Title: "The Long, Hot Summer"
Written by: Shawn
Chapter (3/5)

Summary: Throwing all caution to the wind, Tommy and Kim are untamed in their summer affair.

Category: Erotica/Romance/Angst
Rating: Hard NC-17
Timeline/Spoilers: Summer of 1997 following the Power Rangers Turbo season - Rangers have passed the Torch - Zack, Trini, and Jason have returned from the Peace Conference. Billy is healed and fine.

Disclaimer: Saban owns it all again.

Authors Notes 1: Slightly AU time-line wise as Rangers are all 20 or so here - Tommy/Kim never had their talk after the events of the Turbo movie as she went right back to Florida. This story will span the entire summer of 1997.

Authors Notes 2: Love, regret, passion, anger, and growing up are all issues explored here.

Authors Notes 3: This series will be a series of 1 scene chapters and I will only post this when all five are done. Then I will post each one day after the other.

Authors Notes 4: This Chapter begins the night of the blizzard that ended Chapter 2, and then will move forward weeks at a time.


"Passion, it lies in all of us, sleeping... waiting... and though unwanted... unbidden... it will stir... open its jaws and howl. It speaks to us... guides us... passion rules us all, and we obey. What other choice do we have? Passion is the source of our finest moments. The joy of love... the clarity of hatred... and the ecstasy of grief. It hurts sometimes more than we can bear. If we could live without passion maybe we'd know some kind of peace... but we would be hollow... Empty rooms shuttered and dank. Without passion we'd be truly dead."

~~ Joss Whedon




Kimberly's apartment building
Apt: 28
Sunday, June 20, 1997 12:50 AM
Angel Grove, Ca

"Dammit, dammit, dammit!" Kim angrily stomped thick snow off her boots while shivering just inside her living-room as she flipped the wall light switch on and off. Nothing happened each time, further distressing her. The power was off as Snowmegeddan 1997's howling winds robbed Angel Grove of just about every single thing that worked, leaving it in a modern day Stone Age state.

"We are officially in the Bedrock!" She yanked her pink scarf, gloves, and winter coat off, tossing them in her closet rather than even hanging them up as all her patience was gone. Suddenly it dawned her her once more than she wasn't alone when Tommy shut her front door, and then began removing his winter gear. Sudden erotic flashbacks of earlier tonight fluttered through her mind even as she tried to shake them away. "I guess that hot coffee I offered you for the ride you gave me is off."

Grinning evilly, Tommy leaned his back to her front door, watching her pull her boots off in the dark. "So you want me to leave?"

It would be far safer if he did, she surmised. Her emotions were already in a uproar from the depth of caring he showed her tonight... and the way he fucked her so good... she needed... wanted distance... and yet she craved having him closer. Especially inside her, which was bad, bad, and more bad. Craving a man was not healthy for a woman, and yet crave him she did. And that was so damn dangerous. "The blizzard isn't getting any better and the snow plows wont start to hit the roads until it stops snowing." She hated that smirk he wore and wanted to kiss it off... she meant punch it off. Yeah! "Look, I don't want you crashing into a light pole and dying because I wasn't kind enough to lend you my 'couch' for the evening," she emphasized by pointing toward the maroon furniture. Holding in a daring smirk, she brushed past him in the dark, walking over to her window ledge where she sat down and peeked through the curtains. Blustering clouds of white buried the city in a scene almost biblical in nature. "This is insane California weather."

Tommy hung up his coat, gloves and scarf tucked inside the pockets, while his mind raced with the possibility of spending the night with her. All night... he desired that so greatly it scared
him. On one level it was normal for any guy to desire a beautiful woman. But considering his storied history with this one, he knew the potential pitfalls were surrounded by wildly flashing red lights. And yet he couldn't walk away without knowing... He gazed at her now, lovely bathed in shadows, her brown hair a bit longer and thicker than he was used to seeing it, but looked nothing less than great on her. Tenderness nearly overwhelmed him as he fought the feeling with all
he had. "Billy said the effects of Divatox's machine should fade by summers end. After that it'll be gone for good."

Kimberly felt him move around her, settling in behind her to peek over her shoulder through the
curtain. His close warmth soothed her as she swallowed, the cold storm outside nearly finding a match in the one softly brewing between her and her ex-boyfriend. Her feminine instinct was to lean back into him, and she knew he'd fold her in his strong embrace. But she couldn't give in to that. Could she? "Good," she replied softly as they watched the snowfall seemingly erase the world outside her apartment. "It would be nice to get back to clear skies and sunshine."

Tommy settled half beside her, his right leg brushing against her hip as they followed the blizzards wrath in the dark of her apartment. The urge to hold her was shocking in how badly he wanted too. It was one thing to sexually desire a woman. It was another to wish her in your arms and no where else. "Hopefully by mid-afternoon tomorrow the roads will be clear enough and you can get a tow truck for your car."

She chuckled, and then turned to him. "I think its time to admit Crappy has driven me her last mile," she admitted. "I may have to take my Dad up on his offer to help me get a new car sooner rather than later. I didn't want to do that, but oh well."

Her independence was but one of the many sides of her he admired. She made her own way these days, standing on her own two feet. He respected that. "I'll take you anywhere you need to go tomorrow."

His loving gaze squeezed something tender in her chest, and all that she could do was nod and offer a small smile as her attention again focused on the heavy snowfall outside and not the heat simmering between her and her first love.

And then she leaned over and kissed him. Softly at first, until his arms curled around her and she moaned into his mouth. She shifted slightly, settling against his chest, drowning in the thoroughly passionate kiss they'd fallen into. Her head swam and when her arm accidentally brushed over the front of his pants, she found him achingly hard. Her center quivered at the knowledge. She whispered, "We shouldn't be doing this... again."

A smile curled at the end of his mouth. Holding her tight to his chest, and even then she wasn't close enough. "Maybe its fate."

He nipped at her bottom lip, causing her to shiver against him. "And what if i don't believe in fate?"

"Then believe in us."

Throwing caution to the wind, Kimberly's tongue parted his lips, deepening the kiss as he half drug her slender form over his lap, now cradling the back of her head while plundering her soft mouth with hunger. She drank in the taste of him, falling deeper into the abyss of whatever was happening between them. Her arms snaked around his neck, drawing him closer, seductively caressing the back of his neck with her fingertips.

When his hand carelessly drifted up her thigh, she moaned, and then somehow tore herself from his grasp. She stood too quickly, almost feeling woozy as she needed a moment of space. Her mind and body weren't on the same page at all. Jesus, this was Tommy. The ex-boyfriend she dumped. The one she still cared about and... and... what she was feeling was a case of too much far
too soon. "I'm sorry," she began honestly, wrapping her arms around herself. "I think we need to slow down and stop all the face suckage and work banging and naked Olympics until this makes some sort of sense."

Tommy watched her mouth moving and heard words being said, but wanted nothing more in this world than to grab her right now, hoist her over his shoulder, take her to her bed, undress her, and fuck her brains out all night long and well into the next day until he just couldn't anymore!

What the hell was she doing to him?

Tommy shook his head clear of the cobwebs, and then exhaled a deeply held breath. "Before we start bumping into each other in the dark, got any candles?"

Thankful he let it go, she gave a little nod. "I'll be right back. No need for us to spend the night in the Dark Ages."

Tommy saw her depart for the kitchen, while he stood, stretched and then moved to her
couch. Calming his body down wasn't a easy task, but thinking of a naked Goldar did the trick. Ewww, but it worked.

Upon settling in comfortably, he hand felt a thick leather-bound book stuck between the couch pillows. Reaching in, he pulled the book out and opened it. Squinting, even in the dark he made out it was a photo album. One of Kim and her family that he had never seen before.

Blinking wildly, Kim all but shouted, "You put that down right now!"

Peering up, Tommy found his ex-honey with a lit candle in one hand and a heavy-duty flashlight in the other. Soon he was turning away when she shined it in his face. "Are you trying to blind me?"

"Hand it over!"

"Why?" When she sat the candle down on the inn table in front of the couch, she began reaching for the photo album. His superior arm length held her at bay as their struggle made him laugh. "What's the big deal? I've seen your family photo albums before."

She didn't want him to see this one. The one her mom accidentally left here when she visited a couple of weeks ago. The one that seemed to have been created only to embarrass her at every turn of the page. "Its... it sucks, alright." She fought off a playful grin, and then groaned when he snatched the flashlight and began shining it on pages. "You suck too!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Tommy chuckled at the first few pages, which were a photo session of a naked infant Kim on a rug. "The pink ribbon on your head is so cute. And that one tooth of yours makes your smile so nice."

crossing her arms in a mock pose of anger, she replied, "I hate you!"

Snickering, Tommy paid her no mind, even as she gave up the fight and sat beside him, almost leaning on his shoulder. A part of him wanted her too. "Don't worry, these are very tasteful nudes. And that picture where you are trying to swallow your fist, classic."

Kim playfully choked him, and then just gave up as he continued going through the album. "One day I will have my revenge, Mr. Oliver."

"Look at you in your little Princess Halloween costume," he teased as the clearly cheesing little girl in the photo was prancing around in her tiara, gown, and jewels over two pages. "Okay, so next year you were a Tiger?"

She hit him in the shoulder. Hard. "I used to like Tigers, okay. And that outfit was really soft and... hot, but not sexy hot. More like wearing a striped carpet outfit while trick or treating in California heat sort of hot. I almost fainted twice."

Tommy adored the picture, but didn't reveal it. "That wasn't your finest hour."

"Clearly," she laughed with him. "But don't tell me you don't have a embarrassing childhood Halloween outfit?"

"I was Kermit the Frog once." Kim blinked, trying to imagine it. "I was young and my parents thought it was cute. Rest assured I have made sure those photos no longer exists."

Kim gave a shrug. "You were probably the best man-frog ever."

"Thanks," he noted sarcastically, and then began turning the pages until he found a photo of Kim that read 'Age 10 - Grade school dance'. "Hey, is that Jason?"

"Yep, the one and only time we dated." She recalled how awkward it was and yet fun too. "I was crushing big on him at the time."

Tilting his head, Tommy eyed her. "Excuse me?!"

Now that drew a chuckle from her ass he appeared just a touch jealous of a pic taken a decade ago. It kinda made her feel good. "Believe it or not, for a couple of months I did indeed have a crush on Jason. He could ride his bike really fast and do tricks on it. I was impressed."

Tommy kept staring at the picture of his best friend and ex-girlfriend grinning as children, dressed up for a school dance. Jason had the worlds worst mushroom haircut. "I could do tricks too."

Now that was cute. So cute she actually leaned over and smooched his cheek just to mess
with him. "I was really into guys who could wheelie down the street."

"I race cars, you know."

"Oh shut up." she declared, yawning, while realizing that she was in fact leaning into him. His arm had somehow curled round her waist as they were looking at the pictures together. She flipped a few pages forward to one in particular. "Now that one is my all-time personal favorite."

Tommy took a double-take as he looked from Kim to the picture and then back at her. "You and your brother are covered in mud from head to tow. Even your hair has mud in it."

Proudly, she smiled and began her tale. "My brother was evil. And one day when I accidentally ran his G.I Joe toys over with my remote control Barbie Corvette he sought revenge by putting a few pieces of dry dog food in my bowl of Cheerios. I remember wondering why they were extra crunchy for some reason," she smiled. "When I found out what Mark did I raced outside tackled him in a huge mud puddle and began beating the ever-living crap out of him. My Dad was so furious and My mom nearly had a heart attack, but my grandmother took the picture. She said it marked peace between my brother and I. Boy, we got into so much trouble."

Mark looked teary-eyed in the picture. "You really beat him up."

"I may be short, but I'm tough."

"And Beautiful."

Dammit, she wasn't going to blush. But she did anyway. He still got to her no matter how hard she tried to fight it. "Tell me, was it that wall of hair splattered with mud that made me so beautiful, or that sexy extra layer of dirt on my face?"

"You still looked hot covered in mud."

"You're nuts," she laughed while pressing far to close to him. Yawning once more, the continued their trip down memory lane. "Now this picture right here, I was eleven and totally in love with a boy named Parker who had the prettiest green eyes and a Sigma bike with disc wheels..."


In the dead of night Tommy awoke first to the soft breathing of warmth fanning over his
cheek. Yawning as the past evening slowly came roaring back, a mental film-reel of pleasure and conflicting emotions all at once swept over him. Meanwhile, Kimberly slept peacefully on her side, cuddled against him, lying half-over him on the couch. Her arms were wrapped tightly around his middle, clinging to him in her sleep as closely as possible. Her head sought the pillow of his shoulder as she slept while frigid, icy winds put Angel Grove in a deep freeze.

With a sigh his eyes gently blinked away the sleep in the darkness, save for the slowly fading glow of the candle on the inn table. Unable to resist a moment longer, his arms fully embraced her slender form as if to ward off the cold itself, even as his heart warned him that this woman was more trouble than any he'd ever faced before.

And yet he'd die before letting her go.

One hand settled over her lower back, while another cradled the back of her head as she slept soundly. Without thinking he cuddled her against him, mindful of the overwhelming sense of protectiveness he felt for her again. She hummed comfortably against his chest, the soft sound of which soothed his soul as he considered what had happened between them and what was happening now.

This felt worse than perfect.

It felt right.

Even as tonight's dangerous blizzard conditions pelted the window-glass with blustering snowfall, Tommy felt this overwhelming sense of protectiveness and affection for Kimberly once more. He knew the pitfalls of engaging in this illicit affair, but couldn't resist her... couldn't stop thinking their first angry night together. She was constantly on his mind, and he sensed that she was affected as well.

Now as the blustering snow covered Angel Grove, the tender way she snuggled closer in his arms was evidence of trust on her part, and more than friendship on his as he embraced her tighter and would kill to see no other man does that again.

How they'd fallen asleep on the couch and ended up like this, he didn't know. Only that the heart she had carelessly broken felt all of a faded wound, while this new, fragile emotion equally terrified and drew him ever closer to her. Once upon a time in his quieter moments he hoped she would one day down the line become his wife. That was the little, mildly naive dream of young man in love for the first time ever. Life shifted his world off the axis he'd built it on, and now it was shifting again. Even as his head demanded he slow down, create some distance, and not forget this was the same woman who crushed his heart in a letter... another stronger part of him wanted more of this 'new' Kimberly with every second passed that he spent with her.

Little did he know that a minute ago Kimberly woke up as well, but felt far to comfy to make mention of it. She felt him exhale comfortably over her temple, his light stubble prickly over the side of her face. The hand that softly cradled the back of her head made her feel so safe, and so loved. That latter sentiment was insane for her to even consider, although each time they kissed she lost more of herself to him again. Tonight he'd shown her a depth of true caring she hadn't known since... well... him. He came for her during a blizzard and would not leave until she made it home safe and sound.

Inviting him for coffee was a joke of an offer, and she was at least honest with herself about
that. Sex at work was beyond crazy and epically stupid, but so damn good and she wanted
more. Needed more. Craved more and him and the way she felt when she was with him.

They were so in love once upon a time. Her heart changed in a way she couldn't have fathomed, and here they were.

Two years later felt more like ten with how much both had changed and grew up in their time
apart. But now as he tucked her head beneath his chin, clutching onto her tighter, she could do no more than bury her face into his shoulder and pray her heart was strong enough to fight off the feelings that were growing stronger by the day.

His familiar voice suddenly broke through her internal thoughts.

"You're awake, aren't you?"

Kim gave a tiny yawn, and then felt him tuck a errant strand of her brown hair behind her
ear. Unconsciously, she leaned into his touch. "Yeah, but only barely." She felt him smile into her hair, and wanted nothing more than to always feel this way. Wildly flashing red danger lights and blaring sirens went off in her logical mind, but her heart just didn't care. "What are you doing up?"

He couldn't answer that he was watching her sleep and enjoying it far to much. Giving a modest shrug, he replied, "Not sure."

She nodded against his shoulder, and then yawned again. "Its gotta be so late."

"My watch says 3:45 AM."

Kim groaned, and then lifted her eyes to meet his. He held her as if he never wanted to let
her go, and she liked that far too much. "I can still hear the wind gusting. It still hasn't stopped snowing."

"Gonna be a long night."

"Good thing we got this candle," she joked a second before it finally flickered out dead. "I spoke to soon."

Tommy didn't care as he fought the intense urge to press his mouth to her forehead in a loving kiss.

She hadn't noticed that their legs were entwined, or that she was clinging to him so fully. This was so not appropriate ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend behavior. Then again, when had anything ever been normal for them? From teenage super heroes to lovers at last. "Tell me a secret."

Tommy's right hand tenderly grazed her lower back beneath her shirt. "About what?"

"Anything, but its gotta be personal."

He considered her curious request for a long moment, and then gazed into her eyes. "From the moment we made love that first time, I haven't been able to go so long as a single day without thinking about you."

His revelation stole her breath away. A shift was taking place between them. One she wasn't sure of its outcome. "Tell me another one?"

"Its your turn," he kindly reminded her, and then rested his head against the side of hers. "Tell me a secret."

She smiled in the dark, resting against him as he held her close. Being this way with him again was crazy, but felt so nice. "You're the most incredible lover I have ever had. And though my total number is very, very low, in terms of the quality its not even remotely close."

Tommy gazed into her eyes, one part loving his place in her sexual world, while another part of him hated that he wasn't the only man who had ever touched her. "No one has ever hurt me as bad as you did."

That she held that place in his life was heartbreaking. "I've never felt more sorry for anything in my life than for the way I hurt you."

He believed her and still hated a part of her. She was... is the most profound person to his life that he had ever met. He would always love her in some way. Maybe in every way despite
it all.

Caressing her cheek in the dark, he gave her something so precious. "I miss you."

The lump in her throat nearly choked her breath as she struggled with how to feel about what he just revealed. Elated? Terrified? Suspicious? Her heart wasn't so sure of anything but that she wanted to be with him tonight. Damn all else.

Seizing the day, as fear never stood in her way, Kimberly carefully disentangled herself from his embrace. She felt his gaze upon her the whole time, quietly waiting to see what decision she just made.

Her choice was simple.

She extended her hand to him.

He was there, before her that very second. She twined their fingers, leading this man to her bedroom where they would make love. Her choice. Her desire.


She wanted him, and so she would have him. And tomorrow would be whatever it would be.


Her pink nails raked through his dark hair, loving the way he drank from the column of her throat with his warm mouth. Small, panting moans escaped her parted lips as his strong body thrust into her deeply beneath the covers. The sensation of his solid frame rocking into her had free hand clutching a fistful of white sheets. Her legs curled round his waist, ankles locking over his lower back so that he could take her hard... fucking her with every thick inch of his cock. So full of him she almost couldn't stand the pleasure. "Don't stop, baby... God, just like that... fuck... Goddontstop!"

"Can't get enough of you..." Tommy drug himself from the tender side of her neck to her soft mouth once more, plundering her with a wild passion as his hips surged powerfully into hers with relentless urgency. Every taste of her tongue made his cock harder as their hips collided, smacking loudly together with growing intensity. She felt so small beneath him, and yet so aggressive in her own right as they grind-fucked vigorously. "So good... so damn good," he groaned into their kiss, his hands roaming her slender hips as they fucked all over her bed. "Want you all the time...
want you so bad!"

Her nails clawed at his sweaty back, as the scent of them lifted from beneath the covers. Her caresses rained down the hard physique of his back until she grabbed his ass, loving the way the muscles strained as he fucked her with long strokes. The husky sounds he made left her shivering as they made love. Sensory overload swept over her, claiming this man inside her so possessively. She bit his neck hard, and then buried her face their while softly whining his name over and over. He pressed his face over her shoulder, kissing and biting, marking her skin. Her legs locked tighter around him, even as her inner sheath drew powerfully around his hard cock, taking all of him while sucking hard around the length.

They were utterly lost in each other, mindlessly driven, clawing and grabbing and sweating as they fucked with hot intensity. Mouths merged wickedly, drawing tongues between lips, hands roaming everywhere. Grunting, moaning... pleading...worshiping each other lustfully. Squeaking bed springs echoed throughout her bedroom until the headboard banged hard against the wall... banging time after time until they finally came together... her sex tensing and releasing around him through a wrenching body-shivering climax as his cock throbbed, bursting inside her in hot spurts, dying the little death until they slumped as one, kissing softly in the dark.

Tommy gasped over her chest, eyes shut tightly, his body robbed of all strength. Of everything he was as she took it all.

Lifting his head slowly, he bent down to press his mouth to hers, mentally swearing that nothing ever felt better than making love to Kimberly. He sighed, overcome by emotion all of a sudden.

"Just kiss me again," she asked, drawing him to her once more.


Yawning awake to a new day, Kim frowned when she rolled over and found herself all alone. Her heart sank before she could halt the feeling as last night had been epic, but this morning apparently she wasn't worth sticking around for.

As she slowly sat up in bed, the unmistakable scent of them still clinging to the air, she tried to wrap her mind around Tommy leaving her bed without so much as a word said. Never mind the blizzard, that just wasn't him. But then again they'd both changed so much in the past two years, who was she to judge.

Her bare feet hit the carpet as she stood upright, and then the subtle ache of last nights sexual escapades paid her a visit. Not to mention after running a hand through her hair, she knew she probably looked like a hot mess, but whatever. A good shower would fix that.

A glance at her bedside alarm clocked read a blinking 12:00. At least the power was back on. The Stone Ages were not fun.

Grabbing a oversized pint t-shirt from out of her closet, she looked around for a note or something signaling where Tommy had went and why.


"Figures," she muttered to herself.

Departing her bedroom, she was suddenly assailed by the wonderful scent of pancakes, bacon, and sizzling eggs as she rounded a corner to find a shirtless Tommy cooking up a storm in her
kitchen. It took her a moment to wrap her mind around the scene before her. And try as she did to feel nonchalant, she was elated he was still here.

He hadn't acknowledged her presence yet, perhaps hadn't even seen her. She recalled he'd boasted once or twice that he could cook now, ever since getting his own bachelor pad and all. She watched him adding cheese to a skillet of scrambled eggs, while at the same time flipping a pancake onto a stack of them on a plate. Her stomach grumbled with anticipation.

All that she could do was shake her head and smile. The scene was surreal to say the least.

Standing there watching him from afar, Kimberly exhaled all the angst and worry she'd carried around with her ever since that first night they gave in and took each other at last. Her mind and heart fought over the worry of becoming his lover, of how this might ruin a real shot at friendship they could have, and that with their history this could all turn out so bad it might finally be unrepairable.

Suddenly, she didn't care.

Not one single bit.

She was about to start college next fall, was working full-time this summer paying all her own bills and living in her own small apartment. She was happy, healthy, independent and here was this outrageously sexy man in her kitchen cooking her breakfast while half-naked. He was also flat out incredible in bed and what in the fucking world was she stressing over?

Live a little.

She felt a calming sense of purpose, throwing caution to the wind, just like last night. Maybe a fun, sexy summer romance was exactly what she needed. Something not overwhelmed by commitment or seriousness or demands on her time and space. Something wild and untamed and so private no one had to know.

Yes, she wanted that. Wanted him. Trusted him. And with her mildly-augmented ex-Ranger DNA, Zordon's once every six months birth control shot was 100%-no-way-a-little-Oliver was getting through. She covered her mouth to stifle a giggle, and then addressed him. "You are so pussy-whipped."

Tommy spun with spatula in hand, grinning at the sight of her. "Says the woman so out of it from my incredible love making that she didn't even know I left the bed."

"You left the bed to make me breakfast because I was so great last night," she teased wearing a bright smile.

"I might be hungry too, you know."

"Then why are there two plates on my table?"

"Maybe I'm being a gentleman?"

"Maybe..." she declared while yawning, and then walked over to him, her arms crossed. "We need to talk."

Tommy nodded, having expected this. He switched off all the food, then turned back around and faced her. "Go for it."

It was time for her to be bold, grown, and blunt. "I don't want to stop fucking you."

He gulped, and then bowed his head to hide a smirk. Hearing her say that just about choked the wind out his chest. "Okay..."

"And since we are friends again and we enjoy doing this, I say we don't stop." Standing tall, gazing into his eyes, she gave a confident nod. "I think we should not tell anyone because we don't need the questions and commentary about our lives. I think we should be exclusive while we do this, and unless one of us falls in love with someone else, we enjoy this summer for all its worth." There, she said it with no fear and no long battle within on what this meant or why was she doing it or where this could lead. "What do you think?"

Pretending to ponder for a moment by looking away all serious like, Tommy's mouth curved happily as he bent down and kissed her. For him, this was Christmas morning. Despite the possible pitfalls ahead. Alas, sometimes you just had to jump. "Don't start thinking I'm gonna make you breakfast every single morning after I spend the night. This is a one-time deal."

"We keep saying things like that. Funny how its all working out."

"Funny, but spectacular."

She walked into his arms as they hugged tightly. "Spectacular indeed."


A week later


Hawthorne Race Track
Friday, June 25, 1997 12:22 PM
Eagles Peak, Ca

"Don't say a word." Slowly unzipping his red and white tracksuit all the way down, Kimberly looked around the small shaded nook they were parked in at the race-track. They were all alone. "Hush. Trust me, Handsome."

Tommy drew in a ragged breath as his head arched back in the driver's seat of his Nissan NASCAR racer. "This is crazy."

Logically, it was, but then again he'd been complaining to her all week long about his racing times being off and his response to the new vehicle he was driving not being that good. So Kim stopping by for a surprise visit on her lunch hour turned into something pleasurable to take his mind off things.

All further concerns were forgotten at the first touch of her soft, wet tongue over the head of his straining cock as she pulled him free through his underwear. He gave a long, satisfying groan as she lazily dragged her tongue up and down his hard shaft, flicking it as his thighs tensed beneath her free hand. The skin was so soft against her oral caress, like silk wrapped around steel as she seductively worshiped him while bent over his lap.

Her teasing nips brushed along his length as she pumped him with her small fist. To say he hadn't dreamed about this at least a million times would be the lie of the century, but the reality was so much better than his old teenage fantasies. The hint of danger at being caught at any time amplified his arousal as the sensual wet swipes of her tongue rolled his eyes in the back of his head. The warmth of her breath fanning over his cock as she nibbled greedily on the head was beyond words for him to describe. Her tongue lashed away a clear drop of pre-cum, and then at last she inhaled him deeply. "Jesus... Kim, oh...fuck..."

Gliding him smoothly between her lips, Kim nursed his cock until her name escaped his throat on the wing tips of a husky groan. Her soft, sucking mouth made love to him with hungry affection, bathing him in warm saliva while hollowing her cheeks as she rose and fell over his lap. He jerked beneath her, his body shivering as she took him inside her warm mouth, drawing firmly around him. Her head began to bob rhythmically as he rested a gentle hand over the back of her head, tangling in her hair.

Sensory overload aside, Tommy's heart raced faster than any car he'd ever driven. The hot feel of her hand twisting around the base while her head moved over him was exquisite. A sharp hiss escaped his lips as her tongue swirled over the head, and then took him back inside her mouth once more, sucking harder now. His neck arched, chest heaving as he was going to cum to soon and though his pride was gonna be hurt, her skill was unmatched.

She was just that damn good!

Slowly lifting off his cock, Kimberly took a glance at her watch, and then groaned, "Dammit!"

Before Tommy could ask what that was about she began to pump him relentlessly while sucking deeply as she could take him. Her head bobbed wickedly over his lap, her mouth fastened over him, working him over her wet tongue until her name became a litany of exclamations flying out of him. The salacious vise of her sucking wrenched him dangerously close to the edge as he began throbbing harder. Her head bobbed faster over his lap as her name flew from his lips until he swelled so hard one last time.

And then her sweet, loving mouth possessively drew from him a intense, frantic release. She settled herself as the liquid eruption splashed over her tongue in wet bursts time after time as she swallowed every drop of him until a long, satisfying sigh, followed by the last little twitches were evidence that he had no more to give. He slumped back in the seat, his chest heaving.

Finally releasing him with a tiny little kiss over the head, Kimberly casually tucked him back inside his underwear, and then zipped his tracksuit back up to his neck. The sight he made was hilarious. Face glistening with sweat, skin a shade of scarlet, eyes shut tightly, drained and man-happy with that dumb little post-orgasm grin that revealed a job well done. Pun intended. "Now listen to me..."

Tommy didn't even have the strength to nod. He watched her retrieve a bottle of water from her purse and a pack of Tic-Tacs.

"I want you to relax in this new car. Get a feel for it around the track at normal speeds before you start gunning it. And listen to your crew before you start damning it to hell. Its a new car, so learn about it and never forget you are a rookie to professional race car driving. You have a lot to learn and success will come in time. I believe in you. Always have, always will."

He found the energy to nod, and kinda, sorta loved her before shoving that feeling away. But feel it he did.

After a couple of water swallows and two Tic-Tacs, Kim smiled. "I would have climbed on that bad-boy and rode you all the way to Happy Town, USA. But I have to get back to work and I'm already going to be late. So get yourself together and get back out on that track. I expect you to do very well in next weeks race." Leaning over, she brushed her mouth over his, lingering for moment. "Call me later on tonight?"

"Absolutely." He pulled her closer for another kiss, and then barely let her go at all. What she did to his heart, no one else before her or since had even come close too. And then
he laughed, "Do I say thank you?"

"No, you just return the favor sometime," she winked, and then exited his car, disappearing behind the corner.

He watched her every step of the way. All that he could do was sigh happily and be ever so thankful such a wonderful woman was in his life.


Three Weeks Later


The Home of Billy Cranston
Friday, July 15, 1997 11:20 PM
Santa Monica, Ca

"He was all over you tonight."

"I'm not yours... and I don't answer to you."

"You're mine this summer, and you know it."

"I'm yours when I choose to be. And tonight you're being a jealous jackass!"

"When you sat on his lap and then stared directly at me, I knew you were playing games. To bad you're no good at it."

"I'm so 'good' at it you can't stand the thought of me with another man."

"You don't care about him or any other guy. You just want me to want you more than anything else in the world."

That's when the rain began to fall desperately as Tommy and Kim fought on Billy's back porch. The party as still going on inside, but out here a fire was starting.

"You're not the center of my universe, Tommy. Never have been, never will be."

"As self-centered as you are, no one could replace you in that position."

"I could think of a position or two I'd like to get Chad in."

"I could think of a hospital or two I could put Chad in."

"You're just pissed because for the first night in weeks I haven't been all over you."

"So you wouldn't give a damn at all if I went in there and took someone home with me tonight?"

Thunder boomed overhead as the heavens opened, pouring down on them until the back-porch light flickered, and then died, drowning them in darkness. They were soaking wet now, raging at each other.

"... do whatever the fuck you want to do."

"What, did I strike a nerve?"

"Look, I'm going back inside before people start tom ask questions. If you want to fight, fight with yourself. Its thunder-storming and I am fucking done talking to you."

Tommy grabbed her wrist, spinning her around until her back braced against the smooth wall. "You have been baiting me all night, stealing glances at me while flirting with Chad. Now you have the nerve to act like you don't even know what I'm talking about? Fuck that and fuck you."

"That's what this is all about, isn't it," Kimberly snarled as rain droplets cascaded down
her face. "Fucking, right?"

Her thin, short, and oh so soft pink and white dress now clung to her like a moist second skin as his gaze ravaged over her. Heavy rain drenched them soaking wet in the dark. "Don't play games with me."

Though she loathed to admit it, angry, pissed, possessive Tommy made her wet long before the storm started. She didn't like that side of him... she fucking loved it. "I don't belong to you!"

"The hell you don't!"

Fiery wickedness laced his desperate kiss with hellfire the moment his mouth slammed down on hers, plundering her soft lips as their hands grasped and groped as wet clothing an slick skin. Caution and sanity be damned, they frantically ate each others mouths while shoving jeans and underwear down legs... stepping out of panties... a slender woman being lifted off her face, pressed to the wall, as her legs tightly wrapped around his waist.

As he sank her down onto his hard cock, Kimberly's lips parted softly, her eyes slowly shutting as her head arched back against the wall. His strong hands cupped her ass fully, lifting her high on before lowering her until all of him was buried deeply inside her.

Their gazes locked as rain assaulted them in the darkness of the night. Tommy buried his face in the side of her neck while surging into her, lifting her against the wall in long, deep thrusts that left their ragged, husky breathing echoing in the night. This was angry, make-up fucking in the shadows. Dark, hot, so erotic neither could resist.

Hissing between clenched teeth, Kim felt his back muscles tensing as he filled her with all of him, driving her higher and higher with long, impacting surges. Counter rocking her slim hips into his thrusts, she shivered in his arms, squeezing around him each time her lowered her fully onto his cock. Yes, she wanted him jealous tonight. Wanted to push his buttons and force a reaction from him. Success was all hers as he groaned her name against the crook of her neck time after time, his fingers digging into the cheeks of her ass as he supported her on his hips. "Fuck me," she seductively commanded. "Prove to me that I'm yours."

Tommy knew as he was physically fucking her, she was mentally fucking him so hard cause he swore he would do anything... anything at all to feel this sheer depth of passion for the rest of
his life. His mouth sucked hard on her neck, brushing his teeth and tongue over the now scarlet mark he made while swaying her harder on his cock. "So damn good..."

The swelling, tingling sensation where their bodies merged left Kim humming in the back of her throat. Her clothes were soaked, as were his but she didn't care one bit. She began sucking on his ear, silently begging for more. The way he held her so tightly, claiming what was his, fucking her up against this wall like she belonged to him had her softly chanting his name as the rain swept over them. "Tommy... ohTommy..."

Throbbing heavily inside her, the aching desire to fuck her hard overtook him. Squeezing the rounded cheeks of her ass, he began pounding up into her, shaking them both against the wall. Her body flexed in his arms, her hips straining down on him harder and faster. Soon she was thrashing in his arms as the hard, wet slapping sound of flesh roared through his senses.

"Fuck, I'm cuming... ohgod, I'm cuming" Kimberly grunted hard when her climax hit, her face twisting in a mask of orgasmic pleasure so intense she tossed her head back, wet hair pasted on the sides of her face, clenching rhythmically around him until a final surge lifted her high on the wall as she felt him swell and then cum inside her so deeply...

Their foreheads pressed together as rain danced off their faces, they gasped for every breath they took, still connected. Soaking wet from head to toe.

Snickering in the dark, her face dripping wet, Kimberly smiled. "I'm sticky, achy, wet, and uncomfortable in these wet clothes. And I'm not mad for making you jealous."

"Good," Tommy smiled. "And for the record, at least for this summer, you are mine."



One week later


Hallway outside of Aisha Cambell's apartment
4th floor
Saturday, July 23, 1997 8:30 PM
Stone Canyon, Ca

"Missed you all day," Tommy whispered over the soft bow of her lips before smothering them in another long, loving kiss. Her tiny little hum lifted a tender smile on his face. "I think I'm addicted to you," he continued. "You're like a drug that I can't quit."

Making out with him in the hallway outside Aisha's apartment was dangerous enough for them to get caught, but he had this intense sway over her mind, body and dare she admit, heart. Kim shot a glance down the hall in both directions to make sure no one was coming. "Okay, so you do win some style points for saying you missed me," she kissed him once more, half-giggling in the middle of it a she cradled his face. "But this is Ladies Night at Sha's place, and Baseball/Booze night at Jason's down the hall. So we need to get back to our respective nightspots before we get caught and then have to answer a million and one questions about why we're hooking up and never told them to begin with."

Groaning in mock frustration, Tommy buried his face in the side of her neck, suck-kissing her there until she squirmed away.

"No more hickeys," she snickered, politely shoving him back with both hands to his chest. But he just wouldn't go far. She lifted a finger in warning. "I have already used the excuse of having been bitten by bugs twice, so no more marks please."

Bending down, Tommy winked, "But you left some on me."

Her smirk curled evilly. "Not where anyone can see them."

Tommy swopped in again, bathing her luscious mouth in one passionate kiss after another, his arms clasped tightly around her. And after a long, breathless moment she pushed him away again, shaking her head at the craziness of what he made her feel. "Sha's got that spare bedroom, you know. We could..." he whispered such naughtiness in her ear, and loved it when she shivered.

"No, no, no, and no," Kimberly was trying not to blush and throw caution to the wind. But where he was concerned she had little resistance. And the possibility of being caught, of doing something they shouldn't be doing, of the way they've indulged in such a passionate summer affair left her bold enough for almost anything. Her choice made, she looked him square in the eyes. "Go back to Jason's."

"... later." He closed in on her again.

Turning her face sideways, she allowed the closeness of their bodies pressed together to arouse her. And when his arms closed around her waist, she rested her head over his shoulder. Sex, sex, sex, she swore to herself. That's what her time with him this summer was all about. Great, hot, incredible sex. Not love.

Not love, Tommy thought to himself as he held her close, nuzzling the side of her temple, feeling as though this woman was all that he needed in the world. It was easier just enjoying how crazy-hot they were together. Falling in love with her again would be insane because he wasn't sure if he could truly trust her, and love without trust was a train wreck waiting to happen.

Still, he wanted her all the time. And felt this incredible sense of tenderness toward her.

"Maybe... maybe I'll make a kinda long phone call in Sha's spare bedroom after all," Kimberly declared while wearing a truly naughty grin. "But we're going to have to be quiet and no marking my skin and we might not technically get totally naked. Got it?"

Raising his right hand, he placed it over his heart. "Scouts honor."

Kim arched a brow. "You were never a Boyscout."

"Fine, Rangers honor."


"Good, now open the door."

Kimberly cracked it just wide enough to peak inside, listening for voices or footsteps. The girls were all in the kitchen preparing tequila shots for Aisha's once a month Ladies Night. They would have to be ultra sneaky, but hey, they were retired Ninja's after all. Retired, horny
ninja's. "Come on."

Grinning, Tommy quietly walked lightly behind Kim, and then a whirlwind of small events happened all at once. Voices suddenly came from around the corner, so Kimberly swung around, wrenched open a coat closet door and then he was quickly shoved inside. He barely had time to blink. What the hell?

"Pinks, everything okay?" Aisha asked while walking back into the living room with a huge silver trey of Tequila shots.

"Yeah, I'm fine." That was a lie, Kim wasn't fine. She was ten shades of horny and frustrated and her handsome ex-honey bunny was now trapped in the closet instead of inside her where he belonged! And as Tanya, Trini, Katherine and Diane re-entered the living room she knew tonight was gonna be damn interesting. Just how was she going to get out of this mess? For the moment she had to act normal. "What's the movie for tonight?"

"Pretty Woman," Katherine replied cheerfully, her shoes off, ready to relax and kick back. No one drove here tonight, with everyone taking a cab home afterward. The intention was to get good and toasty and forget the work week. "You game?"

"Always." Kim took a perch on the back of a maroon loveseat, her back to the closet across the way Tommy was now stuck in. Her mind raced over what to do about this, even going so far as to just tell everyone her and Tommy were... they were... well, they were something, she just wasn't one hundred percent sure what yet.

Thankfully, Tommy didn't have to pee. But he knew girls and they did. Often. So maybe he'd spend thirty minutes or so in here, but it would still be worth it if he got a hold of Kim at his next opportunity. Jason wouldn't even notice as he was all caught up in the game tonight. And... wow, he thought, Aisha's got a really great genuine leather jacket. He touched the arm, marveling at the quality. He nodded, feeling a bit jealous. But he did have the presence of mind to shut off the ringer on his cell phone.

Kim and the girls did their weekly "All Hands" toast as all of them knocked back a Tequila shot as the Julia Roberts movie began. Trini sat beside her, While Tanya occupied one comforter, and Billy's fiancee Diane was on another. Queen Sha had her special sofa that everyone knew she had had sex with Rocky on. No one sat on it and that was that.

It was an understood thing.

"Sometimes I wish Adam's dick wasn't so long," Tanya declared out of the blue to a chorus of raucous laughter as all sense of political correctness was flying out the window. The former Yellow Ranger enjoyed another Tequila shot, giggling at what she just said out loud. But these were her girls and it was the weekend. No need to be shy. "I love him to death and all, but sometimes... I mean I always knew he had a nice body, but he's... its..."

"Like riding a light-pole," Aisha chimed in with a snicker. "Before I came back to the States I dated this South African guy named Bradford. He was just too much man and it wasn't comfortable at all when we did the do. Now Rocky is definitely a mans man, but not that Mandingo warrior dick I had overseas." She shuddered at the memory. "I didn't walk right for a week. No thank you to that ever again."

Tommy shivered in the closet, having truly never wanted to hear any of these things before. So girls did talk about sex in frank and blunt ways when they were alone. And Adam being a real size guy... didn't see that one coming. And what in the hell was Mandingo Warrior dick?

Kim was dying laughing on the inside at what her poor, dear sweet Tommy must be thinking as he hid in the closet. Oh did she dare mess with him more? Yes... yes she had too. "So who's the biggest you sluts, I mean ladies, have ever had?"

Roaring chuckles around the room as Pretty Woman played on the television.

"Well," Trini began before downing another shot, enjoying the burn as it went down, "Considering my Cock-Count currently rests at three, I would say my ex-boyfriend from when I was in the Peace Conference, Joshua," she explained. "He wasn't so long, but thick as a wrist and when I first saw it I took a step backwards," she recalled as the girls howled with laughter. "Trust me, it was a comical moment." And then she added, "But a goooood night."

"Ohhhh, I bet it was," Diana teased. The pretty brunette Med-student was at least two years older than the other girls here. "Well size-wise all of my former lovers, that total's three as well, were pretty similar and I guess average. But Billy's stamina is just incredible," she reported s the girls listened eagerly. "I joke with him that he must have a Gatorade IV on the side of the bed. He can go all night and then some. In fact, that's why I'm marrying him."

"You bitch," Kim offered affectionately. "Okay, so I'll admit... Jason was huge." Trini nearly coughed up her entire drink next to her, eyes wide as all gazes raced toward the first former Pink Ranger. Tanya stared in mute shock. "What?"

"WHAT?!" Tommy's mind raged as he stood in the dark, listening intently.

Aisha stared open mouthed. "You didn't... did you?"

Kim allowed a heart-beat or two to pass before assuring them, "No, I was just teasing. I could never have sex with Jason. He's to much like my brother."

"Like your real brother or a brother like Tommy?" Katherine teased, grinning.

Kim peered away, her Poker face clearly in place. "No comment."

The room erupted again as shots were downed. And then Katherine took center stage when she blurted out...

"I boned Zack. And it was pretty damn epic."

You could have heard a pin drop as silence reigned. All eyes flew to the slender blonde as she downed a shot, and then settled back, arms behind her neck. "And I'm not joking."

Tanya threw a pillow at her best friend. "You never said a word! You slut," she joked while laughing. "Tell us everything. Confess!"

Tommy wasn't shocked, Zack confided that in him nearly three weeks ago.

"Well, I needed a ride home from the airport that one Sunday a couple of weeks ago when I was coming back from seeing my parents in Australia, and he was available and willing."

"I bet he was," Trini chimed in with a snicker.

Katherine offered her the middle finger, and then continued, Anyway, I was on a late flight arriving back at L.A.X. around 10:00 PM and after he picked me up he asked if I had anything to eat. I was starving cause airplane food makes me sick, so we stopped at a nearby Denny's and talked over pancakes and... look, we're friends and we're not dating. We're both single and you all know he's hot, plus the way he dances... So when he dropped me off I offered him coffee and then..."

"You fell on his dick?" Aisha questioned while pouring more Tequila as chuckles filtered about.

"No... maybe," Kat replied while blushing a little. "It just sort of happened out of the blue. Three times out of the blue," roaring laughter around, "But still, we're friends and it was just a thing. But he's..." she shook his head. "His dick is magic. And I thought Tommy was fantastic, but wow."

Enjoying this far to much, Trini just had to ask, "So who was better?"

Kim could only imagine the hell Tommy was now in hearing this conversation. Her head was buzzing delightfully from the alcohol and still being aroused. "Fess up, Kat. The world wants to know."

Crossing her long dancer's legs, Katherine gave a far off smile while seemingly giving great thought to the question. "It's more a styles preference sort of thing than who was better. Both were great, but Tommy is a very intense lover. Zack's wild and passionate and all kinds of awesome. So no, not gonna choose. Both are great."

Tommy still thought he was better, but he'd accept that for now. It was a good thing he and Kat were on such good terms or he'd almost be insulted.

"But yeah, Zack is bigger than Tommy."

He suddenly hated her fucking guts, the bitch! Then Tommy shook his head and laughed at the insanity of being stuck in a dark closet with a very expensive, kick ass leather jacket. And he still adored Katherine despite her dig. So Zack was bigger... Hmm... Interesting.

Talk continued until Kim spared a glance at her wrist watch and noticed over fifteen minutes had passed. It was time to push Tommy's buttons some more. "You guys see the commercials for those new Maxi-Pads with the wings? What do you think of those?"

As the girls chimed in Tommy frantically began dialing Kim's cell phone number. He had to get out of this damn closet now! No way in hell was he gonna entertain hearing a talk about Maxi-Pads. He quietly whispered, "Kim?" after two rings.

Outside on the couch, Kim answered her cell, "Hey Mom, what's up?"

"Do something to get me out of this freaking closet or I am going to cause a scene and out us right now! And so help me God if you starting talking about women's periods or anything to do with that stuff I will..."

"I'm fine, mom. I'm at Aisha's apartment having a Ladies Night. Don't worry, I'll take care of everything."

"Good, cause just as soon a I am out of here and get you in the nearest bed, I'm going to..."

Kim sensuously nibbled her bottom lip, her right foot tapping the hard-wood floor as she felt her skin grow hot and flushed. Tommy graphically detailed everything he intended to do to her and how hard she would cum when he did it. Her heart raced, while she tried to appear as casual as possible. "That sounds nice. I'm looking forward to it." Dammit, her voice sounded high and flighty. Her heart was racing. "I'll talk to you soon. Bye Mom."

"... with my tongue," Tommy finished just before she hung up. Oh yeah, now she was all hot and bothered. He knew what buttons to push.

Kimberly's mind glossed over a number of super-sneak plans and clever schemes until finally she got a idea. It wasn't the worlds best, but it would do. "Where does that hottie next door live that you're dying to fix me up with, Sha? Come show me his apartment. I want to see where Mr. Six Pack and Great Smile lives."

"Come on, girl. I'll show you out the kitchen window. His apartment building is facing the other way. If he's home tonight I could arrange drinks, you know," Aisha finished with a wink as she rose from her seat.

"Come on ladies, give me some inspiration," Kim cheered as the gang followed Aisha into the kitchen, giving Tommy time to exit the closet. Out the corner of her eye as she tagged along behind, the former Pink Ranger saw her ex-boyfriend do just that, slipping into Sha's guest bedroom.

Five minutes later.

"...gonna call my dad, may take a few minutes. I'll be in your guest room, Sha."

"That's cool. Tell your Dad I said hi. We'll have more Tequila for you when you return."

Kimberly entered the dark guestroom, shut the door, locked it, and then a strong pair of arms lifted her clear off her feet as she began giggling wildly. She was thrown onto the bed and actually bounced off the mattress. Her eyes scanned the towering man coming after her with lust in
his eyes. "Someone's eager."

"Took you long enough," Tommy snarled as he urgently covered her body, pressing her into
the bed, dying to kiss that daring smirk she wore. "And that quip about Jason, not cool."

The solid weight of him felt as possessive as it did protective. Her legs parted around him. "We don't have long, so make it count. Now shut up and kiss me. "

"Done." Tommy bent down as Kimberly lifted her mouth to his, merging softly... wetly, passionately gliding back and forth. Her tongue deftly entered his mouth, and he seized upon it, sucking as they kissed. His hand slipped behind her head, lovingly cupping the back of it as his hips began rocking into her, grinding against her center. She lips trembled over his, and as thoroughly as he wanted to take her right here and now, he knew they couldn't go all the way with the girls inn the next room. But he'd be damned if he didn't leave her with a powerful memory of him for the rest of the night!

Having gone bra-less this evening, when he shoved her shirt up the warmth of his breath saw her nipples peak erectly a fraction of a second before he bathed one with a long lash of
his tongue. Her body shivered as her eyes shut, loving the way he trapped the tight nub against the roof of his mouth, batting it back and forth with his tongue before suckling her so firmly her clit swelled in jealousy. He made love to her breasts, taking his own dear sweet time, kissing across her modest cleavage before drowning the other peak in long wet licks until she squirmed beneath him. The way his cheeks hollowed as he suckled the tip, kneading it just the way she liked with his whole hand had her humming in the back of her throat. At this point she was at his utter mercy, and he could do with her whatever he wanted. Her sex pulsed in anticipation. "You are so good at that."

"I aim to please," he affectionately kissed down over her belly, softly dipping his tongue in he naval before pressing little pecks down to her waist. He quickly unbuttoned her skirt, and then tugged it down her slender hips. Next were her black panties. The aroused scent of her made him groan hungrily, as the soft, pink flesh drew him ever closer. "I can't believe how much I want you all the time."

"The feeling is oh so mutual.... ahhh..." As her thighs tensed around his head, Kimberly grabbed and bit hard into a nearby pillow when his warm mouth closed around her sex, suckling and nibbling her as his head rocked between her thighs. He was so fucking good at this, swirling his tongue over her clit until she was so damn wet... Her voice was tiny, light, and breathless as long, lazy licks sent her back arching. His hands spanned her hips, grasping onto her as he hungrily feasted upon her. And when her hand rested over the back of his head, her other fisted a handful of white bedsheets as pleasure cascaded over her.

"Tastes so good, baby," Tommy moaned while sucking on her mound like a juicy piece of fruit. She writhed and bucked as he held her down, his tongue drinking in the exotic flavor of her, loving the way she moaned and shivered. The faint blush tinging her cheeks, the hypnotic rise and fall off her chest, and the regal column of her throat swallowing so hard drew his attention. Her enthusiastic responses left his cock aching in envy, but this was all for her. He wanted her flying, so overcome by pleasure she could think of nothing but him for the rest of the night. He devoured her with shameless hunger, his lower mouth glistening with her wetness as he thrust his tongue inside her, and then lifted his hands to firmly cup her breasts.

Her breathing came faster when he captured the sensitive little peak at the apex of her sex, lashing his tongue over it time after time until her teeth bit into the very fabric of the pillow her head rested on. Her hips quivered, her breasts swelled, and the warm tingling sensation growing in her belly relentlessly blazed toward the edge of oblivion. He was going down on her like it was about to be outlawed and this was his last night on Earth. Peering at her lover, the wild, rakish spark in his eyes met her head on, and then he pushed two fingers inside her, fucking her hard.

"Fuck....ohfuck!" Her inner muscles sucked at his thrusting fingers as husky moans escaped her throat until at last when his mouth closed around her clit as he drew firmly on it, she came that very second, squeezing hard around his fingers as roaring waves of pleasure soared through her body. Her face pressed hard into the pillow, muffling her loud moans, her fist beating at the mattress. Her entire body quaked, her pulse ticking between her legs until the last final spams rolled over her, and she was still.

"All for you, baby." Tommy softly kissed her nether lips, slowly withdrawing slick fingers from inside her. Fingers he sampled the taste of in his mouth while watching her watch him. "I want you to enjoy the rest of your movie night, enjoy the Tequila and the girls and don't think about how crazy your week was or any other stress in your life. Just enjoy yourself and know that I'm down the hall thinking of you. And wanting you more than anything in the world.

Sighing, happily, Kim had to ask, "But what about..."

Tommy shook his head, and then reached off the bed for her panties and skirt. "Don't worry about me. I loved doing this for you. I don't have a regret in the world. I'm fine, trust me."

Kimberly dressed quickly, dying for a mirror to see what state her hair was in, all while shoving the pillow she bit into in a closet as Tommy snickered nearby, "You're good, but not that, good," she whispered. And then took a peak at her watch and swore. She'd been gone twenty minutes. "Okay, listen, I'm going to give you a quick diversion and go flirt with new guy Aisha keeps telling me about. Then you can sneak out of her and the apartment."

Tommy blinked, his arms crossing his chest. "I'm not sure I like this plan."

Kim's smile turned so bright at just a little hint of his jealousy. "Oh shush, I don't want him at all, but it'll get the girls all in the kitchen while you slip out," she explained. "You know I only want you."

Why hearing that felt like Christmas morning, he wasn't ready to analyze just yet. "Do it... but don't flirt to much, okay?"

"We'll see."

"That's not fair."

"Life's not fair," Kim teased, and then pointed to his raging hard on. "Sorry about that. But I promise to make it up to you real soon."

He watched her exit the bedroom while shaking his head. She was driving him crazy and he loved every second of it.


Two weeks Later


The home of Jacob and Marissa Oliver
Sunday, August 7, 1997 7:30 PM
Angel Grove, Ca

The dear faces were all the same, albeit a bit older... perhaps wiser, but no less full of joy and laughter. No less memorable as their smiles and the sounds of their voices became a part of her again.

The modest-sized dining room was a warm Earthy brown now instead of the egg-shell white decor she remembered the first time she'd eaten here when she was so nervous her fork accidentally went flying out of her hand across the table, almost stabbing Mr. Oliver in the chest.

For 'that' Kimberly Hart, it wasn't the great first impression she wanted to make to her hopefully future father-in-law. But he took it all in stride, even marveling at her aim. Joked that she should take up using a bow and arrow as a hobby. If he only knew about her 'after school job' and her Power Bow.

Once upon a time...

Marissa's spaghetti and meatballs dinner tasted every bit as delicious as it looked, with the wonderful scent of her Sunday night feast dancing in the air. Kimberly bowed her head as Tommy's father said the Grace, all the while marveling that she was even here again, in this house where she had so many memories of her and Tommy's former relationship. A piece of her heart still lived here, and it felt as if she'd found it once again.

And the feeling was beautiful. Comfortable.

So much like home.

The mahogany wood-grain and glass-top dining room table and high-back chairs were the same, as was the antique China dinner was served on. There was a new oil painting on the wall of a gorgeous empty beach that Mrs. Oliver painted in her spare time. There was a new rug on the hardwood floor, and the same grandfather clock in the corner that still didn't keep the correct time, left that way in honor of Tommy's grandfather who never fixed it.

So many little quirks that made up the people she loved.

Kim fondly recalled the once a month Oliver Sunday night dinners where Tommy's friends were all invited. There was much laughter and teasing and story-telling as the whole gang would gather here, and never once did Marissa or Jacob complain. Never once did she not feel special here, often given special privileges because she was Tommy's girlfriend. They genuinely adored her, and for the longest time since the break-up she didn't have the courage to face them. She had broken their son's heart. Surely they would hate her.

But its been said that time heals all wounds, and that life goes on. So when she ran into Marissa Oliver at her bank a few days ago she wasn't met with scorn or a scowl, but a huge hug. Tears wet her eyes as she began quickly babbling about what happened and why and...

"Dear, life happened. High school relationships come and go. And while I wished things didn't end the way that they did, we never, ever hated you. Your life is your own and you don't owe it to anyone. I have loved you from the moment Tommy first introduced you to us and that hasn't changed. You're a good person, Kimberly Hart."

Those were the dear words that brought more tears, though of the healing kind to her brown
eyes. That little parking lot talk turned into a impromptu lunch, and then a invitation to tonight's dinner.

Feeling so relaxed, Kimberly's smile widened as Zack told a very animated tale about a run in he had with a skunk while on a camping trip with his little brother. No one could tell a story like Zack, with his sheer exuberance adding to the tale of how fast he ran from the animal and his thoughts on what the animal was probably thinking at the time. And when he embellished having to wrestle a Grizzly bear and wolf at the same time the Oliver's howled as they were laughing so hard, While Jason shook his head, holding his side. Trini was cracking up too, and Tommy... he was watching her as she watched him.



Searching for that elusive answer to a question both have only recently admitted needed to be answered at all.

Dinner had just began as the room filled with the sense of family and good friends gathering together to enjoy each others company. Kimberly was certain she'd never be welcomed in this house again, and now as a guest its as if she still belonged here.

As if she still belonged with...

"So how was your day today, Kim?" Marissa asked while pouring everyone a glass of wine.

Fighting hard not to dart a gaze at Tommy, Kim couldn't tell the truth that she spent the day at her son's apartment making love, playing video games, and making love. A lost, lazy, incredible day that still left her body humming. And even after a long bubble bath she swore his scent still clung to her skin. Calmly, she sampled the wine before replying, "Pretty boring, really. Got caught up on some laundry and cleaned my apartment. Typical Sunday morning fair."

"I remember when I had my first apartment," Jacob noted while digging into his meal, his husky deep voice booming as usual. "It was never clean. The only thing I could say good about it was that I didn't have rodents running around."

"And it was the size of a shoebox," Marissa chimed in with glee.

Tommy watched his parents go back and forth over the state of his Dad's first apartment and her shocking account of just how bad it was before she helped him get a handle on making it presentable. Cheesy as it sounded even to him, he liked how his parents bantered and seemed so genuinely at ease and still in love with each other. He couldn't help but to hope that one day when he was married he'd choose so wisely that years and years later they would still be each others best friend.

Of course he thought of Kimberly.

He couldn't quite say where she fit into his current life, but somehow she'd curled around it from all sides and he didn't want that to change. Ever since that first night she's dominated his waking thoughts and nightfall dreams. But this morning when he woke to her gentle snoring, something tender swept over him. She felt wonderful sleeping naked beside him, snuggled warmly against his side, wearing the most peaceful expression. Admittedly, he didn't have a game plan when all of this started. He followed their natural instinct to be together, only now infused by raw, intense passion.

His truth was hard to admit, but she was slowly reclaiming his heart and he wasn't sure how he felt about that. A summer affair was one thing, but loving her again... was potentially
devastating. Even after she broke his heart she still held a part of his soul throughout the hate he felt. It just didn't make any sense to him, and yet it remained even as he healed and
moved on. There was a draw he felt to her even if she no longer felt it.

But apparently she did, complicating matters further. What if they both wanted the same thing?

"... so Kim was covered from head to toe in mud," Jason chuckled while offering his tale of yesteryear, specifically the Pink Ranger's childhood. "She was so little at the time, but she ran over to that boy's big wheel, picked it up over her head like the Incredible Hulk, and threw it at the boy who had knocked her down." The table was dying laughing. Kim ducked her head in embarrassment, the hint of a smile playing at the corner of her mouth. "I swear Zack and I couldn't do anything but stare. Trini looked scared and screamed 'Somebody call 911'. Billy just ran home and didn't look back. That was the first time we witnessed the wrath of Kim."

"His name was David and he was a bully. He pushed me down and I was wearing my new overalls that day," Kim playfully defended herself. "My Flintstones vitamins, adrenalin and the steroids my mom spiked my apple juice box with aided me in defending myself."

"I swear we talked about that day for two weeks straight," Trini added with her wine glass
in hand. "David didn't push down one more kid ever again. And I actually dated him in the fifth grade. We had something so special... for an entire afternoon. And then we broke up."

Mocking her, Tommy covered a hand over his chest and then wiped a pretend tear away. "So heartbreaking."-

"And yet in fourth grade you dated that girl that beat you up at lunch," Jacob just had to tease his son about as the table listened closely. "You wanted to learn Karate because Becky Slater stole your lunch money and then broke up with you."

Sighing, Tommy shut his eyes as laughter rained down upon him. "I could have gone the rest of my life without reliving that moment."

"Bro, you told us you started learning Karate because you saw a Bruce Lee movie," Jason said. "But apparently your butt-kicking by a fifth grade girl sent you on your way." Leaning back in his chair, smirk firmly in place, he declared, "Priceless."

"And she took your lunch money," Kim giggled hysterically. "You sucked."

"Tommy," Zack laughed, smacking his shoulder while grinning wildly. "That's just bad on every level. You got beat up, dumped, and she stole your lunch money. Did you cry?"

"Laugh it up," Tommy encouraged his dinner guests as they did just that. His quickly expression went from mild agitation to amusement. "I'll have you know she was tall for her age and had a heck of a right cross."

"Is that when you started watching the Bruce Lee movies?" Trini teased him. "And did you pay attention?"

"Trini, dear. He got in so much trouble one day when he broke one of my old wooden broomsticks in half, nailed a chain between the two pieces to make one of those martial arts... what do you call them?"

"Nunchucks," Jason answered, chuckling.

"Tommy made the nunchucks and was practicing martial arts on his bed, but somehow when he was swinging it he hit himself in the head and had a golf ball sized knot on his forehead. He learned a valuable lesson that day."

Certainly his parents enjoyed toying with him in front of his kids, but he couldn't get over how beautiful Kimberly looked tonight. Or how he wished he was seated beside her where he could rest his arm around her waist. Thoughts like that were so dangerous, but they were there nonetheless. The more he rationalized why he needed to pull away from her before it was to late, the louder the voice shouted in his head that it already was.

Marissa Oliver pretended to pay attention as the men began talking sports while the girls chatted over friends gossip. She, being a self-proclaimed Mom-Detective could clearly see something was going on with her son and Kimberly. And that faint mark on Kim's neck looked suspiciously like a hickey to her, and she was sure her son noticed it... and didn't seem to mind one bit. Plus they were exchanging these little looks all night long and dare she hope that meant something? The last thing she wanted was for Tommy to get hurt again, but maybe age and life experience tempered them both to a new place where things might work this time. Of course she knew she was a hopeless romantic, but what mother didn't want her son to be happy.

Kimberly got to him, and it was so evident. Yes, she hurt him deeply. But they seemed past it, and so comfortable with each other again. She was sure an attraction still lived between them. But as much as she wanted to intervene and give hope a little push, she decided it was best to let them find their own way.

At least for now.


"...yeah. Yeah, man. You and Rocky meet me there around 7:30 PM Tuesday night and we'll put together a class schedule and routine," Tommy spoke into his cell phone. "Thanks for the heads up, bro. Making a little extra cash teaching ladies self-defense is perfectly fine with me. Later Adam... Yeah, I'll tell them you said hi." Closing his cell, the former leader of the Power Rangers stretched his arms out over his head and yawned peacefully.

Tonight's dinner gathering was hilarious and so much fun, having ended about thirty minutes
ago. He sat at the end of the bed in his old room, simply enjoying the quiet while reminiscing. A evening with family and friends was priceless, and though Adam, Tanya, Rocky, Aisha, and Billy couldn't make it tonight, it was still a special occasion.

Kimberly presence alone saw to that.

His eyes shut for a moment as the incredibly erotic day he spent with her came back to him. Making love before cooking breakfast together... playing video games before falling to the floor to make love all over again. His cock thickened just thinking about it even now. His skin felt hot... They were all alone from sun up until they arrived here, in separate cars of course.

She was down stairs right now, and yet he missed her. He shook his head to try and ward off the feeling to no avail.

Despite having his own place now, Tommy's old bedroom still had his Martial Arts movie posters on the wall, and that same lop-sided bookshelf in the corner with stacks of Karate magazines piled on top. But as some things remained the same, others were changing. At the end of this summer Billy, Katherine, and possibly Tanya would be leaving California to pursue their dreams in other States. And though he knew he wouldn't lose any of them, he'd miss them terribly. They were family and family stuck together no matter what. Everyone was growing up and branching out. Natural, but terrifying at the same time.

So much was changing, and in ways he still hadn't quite wrapped his mind around yet. His heart wanted something he swore was dead and gone. And yet with every new kiss he craved Kimberly in his world. She now had a toothbrush at his apartment, and even some clothes. He had the same at her place, and had even let her drive his truck.

"Crazy," he shook his head.

"Am not," Kimberly cutely declared in the doorway, peeking in. "I was helping your mom with the dishes. Want some company?"

Tommy smiled, "Yeah, but leave the door open."

She giggled, recalling how that was the absolute rule at both their parents houses back when they were dating. "Sorry, we're grown now." She came in, shut the door behind her, and then sat down beside him at the end of the bed. "Tonight was fun."

He'd kissed every square inch of her body earlier today, and yet he wanted her all over
again. Tapping down that desire was fast becoming a problem. "Its was, thanks for coming."

She fired him a naughty look, invoking a silent double entandre. "Nah, to easy."

Tommy rolled his eyes as she leaned into him, and his arm instinctively curled around her, drawing her closer. "My parents really enjoyed having you here."

"I missed them too, you know," she explained while fighting the urge to rest her head on his shoulder. "I used to think they'd never speak to me again if they saw me. Like if I ran into them at the mall they might walk right on by without saying a word. I was so afraid of something like that happening."

"Like my Dad told me after I told him about your letter, life happens. We dated in high school and you broke up with me. As badly as it hurt me, it happens every single day to thousands
of people. We're no different than anyone else. And like you've told me, I don't regret the life I've made for myself and the one I'm working on. I'm stronger now for having gone threw it, and so are you. Plus, we've made our peace and have our closure. Its a brand new day."

"A fresh start," she uttered before she could stop herself. His tender gaze captured her, and then he bent down and kissed her soundly on the lips. Her hand came to rest over his chest, clutching at his shirt as they kissed softly, swaying in a perfect rhythm until they finally broke, both smiling wildly.

"Can I confess something so politically incorrect you might want to slap me?"

Kim blinked, and then gave a little nod.

Tommy mouth hovered just over the soft shell of her ear, and then he whispered, "I have always wanted to fuck you in this bed."

Playfully, she slapped his face, but not hard. And she was laughing. "Oh really? Just how bad?"

"I was rubbing one out almost every single night." Her tiny gasp was followed by her hand covering her mouth from laughing loudly. "I remember one time your Dad said I had such a firm handshake, and I couldn't tell him its cause I have to jack off so often due to your daughter never giving me any."

"You hadn't earned it, buddy," she warned him, smirking. "Don't blame me for having to have late night dates with the Palm Sisters. If you'd wrote me some love notes or took me dancing more often, who knows."

"We were both to nervous to do it," he recalled honestly. "Not that I didn't want to, but..."

"I wanted to make love to you, trust me on that," she replied. "I was just so self-conscious about my body and scared of getting pregnant and scared we were going to get caught. See, outside of kissing you were my first everything."

"Except lover."

She paused, gazing into his eyes. "Not my first, but my absolute best."

He couldn't help the blinding smile that came over him. "You're pretty good too."

"Just pretty good?"

"Well..." glancing over his shoulder at the bed, Tommy kinda nodded in its direction. "You want to improve that assessment?"

"There is no way we are doing it with your parents downstairs? No way. Not gonna happen." Although she enjoyed a few moments of his deep, wet French Kissing on her neck, she calmly pushed
him away. "Sorry, buddy. Not gonna happen."

Groaning with mock frustration, Tommy pressed his lips to her temple. "Not even a BJ?"

Poking him hard in the side, she rolled her eyes. "You are so romantic."


"I'm going home now."

"Can I just nibble something on you?"

Kimberly giggled at his teasing. "We spent an amazing ay together, and dinner was fantastic. But I have work in the morning, so I'm going home...alone. Goodnight, Handsome." She brushed a loving kiss over his mouth, and then stood up, walking toward the door.



"I might still have the Palm Sisters phone number, you know."

Standing in the doorway, she smirked, "Tell'em I said hi."

She blew him a goodbye kiss and then left. His hearing followed her downstairs, and the faint sounds of his parents thanking her for coming and wishing her a goodnight. the front door shut, and she was gone.

"Dammit," he swore under his breath. He was falling in love with her again, and was powerless to stop it.


The End

Chapter 4: Mrs. Hart's costume ball gala provides thrills, jealousy, and those three little words...