And he intended for them to end the evening in his bed, and maybe all day Saturday if he had anything to say about it. Already he could feel himself hardening at the thought of taking her again. Thankfully his black trousers hid a multitude of naughty thoughts.

Renting a new pirate outfit wasn't something Tommy ever envisioned doing again, but he recalled Kim thinking he looked so sexy in one back in high school. This one was far more authentic than the last, complete with a authentic Pirate hat, dingy brown jacket, white shirt and vest, sash belt, buckles, a real leather eye patch, sword, boots, and bone necklace. While his former flame wouldn't tell him what she was going to wear, she did say it wouldn't be pink, but he would love it like crazy.

"Where the hell are you?" Tommy half-growled after downing another drink. He set it on the marble counter, and then felt a slender arm curl around his forearm. Finally, he thought to himself. Before turning around, he smirked immediately. "Took you long enough."

"My, my, my, what a flirt," Trini teased softly in his ear, then enjoyed the appreciative gaze he swept over her. Had Tommy ever looked at her like that before? Surprise blushed her cheeks. Nonetheless, she her plan took precedence. "Tommy, I'm here to grant you your fondest wish."

Tommy did a double-take as the normally reserved Trini Kwan did a seductive little twirl in a absolutely decadent red and gold Genie outfit that exposed her toned bare belly, smooth legs, and lower back. The sexy costume clung to her like a second skin, and revealed far more skin than he had ever seen her show off before. And while he would never admit this to her, she looked fucking dynamite tonight. "Who are you and what have you done to Trini Kwan?"

"Trini Kwan is in search of Brad Pitt, but that is a story for another day." Guiding him across the massive dance floor as a slow jam played, she slipped her arms around his waist, drawing him closer. He took the hint, slow dancing with her now. She looked him in the eyes, grinning. "Tonight I am a genie who will grant you only one wish," she smiled his way, not at all hiding that she found his attire attractive as well. "But first you have to promise me something?"

"No one ever says no to you."

He was smiling which was good, but once they rounded one of the broad pillars ahead she knew that would end. "You can't go kicking or punching anyone, understood?"

"I'm not violent and you know it," he laughed as she spun them one time away from where they were dancing. "You could at least let me lead. I am the guy, after all," he snickered.

Trini offered not a word as she felt him tense when he saw Kimberly, or more to the point, the guy dancing slowly with her dressed as Han Solo to her incredibly sexy Princess Leia slave outfit. "Can I explain before you explode or should I call 911 right now?"

"I'm not going to explode," he noted in a calmly detached voice despite wondering why in hell Kim was dancing so close to this stranger, moving in tandem with him, and why did they wear a matching costume set? And why were people taking pictures of them? He suddenly felt his hands curl into fists as darkness clouded over him.

Trini felt it too, gently dragging his attention back to her with the tip of her finger on his chin. "First off, our resident Pink Princess got roped into a last second blind date that she didn't want. Its a long story that she will explain to you." Tommy grumbled something about breaking someones legs. "Second, I totally know about you two hooking up all summer." Enjoying his mildly shocked expression, she pressed into him as they swayed to the music. "I am all knowing, my dear. Kim didn't tell me and didn't have too. I saw the signs." And then she snickered, "And I totally heard you two boinking your brains out at Billy's house the day our team bar-b-Que got rained out."

"Yeah..." Tommy kept his eyes trained on the guy who couldn't stop brushing his hand over Kim's bare lower back. As badly as he wanted to rip him limb from limb, her costume finally began to sink in. The Slave Princess Leia outfit worn in Return of the Jedi was for most men the absolute ultimate in pure sexual flair. She wore her hair in a long braid down her back, along with that sexy-as-sin choker around her neck, along with a slave-gold chain that hung all the way down to her slender hips. The dark and gold-plated bra top was a perfect compliment to the long, maroon plated skirt that completed the barely their ensemble. Her Fuck-Me heels just about killed him... He swore under his breath, dying to know if she'd worn this for him. That she was for all intents and purposes mostly-naked had him fighting off the beginnings of a raging erection.

Trini caught sight of Kimberly watching them as well, and considered how these two star-crossed lovers ever found each other, screwed it all up, and now found themselves on the verge of a second chance. It was all to amusing. "You know, I thought you were cute too when Kim and I first saw you. I just didn't say it."

Surprise lit Tommy's gaze. "Ohhh, Ms. Kwan, admitting to having a crush on me to way back then?"

"Hardly," she taunted as they danced. "That mullet you wore killed all your sex appeal. But you did have a nice smile."

Tommy blinked. "Mullets were in back then."

"Only in your dreams. And Kim's. Plus, I liked my guys a bit bigger." His "Hey," made her
giggle. "Oh please, you didn't need little ole me following you around with my head in the clouds."

"I thought you were kinda sorta cute too."

"Jerk," she smiled as they danced. "Jason's ass was nicer than yours."

"Don't you have to go back to the Peace Conference?" She playfully swatted his shoulder. He was enjoying the moment and it was calming his need to rip that guy off Kim, but she seemed to be having a good time. Why wasn't she staring at him like he was staring at her? Silly, but still. She should be watching him with a longing, and not laughing at something Mr. Fuck Waffle was
saying. "So what's his name?"

"Blaine," Trini replied, giggling when her former leader rolled his eyes. Tommy's snort made her laugh as well. "Dear Tommy, are you jealous?"

"Nope. No way. Not even."

Feeling delightfully evil, Trini whispered over the shell of his ear, "Wanna make Kim jealous?"

The right answer was no. As in no way. Not even. Playing games, especially that jealousy card wasn't smart or even nice. But the longer Kim danced with that other guy the more Tommy wanted a bit of politically incorrect redemption. "What do you have in mind?"

"Its uhm... evil."

"How evil?" Tommy felt her arms curl tighter round his neck.

"Kim-might-want-to-strangle-you sort of evil."

Watching that jerk seductively dip Kim as they danced, and then spin her around while she barely glanced his way said it all. "I'm in!"

Trini Kwan, of sound, mind, and body was a genuinely good person with a wicked sense of humor she hid less and less in recent years. And as she got older, her uncanny ability to cause controlled havoc was well-known and feared. Tonight though, she felt playful. And after two Tequila shots she was up for pressing Kimberly's buttons for not revealing that she was banging her ex-honey. This was just a wee bit of sweet revenge. "Tommy, prepare for paradise."

Suddenly, shockingly, the former Yellow Ranger kissed him hungry and hard, locking her mouth over his... and then her questing tongue parted his soft lips, and with a groan they began kissing passionately right there on the dance floor until a few cat-calls and whistles broke them up.

Trini felt a cold, murderously icy stare bore into her from Kimberly, who was not dancing at all anymore, but seemed ready to kill her. Oh boy, Kim was so in love and it was written all over her face. Tommy seemed very pleased at his ex's response, and dare Trini admit he wore a faint blush that just might be her doing. Alas no real sparks flew, but he was a damn good kisser, she had to give him that. And he was totally in love with Kim. Good. "She's going to kill me for this, but that look was worth it."

Tommy tried to hide a smirk as Trini led him, by the hand no less through the partying crowd towards Kim and Blaine as TLC rocked the house. Upon reaching the former Pink Ranger, Trini considered that maybe that kiss wasn't such a good idea. If looks could kill... "Kim, let me steal your handsome date away for a dance and you take this guy. Cool... okay, thanks, later!"

Poor Blaine didn't have time to react before Trini quickly ushered him off while he complained the entire time.

Walking up to Kim, Tommy offered a little smile. "Good evening."

"Fuck you!" Kim growled before turning on her heel. Tommy curled around her forearm and calmly tugged her into his strong arms. God, she felt heavenly, and he knew it wasn't politically correct to think she looked so damn beautiful when she was mad, but she did. "So how's your evening gone so far?"

"Well, my ex-boyfriend and current Fuck-Buddy just ate the mouth of my ex-best friend while I watched and seems to think there's nothing wrong with that, so yeah, I'm doing peachy. Now why don't you go to the bar and drink a glass of Drain-O you dickhead." Kim barely moved in his embrace, fuming at the memory of seeing him kiss Trini like that and the nerve of him to think it
was funny. "You know, you're a real fucking jerk Tommy Oliver."

Tommy tried to sway with her, but she wasn't having it. Not one bit. It was like dancing with a mannequin. "That kiss was all Trini's idea."

"Really? So she forced you to shove your tongue down her throat?"

Ohhh, the bitterness! The rage! The green-eyed monster was so apparent and Tommy loved every second of it. But he wasn't going to let her be hurt just cause he wanted to know he could get
to her. "Trini knows about us and I think the kiss might of been her way of getting back at you for not telling her," he explained, and before she could chime in, "All I've wanted to do all day long was spend tonight with you. I haven't thought of anything else and when I saw you with Blaine I hated that you weren't even looking my way. I was jealous and wanted to rip his legs off and I'm sorry for kissing Trini."

On one hand, Kimberly thought that was kind of sweet. On the other she wanted to break his hands and face and then run him over with her new car. And that was after strapping a full-length deer-meat dress on Trini and tossing her hog-tied body into a cave of starving Grizzly bears. No, she wasn't psycho. Okay, maybe a little bit. "I got tricked into this date as a favor for my mom, and didn't even know about it until this afternoon. It was a favor for a favor type of deal. Blaine is my mom's boss's son and he was dateless, clueless, and apparently charmless as well."

Chuckling, Tommy felt her begin to sway gently in his arms, cuddling a little closer to him. She was still royally pissed, but didn't appear ready to stab him just yet. It was the opening
he needed. "You look absolutely incredible tonight and the only thing i want to do more than just stare at you is rip your costume off and ravish you until you scream my name."

Taking hold of the bone necklace around his neck, Kim drew him down to her parted
mouth. Close enough to feel the warmth of his breath and almost taste him. "After kissing Trini, rest assured you are in the dog house. No, you are in the alley behind the dog house. Better yet, you are underneath the dog house." After a moment, she considered, "On second thought, fuck it, you are in the pet cemetery. And trust me, the only pussy you'll get tonight is if you go to a pet store and adopt kittens."

So damn feisty and fully intending on making him pay. Tommy truly loved this crazy chick. "I'm sorry."

"I should tear your balls off and shove them up your ass!"

"Ouch! Such language," he teased.

"How could you do that?" she noted softly, and felt his arms close around her tighter. Dammit, she hated how much she loved how that felt. And even worse, she hated how much she
loved him. Her plan this evening was so simple. Party, drink with, dance with, and then fuck Tommy senseless. Post-orgasm, have the big talk and either move forward together or end the Fuck Buddyiness of their summer thus far. He meant to much to her again. But seeing him kiss another woman, Trini no less, really shook her up inside. "That was so not cool in any way. And you know if I kissed Jason or Adam you would have a fit. And Adam has really nice lips. Very kissable."

Squinting, Tommy halted that very second, eying her suspiciously. "Adam has what?"

Kim gave a nonchalant shrug, smiling. "Oh look, the green-eyed Ranger monster is on the prowl," she taunted. "Kissing Trini should have been icky to you, like kissing a sister."

"I do recall a certain letter calling me your brother."

"The blood test proved you weren't a sibling, so it was okay for us too..." she half-smirked as they began dancing again, moving as One the same way they did when they made love. "Do not mistake this pity dance I am giving you that you have been forgiven. You are not forgiven. You will jump through hoops I will provide. Just saying." Warm laughter brushed the shell of her ear as they danced closer, ignoring everything around them. "You can continue the apologizing now."

Clutching her possessively as Trini and Blaine danced by, Tommy began maneuvering them closer toward a huge pillar, right below the still-being-renovated balcony area that overlooked the ground
floor. "I am very sorry for kissing Trini," he began while gazing into her beautiful brown
eyes. She didn't appear convinced, or maybe was just playing hard to get. "By the way, she kissed me. And her breath was bad. And she was far to tall to kiss properly. I like my girls shorter," he had the nerve to wink at the end.

She felt his charm almost made her forget he was in deep crap with her. But it felt so good to be in his arms again, and the way he looked at her in that costume had her blood boiling. He wanted her badly and she had always loved that. "Compliments?"

"You are the most lovely, sexy, amazing woman in this room. No other woman should even be allowed to walk past you as your tiny hotness drowns them."

She fought off a grin, nibbling her bottom lip. "Promises?"

"I promise to shower you with affection, passion, and orgasms tonight. And then make you breakfast in bed tomorrow."

He certainly had a way with pancakes. Kim arched a brow as she gazed at him. "Oh, so you think I'm going to come back to your place after watching you kiss my best friend? You might need to rethink that plan, hotshot," she teased as they swayed to the soft music.

"No, I figured I'd give you twenty minutes or so." Kimberly scowled as she tried in vain to pull away from him, but he held her closer... and oh so possessively "I am honestly, truly sorry. I wanted to make you jealous because I was jealous." He bowed his head and sighed. "Yes, I know I suck. But all I could think about was how Blaine was making you laugh and giggle and how he was touching you and I just wanted to tear him apart," he hissed through clenched teeth at
the end. "Again, I'm sorry."

As they slow-danced behind one of the huge marble pillars, away from everyone. Kim half-expected to be shoved against it and thoroughly kissed. She wanted to slap him even as her body ached for the taste of his mouth again. For the feel of his solid body claiming her own. But he wasn't off the hook yet in the least. She wanted her pound of flesh, 40 acres and the damn mule too. "That was a adequate down payment on the hoops you will jump through tonight as punishment for your infraction." She felt Tommy's strong arms move from around her as his right hand tapped
his wrist. "What are you...


Suddenly they were teleported to the shadowy unfinished balcony overlooking the expansive floor below. There was a white Grand piano in the corner half-covered by a thin sheet, but otherwise they were all alone, and practically standing in the dark. Capturing Tommy's attention, Kimberly could only shake her head at his audacity. "I retired from being a Power Ranger, but didn't keep my Pterodactyl Thunder-Whip."

"You should of," Tommy commented as he drew her closer, and then he winked. "Might of been fun."

"You're a perv," she half-whispered, and then couldn't stand it anymore cause he was so damn handsome and far to close. She could strangle him for kissing Trini, but wanted to straddle his lap at the same time. Cutely, she batted her eye lashes. "I'm not sure if I like pervs."

Her tone was softly innocent, and yet teasing and taunting as she seductively walked away from him, the sensual sway of her slender hips drawing his full attention as her sinfully erotic slave costume murdered his senses. He wanted her NOW! Right now! Wanted to tear her clothes off and bury his face between her thighs before adding his cock until she screamed his name. But she was still majorly pissed and insistent upon making him pay. Tommy could only follow her with his eyes, giving her the space she obviously needed. "You look amazing tonight."

"I didn't ask." Saucy, but her lips curled into a smile nonetheless. Out of his range of vision, of course. "So, is Trini a good kisser?" Tommy replied without hesitation, "Yes." Turning around, her arms crossed her chest in a clearly frustrated pose. She wanted to fuck him just for looking so damn hot in that pirate outfit, but then stab him repeatedly cause he touched another
woman. "Better than me?"

"Never," Tommy answered quietly while closing in on her. She casually back-peddled to the golden balcony railing as the intimacy intensified between them. He effectively trapped her, arms on both sides of her. His invasion of her personal space left her zero room for escape. "No woman has ever, or will ever compare to you in my eyes."

His sincerity caused her to blush, and when she sweetly walked into his chest and his strong arms circled around her, the world became a better place. All summer long they've enjoyed this incredibly intense... something. Something sexual and primal, but meaningful as well. That was the scary part. The reality was that after nearly two full months... God, how she loved this
man again. And wanted to run him over with her car, provided that it would even start. Her thoughts were often so random.

Still, squaring her slender shoulders, curious eyes gazed into his. "What do you want from me?"

Tommy was about to capture her soft, pouty mouth until the tense tone of her voice reached his brain. She wasn't being sexy or flirtatious, but serious. Here and now he felt a defining moment approach between them. Gently releasing his hold on her, he tenderly gazed into her lovely brown eyes and spoke from the heart. "You terrify me."

She sighed, and then her head bowed as the past settled between them once more. But to move forward they had to move past this. "No matter what I've said or done... no matter how many times I have apologized, you still don't trust me, do you?"

"I'm trying." Tommy stepped back only far enough to watch her. "I never in my whole entire life loved anyone as much as I loved you," he explained honestly. "But no one's ever hurt me as badly as you did. And that irony isn't lost on me."

She exhaled a deeply held breath, "I was seventeen, Tommy. So were you. We were high school sweethearts and it didn't work out. Happens to millions of people. Its just life."

"My head knows and accepts that. Break-ups and heartaches are things everyone goes through at some point. But at the time I loved you more than anything. And I remember every time you told me the same thing. Every time you told me you loved me and couldn't imagine that ever changing." He paused as a familiar ache burned in his chest. "But it changed."

The heartbreak of her betrayal was still with him, even now, and she hated that she noticed. "I'm sorry, but that's life. We all make mistakes we have to live with... I guess the consequences of my actions are that you don't trust me anymore."

"I never said that," he quickly corrected her. "Like you said, we were both seventeen and circumstances are very different now. I guess... I guess I was just expressing why I haven't pushed for more between us this summer."

That familiar cold clench in her stomach returned as Kimberly tried to navigate these unpredictable emotional waters. "I've never made a bigger mistake than the one I made with how I broke up with you. Not that I did it, because I needed to for my own reasons at that time. But I should have done it differently and with far more respect for you," she began as she took a step forward. Her hand extended to his chest, over his beating heart, resting there, over what she coveted more than her next breath. "But I can't and won't apologize every single day for the rest of my life. Its not healthy and I shouldn't have too. You either accept my apology or you don't. But I can't do any better than this. And you are getting my very best."

After a long, contemplative moment Tommy covered the small hand resting over his chest with his own. "Thank you. Trust me, I believe you are sincere and I accept your apology. And as you well know I'm far from perfect myself, so I'm not going to make an issue of our past every single day. I just hate that I'm afraid of being hurt again."

"And I'm afraid I'm just exercise for you this summer and that I don't really have a shot."

His heart stopped as he gazed into her fragile brown eyes. It dawned on him she was just as scared as he was. Maybe even more-so because now he had the power to hurt her. She... she wanted him again. The notion was a far away dream he dared never to think of. And yet life once again surprised him. "I'm afraid you'll leave me again."

Kimberly blinked... had she, in dealing with her own insecurities over if this entire summer that she was just fun for him while she was falling deeply in love missed that he was falling equally as hard for her? He was afraid she would leave him again... just like he was abandoned by his parents... just like he was abandoned by her. She shook her head as they were both
such a mess. "Again, what do you want from me?"

Forcing her back to the balcony banister, Tommy seductively cupped her face with both hands, his voice a loving promise, "Everything."

When he kissed her the entire world faded, as if the loud music gently drifted off and there was only them left in all the universe. This was no chaste kiss like those shared in their innocent youth, or even the punishingly erotic lip-locks they engaged in this summer. No, this was his strong arms around her petite waist and hers looped round his neck, clinging passionately to each other. A long, loving kiss that left them moaning softly as their mouths made love.

His tongue brushed lightly, playing with hers, chasing it inside her mouth as his hands canvassed her lower back. She was half-naked as it was, tempting his resolve in a decadent outfit no man could possibly resist. She tasted divine... so sweet, so lush he swore softly while kissing her. And then for a tender moment he simply held her against his chest and sighed.

Smiling to herself, Kimberly felt him caress the top of her head with his chin as he held her tightly now. Trapped against the banister and the roaring party below, Tommy thoroughly kissed her again. She drew on his tongue over and over within the warm confines of her mouth, her breath mingling with his even as her inner muscles clenched with envy. She wanted him, God, she wanted him more than her next breath or any she'd ever taken. She loved him and craved him and he just couldn't stop touching her. Holding her so close... "I'm still mad at you," she gasped, and then felt him smile over her lips. "You are so not forgiven for kissing Trini." She gave a sharp intake of air, and then a small smile began at the edge of her mouth when his lips danced lightly over the side of her neck, his tongue lapping just over her pulse. "I kinda want to kill you," she moaned, her nails digging into his shoulders.

"I want you," he grunted when the palm of her hand began playing with his throbbing cock, smoothing over the front his black cargo pants. "I need you," he declared hotly while sucking on her neck as she stroked over him. "I have to have you."

Her center was wet just from the sensual timber of his voice alone. Oh how it turned her on when he was all possessive and bold. Such a stark contrast to the shy innocence of their old relationship.

Kimberly took his hand, casually running it up the side of her bare hip, allowing him the knowledge that she wasn't wearing underwear tonight underneath the barely-there skirt. Not even so much as a thong. His audible groan made her knees tremble.

"Have to have you," Tommy inhaled her little gasp when he captured her mouth again. A tiny pop noise sounded when he relinquished her lips, his gaze focused on her pouty little mouth. "Turn around."

Kim blinked, her heart racing as a tremble rolled over her. "What if someone looks up here?"

"Let'em watch," he declared so quietly as she spun around, slowly spreading her legs, bending over, her fists grabbing onto the banister.

"Tommy...ohgod, baby..." Sensory overload swept over Kim as the roaring party below coupled with the strong hands cupping and firmly kneading her backside. She felt him push her skirt apart as he knelt behind her. The faint wisp of his warm breath over her sex caused her to shiver... and then her hips bucked against his suddenly sucking mouth. As he lashed the swollen nub of her clit with the flat of his tongue, she bent over farther, giving herself to his hunger. This forbidden act in public, that they could be caught or even watched turned her inside out as she rocked against his tongue. All summer long it had been this way... this reckless, wild passion they couldn't resist. "Fuck," she swore through clenched teeth, shaking as he devoured her with ravenous intent.

With every long, soft lick she tasted so good, and his cock was so hard. She was bent over this railing wearing those damn Fuck-Me heels, looking so damn hot he just couldn't think straight. "You drive me crazy!"

"Good... so good." Her legs grew weak as he stroked her with his tongue, alternating between long, lush licks and wickedly fast lashes before sucking her whole, causing her toes to curl. The hungry, erotic sounds he made were music to her ears, nearly as arousing as his mouth making love to her from behind.

The cry that rumbled from deep within her chest made his cock throb so strongly. The sheer heat from between her thighs... the sensual scent of her... so slick against his tongue... He couldn't stand it a moment more, rising to his feet. The cargo pants and his underwear were discarded in record time.

Fierce, desperate hunger, protectiveness, and fiery passionate love consumed him as he pressed the head of his cock to her rosy entrance, and then thrust-ed to the hilt. She cried out, his gaze noticing the knuckles of her hands angrily grasping at the railing. Her tight femininity quivered around his cock as he fully entered the welcoming heat of her.

Pure bliss... Tommy took hold of her slender hips and began thoroughly fucking her from
behind. That she was still wearing the full Slave Leia outfit only amplified how badly he craved her. "Can't ever get enough of you... always, always want you!"

"Yes, ohFuck, Tommy..." Her eyes shut, chest straining for breath as the sounds of the huge party below echoed with the heady grunting noises they made. She felt so small and taken, being fucked like a animal and loving every damn second of it. Her low groans... his surging hips... the impacting slaps of flesh as the sensation of pure fullness left her clenching snug around him. He was so hard inside her, teasing her with lazy withdrawals, followed by smooth, deep glides all the way back inside that made her shiver. "Best you ever had?"

"... hell yeah," he declared his heaving chest brushing over her back as he bent over her, taking her so deep and hard as she met his thrusts with her own, shoving back at him vigorously. The tightening of her inner muscles combined with the rasp of her voice was evidence enough that she was so close. He wanted her flying over the edge, overwhelmed, cumming so hard with him buried inside her. Now he understood crimes of passion because the thought of another man ever having her again left him ready to kill. "Cum for me... cum so hard, baby!"

A low, throaty moan escaped her lips as he sank into her deeply, his hands clutching onto her slender hips. Deep, hard fucking claimed her as her entire body was on the edge of a lightening bolt. She aggressively arched her pelvis, meeting his surging thrusts, her body tensing as she was so damn close. Tiny feminine grunting noises exhaled after his every invasion as she panted heavily. Her head fell gently to rest on the banister, her body shaking, eyes shut, panting over her wrist.

"Fuuuccck!!!! ohGod!!" Kimberly's back arched sharply, her inner muscles jerking hard around him as crashing wave after pleasurable wave roared through her torso. Her forehead pressed to the banister, her fists gripping it tightly as her body gently swerved back against him. Gasping behind her, he held her in place as she came hard, her teeth gritting, the muscles in her arms tensing... until she was boneless as he rested over her.

Pulling gently from inside her, Tommy's arm as hooked beneath her knees and lifted her in his arms. She moaned a query, but he simply carried her over to the huge white grand piano in the dark corner and laid her down on the smooth white top, her legs dangling just off the edge.

Through hooded eyes she watched him, absolutely enthralled by his desperate, intense gaze. What connected them was as primal as it was vital... elemental, romantic, achingly poignant. Tempered by fire and passion and anger and pain and an endless love somehow reborn after all this time.

She rested on the edge of the piano as he parted the space between her legs, brushing her skirt aside. He was angry-hard, taunted by the carnal scent of her... of them, even as his hands firmly grasped her legs, drawing her ankles just over his shoulders. She tried to speak, her bottom lip trembling as coherent thought fled her mind when he pushed all the way back inside her until they were one.

The subtle parting of her beautiful mouth... the soft moan that escaped... the arch of her neck as he buried his face there and breathed in the intoxicating scent of her left him dizzy with emotion for this incredible woman. The tight, hot sheath of her drove him mad as no matter how many times he fucked her, he always wanted more. Always felt, noticed, tasted, or found some new and incredible thing about her. Another facet of her that he was almost obsessively drawn too. Slowly he withdrew, and then dove back inside deeply... fully. "I can't believe how good you feel, Beautiful."

The husky rasp of his voice made her smile even as she gritted her teeth when his cock spread her flesh, pulsing deeply inside her. "I still can't believe you... ahhh... kissed Trini." He bent down to her, stealing one little kiss after another until she turned her cheek, smirking. Her voice simmered, "I shouldn't give you any pussy at all."

"You love me," he noted teasingly as their breath mingled. "That's why."

"Hardly," she retorted, even as the hot friction of him gliding in and out of her left her body straining towards another climax already. "Been there, done that. Got the green and white t-shirt to prove it."

Tommy cursed under his breath as every inch of him sank into her, causing his vision to go dark behind shut eyes. "I know," he said while withdrawing every so slowly, "That you," surging fully into her as a whiny little cry fled her lips, "Love me."

She did, deeply... painfully so. And wanted nothing more in this world than for him to love her back just as profoundly. Her tongue brushed at the corner of her mouth, grinning evilly at him. "You're the one," she taunted him as his hands gripped her hips, fucking her harder now, "Who is in love with me."

Her breath hitched in her throat as he took her with force, every deep thrust delivered while gazing into her eyes, fucking on top of this grand piano with a huge party providing the background noise to their love making.

Tommy fiercely sucked on her lower lip as her hands tightly gripped his forearms. He felt her trembling once more, and his own self-control was waning. He wanted her so badly, all the time and even more every waking second. He loved her again, and possibly never truly stopped, heartbreak and all. Bending down over her, he caught the lobe of her ear between his teeth, nipping and softly biting it. She quivered, half-pushing him away, half clutching him tighter. Panting hot over her ear, he whispered, "Tell me you love me."

Panting hotly, Kimberly shook her head, fighting the pleasurable sensations threatening to rip her apart.

"Say it," Tommy pleaded while urgently, desperately fucking her. She fought him with her silence, even as her sex pulsed around him. Even as her soft little moaning crippled his senses as surely as the warm, hot feel of her wrapped around him devoured more of his heart by the second. He was so close, dying to lose himself inside her, but wanted her to be swept into oblivion first. "Tell me you love me, or I won't let you cum."

Her body was strung tight, shaking, needing him to go just a little faster and then she would be flying... but he slowed and she was fast losing that sweet death... her body straining for it. "Damn you!"

"Say it," ordered again, fucking her harder until she began shaking, and then pulling back to lazy thrusts that left her frustrated beyond words, cursing his name softly under her breath. But he lived to hear her say those three little words. "Beautiful, please."

Her arms captured round his neck, drawing him down to her, when her mouth ascended to kiss him so hard as her hips began rocking in time with his now violent thrusts as all pretenses were lost! The animal in them both had taken over, and for once she was flying without a emotional safety net. After a long lick of his lips, she gave up the ghost, her tone the softest whisper. "... I love you."

The words burned him. Through him. Through everything he was or would be. Never had he felt so broken and whole at the same time. "Again, baby," begged for while taking her harder, yanking her slender body back to his deep, impacting thrusts. "Say it again!"

Sweating and sore and hot and ten shades of lust-crazed, she spoke from the heart even as she felt him shaking in her arms. "I love you...god, so much."


Her face twisted in ecstasy as he fucked her loudly, taking her relentlessly until the sheer, wild abandonment roared through her. She came, wailing in his ear, "I love you...ahhhh I love you.... I love you!" She felt him throb within her, grow so impossibly hard, and then her name fled his lips as urgently as the bursts of wet heat filled her so fully with the very essence of him.

Silence... deafening silence...

As incredibly high as that deliriously fantastic climax was, her heart sank as she considered he never returned her sentiment. Never once tonight...never once during their entire summer long affair.

Not one time.

And for the first time since kissing him in Rocky's basement a lifetime ago, she felt used and cheap. She felt a emptiness within that was so mind-blowingly disappointing she shoved Tommy away before he could see the tears wet her eyes.

The next ten minutes were an embarrassing blur of rushing off to the nearest bathroom... of Tommy chasing after her, banging on the door, asking what was wrong... of her tending to a modestly presentable state, and then racing past him through the thick crowds of party-goers before he could catch her out the nearest back exit. Time and time again she heard her name called, but the last thing she wanted to do was talk to him. Not now.

Not after having made such a fool of herself.

All summer long, all those kisses, sleeping beside him, all that crazy intense passion and finally sharing the parts of themselves that were older and new... Kimberly hated how foolish she was to think he honestly felt more than lust. Her mind was a haze of pain as she thought of how he enjoyed sleeping with her and was so affectionate, but he wanted nothing more than for her to fall in love with him again. Maybe this was his revenge, she thought painfully as her heels clicked over the concrete pavement. To have her so emotional vulnerable and then she would know how he felt when she broke his heart and walked away.

She was certain he truly loved her at one time, long ago. But to him, she was sure this summer was little more than recreational fun, and for that she felt almost like a whore.

How could she have been so stupid?

He never said the words...

While dodging a security guard's question of if she was alright, she quickly retrieved her purse and car keys from the parking lot office. Tommy didn't tell her he loved her. That raged through her mind and broke her heart every step towards her car as she dodged his shouting calls of her name when he finally caught sight of her again. Her right hand trembled as she tried to put her key in her lock, and then they slipped from her grasp. She swore loudly, brushing away tears, her heart breaking ever so slowly...


Kim, being as petite and short as she was quickly disappeared into the thick crowds of party-goers before he could catch up to her. And then he lost sight of her soon after. Searching frantically, he sought Trini and Jason, but neither saw the former Pink Ranger or could get him to explain just what the hell was going on.

He didn't have time to explain what he wasn't sure he himself even understood.

Upon racing outside, he described her to a nearby security guard, who said she had just walked by a few minutes ago. And she was crying.

His heart sank.

Shaking his head as guilt ate away at him, he knew pushing her for the 'I love you' was as selfish as it was arousing to him at the time. The new-found chemistry they shared carried with it a competitiveness that he enjoyed as she was feisty and all too alluring. But love crept back in when he wasn't looking, and on the very night he was finally ready to accept what was happening again... he screwed it all up.

Kimberly's new black Ford Taurus sped out of the lot as he watched it disappear into the night. His truck was on the other side of the parking lot, but for once he thought rather than reacted.

As his head bowed, hands on his hips, Tommy wondered what was it that made her react so powerfully. He worried that maybe he'd been to aggressive sexually, but couldn't wrap his mind around that one as they were both so into it all summer long. He knew kissing Trini made her angry, but that didn't seem like a deal breaker. Yes, it wasn't politically correct to essentially beg her to say she loved him, but...

He hadn't said it back.

It hit him like a ton of bricks. No, more like a 747 crashing down on him. The words were her truth, not just a passion-laced declaration. She truly, deeply loved him again and giving him that moment when she was at her most open and vulnerable, he offered her nothing in return.

Its so easy for the one who's heart was broken to imagine that the person who did it didn't suffer or feel anything at all. He recalled wondering if she even cried once after writing the letter when he couldn't sleep for a week. His thoughts were centered on his pain. His embarrassment in being dumped in a letter and all the other stupid elements that didn't in any way rank against real tragedies in the world.

At the end of the day a high school relationship broke up. And then world didn't end.

Out of nowhere the heavens thundered overhead, raining down upon him as Angel Grove's wildly unpredictable weather swept over in in sheets of heavy rain. He stood perfectly still, knowing that he should have told her he loved her too. But the words didn't come. They're with him, burned into his heart for her alone, but tonight he failed her and it ate away at him like nothing ever had before.

She didn't want to talk. Not tonight, and driving to her house might make things even worse than they already were. He wanted to argue that if she hadn't run off she would have gotten exactly what she gave to him. But he knows he should have never pushed that hot button to begin with. He wanted what he wanted, her passionately proclaiming her love for him again after she once threw it away as if it meant nothing. And when it was time to step up to the plate, the words choked in his throat. And now her heart was broken.

Even as his had finally healed.

Sighing, Tommy solemnly trekked in the pouring rain towards his truck. Love was still the great mystery he hadn't figured out all the angles to yet, not that at his age or any other could a perfect answer be found. But somehow, someway he was going to make this up to Kimberly. And when he did she would never, ever doubt she owned his heart, and he would forever protect hers.


The End of Chapter 4

The Finale: By her side...