Title: "The Beneficial Friendship"

Chapter (1/3)

Written by: Shawn



Overall Summary: Tommy and Kim's 'new arrangement' has its highs and lows as they travel towards something greater than they could have possibly imagined.

Chapter 1 Summary: The games lovers’ play.

Category: Drama/Romance/Erotica

Rated: NC-17

Ship: T/K

Timeline/Spoilers: Dino Thunder never took place in this universe. After "Power Rangers Turbo," the former Rangers all went on with their lives. Four years later they were all called back into duty under the watchful eye of Dulcea. They've been Rangers for about three years since then.

Disclaimer: Everything now belongs to Disney.

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Authors Notes 1: There's a serious tone to this story that's as important as the romance and erotica. This has definite elements of sincere affection, but it isn't at all a fluff story.

Authors Notes 2: Assume all of the Rangers are around the ages of 26 to 28. They're older and a little more edge to their personalities. This is for the Grown and Sexy baby!

Authors Notes 3: Trini, Jason, Tanya, Kim, Tommy, Billy, Aisha, Rocky, Adam, Zack, and Katherine have been Rangers again for the past three years.

Authors Notes 4: Chances taken in life all have consequences.

Dedicated to: C, who paid me the greatest fanfic compliment ever!





"Friends with benefits? More than friends? Don't sample the goodies unless you're willing to risk addiction and withdrawal."

- Ann Landers

There are no good girls gone wrong, just bad girls found out.

- Mae West

Pursuit and seduction are the essence of sexuality.

It's part of the sizzle.

Camille Paglia

Among men, sex sometimes results in intimacy; among women, intimacy sometimes results in sex.

- Cartland

Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

~ Franklin P. Jones









Greymalken Manor

The home of Billy Cranston

Friday, July 3rd, 2005 10:40 PM

Oakland, Ca



What was the very essence of a kick-ass party?

Perhaps it lived in the dangerous rhythm of music that roared one moment and seduced the next? Maybe it was all the good food you could eat or all the free alcohol you could drink until only the designated derivers could see straight at nights end? For some it was as simple as a party packed with all your friends and sexy singles that promised to go on well into the night.

What more could you ask for?

Having left his worries behind, Tommy led Delia by the hand through the enclosed back gates of the mansion. He couldn't help but to marvel at the amazing transformation Trini and Aisha performed on Billy's immense backyard in the past week. Not only had the girls managed to secure a small stage and hire a live band on short notice, but a mobile bar van as well. Vibrant plants and mood lighting, as well as colorful streamlines hung from trees that set the party atmosphere at a fever pitch from the second you walked in. And since Billy was the most financially affluent of the group, he ended up with the bill.

Considering it was the very first party he would ever be responsible for, Billy went along with the girl’s plans to throw one hell of a Fourth of July blast. As long as he didn't have to plan it he was all for it.

Having earned an substantial amount of money from selling his advanced computer programs to various electronic corporations, Billy purchased this mansion not out of vanity for it's price or the famous actor who lived here before him, but the vast upper floor space it would provide upon the reconstruction to come. The 'night job' he and his friends had required a new base of operations, seeing as how the old one sunk in Angel Grove Lake three weeks ago. Bad guys attacked and blah, blah, blah. It wasn't their first base lost and probably wouldn't be their last. Alas, with that work to be done in the not so distant future the gang intended this party to be one of unwinding and letting it all hang out. They needed this down time and had every intention of enjoying themselves without a care in the world.

After enduring a long and agonizing, for reasons he couldn't share with anyone sort of week, Tommy ached for a release. He hoped this party would provide that.

In one form or another.

Holding Delia gently by her hand, Tommy proudly led the attractive accountant through the crowded backyard area, waving a couple of hello's at people he recognized while wondering who more than half of these people were. No matter. His friends had good taste and everyone seemed to be having a great time. There was something going on everywhere he looked, with smiles and laughter all around.

"Do you want to get a drink or something to eat first?"

A pair of moody hazel eyes gazed at the mansion in wonder. Delia smoothed down her sexy red dress and graced her date with a smile. For a man as humble as Tommy, she was surprised he hung around with the kind of person that could afford this place. "I just want to walk around a bit, if that's okay with you?"

"That's perfectly fine with me," he replied.

"This is one incredible piece of real estate."

"Billy bought this place a month ago. So far only the first floor, kitchen, and basement have been renovated. There are eleven bedrooms on the second and third floor that haven't had anything done to them yet." Despite his best efforts to the contrary, his eyes scanned the sea of partygoers for one face in particular. So far no dice.

"Didn't you tell me Billy was single?" Delia tried to remember. "Why would he need a mansion this huge instead of a normal house?"

Tommy abhorred lying unless it was absolutely necessary. In this case it was. "Billy's eccentric at times. Maybe he wants a big family someday."

"Yeah, like a football team."

"Speaking of a football team," Tommy nudged her side as they walked past the pool. "That group of guys over there haven't taken their eyes off of you since you walked in. Not that I can blame them. You look amazing tonight."

Delia doubted that was a spark of jealousy she heard in his voice. She might have hoped just a little. She leaned into him and whispered teasingly, "Those three blondes by the stage can't take their eyes off of you either. I told you that dark button down shirt looked killer on you."


Amused beyond words, she found his lack of vanity refreshing. Tommy sincerely had no idea how absolutely beautiful a man he was. That was one of his many charms. And if they weren't becoming such good friends she knew she'd be all over him. Their vibe so far was friendly at best, with just enough innocent flirting between them to enjoy each other’s company. As good-looking and sexy as he was, she needed a good friend more than another potential boyfriend. She liked the way things were between them as is. "Come on and introduce me to some of your friends. Especially your cute guy friends. If any of them own mansions too, well, consider that a plus."

"You are my date this evening, you know," Tommy reminded her in no way of a possessive tone.

Delia tossed her long dark hair back and greeted him with a smirk. "I thought we decided before we came that whatever happens, happens. I can hook up with whomever I choose, or have you forgotten already?"

"I haven't forgotten, D." As inconspicuous as possible, Tommy peered around the backyard again. This time Delia noticed.

Taking a full step in front of him, she just had to ask, "When are you going to tell me who it is you don't want to look all alone around?"

Her slightly teasing tone wouldn't budge him. "Another time."

Despite the brush off, she took it without malice. "Whatever," she laughed, "Go get us some drinks."

"This way."

When they reached the mobile bar-van Tommy was surprised to see Katherine behind the counter mixing drinks. His ex looked oh so good tonight in her dark blue dress. She smiled when he approached. "You and Sha didn't hire a bartender?"

Kat graced Tommy's date with a quick once over and then turned her attention back to her

ex-boyfriend, who was checking over his shoulder. Who in the world was he looking around for? She had her suspicions. "Hello to you too," she replied sarcastically.

"Men and their lack of etiquette," Delia tossed in.

Tommy rolled his eyes. "Hello Katherine," he said as if he were greeting royalty. "This is Delia, my dat..."

"Friend from work," Delia chimed in. "He's my chaperone for the evening."

"It's nice to meet you, Delia." Katherine shook her hand. Not bad at all. Tommy good taste in woman

continued. "You'll find plenty of handsome, available men here tonight. Trust me on that. I can even point out a few. You're going to have a great time."

Settling into a comfortable mood, Tommy leaned his back to the bar while Katherine and Delia made small talk over men and who was here at the party. With a Toni Braxton song entertaining the ever-growing dance crowd, he searched for the one person he hadn't seen in eight days. He knew she'd be here tonight. And he knew she wouldn't dare come alone. She knew the same about him, seeing as how neither had any intention of looking as if the other was all that important.

When nothing could have been farther from the truth.

Interjecting a comment here and there, Tommy nursed his beer while keeping a sharp look out for... He found Trini and Jason snuggled up on beanbag. If only Ms. Kwan knew his best friend was finally going to propose to her

next week. Tommy had gone with Jason to pick out the ring, and upon discovering that they would only pick out the worst ring ever, Aisha stepped in to help. She found the perfect one in fifteen minutes flat and saved money doing so.

From that moment on and for the rest of the day she asked to be addressed as the 'Diamond Guru'. The boys obliged her.

Speaking of Sha, Tommy found her dancing with a couple of guys near the small DJ booth. Always up for a party, she looked to be having a great time. Billy and Tanya were manning the grills while Rocky, Zack, and Adam were setting up poker tables on the deck. At least sixty people attended tonight, all counting down the minutes to midnight and the promised spectacular Fourth of July fireworks display.

As far as Tommy was concerned all of the fireworks he needed were lit the moment he found 'her' entering through the back gates. She appeared as if she were looking for someone, and he vehemently hoped it was him. The hand at her back, courtesy of her date didn't even factor into his thoughts.

Kimberly took up his whole perception and nothing else mattered.

Sinfully elegant, her sexy little lavender dress tempted him by the second. Had she worn it because she wanted to, or because two weeks ago when he saw it hanging in her closet he told her she would look delicious in it?

He hoped the latter was the case.

Kim took on the guise of a new woman with her gorgeous brown hair straightened out. Older. Confident. Sensual. Those strapped heels she wore sealed the deal. Tommy swallowed hard in the back of his throat from her seductive walk alone.

Ever since they returned to California, they enjoyed a slow building friendship that saw them become acquainted with the people they are today and not who they were once upon a time. A couple of years passed by as they settled into a relationship minus any romance.

And then twelve weeks ago they crossed the line... they utterly erased it... and reveled in the thrill of its demise.

Turning his back to desire, Tommy found Delia staring at him, and then just over his shoulder. The devilish expression she wore grew wicked, but she said nothing. She was cool that way. She left him to his little secrets; confident he'd tell her one of these days if she was patient with him.

When it came to Kimberly, especially in the last three months, Tommy kept things very quiet and all to

himself. They were civil in public and friendly around their mutual friends. Teasing even. But when they were alone...

An agreement of secrecy was sealed with a kiss.

Their hidden rendezvous were responsible for sideways smiles he wore more often than not in recent weeks. A once in a lifetime encounter evolved into an unquenchable thirst that threatened the catching of

feelings. Never mind the nagging little voice yelling "caution" at him every step of the way. Tommy knew they were playing a dangerous game.

The problem was that he liked danger far too much.




Ten Minutes Ago



Twin skylights lit up an already spectacular starry night when Kim and Brady arrived. The parking lot and subsequent street parking were well managed, and the roaring music could be heard well before you entered the mansion. As part of the late arrivals they were treated to the grandeur of 'The Great One,' as Trini titled tonight’s party of the year.

The hot and sexy were out in full force. Free drinks and food all night long were offered on the invitations. There was dancing, swimming, a concert from the popular local band 'Camelot', and a midnight fireworks display that was promised to rival the best anyone had ever seen.

As Kimberly walked with her date's hand centered on the small of her back, her thoughts weren't on the party or anything associated with it.

Her body was starved for even the sight of Tommy.

She struggled to fend off thoughts of him all day long. In reality, all she had to do was go to this amazing party thrown by all her friends and dance the night away. Nice. Simple. Easy. And doable if she hadn't taken that proverbial bite of forbidden fruit three months ago and decided that she couldn't live without the taste. And after that night she knew that she only needed one more to get him out of her system forever. Just one more night...

That led to countless nights. And days. And evenings. And mornings and just kept going because neither of them could seem to put the breaks on their secret escapades. A teenage hunger reawakened into something new, animalistic, and untamed.

Kim had her career and it was thriving. She had her family and her friends and her health and was doing things in life that fulfilled her. She wasn't in love with anyone but she was open to the idea.

Passion of the undeniable kind was new to her. At age 27, she was hardly a novice to the sexual arts, but nothing she had experienced before compared in any way to her recent liaisons.

For the longest time she hadn't thought of Tommy 'in that way'. He wasn't the end all to be all of her existence. Seeing him shirtless at the beach brought with it the same appreciative looks she'd always given him. He was handsome. Very much so. He was smart and compassionate and possessed that kind of inner-goodness seldom seen these days. He was also just a friend. No different than Jason or Zack or Rocky or Billy or Adam.

Of course she had never eaten ice cream off of either of their chests before. And they certainly had never seen her naked with her wrists tied to the posts of her bed. And then there was that one hot encounter in the back of the movie theater that she just couldn't believe they were able to... with the seats and all.

Kim knew she was blushing just from the memories.

An hour ago in her shower all she could think of was calling Tommy and finding an excuse to skip the party

altogether. An entire week of late hours at the office coupled with her mothers surprise visit didn't provide any free time for her favorite addiction. And now she'd have to endure seeing him with some girl on his arm while looking good enough to eat. Hours of torture to match the lonely nights of the previous week. What was worse, she knew he was angry that she hadn't even called him one time.

Wanting him and pissing him off weren't mutually exclusive. Then again, she was never the poster girl for

sanity. This was the hand she'd been dealt. So be it.

At least she felt sexy in her new dress and had a very good-looking man on her arm. And since he didn't drink, if she got a bit drunk it wouldn't matter. Hopefully alcohol would kill the restless desire she lived with all week

long. At least she hoped it would.

"Earth to Kim. Come in Kim."

As they sidestepped a couple of blondes, Kim shot Brady an apologetic smile. "Sorry. I don't know where my head was for a second there."

"Relax." With his hand at her back he enjoyed more than a few envious glances thrown his way. Kim looked stunning tonight. "The 'week from hell' has ended and we're at this fantastic party." Blue eyes beamed at her with a sly grin. He knew she liked his smile. "We need this down time, Kim. Let's leave all our worries behind us."

Brady was sweet and a gentleman and a co-worker. He was also interested in her and other men and didn't know despite their one year old friendship that she had recently began banging the ever living crap out of her ex high-school sweetheart and desperately needed more of that tonight.

Kim maintained her composure with a polite kiss to his cheek. He did want her to have a great time. She wanted the same for him as well. "I'll try to remember what it's like to let my hair down."

"You look fantastic tonight." Giving her the once over, she blushed at his whistling appraisal. "I am honored to be your date."

"Compliments are helping."

"Your style and grace are only exceeded by your beauty and charm."

His over the top antics were cute. She laughed, "You're too kind."

"And you're by far the hottest looking woman here." He bent close to her ear and whispered, "If you were a guy you'd be the hottest looking guy here too. But it's okay. Your girl parts rock." Her giggle settled a bit of his own nervous tension at not knowing anyone here. Not only was tonight a casual friendly date that he held out some small hope would blossom into more, but also a party at a mansion. A huge party at that.

As they toured the backyard on their way towards the stage where the band was setting up, Brady joked, "You told me this would be a little get together, oh Queen of the understatement." He received no reply from the lady by his side. Attempting to follow her line of vision, he found her searching for something. Or someone perhaps. "He better be cute."

"Wha... what?" Kim stuttered a bit while looking around.

"Who are you looking for?"

"I'm not looking for anyone."

"Am I not handsome and irresistible enough?"

He was plenty handsome and all that. Kim knew it might hurt his feelings to know that he wasn't the man she was searching for with the most agile tongue she'd ever had the pleasure of getting to know intimately. Then again, she heard rumors about Brady's prowess in the sack as well. If it wasn't for her 'beneficial friendship' and the fact that Brady was such a nice guy whose company she enjoyed a great deal, she might of given him a go.

"Oh I see. Now I get the silent treatment."

His tone was teasing and gentle. Just like their friendship. Kim gave him a playful punch him in the arm. "I'm just looking for some of my friends, that's all." And that was the truth, partly. "That's Billy and Tanya over their cooking at the grills. Are you hungry?" She looped her arm through his.

"Food sounds good. Lead the way."

Billy and Tanya met Brady first and were quickly impressed, as Kim knew they would be. The thirty year-old home interior designer had an easygoing nature about him and possessed a quick wit. He was also a hunk of the first

order. Tall, dark and handsome. That fact wasn’t lost on Kim in the least. She was mildly attracted to him and he was her closest friend in the office. His bisexuality was never an issue for her.

All of the Rangers had close friends outside the team that knew nothing about their 'night jobs'. As undiscussed as the topic was, all of them cherished and were protective of those friendships. Were even a bit secretive.

Such was this new world they lived in.

With her search postponed for the moment, Kim relaxed. Trini joined her, Brady, Tanya, and Billy briefly as introductions were made and stories told concerning the mad dash scramble to assemble all of this for the party in a week’s time. Personalities meshed easily. And when no one was looking Kim and Trini shared a knowing smirk that very soon the Yellow Ranger was going to be wearing one heck of a diamond ring on her finger, courtesy of the 'Diamond Guru'.

Aisha had many wonderful attributes. Keeping secrets wasn't one of them.

While holding her first drink of the night, Kim began to enjoy the jubilant party atmosphere as the music was turned up louder and the dance crowds grew. She was surrounded by her friends and on the arm of a handsome man who was also a really sweet guy. She had nothing to complain about.

Thirty minutes and some dancing passed before fate finally reared its head.

"Excuse me," Kim offered quickly as she spun around to see whom she had accidentally bumped into. Her sharp intake of air surprised even her.


He stood there looking better than any man had a right to look. Strong. Handsome. Dangerous. He smelled so damn good and was hotness in every way. No matter when his hair was longer than hers or short the way it was now, she knew she'd lick him from head to toe even if he was bald. She struggled to maintain her cool. Damn him for effortlessly throwing her off her game. "Hey."

"Hey yourself." Tommy had to remember to breathe. All he wanted to do was breathe her air. The vision of her smooth legs in that short dress caused his jaw to tighten almost painfully. He ached for her. His manners forced him to step aside. "This is Delia. My date."

"Hi. It's nice to meet you," Kim greeted the bit... his date. "This is Brady. My date."

Tommy shook the jer... his hand. There was a subtle second or two of electric tension as his eyes locked with Kim's and nothing else in the world mattered except the last time they were together. Then he remembered how she hadn't called him once all week. Her date was smiling a bit too much as well. "The party looks great.”

Nodding, Kim felt Brady's curious stare upon her and tried her best to ignore it. She observed Delia regarding Tommy the same way. Was the heat between them that noticeable? "Trini and Sha worked their butts off."

"They did a great job."

"I wish I could have helped."

"You've been busy?"

Throwing caution to the wind, Kim stared Tommy directly in the eyes. "Did I miss anything?"

Tommy glared, only to allow a smile to cross his lips. "Apperantly not." When a slow jam started Delia took his arm and gave a little pull.

"It was nice meeting you both," Delia said to Kim and Brady. "You know I love Mariah Carey. Let's dance Tommy."

"Excuse us."

As they walked off Brady watched Kim very closely. Adding in a hushed tone, "He's really cute."

"Oh shut up."

All Brady could do was laugh.




Thirty Minutes Later




Kimberly must have been born to move that way because Tommy felt like he was born to watch her.

Alone in the dark near the back of the mansion, he couldn't take his eyes off the sensual sway of her slender hips as she danced with her back to her date, pressed flush against his body. Every time she tossed her long hair back reminded him of the decadent way she looked when she was riding him and did the same. Her eyes were shut as if she were lost in the music's rhythm.

Tommy's hand gripped his drink tighter. He felt like blinking would rob him of a seconds worth of her, so he refused even that.

Jealousy and lust shared equal parts of his world as the woman he needed like the very air he breathed worked her body in such a deeply erotic way it physically hurt to look at her.

And yet he couldn't tear his eyes away. Not even to save his own life.

The local band's pulse-pounding grooves turned the party into a wall-to-wall flesh orgy of couples slow bumping and grinding to the lead singers silky smooth voice. The lyrics to the songs blended one into another. The crowd of

sixty-something dwindled down to a crowd of two as far as Tommy was concerned.

There was only his lover and her date.

A bathroom break left Tommy with this precious free time to gaze at her from afar. Delia would return soon enough and then he'd have to pretend not to stare at... He shook his head and quickly downed the rest of his drink. The alcohol burn helped not nearly enough. Not when the memory of her sheathed intimately around him in the throes of violent climax left him awake at night. Nothing at all compared to the soft sounds she made or the expressions of utter satisfaction written all over her face.

Nothing gave him a moment’s peace or allowed him to forget her because she was simply unforgettable.

After their very first night together he knew he would become addicted to them. He never fathomed it would get this bad. His eyes stalked every shift of her petite frame. She danced the way she made love, with her all and uninhibited. He recalled the time they tore into each other on her living room floor after a heated argument over something he couldn't even remember today. Their frenzied coupling had been so incredible her nails tore the skin from his back in triple trails, branding him for life as hers. The scar's still there, though the deeper ones are all on the inside.

She cried out for him... to him... she begged and wept and told him what to do and how to do it faster and when she needed it harder. His slavery to her passion was complete. There was Tommy Oliver and then there was the man who belonged to Kim.

All weeklong she didn't call him. Not one time. While his mature side understood her career and a busy schedule, his darker persona wanted her to need him... badly. They were pure fire whenever they were together and he just couldn't understand why she kept him at arms length.

The messages he left went unanswered. After the fourth day he gave her space. And now...

"She's the one, isn't she?”

Delia's voice from just over his shoulder barely lifted above the loud music. He greatly respected her perception skills. "Yes," Tommy confided as she leaned closer to him from behind. "It's complicated."

Delia sighed, "Isn't it always?"

"I didn't bring you here to get to her," he hoped she understood that was the truth. "We have a great time together and we're becoming good friends. I..."

He was sweet and considerate. Qualities she truly appreciated. "You don't have to explain, Tommy. You and I are cool. I wasn't all that interested in you anyway."

"Liar?" he accused with a smirk.

"Okay, I might have wanted to sex you up a little," she smiled and allowed him a moment to be full of himself. "But I needed your friendship after my breakup with Cameron more than another’s guys bed to hop into."

Tommy knew her gorgeous looks, charm, and sincerity would insure she wouldn't be without a plethora of male offers when she was ready to enter the dating pool again. "Thank you."

"So tell me about you and Kim?"

Where would he possibly begin? Tommy paused to collect his thoughts. Did he even know the answer to her question? Not entirely. "We have alot of history together. Right now it's incredibly physical between us."

"But there's more?" His facial expression didn't change as he looked out over the crowd. He was a typical male after all. Nonetheless, Delia recognized what was just beneath the surface. "Is she serious with that guy?"

"No, she's single. He's just a friend from work."

"So she wouldn't be cheating if..."

Mischief sparked within Delia's eyes as she graced him with a daring smile that only inspired what he asked next. "I need a favor."





As sexy as she felt and as aroused as the man behind her was, Kim knew she was being closely watched by the only person that mattered.

That sheer fact alone infused her with a greater need to put on a steamy show that would drive him wild. If staring was all he was capable of doing then let him. She had no shame on the dance floor when it came to pressing a man's buttons. Possessed with a seductive confidence that she knew what to do to provoke a man's desires, she maintained tight contact with Brady's body and made sure they were facing the back of the mansion the whole time.

Let him watch it all, she thought wickedly. Let him watch until jealousy bled out of him like an open wound. He deserved it.

Not that long ago Kim observed Delia whispering something in Tommy's ear, and then kissed his cheek and walked

away. Just the sight of that little peck drew her annoyance. She had been agitated enough seeing his date's hands exploring all over his body when they were dancing. She hid it well, having turned the tables on him. She was once again in control.

Brady was a good dancer who knew how to move with a woman in his arms. If only the woman he was dancing with was picturing him with her eyes shut rather than her secret lover. When the band's first set ended the very next song that came on was the same one playing in the elevator at Trini apartment building last May. After a Ranger team dinner, Tommy and Kim shared an elevator and an extremely hot encounter that left them gasping for air when it was over.

Kim couldn't help remembering that night and countless others that left her feeling more alive than she ever had before.

And to think it all began with a misunderstanding.

As adults, all of the Rangers had full-time jobs or were furthering their education. The new intergalactic bad guys trying to absorb themselves in Earth's underworld were known for showing up anywhere on the planet and at any time. Gone were the super villains of yesteryear with plots of taking over or destroying the world. These days saw smaller evil organizations, diabolical space criminals, killers, bounty hunters, genetic freaks, advanced alien arms dealers, creatures on the run, and any of a hundred other beings looking for a new home to escape whatever was chasing them.

In early April a small group of Gregorian Predators landed in the jungles of Brazil and were ravaging villages. After discovering forty dead bodies, the Rangers spent three straight days hunting their prey the old fashioned way because their blood chemistry seemed to negate any attempts to track them on radar. What took place was a full speeder bike sweep of the entire jungle. Once the Gregorian Predators were found and exterminated the Rangers returned to their home base for debriefing and decided to stay over the night in their private quarters.

Later on that night Tommy wanted to chat with Jason about altering the Zord repair duty schedule coming up, but had forgotten that Jason and Kim swapped rooms a week earlier. When Kim opened the door fresh from her hot shower wearing only a towel, so began their descent into madness.

They laughed at first over Tommy's legendarily bad memory and how Jason was probably spending the night in Trini's room anyway. Both admitted to feeling restless after the long days past. Ever the polite host, Kim offered Tommy a nightcap and he accepted.

A couple of drinks later saw them sitting on her sofa reminiscing over old times while enjoying themselves as friends do. There honestly wasn't an undercurrent of anything between them. No long stares or awkward

silences. Conversation came easy and never once felt forced.

They were having a really nice time.

And when Kimberly began yawning Tommy felt it was time to call it a night and let her get some sleep. At her front door he bent down to give her a goodbye kiss on the cheek. Fate, destiny, or the alignment of the planets must have stepped in when she turned her head at the last minute and...

... their lips met.

They shared their first kiss in eight years, three months, and thirty-four days.

A fire had been lit in that split second their lips touched. It fanned into flames and roared out of control before either of them could come to their senses. They were drunk off each other from that very first taste of passion. That night had been a revelation for both of them. The sex was as exciting as it was so fucking good and the fact that it hadn't been planned only added to the thrill of it all.

The next morning saw them talk things out as maturely as possible, considering they had just woken up and done it again for nearly an hour. A simple pact of privacy was formed. It was no ones business what they did and it was a one-time thing. They summed it all up to a residual attraction from their teen years. A curiosity of the great unknown. Telling anyone would only bring about questions, expectations, unrealistic hopes and all that.

Their night together was better left unsaid.

Until two days later when they got it on inside the White Dragon Zord cockpit... and twenty hours later in her apartment on the kitchen table... and again that next morning... and two days after that and so on and so on and so on.

They just couldn't get enough of each other.

The desperate unquenchable passion they shared became something neither of them could give up and since both were single they decided to enjoy their friendship with all its shiny new benefits. On the surface nothing would change. They were, are, and would always be close friends and teammates. But if one wanted some 'fun' for an evening the other was only a call away. With such busy lives and their Ranger duties and the fact that neither of them cared much for the whole dating scene, this arrangement suited them just fine and they hadn't hit any snags so far.

'So far' being the keywords.

"Okay, I need a break," Brady murmured in Kim's ear. Despite his hopes to the contrary, he had a feeling the little show they just put on wasn't entirely for his benefit. He adored her and didn't mind that, seeing as how he had his eyes on someone else as well the whole time.

"Are you telling me that's all the stamina you have?"

"I would so love to show you how wrong that statement is," Brady stated in the face of her challenge to his manhood. Their innocent flirtation continued until out of nowhere, Delia tapped Kim on her shoulder.

Kim turned around and tried to smile at the girl who had her hands all over a man that did not now and would never belong to her. "Hey. What's up?" Delia didn't say a word as she slipped a small piece of paper in her hand, winked, and then walked off. Kim wondered if Tommy had brought someone bisexual to the party as well until she read the note.





She had read the note off to the side of Brady for some reason and was now glad she did. Her heart was pounding in her chest. The implications of the note left her flushed and warm all over. Her feet were moving before

her lips. "Uhm, Brady. I have to make a quick call and a trip to the ladies room. I'll be back in a few, okay?"

"Sure," he replied but wasn't sure she heard him seeing as she had already left.





The danger of walking into the unknown only made the journey more thrilling.

After downing a Vodka shot for her nerves, Kim entered the mansion through the sliding backdoor. She couldn't find the light switch, but found the kitchen was empty. She quickly glanced around the corner into the vast living room area, but the lights were off there as well. When she whirled around she noticed something on the island she hadn't the first time she walked past it.

A cell phone.

She picked up the Nokia 6170 and read the Post-It stuck to it.




The chase was on.

A devil of a smile curled her lips. Kim picked up the phone and made her way out of the kitchen straight through the darkened living room towards a spiraling Golden Oak Stained staircase.

When she arrived on the second floor she found the two partially opened windows at the end of the hall cascading moonlights glow ahead. The ethereal illumination and dust mites carried an eerie feel of mystery and intrigue to the mansion.

The first door on her left was closed. Her hand reached for the knob. She found it unlocked and slowly turned it. The bedroom was empty and dim, furnished with only a queen-sized bed and two old dressers.

Kim returned to the hallway. There weren’t any signs of light coming from under any of the seven doors on the second floor. Wherever Tommy was hiding, he wasn't going to make it easy on her.

She jumped a little when the phone vibrated. The darkness that surrounded her was messing with her. Kim flipped it open and pressed the talk button. "If you start with the heavy breathing I'll know you've truly run out of

ideas." She recognized his mock of a chuckle.

"This isn't original enough for you?"

"When you've wanted me before you didn't resort to games," she reminded him while pacing down the expansive corridor.

"Maybe I don't want you anymore."

"And maybe you don't need to breathe anymore either." In her mind's eye she pictured the defiant expression on his face and wished more than anything else that she could see it. They could verbally spar all night long... amongst other things. "Where are you?"


Bastard! Kim pushed open another door. Nothing. Her search continued. So did her goosebumps. "How close?"

"Close enough."

She listened for anything in the background to give away his location. Tommy had a partially sadistic quality to his psyche at times. It wasn't something many of his friends knew about. She enjoyed knowing something about him that no one else did. "Why am I here?"

"Where have you been all week?"

She picked up on a note of bitterness in his voice. He was still angry with her. Good. She liked it. "I was sun tanning, surfing, and enjoying the beach. You?"

Her inner-bitch only added to her charm. "Funny, Kim. Real funny."

"Work was crazy, alright."

"That's no excuse not to call me."

"You should have just come over."

"I respect your busy schedule. I don't turn up unannounced. And for the record, I called for four days straight."

"I was pulling eleven work hour days and my mom popped up out of nowhere."

"Why didn't you come to me?"

"I wanted too," she confided something she figured probably wasn't that good an idea. Especially since she's the hunted tonight. "I got sidetracked."

"You found enough time to ask Brady to the party."

There was a definite jealous edge to him tonight. "I work with him." Kim ascended the staircase at the end of the hall to the third floor. When she reached the top she looked all around. "It was convenient."

"And I'm not?"

"Did you want to escort me to this party?"

"No. I wanted to skip it all together."

"With me?" Silence. And she still couldn't hear if he was moving around at all or not. Her ears sought the sounds of floorboards squeaking behind or in front of her. The third floor appeared as barren as the second. "Are you going to answer me?"

"Didn’t you miss me?"

Asked so softly she barely heard him and yet felt the stark conviction his words implied. "You know I did," she replied just as emotionally.

"You were all over 'him' tonight."

"No more than Delia clung to you like a second skin," she answered back with no less venom.

"The difference is I wasn't trying to perform the Kama Sutra in public."

"Trying?" Kimberly had to laugh a little as she stalked down the hall, going from room to room. "Gymnastics and flexibility training have been a part of my life since I was eight years old. The Kama Sutra isn't something I'd have to try." She could practically hear his teeth grinding from the memories of all the things they'd done together and how good it was. "At best it would be exercise."

He didn't utter another word. She wasn't surprised in the least. She came to the end of the hall and the very last bedroom. The door was cracked open. On the other side she was sure he was waiting for her.

She entered and found the bedroom was as uninhabited as all the others. "What kind of game are you..."

Strong arms seemingly appeared from the shadows behind her, more than likely from a missed closet along

the wall. She was twisted in his arms, dropped the cell she was holding, and suddenly kissed with such desperate longing the sensations were incalculable. His lips blazed a trail of fire through her entire body as she was hauled off her feet and carried into the room, and then laid down on the bed with his solid frame covering her fully. Her legs parted unconsciously.

The electric thrill courtesy of the way he literally ate her mouth left her panting between kisses. Her arms locked tight around his neck, clutching him to her chest. She groaned heavily in the back of her throat when he ground against her center, the gut reaction left her aching to be filled. His answering moan accompanied his plunging tongue inside the wet depths of her mouth. His fingers tangled in her hair as they devoured each other savagely as if nothing else existed in the entire world.

A frenzy of grinding and the moist smack of lips and tongues went on for the longest time without a word being uttered as they savored each other’s taste.

Only when oxygen became an emergency issue did they part, now staring intensely at each other. Soft gasping were the only noises in the room until Kim spoke.

"You really missed me, didn't you?"

Her teasing smirk begged another kiss, but if he did so he knew he wouldn't stop there. He wouldn't be able

to. Reluctantly, Tommy vacated his position over her and shifted to the end of the bed. "Think what you want."

He was such a man at times. The dark hid her small smile. She watched him rise from the bed and walk to a window. He peered through the curtains out at the party below. Faint sounds of the band's music were just audible enough to pick up. Before she knew it she stood by his side. "Of course I missed you." He refused to look at her and she thought it was so cute.

Tommy fought the threatening grin her revelation created tooth and nail. He angled toward her. "A week's a long time without so much as a email."

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder."

Sometimes he just wanted to spank her. She had a way about her that dug up under his skin and burned in his bloodstream. "Now who's playing games?"

"We both are. That's why this is so much fun," she declared what he already knew. "All our friends still expect us to have this grand romantic reunion someday with flowers and hearts and candy. They want the fairy tale ending that doesn't exist in our real lives."

"We're a little too damaged for that."

"So we're marching to our own tune," she beamed at him. "What we share is private and not to be picked apart or judged by anyone."

His invasion of her personal space again came with a deeply hungry kiss that nearly caught her off guard. It was as much a statement of agreement as an attempt to convey she was all he desired in this world.

When they seperated Kim rested her head against his chest and listened to the steady thumping beat of his

heart. It quickened. She was responsible for that. The thought of which left her skin tingly. "Do you want me to say I'm sorry or would you like a 'gift' to prove it?"

Smiling would only signal his defeat, which was inevitable anyway. Her 'gifts' tended to be of the most pleasurable variety. After exhaling a deep breath, Tommy leaned back to the window and used a finger to tip her chin up. "I am a big fan of your 'gifts' these days."

That was all the go ahead she needed, not that she expected otherwise.

Her small hands rested on his strong shoulders as the lean muscles tensed beneath her fingertips. She stared directly into the most beloved brown eyes she'd ever known as her hands leisurely traveled down his chest, grazing for a time over his hard abs, and then...

His eyes shut when she squeezed 'him' through his pants. His erection was instant and needy and her leer said it all. She owned him. Period and end of story. His body reacted to her caress as if no one else had ever existed before her. With just her hand ghosting over his cock he felt ready to plead for her brand of 'relief'.

His cock twitched uncontrollably under her tender massage.

"I could have called you."

She pulled his belt from its loop and unhooked it.

"I should have returned your calls."

He watched her every movement and loved that naughty look in her eyes. She loved the wanting look in his. She unbuttoned his pants and gently pulled the zipper down. Her hand brushed over him again. His sharp intake of air inspired her onward.

"I was very busy all week long."

Thank goodness for this rug, Kim thought to herself. Falling to her knees before him, she pulled his pants all the way down to his ankles and then hooked her thumbs on his boxers. Her carnivorous gaze at the thick length of him left her licking her lips as he stared down at her in awe. With a couple of tugs his underwear was out of the way and there he was in all his delicious glory. He was so hard it looked as if his cock was reaching for her. She blew it a kiss.

"I'm sorry."

The warm flat of her warm tongue lapped at his balls first and then slowly dragged its way up the length of him until she reached the crown of his aching shaft. She bathed him with her tongue downward and back up

again. She slowly French-kissed the tip and then swirled her tongue after a droplet of moisture. She took an all too brief suck that saw his entire body clench and shiver in response. She knew just how to play him.

Tommy reached out and caressed the side of her face. He stared into her shimmering eyes until his rolled into the back of his head when her soft lips welcomed him inside the humid confines of her mouth. She worked him at her own lazy pace, drawing his pleasure out by taking a little more of him at a time. Inch by inch until he reached the limit of her comfort zone. The exquisite gratification of her sucking on his cock absolutely robbed him of the ability to do anything other than listen to the sweet sounds of her sensual work and experience the sensations coursing through him.

The act, as far as Kimberly was concerned, was as far from subservient as anything could be. When it came to Tommy she loved doing this to him. She loved pleasing him and the power she felt at being his sole focus

in life. Pleasuring him this way was an expression of her passionate self. Of her skills at driving her lover wild. The smooth skin of his cock tasted wonderful over her tongue as she gulped him in moisture while gently increasing the pressure around his cock by hollowing her cheeks. Her right hand wrapped around the base as she swallowed harder while twisting her head about, truly blowing his mind.

Winded and gasping for his every breath, Tommy couldn't even see straight. Pride be damned, this just wasn’t going to last long. One of the most amazing things of all the amazing things about Kim's sexuality was that she finished everything she started, if you get the drift. He never once had to 'ask' or 'warn' her because she often recognized the telltale signs of his ending and sought to force her name screamed from his lips as a reward for a 'job' well done. More often than not she got just that.

In fact, she did every damn time.

His throbbing against her tongue and heavy breathing were signal enough that he was so close and that alone sent her down a path of evil that needed to pay him back for his little phone hunting stunt. A lesson needed to be taught and she considered herself the teacher.

With her eyes wide open and locked on his own, she gently suckled the head of his shaft like a Popsicle. His body began quivering and his fists clenched hard. She gently released him from her mouth and then stood to her feet.

"If God were a woman she would have made cum taste like chocolate. Unfortunately, God isn't a woman. And since I only have a taste for chocolate tonight you're out of luck."

Tommy, as full of shock and near blinding rage as he had ever been in his entire life could barely stand as he watched her walk right out of the room. She left him all alone in the dark with his pants around his ankles, harder than he had ever been before. She left him breathless and so close to nirvana it physically hurt.

All he could do was stare at the door she walked out of.

His eyes narrowed as he quickly collected himself.





Each carefully measured step taken downstairs felt like a descent into hell.

The sneer Tommy wore matched the fierce anger mounting within his chest. He had experienced the heights of pleasure and then at the last moment had heaven stolen away from him. Sweet salvation was just out

of reach. The pearly gates slammed shut in his face and he was left all alone in the dark. Treated like a fucking afterthought.

If Kim thought she could toy with him so easily then she had another thing coming.

He kicked in the door of every room he passed searching for her, just in case. If she's still at the party then she was going to deal with him here. If she went home and locked the doors it wouldn't help her. He had his own key. With every fiber of his being he intended to force her to see that she couldn't treat him this way. That she had nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.

She had no chance of evading him tonight. She's his prey and he will have her. Nothing else mattered. Nothing at all.

When Tommy reached the first floor he peered all around. There were no signs of her. She hadn't turned on any of the lights and he couldn't hear any voices nearby. He entered the kitchen quickly on his way to the


That was when he sensed it. Sensed her. The impression she left on his subconscious was undeniable. It wasn't something he saw out of the corner of his eye or a recognizable voice heard over his shoulder or a familiar scent or anything on the surface that could be considered normal. What he felt was her very presence watching him. She wasn't hiding, she was... waiting. If he thought to long on being able to 'feel' her when she was near the implications would scare him.

Of the four corners in the large kitchen, Tommy knew she was in the northwest. When he turned around he caught sight of her standing against the far wall, her face hidden in the darkness, with only the shadowy moonlit outline of her sultry figure as a feast for his eyes.

She even had the nerve to be holding a drink.

Tommy's deliberate stalking toward her saw his fists clench at his sides. He pondered why she didn't just leave the mansion, and then knew in that very moment she didn't want to. She wanted what he wanted, but on her own terms. She wanted retribution for his little game of cat and mouse. She had taken that. And now...

Kim's position against the far back wall was as symbolic as it was her hiding place. She knew she had nowhere to run. She knew he was hunting her. That he wasn't going to let this go. But did he know that she wanted to be caught? "I suppose I'm not your favorite person right now."

As he approached her on quiet steps, Tommy maintained his silence. The space between them dwindled away into nothing and now he could regard her face to face. She'd be one hell of a Poker player if she liked the game. Her expression betrayed none of her inner thoughts. Her breathing was steady and her eyes dared his to blink first. As angry as she made him at times he adored everything about this amazing woman, but nothing more than her defiance of him. When she stood her ground she was the sexiest woman he had ever known.

Without uttering a single word, Tommy snatched the glass from her hand and finished her drink. Bourbon. Not bad at all.

The square window above them was partially ajar as the boisterous sounds of the party outside could

be picked up. Midnight was fast approaching as the music took an up tempo turn and the fireworks setup


Inside the house the fireworks had already begun.

"What's the chance of you getting me another drink?" Kim attempted to smirk as she said it when all she wanted was his next kiss and every kiss after that. All she needed in life was him inside her and around her and Godamnit he had the butterflies in her stomach going wild. He hadn't said a word since he found her. Hadn't even acknowledged her name. Her little game upstairs was payback and torment in one. What would be her price to pay? She swallowed hard. He took a step closer.

... his intensely erotic glare left her swollen and moist. She would have backed up farther if there was anywhere else to go. His private eyes were watching her. Held her captive. She wished he would verbally spar with her so that she could gain an equal footing again. She wished he didn't have this power to make her knees weak and her throat dry.

She wished he would just kiss her senseless and seize what he wanted.

"Take them off."

Good God, as if she wasn't a mess already he had to say what he said the way he said it. In that deep commanding voice he used out in the field. He didn't tell her what to take off and he didn't have too. If he did then she was far to young to be playing this game with a man like him. Her heart beat faster as waves of heat fell over her entire body. The feel of her hands on her thighs traveled up her slender hips until she reached her

black thong. Dark eyes held hers captive, alert to her every movement as she slipped it off.

She held the thong out to him. He took it from her hand and that alone left her breathless and wanton. The recognition written all over his face when his thumb massaged the center and noted the dampness aroused her to no end. He shoved her underwear in his back pocket. She couldn't take her eyes off his hands. God, he had great hands.

"Did you have fun upstairs?"

"Better than you," she tossed fire in his face her actions. His posture was meant to intimidate. She stood up that much straighter because of it. One hand and then the other laid palm flat on the wall on either side of her head as he bent down to her.

Tommy pressed one lazy caress of a kiss that curled her toes and sent tingles up and down her spine. When she was ready to beg him to use his tongue he drew away. She gently bit her bottom lip in remembrance of the sensation of his lips.

"You're such a tease." Tommy covered Kim's little smile with his lips before she could say a word. Slightly more pressure than the last but still feather soft on her mouth.

"Why ever do you put up with me?" she asked him a second before she took the initiative and stole their next delicious kiss. His low growl left her with no recourse but to deepen the kiss as she cupped his face.

The beloved feel of her gentle touch on the skin of his face washed away any residual rage and left only desire and sheer need for this incredible woman in it's wake. He had to have her now. He had to claim her as

his own. Tommy whispered, "It's certainly not because I'm in love with you."

"Perish the thought," she breathed a second before their lips slowly meshed in a kiss ripe with carnal longing. It lingered for untold minutes and was wet and downright raunchy with tongues and heavy panting. Their arms embraced one another in a way that clearly stated in the most physical sense they would never let each other

go. And as the partygoers cheered in anticipation of midnight's fireworks extravaganza, the passion burning white-hot inside the mansion was about to detonate.

"You look so," managed to escape his lips briefly, "beautiful tonight."

Tommy always and forever knew just the perfect time to use that one word that left her unable to deny him

anything. A low trembling groan escaped her lips when she was hoisted high on his hips against the wall. Fate saw her dress parted as her legs instinctively encircled his waist. She felt small and desirable as they exchanged hungry smacking kisses. Slipping one of her arms free, she fumbled at his pants and zipper, so eager to feel all of him again. The sound of the offending pieces keeping them apart was music to their ears as his pants fell. The arm she had snaked between their bodies feverishly worked at yanking his underwear just enough to get him where she desperately needed him.

"Kim... ohgodKim."

"... please."

Her vigorous stroking was nearly his undoing until she managed to press him at her slick entrance. Her arms immediately wrapped tight around his neck when his hips delved and then surged up at an angle that

impaled her... slowly... ever so gracefully. Those first writhing surges inside her left them groaning for more.

The steady rise and fall of her back against the flat surface of the wall accompanied her ravenous appetite for all of him. Full of him and so liquid sweet, she savored her name whispered from his lips.

The muscles in his legs strained as he bore the weight of her on his hips while lunging forward, arching her high up against the wall with every slow thrust. The scrape of her nails along his neck bit into his skin. The pain was ignored due to the meaning of the gesture. She was quivering in his arms with him buried so deep inside her. His face was pressed to her shoulder, eyes shut, mouth hung open as he willed air into his lungs. The length of him fit her snug depths as he immersed himself in the rocking rhythm of their mating.

Whenever Tommy took her this way, whenever he felt the need to dominate, Kim gave herself over to his will. She clung to him mind, body, and soul. Neither the hard surface of the wall nor weightlessness of allowing him to take her so savagely mattered. Only the hoarse sounds he made while fucking her and the taste of his skin against her lips meant anything at all. The solid feel of him throbbing inside her, as he seemed to never miss hitting that sweet spot that made her cry out. He was her addiction and her fix. She was his junkie for life.

Dipping his hips and then thrusting higher, Tommy held Kim flush to his chest while pounding her on his lap. Their agonizingly slow pace quickened when she began whimpering softly. When her teeth bit into the flesh of his neck he arched into her at an angle that brushed her clit. He did it again and again until the added sensation caused her to convulse around him in such satisfying ripples he knew she was close.

"TEN! ...NINE! ...EIGHT!"

Tommy was imbedded so deep inside Kim thought she could feel him in her throat. His pace quickened as her body was flung hard onto his. The muscles in her stomach grew tight as she held on for dear life. She felt swollen with him as her moist warmth enclosed every inch his throbbing manhood. He was gasping and she was whining softly and the crowd outside was counting down as their coupling turned violently aggressive.

"SEVEN! ...SIX! ...FIVE!"

Kim clutched at Tommy, her breathing labored as he moved faster. He savored the sensation of taking her in a way no other man could. Of being the only man she needed, wanted, and desired. Holding her fully in his arms while he pleasured her left him with a sense of overwhelming power. She was his. Solely and forever more his. That was why he fucked her harder when she asked for it. That was why her pants grew louder and her arms held him tight and she began clenching and unclenching deliciously around him. All of him was meant to send her spiraling over the edge in an earth-shattering climax.

"FOUR! ...THREE! ...TWO!"

She twisted and shook in his arms, so caught up in the fire and the passion and the lust driving so thickly

into her. Their tongues were dancing in slow circles as their hips moved in unison, colliding and banging faster until they were rutting like animals. Harsh incoherent exclamations filled the air along with the rhythmic slapping of their bodies as they drove each other to the very brink of sanity and then finally... sweet oblivion.


Whistling explosions were set off one after the other as the sky above filled in vibrant bursts of color. Those same brilliant streaks of red, white, and blue filtered in threw the window above Tommy and Kim, who didn't notice a thing seeing as how they were crying out each others names while locked tight together, sharing one deliriously long and utterly satisfying orgasm that rung them dry.

Kim's orgasmic spasm was so sweet she bit down on Tommy's shirt, clenching her teeth as she felt his final hard smacking surges push her up against the wall. She had heard her name escape his lungs so loud her ears were still ringing. She listened to the partygoers clapping and cheering over the fireworks display and vaguely remembered her own words. God and Tommy over and over and over until she began to giggle softly in his arms. "Sit me down before you fall down."

Exhausted, Tommy obeyed rather than spoke seeing as how he could not do both at the same time. He lifted her one last time to gently pull out, and then stood still while her legs slipped from his waist to the floor. She was a bit wobbly and staggered until he helped her. "I forgive you."

Kim couldn't help but to laugh at him. "I bet you do."

"So now what?"

"I need a shower. And some tissue," she laughed. "Sex is sticky you know."

He handed her a paper towel. "I think the friendly thing to do would be to share that shower."

His insinuation was as delightful as it was devilish. "Well," she began, "It would be friendly of us to do it. We should think of Billy's water bill. Sharing a shower makes sense."

Flushed and sweaty, she still looked like a Goddess. Tommy gazed at her. "It would benefit him."

"And if there's anything we know about, it's how to benefit our friends." She winked as they exited the kitchen. She suddenly felt the need to add, "I'm not in love with you, Tommy."

"I'm not in love with you either." She couldn't see his grin.

He couldn't see hers either. "Good. I'm glad we're clear on that."

"I'm you're lover and your best guy friend and we spend our all free time together and share our experiences, hopes, and dreams with one another. But we are not in love."

She stooped on a dime, turned around and wanted to slap him... or kiss him again. "You're such an ass sometimes."

"No, I'm your friend."

She sent a sideways smile his way, shook her head, and walked upstairs. Whatever was she going to do

with him? Whatever it was, she knew she'd never be able to let him go. Her final thought before entering the bathroom was that while they might 'not' be in love, they might not 'not' be in love either.

Complicated much?




The End of Chapter 1

2 more to go:)