Title: "The Long, Hot Summer"
Written by: Shawn
Chapter (2/5)

Summary: A blizzard buries Angel Grove as Tommy battles his feelings and lust for Kimberly.

Category: Erotica/Romance/Angst
Rating: Hard NC-17
Timeline/Spoilers: Summer of 1997 following the Power Rangers Turbo season - Rangers have passed the Torch - Zack, Trini, and Jason have returned from the Peace Conference. Billy is healed and fine.

Disclaimer: Saban owns it all again.

Authors Notes 1: Slightly AU time-line wise as Rangers are all 20 or so here - Tommy/Kim never had their talk after the events of the Turbo movie as she went right back to Florida. This story will span the entire summer of 1997.

Authors Notes 2: Love, regret, passion, anger, and growing up are all issues explored here.

Authors Notes 3: This series will be a series of 1 scene chapters and I will only post this when all five are done. Then I will post each one day after the other.

Authors Notes 4: This chapter takes place 17 days after the first.


"Now I'm sitting here goin' half crazy
'Cause I know she still thinks about me too
And it ain't no way in hell
That I can be just friends with you

And I wish we never did it
And I wish we never loved it
And I wish I never fell so deep in love with you and now it ain't no way we can be friends

The way it felt no fakin' it
Maybe we were movin' just a little too fast
But what we've done we can't take it back"
~ lyrics from the song "Can't Be Friends" by Trey Songs




Driving on Jaynesway Drive
Saturday, June 19, 1997 10:30 PM
Angel Grove, Ca

"This is fucking insane!" Tommy swore as his Jeep swerved a bit past the Stop-Sign at the end of the corner on a sheet of black ice. Gusting winds of white blew at his windshield while he struggled for control of the vehicle. "Gonna be a wild and crazy night."

As renowned scientists and meteorologists from around the world recently converged on the state of California for what they called a "Event of Biblical Proportions," the former leader of the Rangers knew that within the next six months all the unpredictable weather patterns battering the state would come to a end.

Gritting his teeth as he drove all of 15 miles per hour with barely a half a block's visibility before him, Tommy tried to wrap his mind around the fourteen inches of snow still falling and current blizzard conditions hitting Southern California. Their last battle with Divatox, when they destroyed her and her ultimate weapon left a gigantic neowave of alien energy over the entire state. According to Billy this energy was harmless to the public outside of creating wildly un-Californinia-like weather, but would last a maximum of six months.

To say the residents and City Council of Angel Grove were horrifically unprepared for a blizzard was the understatement of the millennium. Last he heard this morning the National Guard was being called in.

Even his vaunted driving skills were being tested as he carefully navigated the icy streets on his way to the Genesis Theater. "Crazy, crazy, crazy!" Tommy chanted while shaking his head in disbelief as he seemed to be the only person dumb enough to drive tonight. The dark roads were empty as people with good common sense, unlike him, knew to stay at home. But Kimberly's garbled phone call twenty minutes ago, coupled with her current car being a piece of crap Rocky nicknamed "Crappy," left him wondering if she was stranded at work.

Jason lived closer to her job.

Adam lived closer to her new apartment.

But she called him... reached out to him... And after a little over two weeks he was starving to see her again, though he'd denied himself. She hadn't called him, they hadn't run into each other, and he wanted it that way. Even as day and night his mind couldn't possibly forget what happened in Rocky's basement. How she'd been so hot and sexy and just thinking about the sensual sounds she made had his cock stirring in his jeans even though it was a robust 6 degrees outside and he had the heat blasting.

Nonetheless, tonight she made the first move. And though he had the option to call on one of the other guys, he'd tore through the the apartment for his new winter coat, boots, and car keys before he even realized it. A part of him, buried bone deep, was dying to see her again. Was dying to... "Stop it!" he declared to himself, and then hoped he wasn't going nuts by talking to himself. The marks she left on his neck had finally faded, but the one on his soul felt omnipotent. It was only great, fantastic sex! That was his mantra. Hot, rough sex on basement carpet! That's it, nothing more. That night he hadn't wanted anything more than the truth, and he got it. That truth was as painful as he imagined it would be, but at least he had his closure.

So why did they fuck each others brains out?

Even as he barely made out the neon-sign of the theater she worked at out in the distance, he still didn't have a answer. Sure, she was gorgeous. Her gymnastics-honed figure was toned and delicious. Her darker brown hair was a bit longer off her shoulder, and she carried herself with an older air of femininity. Her sensual confidence was a big turn on. But none of that should have erupted what happened between them.

They didn't even each like each other anymore. He certainly didn't trust her at all.

Still, Tommy couldn't get her out his mind! Couldn't forget the sweet taste of her mouth, or the way she bucked and jerked beneath him. The unforgettable expression she wore when she came and... "Fuck!!!" Tommy shouted to himself when he almost missed turning into the theaters parking lot and skidded sideways off the road. His heart was pounding as he regained control of his car. "Why the hell am I doing this?"

Somewhere deep down, he knew the answer.

Maneuvering over the sheet of ice that was the small parking lot, he wanted to strangle the owner for even trying to open today. They'd closed early according to the sign on the door, but Kim was still here, probably closing things down on the paperwork end. He parked next to her dark blue 1993 Ford Escort Wagon.

Kimberly was the assistant manager of this small 4-screen movie theater and totally living on her own now, financially. Her parents handled college, but the rest was all on her. He admired that. Her work ethic was impeccable and her independence was compelling. In his head he sometimes saw her as two totally different women. The one he used to love more than his own life, and the one who broke his heart as if he meant nothing to her ever. Reconciling the two would take time.

After slipping on his gloves, Tommy shut off the Jeep, grabbed his keys, and raced out the car toward the front entrance of the movie theater. Trudging through knee-deep snow as the icy winds beat down upon him, swirling all around him as he began to bang on the locked entrance.


From behind the concession stands counter, Kim finished replacing the soda cups, utensils, and popcorn boxes. It still made no sense to her to even try and open today, but her boss wanted the business so they made the attempt. Even the new Brad Pitt movie couldn't get women out in a blizzard. Thankfully, intelligent people stayed home, and hey, she got a full eight hours of pay, so whatever. The former Pink Ranger cracked a smile, and then sighed as she dreaded the insane drive home she was about to attempt in her crappy car. Well, it wasn't quite as crappy as Rocky made it out to be. It was just cheap. Something to get her to next year when a less crappy, but still not new car would be her reward for saving her money and being a smart girl. If her parents were rich then she'd get that cute pink BMW she wanted so badly, but alas, they were very Un-Beverly Hills 90210-like.

From over her shoulder she heard loud pounding on the front glass doors. All by herself, she turned to see some tall guy in a heavy coat and skull cap pounding on the door. "Who is this idiot out here in this blizzard?" She knew the entrance was locked, but certainly didn't want to deal with some nut-job during what Angel Grove newscasters coined as 'Snow-megedon.' Still, it wouldn't hurt to slip a knife in her back pocket. A girl couldn't be to cautious these days.

Maneuvering around the concession stands she stalked toward the entrance while pointing towards the sign that clearly stated the theater was closed. It was only when she got right up to the door that she recognized the crazy man standing outside in the blizzard. "Tommy?" Undoing the lock, she quickly swung the door open and ushered him in. He was literally covered in white flakes from head to two, his face flushed red, his pants and boots caked with snow. "What in the hell are you doing here?"

Thankful for the warmth of being inside again, Tommy shivered when snow chilled over his neck as he yanked his skull hat off. "I got your phone call, but couldn't understand what you said. I thought you might be stranded at work or something."

"I called your number by accident. I was trying to reach Adam cause he lives closer to my apartment, but his car is snowed in." Tommy's deer-in-the-headlights expression was nearly as cute as how he looked in that huge black winter coat, with his pants and boots covered in snow. She glanced out the window, noting the empty roads in both directions and the blizzard that looked incredibly dangerous.

"Oh," was all that Tommy could say, now feeling incredibly embarrassed and stupid. "Uhm..."

She hated that seeing him brave a blizzard for her warmed her heart so completely, or that she thought he looked adorable covered in snow, or that the mere sight of him made her pussy throb, or that... dammit, she just missed him. And here he was, being all sweet and caring and she wanted to forget him and the volcanic sex they had and how he felt so good inside her... she couldn't stop thinking about him!

"Hey, the least I can do is give you a free Ultra nachos," she offered with a grin, pretending to not be totally charmed that he came all this way out in a blinding snow storm just because he was worried about her. And when he smiled she wanted to hug him close, but didn't. No more touching Tommy was her new mantra. Touching Tommy led to fucking Tommy and that was never going to ever, ever, ever happen again! Her foot was squarely down on the matter. "Come on, Snow Man."

Chilled to the bone as Tommy was, heat rushed back to him at the seductive sway of her little ass in those snug faded blue jeans. Nevermind the butcher knife in the right back pocket. Wait, what? "You have a knife in your back pocket."

"And here I thought you were just staring at my ass," she joked.

"I was, but that's beside the point." She was grinning and he knew it even though he couldn't see her face. He unbuttoned his heavy winter coat while taking a seat at the concession stand, hooking it around the chair. Even her blue, long-sleeved button down Genesis Theater work shirt looked sexy to him. "Did you think I was a serial killer?"

While warming a box of Ultra nachos in a small heater-oven, she turned to face him across the counter. Her mouth quirked amusingly. "You could have been anyone. And I'm not going to simply scream and yell for help. I stab crazy people." Taking the knife from her back pocket, she laid it on the counter. "I have always lived by the saying that you should kill the serial killer before the serial killer kills you."

Shoving his hat and gloves in his coat pocket, Tommy fought the raging urge to lean over the counter and just kiss her. "Cute."

"I try." Despite trying to clean everything up and put things away so she could leave, she still fixed his reward. The Genesis Ultra Nachos were topped with melted cheese, refried beans, olives, onions, tomatoes, peppers, and sour cream. A dieting woman's worst nightmare, a teenagers wet dream, or for someone like Tommy with a incredible God-gifted metabolism to eat anything and never gain a pound it was heaven. When she shoved it his way he dug in immediately, seemingly enjoying it. Dammit, there it was again. That warm flutter feeling while watching him thoroughly enjoy something she made. Even after all this time and everything that happened he still touched her heart. She just wasn't sure if that was a good thing anymore. "You shouldn't have come."

He met her gaze. "I had to make sure you were alright."

Her gaze ducked away. How could she fight that when despite everything if the situation was reversed she would have come after him too no matter what. For some strange reason the question came to her where would they be right now if... well, there were so many ifs. Probably not a good idea to dwell on them. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," then flashed her a little smile, "if you make me a Slurpee."

Damn tummy flutters. "The machine's off. Try again." Dammit, they were both smiling to much at each other far to much. This needed to stop. And his long hair was a mess, no ponytail or comb or anything. And instead of thinking him unkept, she found it kinda sexy. She wanted to ruffle his hair and had to close her fist behind the counter to keep from doing it. His jeans and sweatshirt looked thrown on, as if he put on anything nearby and raced out the house... for her. To make sure she was alright no matter what. She knew she had to stop thinking
about that. Nonetheless she knew he liked Dr. Pepper, so she made him a medium drink and pushed it his way. "Here."

He took a quick sip, eying how she leaned against the counter with her hip and brushed some of her shoulder-length hair off her shoulder. Her natural allure captivated him still. "You remembered."

"I never forget." His shirt had little bit of cheese smeared on it already. Typical guy, she chuckled, but let it go. Its just not often a guy will brave a damn blizzard for a girl. She was finding it hard to find a way to fight with him. And she was far more comfortable fighting with him than... whatever this was. "Eat up. I'd like to go home while I can still see the roads."

"So how are you going to get home?"

She thought it was obvious. "I was going to drive."

Shaking his head, Tommy aimed a nacho her way. "Crappy won't make it. Let me take you?"

Let me take you... a naughty smile tinged at the edge of her mouth. "My car is not that crappy, thank you very much."

Pushing his nachos aside, Tommy stretched his arms out over his head, enjoying the soothing pull of muscle. "You don't have snow tires, your battery is almost dead, and it stalled on you twice this week."

Her brow quirked. "How do you know that?"

"I asked Aisha how you were doing?" Suddenly he hated he revealed his interest, looking away.

So he'd been checking up on her? Damn warm flutters. THIS MUST STOP! Kim gave a little foot stomp he couldn't see. "Thanks, but no thanks." As she began cleaning up and putting things away, she heard him moving around the counter. This was not good! From over her shoulder, she questioned, "What are you doing?" She felt him closing in on her, and hoped he didn't notice her tremble.

"I haven't seen or talked to you since we were together in Rocky's basement," Tommy declared in a tone laced with emotion. Even more than he had intended as he watched her eyes widen a little and wondered yet again what was going through her mind. Had she been unable to think of anything else but their night together the way he had?

Feeling yet again trapped, both emotionally and physically, Kimberly faced him head on. "You know my address and my phone number. I haven't been hiding from you."

There was no arguing that point, so he didn't try. "Don't you think we should talk about it?"

And there it was. That one damn night that's haunted her sleeping and waking hours like a phantom in the dark. Her hands almost pleaded with him to let this go as she struggled with what to do. "I seem to recall you agreeing with me that it should have never happened and would never again." She was as stubborn as he was and this... this was there comfort level these days. She snapped at him, "We fucked! It happened after years and years of us both wanting too. We did it! Blah, blah, blah. Get over it."

Her nonchalant attitude grazed his nerves angrily. His jaw tightened almost painfully. "So it was just sex?"

Swallowing hard, Kim sneaked a small step backward. "Fucking hard on a mutual friend's basement carpet doesn't exactly scream romantic encounter." That wasn't a answer, and because it wasn't he advanced forward after her with quiet insistence. Suddenly the walls were closing in. Her pulse was racing. "I'm sorry if you can't let it go."

"I let you go a long time ago."

"... so I was just..." Kim didn't finish her thought, suddenly hating she might of been nothing more than another notch on his belt. She'd felt many things in his presence before, but never cheap. Never that. The urge to strike him nearly overcame her. "I'm done apologizing about the letter, our past, and all of it. I am fucking done!"

"Not a problem. Its not like you could ever make up for all the pain you caused me anyway."

"Sorry. We can't all be perfect like Saint Oliver."

"I'm far from perfect. I just don't break peoples hearts."

His verbal slap stung to the core. This man made her want to scream sometimes. She vehemently replied, "I never, ever broke yours on purpose!"

"Why is your voice trembling?" Tommy considered as he edged ever closer, giving her no room to escape. He was powerfully drawn to her and following that elemental pull was out of his control. With her, he simply had no control. She owned something inside he that he just couldn't get rid of.

Kimberly took a step backwards, followed by another, and then one more until her back hit the wall. Her traitorous glare undressed him as she fought the blushing heat faintly coloring her cheeks. "Its not my fault you can't stop thinking about me. That is what this is about, right?"

Tommy flashed her a arrogant grin. "Funny. I think its the other way around."

"Oh please," she fired back. "You wish you were in my thoughts."

"I don't care about your thoughts, and I've already been inside you."

Damn phantom memory of them fucking rushed back to her. The weight of him on top of her... the erotic pleasure of him surging inside her, hot and thick... And here they were again, all alone. Fate tempting them one more time. "What do you think you're doing?" He now towered over her, glaring down into her dark brown eyes. He was immovable, trapping her. Wanting her... Nonetheless she was defiant as ever. Her taunting tone of voice tore him to shreds. "What, do you think a couple of orgasms is all it takes to make me come running back to the Good Ship Tommy?" His chiseled arms crossed, wearing a hard expression. "I am so over you," she reminded him. "But if you want proof, fine, kiss me. Right here, right now. See if I swoon like a school girl."

"You never swooned, but you did faint once."

"That girl thought the sun lived at the edge of your smile," she replied arrogantly. "This girl knows you're just another guy."

"Way to be a bitch, Kim."

"Takes one to know one, Tommy."

He didn't mean to scowl, and her smirk appeared far to triumphant.

"Here, I'll make it easy on you." She pulled over a two-set ladder, turned it around, and then stood on the first step, now face-to-face with him. "Go ahead, hot shot. Kiss me and see if the world shifts off its axis."

Despite her bravado, he sensed far more was at work behind her daring gaze. His lips curled into a smile. "You're just a scared little girl."

Boldly, Kim leaned in, tilted her head, and captured his mouth with a lingering caress. Tentative at first, barely brushing her lips over his until he deepened the kiss when his tongue gently parted her lips. She allowed the access, and then hissed when their tongues met. She fought off feeling anything with all she had, but the way he was inhaling her mouth so hungrily had her nipples tightening just from this alone. One deliciously deep and wicked kiss after another until before she knew it both her arms were locked tightly around his neck, desperately clutching him to her. He'd hauled her off the step ladder, his strong arms curled round her waist, holding her off the ground hard against his chest as their mouths plundered each other violently.

The audible sound of her back hitting the wall where he pressed her drew his focus back into play, even as her legs locked tight around his waist. She tasted so fucking good as they kissed in lush, hushed tones. All alone with a dangerous blizzard outside, here and now they were back at square one, the only two people in the world. And in the span of a heartbeat he was lost again, just like in Rocky's basement. Just like every time he kissed her. Bracing her against the wall, he somehow found the strength to break the kiss, forcing her to face him. His voice rasped, "You can't stop thinking about that night anymore than I can," he chanted softly over her mouth before nipping her bottom lip. "Stop denying it."

"Fuck you."

"Already done that. Ready for round two?" Tommy watched her expression darken, her gaze turn cold as she released her hold around him, and then angrily side-stepped past him. His fist pounded at the counter in pure frustration. How could he want someone with every ounce of his being that he didn't trust and hated? Nothing about this situation made sense!

"You can let yourself out." Kim declared without looking his way as she stalked toward one of the theater screening auditorium entrances. She needed the space more than anything in the world as her body felt hot-wired for sex and passion and... and... him.. The double-doors swung behind her and then shut. She raced up the long aisle to the top row V.I.P area for 21 year-old and older, about to do a final inspection of the sofa-chairs for couples when she heard the entrance doors open and then close.

When Tommy came into view she stared at him at the bottom of the stairs, half incensed, half scared... half aroused beyond belief.

The exquisite scent of her and the sweet taste of her had driven him to this madness. Like a caged animal having found freedom after captivity, Tommy took two stairs at a time until he stood before his prey.

"Why can't you let this go?" she whispered as he moved in closer, the shadows drowning them both in darkness.

"I hate you," he gritted out past white teeth as emotion so strong swept through him.

"You don't hate me," she half-retorted while trying to sidestep him. "You just hate how I make you feel." Just like last time his strong grip found her forearm. She struggled, but he held on. She knew a number of break-holds, many of which he taught her, but still she waited for... something to happen. Something just over the horizon.

"I hate that I fell so deeply in love with you."

"Then leave!" she raged. "Go! Free us both, cause this is fucking crazy." Again she angrily tore from his grasp, only to find herself spun around. His strong arms captured hers over her chest, trapping her against him, dragging her back flush to his chest. A hard cock throbbed through his jeans against her backside. The wicked sensation trembled her knees as she unconsciously pressed against him. hating how her body craved him so badly. His low growl, as his warm breath fanned over the nape of her neck sent a rush of liquid desire between her thighs. "There's no way we can be friends."

With his back to the wall, both of them hidden in the shadows, the emotional cord binding them felt unbreakable. Tommy pressed his face into her chestnut locks, breathing in the scent of her. "... you're under my skin," he groaned over the shell of her ear as she half struggled in his captive embrace. He held her arms crossed over her chest, while her ass pressed tightly over his jeans. "... you're in my blood."

"Get a fucking transfusion then. I don't want you anymore," her tone trembled as she struggled.

"Then why are you still here?" Tommy asked at last. Kimberly stilled in his embrace, her heart pounding over his forearm. While using his left arm to keep her arms trapped, his right hand brushed the tenderly underside of her breasts as it descended her petite form, and then deftly undid her silver belt buckle. "You're many things, but weak isn't one of them."

Stop him! Stop him now! But had she ever felt so alive in her entire life? Had she ever wanted a man so badly she ached for him? "Jerk."

Unable to resist, Tommy brushed his lips over the side of her neck. After a long second she moaned softly. After gently grazing his fingers beneath her navel, they dipped as the button on her snug jeans came next with no attempt from her to stop him. "I taught you several arm breaks for getting away from a assailant holding you from behind. Not to mention you could shove your elbow into my ribs from two different angles."

"Giving me ideas?" The unmistakable sound of her jeans zipper falling warred with her gut instinct to run. Get out of here right now! Don't let this man, no matter how desperately you crave him, back into your heart. Even while another part of her declared he never left.

And then his hand descended inside her jeans, slipping past her pink cotton panties until with a deliciously warm caress he firmly cupped her mound. She bucked hard against him, groaning pleasurably, her ass grinding over his cock as his squeezed her damp sex inside her jeans until his fingers were moist with her arousal. Her eyes shut tightly, while her teeth gritted hard. Again, he squeezed her center firmly as a wail of a cry escaped her throat. Her breasts swelled as she arched into him once more. She was speechless, lost in the possessive way he stroked her pussy... and when his middle finger pushed inside her she melted against him. "... hate you."

So tight and wet, Tommy swore mentally, his cock viciously jealous of the finger stroking through the damp chestnut curls of her sex. Releasing her arms, his left hand cupped her cheek, slightly twisting her neck to meet his intense kiss as a second finger thrust and twisted inside her. He inhaled long, slow sucks on her tongue while fucking her deeply. Unable to control herself, she rode the fingers while grinding back against him. They ate each others mouths with wanton hunger, moaning as his thumb rubbed circles over her clit while finger-fucking her harder and faster until she at last cried out into his mouth, trembling in his embrace. Her orgasm saw her knees almost buckle as she came hard around his fingers, her inner walls tensing over and over, her juices slicking his hand until his senses went absolutely mad with desire.

"I have too..." Tommy moved so fast, tearing his right hand from her jeans. He made her watch him suck his fingers dry as he pressed her back to the wall, fell to his knees, and then drug her jeans and panties down to her ankles. "I need..."

"Tommy..." Her breasts swelled, her eyes closed, and her head arched backward as all the air fled her lungs when his warm mouth covered her mound and began sucking on her like a ripe piece of fruit. Stubble rasped against the soft skin of her inner thighs as she was unable to form a coherent thought. She struggled to stay on her feet, her right hand now buried in his silky brown hair as feather-light lashes over her swollen clit saw her straining towards his hungry mouth. She felt sharp sparks of ecstasy as his tongue tasted her, swirling round and round, driving her mad with how thoroughly he was making love to her with his mouth. Her body was on overload, barely recovered from one climax and already rising toward another. The sheer insanity of doing this where she worked, coupled with a blizzard burying the world outside and this man who drove her crazy made the moment incredibly audacious.

And yet she couldn't stop.

Couldn't stop moaning. Couldn't get over how fucking sexy he looked on his knees eating her alive. Couldn't stop the way her fingers combed through his soft hair, or the way she loved the breathy moans he made as he traced her labia with his tongue, caressing the soft, damp folds before boldly suckling her pussy until her left hand fisted and actually smacked against the wall!

The unquenchable urge to taste her was way beyond his control. Tommy fell in love with the way she arched her spine, and when the most cock-hardening noises rose from her throat he came so close to coming in his jeans it wasn't even funny. His hands filled with the sweet swells of her ass as his tongue fucked her deeply. She twisted against his mouth, but he never let her go, suckling her whole... He wanted, wished for, prayed for long, slow nights of lovemaking with this woman once upon a time. Nights where he would take his time drowning her with tender adoration.

But this living, breathing, relentless beastly-desire they shared was without mercy. Even now as his tongue made love to her, as she shivered powerfully when he began suckling her clit until his eyes opened to the amazing vision of her beautiful face contorted passionately as she came with his name flying from her lips. His name! No one else! ....god, the taste of her. She was exquisite, divine, bliss... his tongue bathed her sex until she had to push his head away, shaking against the wall.

He stayed on his knees, gazing up at her. Gasping for breath. Rolling his tongue around his lips to capture every drop of her, to forever memorize the taste of this incredible woman. Her beautiful face was flushed, her chest heaving as tiny aftershocks still quivered through her. With a smirk, he inquired, "Best you ever had?"

That cheeky bastard. Kimberly grinned, "Third best."


She paid him no mind, and would never give him the pleasure of knowing that was the absolute best oral sex she had ever received. "Get on the sofa-seat now. And lose the jeans."


Perhaps it was the way her soft, pouty lips parted as she rode him at a lazy gallop... or the seductive sway of her small breasts as her long-sleeved work shirt hung off her slender shoulders... maybe it was the sensual gaze her dark brown eyes focused on him alone... the sexy way she nibbled her bottom lip cause it felt so damn good to be making love... her oh-so-erotic moans of "Ah...ah....ahhh,"... or the hypnotic rise and fall of her hips over his lap that overwhelmed Tommy's heart and soul beyond words.

His strong arms closed tightly around her, nearly as tight as the way her body held him so deeply inside her. All that he could do was watch her, stare, appreciate and worship the divine way she rode him as the sweetest pleasure ever known belonged only to him. He nuzzled her temple before brushing his lips over her ear. When he gently bit at the lobe she purred. When he captured her mouth he drowned her in long, lush kiss as their tongues wetly dueled. He knew was he supposed to hate her. Has hated her on so many nights... and missed her on countless more. Had fallen in and out of love with her and was damn certain she was long gone in his soul.

Lies, all lies.

His fingers tangled in her soft brown hair, clutched at times, marveling at the softness at others.

With her head reclined back, Kimberly rose and fell over his hard cock while holding the back of his head to the side of her neck. His tongue and teeth marked her. Gentler than their first rough time together. Soothing. Passionate and beautiful. She had taken him inside her once more, despite common sense. Despite knowing its a mistake and he doesn't even care for her anymore, much less than love her. But a emotional connection as strong as theirs just didn't die and fade away. Dammit, she hated how much he still meant to her, how when he kissed her coherent thought shut down. How when she gave a little twerk of her hips while squeezing around him it elicited the deepest moan from the pit of his throat. She attacked him there, kissing, suckling, marking him with love bites she would later deny their name.

The sofa-seats were for couples over the age of twenty-one at the movie theater. Soft and wide enough for two, but certainly never installed for what Tommy and Kimberly were using it for.

The warm, snug clasp oh her inner walls flexing around him wore down his self-control one sweet clench at a time. She was grinding over his lap now, while his mouth inhaled a peaked nipple, drawing on it tenderly. His other hand palmed her breast, caressing her firmly while rolling his tongue round and round the tip before sucking on it once more. Releasing the swollen nub with a small gasp, Tommy found her loving expression his undoing. He kissed her again, unconsciously, boldly devouring her mouth while wondering why he didn't care that this was a huge mistake. She didn't love him anymore. Had viciously broken his heart. Had compounded it by writing the letter the way she did and then avoiding him for well over a year.

So why now was he kissing her leisurely, as if he had all the time in the world to enjoy the exotic taste of her mouth? Why was he holding onto her as if she were the most precious thing in his world? Why was he fantasizing about the next time he would make love to her while he was making love to her?

Why was he calling it love making at all?

As she began to ride again, whining softly in his ear a tenderness grew within her. Sinking onto him over and over, slowly fucking herself on his cock because she absolutely loved that raw, primal sexuality he wore all over his face. He was so hard and smooth inside her, filling her so fully the sensation felt illegal it was so perfect. Her right hand lovingly caressed his face, tracing over his jaw, tapering off his chin as he held her stare the entire time. The feelings were to close to the surface, so she dove after him, her tongue probing hungrily between his lips as she rode harder. His hands clasped and squeezed her bare ass in time with her thrusts as the soft, smacking noise of frantic fucking grew until she felt him swell, tense and then throb powerfully inside her.

She ate his orgasmic cry, covering his mouth, swallowing his grunts as his cock jerked and spasmed inside her, bursting spurts of hot, wet heat until she had taken all that he had to give. And even then she kept on riding until she had it all. Until he was dry, empty and broken. Until at last his hands held her hips down, stilling her movement.

They were shivering in each others arms, still connected in every way a man and a woman could be. Brushing his face over hers gently, Tommy pressed his forehead to hers and sighed. Mercy, this was insanity. Kimberly thought the same thing. She never thought they would sleep together. And then after it happened, she was sure it was the fluke of all flukes and something that maybe subconsciously she just needed to get out of her system.

"That was," Tommy breathed softly against her temple. "That was..."

"... yeah," Kim smiled as she couldn't stop herself. Their first time was like a fight to see if they could push the other too far. Tonight was a goddamn revelation. Only she wasn't sure of what just yet. Lifting her head, she brushed some of her hair off her face before taking a good, hard look at him. He was still so damn handsome. Older now. More than he'd been when they were so young and trying to figure out that crazy thing called love. "I do not recommend sex at work," she teased.

"Duly noted," he smiled right back.

"We so gotta stop doing this."

He considered, and then pressed a light kiss to her shoulder. "I do not want to date you," he grinned.

She snickered, "You're kinda boring now. I mean Paleontology, really? Why not major in the art of watching paint dry?"

"I kinda got used to not having to bend over every time I kiss a girl."

"Just like I got used to dating a guy who didn't forget his own birthday, much less mine."

Tommy's eyes narrowed. "I only did that once."

"Once was enough," she pecked his cheek. "Lets get cleaned up and out of here before we're buried alive by the snow-Armageddon outside."


With his winter gear back on, Tommy leaned against the theater entrance doors, waiting for Kim to finish locking up and arming the alarm system. He knew another fight was on the horizon as he watched her wrap a pink scarf around her neck, tucking it inside her winter coat. She pulled over a pink skull cap that ate her head and then her gloves. "I'm driving you home."

Defiant to the bitter end, Kimberly shook her head, and then pointed at him. "Crappy got me here, Crappy will get me home. Now kindly move out of the way or else."

Tommy's arms crossed his chest. "I'm not letting you kill yourself trying to prove your car isn't a piece of junk. It is. Period. End of story. So let me take you home."

Pulling back her sleeve, Kim took a glance at her wrist-watch. "By my estimation we have twenty seconds to walk out this door before the alarm goes off and the cops come running. So unless you want to get arrested, I suggest you vacate the premises." He swore under his breath before ducking outside as howling winds followed her own exit. She hit the last latch, and then side-stepped Tommy on her way to the parking lot.

Snowfall was blinding and insane, coupled with her short height it was like every step she was high-stepping towards her car. She heard Tommy shouting at her, but paid him no mind. She needed distance from him and he didn't get that. All the snow in the world didn't compare to what she was feeling in that theater just a short time ago. Feelings that were dead and gone and buried and... the winds were as wild as her thoughts as she progressed over the small lot to Crappy.

Climbing in, she said a quick prayer the car would start, and when it did she leaned her arm out the window and gave Tommy the middle finger. "That a girl, Crappy, Just get me home. And in seven more months I will retire you to junkyard heaven."

Unfortunately for Kimberly Ann Hart, Crappy only had three blocks left in her as she died in front of a closed 7-11. "Crappy, no..." She tried restarting the car, but there was no sound. No nothing. Crappy had run her last mile... or block as it was. "Dammit," she roared at her steering wheel, now unable to see anything outside her front-windshield. Here she was, stuck, and nothing around her seemed to be open. Snow falling rapidly and the streets were only getting worse, not to mention they were empty.

She suddenly hated her pride and wished that she had taken Tommy up on his off....

Pounding sounded on her drivers-side window. Snow hit her in the face when she rolled the window down.


Kim quickly rolled up her window, almost trapping his hand that he snapped away at the last second. She stormed out the car, slamming Crappy's door. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!"


Kimberly actually had the nerve to stomp her foot in the snow, despite the tender, warm feelings she just felt after what he said. She sighed, and then grabbed his collar, drug him toward her and kissed him hard. "YOU DRIVE ME CRAZY!"

"Good!" Tommy smiled triumphantly. "Lets go!"

Kim quickly grabbed her purse, slammed the car door, took his hand and ran with him as they raced towards his black Jeep.

Only a second later they both fell flat on their asses on a sheet of ice beneath the snow.

"THAT WAS ALL YOUR FAULT!" Kim shouted while laughing so hard. She wasn't laughing when he threw a handful of snow in her face. "YOU ARE SO DEAD, OLIVER!"

"CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, HART!" He yelled upon taking off for his car.


The End of Chapter 2

Chapter 3: Wild times ahead!