Title: "Affair"
A Erotic Series Chapter (6/6)
Written by: Shawn

Summary: Is love enough?

Rating: M for variety of adult content. Very sexual adult content.
Category: Erotica/Romance

Timeline/Spoilers: Everything up to and including the Dino Thunder finale is canon - After that its my AU.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything to do with PR and won't make a cent off of this.

Authors Notes 1: If you're in the mood for something grown, sexy, flirtatious, salacious, blush inducing, and romantic then this is for you.

Dedicated to: The Grown and Sexy - Lovers of TK

Authors Notes: I apologize for the very, very long time in between updates. Thank all of you for your immense patience and support of me and this story since it began.

Extra thanks to: Liz for her amazing artwork that accompanies this story.

"The heart has its reasons that reason knows nothing of."
~ Blaise Pascal

Crane Creations

1774 Ramen Lane

Tuesday, February 14, 2009 1:30 PM

Miami, Florida

"Good riddance."

Glaring outside her fourth-floor office window, Kim watched the third flower-delivery truck exit her business complex's parking lot. Penny, her ultra-bubbly and recently engaged secretary was the most recent recipient of a huge bouquet of roses in her office, and the former Pink Ranger swore if one more floral arrangement was delivered she would fucking scream!

Shutting her eyes tight while breathing slowly to combat her mild bitterness, she considered a mid-day talk with Mr. Jack Daniels as he was locked away safely, and close nearby. Alas, as bad as things were going in her life, drinking in the middle of the day wasn't going to make it any better. As bad habits go, that would be a pretty big one to start.

Shutting the blinds, Kimberly all but collapsed back at her desk, arms crossed, so frustrated and sad and pissed at herself and just fucking disappointed in life. Vastly disappointed in herself. Of all the days for her parents to have had sex they did it exactly twenty-nine years and nine months ago, hence her being born on, of all days, Valentines Day.

To make matters worse, she turned the big 3-0 today. Her twenties, so long and goodbye, it was nice knowing you. There was no adoring husband or kids or a successful relationship she could take with her when she crossed that decade-times-three threshold into early middle-ageness as Aisha so eloquently put it. As if the last name Hart wasn't a bit ironic all by itself, to be born on what was supposed to be the most romantic holiday of the year only made for bitter chuckles when you're all alone and the love of your life is on the other side of the country probably cursing your very existence.

It would only serve her right after what she'd done to him. Again, no less.

A mountain of work laid before her in three stacks of contractual design offers awaiting her final approval. For a small business barely two years in age, hers was growing quickly and that was something to be damn proud of. She busted her ass, used every damn cent she earned as a professional gymnast, and was on time with both of her business loans to get to where she is now. For the first time since she began the company they were set to clear six figures in business earnings, and that first number wasn't a one either. Her company was totally in the black. Despite every fear and reservation, she'd turned this dream into a success and yet there was no one to truly enjoy it with.

Sure, her team was wonderful and her AJJ band-mates baked her a cake with frosting that read "You're not old, your experienced." But on Valentines Day no one sent her flowers or candy or anything remotely intimate. Yes, happy birthday wishes had begun to flood in, but nothing personal to the woman within. Nothing that sincerely touched her heart. Of course she knew why that was.

South Lake Tahoe, California was the scene of her unforgivable crime just a little over two months ago. Cold, withering dread knotted in her belly every single time she thought of those amazingly passionate days spent falling in love with Tommy again, and her utter cowardice at not allowing herself to pursue it when deep down she truly wanted too.

Tears wet her eyes as she wondered if he thought of her today at all. Even a spare thought that wasn't filled with pure hate and regret at having ever met her. Ever since fleeing her cabin after writing him yet another soul-crushing letter, she endured a flight from hell of pure heart break, followed by doing absolutely nothing at all to make amends.

Less than nothing.

She allowed what they had to die the silent death, minus closure, answers, and anything resembling honesty. She walked away and that was that. He was left to suffer over the unknown reasons why he wasn't good enough to fight for. Treated as if what they shared wasn't worth the dirt on the bottom of her shoe.

She just couldn't handle it... him... everything. It was too much. Just too much. More than she could deal with, and so she ran.

Leaning back in her chair, Kimberly wondered had anyone ever been so miserable on their very own birthday as she was. Maybe it was that her family was spread out all over the place and no one really had time to get away this year. Or that her still broken heart hadn't near healed enough to consider dating again. Or that she really didn't want to go anywhere but home to brood with a tub of ice cream and a mixtape of sad love songs.

Pathetic and depressing, but it was what it was.

Kimberly knew she made her own bed, and was lying in it all alone. And while Tommy wasn't the be the end all to be all in her life, he was the love of it. Clearly. Undeniably. No one had ever made her feel what he made her feel, and still felt. But she couldn't give into him for fear that she might get hurt and disappointed again. He wanted so much of her, and was to willing to give all of himself. No matter how passionate, raw, sweet, and profound their love was her rationale was that it would hurt worse losing him down the road than giving him up now.

But she missed him so much. So deeply. Ached for him. Wished that the memory of her for him wasn't so tainted by betrayal and pain and regret. The way he laughed and the way he held her and listened and never judged haunted her. The way he opened up to her about his most private inner demons, assured that his vulnerable side was safe with her. In just that short time they were together, she felt love the likes of which she never knew existed.

Blah, blah, blah. She had this argument in her head so many times she knew it chapter and verse. And even if deep down she wanted to try and fix this, she knew nothing could. She'd thrown away his heart and walked away without ever looking back. He hadn't tried contacting her in any way, not that she was surprised. He was the only Ranger that hadn't called and or emailed a 'Happy Birthday' to her, not that she was surprised. He likely, justifiably, hated her. And she was to much of a coward to find out otherwise.

To much of a prideful fool as well.

So here she sat at work on her birthday feeling miserable and trying her best to hide it. Her office was abuzz with celebration over the financial success of the past year and most everyone on her thirteen-person team was looking forward to a romantic night out with their significant others. How in the hell did everyone seem to find someone, she wondered? Maybe it just looked that way when you felt lonely yourself.

Then came the unhealthy thoughts of what Tommy's plans might be doing tonight. If perhaps he'd already met a mentally healthy, unbroken woman who recognized him for the amazing guy he was. A woman who wasn't afraid to pursue her heart, trusting that not only was love enough, it was everything. And that he was simply worth it to her to fight for.

That possibility crippled something inside Kimberly. The thought of Tommy with another women was agonizingly painful.

"Just stop it!" she quietly swore to herself. She had to get over him! She knew it and swore it and Goddammit... her heart just wasn't letting go.

Blinking away tears, her eyes glanced at the time on her Mac. In ten minutes four of her staff members would arrive for a meeting to go over the new contracts on her desk. They relied on her leadership to steer the ship, so she had to suck it up and bury her pain. So her birthday was crap and her love life was non-existent.

At least she had work to throw herself in.

Pistol Pete's Pool Hall

89 Kester Lane

Tuesday, February 14, 2009 7:30 PM

Angel Grove, Ca

"And that my friend, is game," Tommy announced as the last ball found its home, signaling his triumphant victory over Rocky. Giving his stick a little twirl, he snickered at how hard his old friend slammed down a twenty dollar bill on the pool table. Victory was sweet indeed, he smiled, "Don't say I didn't warn you."

Arms crossed his chest, head tilted, Rocky fixed a glare at his former leader. Impressed, he was not. "You suck. And I don't mean suck just a little. I mean you royally suck! You donkey balls suck." Jason and Zack laughed nearby on stools, while Tommy shrugged before snatching the twenty dollar bill off the table.. "My wallet's lighter and I'm all alone on Valentine's Day. I'm starting to think your overall suckage has rubbed off on me."

"You're just mad Aisha isn't in town to rub off on you," Zack noted while nursing a Corona.

"Hey, don't forget, you're as sucky as Old Man Tommy here," Rocky joked around. "I don't see you with a date tonight, unless you're hooking up with the Palm sisters later on."

"I'd never date your old high school sweethearts," Zack brushed off with a knowing smirk. "I have a late night get-together with a gorgeous nurse who will be getting off work in," he glanced at his watch, "About two hours. So you should thank me for hanging out with you three lonely not-so-wise-men. For later on tonight I 'will' be playing doctor."

"For the record, I don't suck," Jason pointed out wearing a grin, finishing off his Bud Light. He then shook his head at his long-time friend. "I miss my wife, but she's outta town, so I figure its better hanging out with you guys than staying home alone."

Tommy's eyes drifted from Jason, to Zack, and then lastly Rocky. He was sure if Adam wasn't with his pregnant wife and Billy was actually on Earth they'd be here too. He certainly couldn't have asked for a better group of brothers. "Guys, its alright. I know that Trini, Kat, and Aisha are in Florida for Kim's birthday. I know its the big unsaid thing in the room." He watched them all duck their heads away, turning silent. "Thanks for hanging out with me tonight. This is far better than sitting at home and brooding."

"I let you win just now, so you know," Rocky announced with a audible smack over his former leader's shoulder. "Cause you suck soooo much."

"Fuck you," Tommy declared, grinning as the guys ordered another round of drinks, and then Zack and Jason racked a table. Tommy took a stool, Vodka and orange juice in hand as he thought over how truly pathetic it was to be spending Valentines Day at a pool hall with his guy buddies.

He tried not to think about Kim.

Every single waking moment of his life.

And it never worked.

The painful memory of her crawled over him like a second skin. How what she did made him feel so unworthy after falling in love with her once more. Her utter fear of being happy... of giving them a chance when she clearly wanted to left him sick to his stomach that maybe he just wasn't worth overcoming the fear. Just wasn't worth the extra effort.

That his love wasn't worth risking everything for.

Scowling away from his friends, Tommy bit back a curse under his breath as the game turned spirited around him. When he should be engaging in the insult war of Jason and Zack's pool game, his chest constricted over how hurt he still was. He hated like hell that he missed Kimberly. She didn't deserve to dominate his mind and heart the way she did. Didn't even want him in her life, her every action proof of that ugly claim.

He'd begun the great Kimberly Ann Hart purge. His home was free of every single picture of her that he had. Every gift, every card, and every single thing that reminded him of her was gone from his life. She was erased as if she never existed, cause even the sight of her in a picture choked his heart. And still she lived with him, refusing to leave his subconscious no matter what how hard he tried.

God, how he still loved her.

God, how he hated her.

God, how he missed her.

It was his best kept secret. Hidden behind a impenetrable wall he never let anyone get a inkling existed. Kim hadn't made any effort whatsoever to contact him. To apologize or explain over the phone or in any thorough way. She acted as if she'd washed him from her life. As if he'd never been there to begin with.

Still, he wanted closure. He deserved it, craved it, and needed it but wouldn't dare ever ask for it. Wouldn't pursue her ever again. Wouldn't reach out to her for any reason. She had treated him like dog-shit and her reasons for doing so only served to make him angrier. Hadn't he offered to go so slow with her? Did he ask for so much? Was he pushing that hard?

He'd asked himself those hard questions hundreds of times in the dead of night. She'd never promised him forever. Not once. He only wanted to try. She ran and never looked back.

Tommy hadn't felt even the tiniest inclination to start dating again. Wasn t nearly ready yet. His trust in women and himself were at a all-time low, though he hid it well. But when the woman you are in love with, who admits the same to you is also the person who has hurt you the worse in life it becomes horrifically ironic. No, he won't seek her out. Won't call, or write, or try to reach out to her in any way. Kim didn't deserve that.

He was still as heartbroken today as he was that cold day he found her latest letter. He just had no choice but to keep moving forward, even if it hurt every single fucking day to think of her and miss her. Even when he knew she didn't deserve him and he deserved so much better.

But in his quieter moments when he was all alone, his heart deeply missed her love. Was so sure of her character despite it all, and still against his will dreamed of having her in his arms again. He hated that dream. That fantasy. The ones that came to him when he didn't even want them. The ones he couldn't hate away no matter how hard he tried.

Jason paid Zack for losing their game, all the while watching his best friend's quiet state of thought. Instead of beating around the bush, the former Ranger's leader took the bull by the horns. His arms crossed his broad chest. "Bro, I've known Kim since she was six years old. I know her as well as anyone. I've seen the best and worst of her. And I don't agree with anything she did or how she handled things with you, but I still think you need to talk to her face to face. Even if its just for closure."

"You tell her that," Tommy muttered dryly.

Zack wasn't sure how to say this, but felt it needed to be said. "Bro, I know what she did was awful. I don't blame you for hating her, or being disappointed. And I know this might not hold any weight with you, but deep down I know she isn't a horrible person. She's flawed ten ways to Sunday. But I know deep down she regrets how things happened. Sometimes facing the person you hurt so bad is terrifying and you just can't make yourself do it. You tell yourself what's the point since you hate her anyway. But closure is important. It helps you move on. And I think you need it if you're ever going to move on."

"Kim's issues have issues," Rocky interjected, sliding a chair over and straddling it. "Some people can't get past their own fear to truly be happy. And it can cost you everything. I was scared for years to make a go of it with Aisha. Hell, I still am," he chuckled. "But you lose more in not trying. I guess what I'm saying is this. You can't force Kim to do the right thing. You can't force her to explain why she did what she did, or apologize, or anything else. But if you love her half as much as I think you do, I still believe you gotta do something to talk to her. Otherwise it's gonna keep killing you slowly every single day."

They were among his best friends, and he truly thought the world of all of them. Respected them and their opinions. But none of them had their hearts crushed the way he did. "Guys, I gave her my very best," be began honestly, his hurt clearly visible by the slight tremble of his voice. "I offered to go as slow as she wanted, and wasn't even looking for a commitment at first. I just wanted to spend more time with her, that's all. But that was still too much for her to deal with. So she wrote me a fucking letter, and then high-tailed it on the first flight back to Florida. She didn't have the guts to break my heart face-to-face, and part of me wonders if she always knew she wasn't going to give us a chance."

Jason shook his head. "Bro, I just don't think she ever led you on."

"Then why the hell did she do what she did?" Tommy asked angrily, his emotions not focused on Jason as much as the whole situation. His shoulders slumped as he tried to make sense of it all. "Everyone has issues. I've never met one single person that doesn't have them. But that's no excuse to treat someone like shit. And that's how she treated me."

Zack nodded wearing a somber expression. "All I can say is, deep down, I still believe in her. But I agree with you. There's no excuse for how she treated you. But I know you still love her even if you don't say it. I guess the Zack-Man is still hoping for a miracle."

Tommy racked another table. "Gentleman, enough woe-is-me talk. Kim doesn't want anything to do with me and that's her choice. I just have to let it go. And by it, I mean let her go."

Jason, Zack, and Rocky watched Tommy set the table while all wondering if their friend could ever truly do that.

1717 Summers Drive

Condo 4-1 - owned by Kimberly Hart

Tuesday, February 14, 2009 8:30 PM

Miami, Florida

Perched at the end of her king-sized bed, Kim closely watched a most curious event, yet didn't possess the will to do battle tonight. Her legs crossed, she simply shook her head at the lunacy of it all. "Sometimes I swear I really hate you, Lord Zedd."

The large, all black cat with the expensive high-heel shoe in its mouth looked up as if to say "What" with big beautiful green eyes. Affectionately named after the evil villain that once terrorized the world, Lord Zedd felt if his Master left a shoe out then it was his right to chew on it. And so he did every single chance he got.

"You've cost me three hundred and twenty-five dollars in fantastic shoes in the past year, you evil cat," she half-smiled for the first time today. Normally she'd be ranting and raving at the rebellious feline, but today she envied him. Practically curled around the shoe, Lord Zedd seemed to revel in chewing on the purple heel with the kind of mindless joy she just couldn't bring herself to end. "I guess at least someone should be happy tonight. And since I suck, I'm not gonna interfere with your fun. Have at it, Lord Zedd. Show that shoe who's the boss."

Stretching her arms over her head, Kim quietly vacated her master bedroom after having just arrived home less than fifteen minutes ago. Not surprisingly, she had no appetite at all. When she left her office only the night security men were left, and she swore two of them gave her a kinda pitiful look. Poor little Kim, all alone on Valentines Day, which was also her birthday. "Pathetic much? I think so," she verbally berated herself.

Having gotten in a solid six hours or so of heavy brooding at work today, Kim didn't have it in her to be angsty anymore. A couple of good friends at work offered to have drinks with her after work, but she knew they were all eager to see their significant others and just being nice. Though she greatly appreciated the sentiment, no way was she gonna rain on their parade.

Her living-room was far to quiet.

Reaching for the remote control on her beige sectional couch, her 50' inch flat-screen TV came to life. Certainly her mom and dad, both busy with their own lives would call her before bed with well wishes and apologies that they couldn't be there. Her brother too, if he decided to remembered and wasn't so caught up in his own zany life. And she was sure calls, emails, cards, and gifts would begin to trickle in from her college pals and the old Angel Grove gang.

Not Tommy, of course...

Flopping down onto the couch, Kim gave a emotional sigh of frustration. Her head bowed, eyes shut as she felt so wired. So utterly restless she could barely sit still. It was Valentines Day and her 30th birthday. To stay home was akin to admitting defeat. Of course, since she couldn t define the fight it just left her feeling viciously alone.

She wanted to cry, but had already done that on the drive home. Feeling sorry for yourself, if it was a Olympic event, she knew she'd win the gold medal for sure. Multiple gold medals, in fact

Maybe, she considered, she should just throw on her tiny little dress with the slit up the side. Hit up a local night spot and try to meet someone new. Or grab a one-nighter just for the hell of it. Guys did it all the time to feel better. Or just cause...

"No, no, no, no," she sarcastically replied to her depressed inner thoughts. That wasn't who she was, just hooking up with a stranger. Being alone didn't mean you had to be stupid.

Her head turned sharply at the sound of the doorbell. She wasn't expecting anyone. Then again, maybe someone sent her flowers or a gift or something.

On her feet to the front door, Kimberly peeped through the peep-hole and it was as if someone just dumped a big bucket of pure happiness over her head. "Oh My God!"

When she swung the door open a trio of "Surprise! Happy Birthday!" greeted her with wild glee, smiles, and filled hands. Trini, Aisha, and Katherine huddled together on her doorstep with balloons, champagne, pizza, and the absolute intention to make Kimberly's birthday wonderful.

"Are you sufficiently drunk, Ms. Middle-Aged Woman?" Aisha playfully blurted out at mildly glassy-eyed Kim with a chandelier of champagne dangling from her finger tips. Trini and Katherine snickered from the other end of the sectional couch. "I think you need a refill."

Seated atop the arm-rest, Kim shook her head, smiling before downing her half-empty glass. The burn was just what she needed tonight. "That's my fourth one, and I'm a light-weight as it is. So please don't think badly of me if I pass out or start to parade around topless. It's likely to happen in the next thirty minutes," she laughed, and then noticed a particularly peculiar look pass amongst the trio. She glanced suspiciously at them. "Okay, what gives?"

Having enjoyed the past two and a half hours of celebrating, reminiscing, gossiping, drinking, munching pizza and just having a damn good time; Trini felt the right moment had come for part two of their plan. "Kim, I love you. We all do, but..."

And there it was. Written plainly all over their faces. Kim felt a shiver of cold rush over her. It was obvious they all wanted to talk about the one thing she didn't. Her guard went up immediately. "Guys, I just can't tonight," she half-pleaded with weary eyes.

"If not tonight with us, then when with whom?" Katherine politely challenged her. She watched Kimberly's shoulders drop, and hated to push, but cared to much to let it go. "Dear, if you were happy and feisty and your old crazy self, we wouldn't bring up any of this. But you haven t' sounded like yourself since you got back from Colorado. And we all know why."

Scowling, Kimberly clapped her hands together in mock applause. "Guys, thanks for the surprise party and all, but I just can't handle a psychiatric evaluation tonight."

"Bitch, please." Aisha sat her drink down, and then directly addressed her best friend. "You aren't alright and I will not ever just sit here and look the other way," she insisted in spite of Kim's obvious anger. Her tone and demeanor softened. "This isn't about Tommy, this is about 'You'. Yes, it involves him, but we are all here for 'You'. We want 'You' to be happy and yourself again. We want to help 'You' and talk to 'You' and strangle it out of 'You' if we have to cause I am not going to just sit by while you're unhappy. That won't ever happen!"

"Aisha's right," Trini interjected, now facing a tired looking Kim. "Sis, you haven't been yourself ever since you left Tommy in Colorado. We all hear it in your voice, and now I see it on your face. Now if you don't want to be with Tommy, we're all fine with that. There are a million guys out there. Good ones. And even though we may have to hire a private investigator to find them these days, we will help in any way we can. He's not the end of your world, and we all know that."

Kimberly couldn't believe the nerve of them. "So you think I just need a man?"

"No!" Katherine quickly replied. "We're worried when you sound so down over the phone that the conversations last barely ten minutes. We're worried when we barely hear from you anymore. We're worried because we know you and this isn't like you. Even your band-mates email us saying you aren't yourself. We just want to help in any way we can. And remember this, you'd do the same for any of us."

Kimberly didn't know if she wanted to burst out in laughter or tears or both. Honestly, both was the answer. Sighing she allowed herself to slump back onto the couch as the girls crowded around her. Tears softly fell as the moment unearthed a well of emotion within her. "I'm a fool," she began honestly, if painfully. "Just a scared little girl pretending to be a grown woman," she sniffled. "In just those few short days I fell back in love with Tommy so powerfully... so deeply it terrified me. It shocked me. I... there's something broken within me. Something I can't even find that just won't let me be happy and..." she openly wept before them, and then brushed her tears aside. "He hates me. And he has every right too. I didn't have the courage to simply tell him I couldn't be with him. I just ran like a little child afraid of the dark. And now I m miserable, and its all my own fault."

Aisha wiped a stray tear from her cheek, and then took a deep breath. "Girl, none of us are perfect. No one that walks this Earth is," she explained. "Now you know me, I'm gonna give it to you straight. What you did to Tommy was completely fucked up."

"Believe me, I know."

"But if you still truly love him... if you think in your heart of hearts that he's the one, then girl, you gotta fight for him," Aisha suggested.

Wrapping her arms around herself, Kim shook her head, her voice a sad tremor. "He won't ever forgive me. I know him. I broke his heart again and his pride... I treated him so badly."

"Do you know why?" Katherine asked honestly. "Kim, if you don't want to keep making the same mistakes then you have to truly ask yourself why you did what you did."

Silence reigned as Kim drew within, searching for that fearful part of herself she felt was her worst enemy. "My Dad, and then what Dylan and Callie did to me really screwed me up relationship wise. But those are just excuses. I know better than that. I just... I felt so much so fast and it felt so damn good... I knew I wasn't good enough to hold onto it. I knew I'd lose it in the end. So I just let go before that happened."

Trini softly grasped her shoulders making eye contact. "You're good enough and you deserve happiness. Yes, you've been hurt and yes you ve hurt people. But right here, now, you can choose to be a better person. At least you're able to say out loud that this has a ton to do with fear. Okay, well, we're all scared. We're all the sum total of our life experiences, and some of them have been really shitty. But we all have to grow up. You deserve the best life has to offer you, Kim. Your Dad made his mistakes with your Mom, and Dylan was a dick-head," she snickered. "But you're not them."

"I crushed Tommy's heart!" she swore loudly... painfully. "It was unforgivable the way I did it."

"Then make it better," Katherine declared, taking Kim's hand in hers. "Go see Tommy. Apologize to him from the heart. Explain yourself and see what happens."

Kim gave a somber little laugh. "Yeah, he'd spit in my face."

Aisha asked, "Are you in love with him."

Her gaze fell as she struggled mightily to find her voice. There was a sense of urgency within her to do something... to not just let this stand the way it was. Throughout every single moment of her life, this one truth remained clear above all others. "I love Tommy more than anything in the world."

"Then fight for him," Trini urged her. "Fight for both of you. Fight with all you have, because he if he still loves you like I think he does, you have to go for it."

Kat added, "You're not a coward, Kim. Never have been. You've kicked all of our butts at times we needed it. I know you can do this. You can make this right. And even if he doesn t take you back, you'll have done the right thing. And you'll have your closure. Its just the right thing to do."

Kimberly's heart echoed a wealth of memories from Colorado. The passion and the fun and the sheer romance of falling in love again. It was so worth fighting for, even if she lost in the end. But what if she won? What if she could win back his love?

No, she wasn't like her Dad or Dylan. She cared enough to try and make things right. And to fight for her heart. But she was also brutally honest with herself. "He might not care at all anymore."

Aisha gave a sympathetic shrug. "Dear, this is about you doing the right thing by apologizing, giving him his say, explaining yourself, and getting closure. The ultimate bonus would be if you two got back together. But at the end of the day you have got to answer to your issues and stop letting them rule your life or Tommy won't be the last good guy you lose. This is you overcoming your fear. Kim, this is about you. Romantic fairy-tale aside, this is about you doing the right thing no matter if you don't get what you want in the end."

Slowly, Kimberly stood to her feet. She calmly wiped her tears away, her head and heart in agreement on the course she was set to follow. True friends didn't let you fall apart, they supported you until you could pull yourself back together. Until you could rediscover your inner fire and let it burn again. "I love you all so much even though you totally hijacked my birthday for this intervention, she teased as they all pretended innocent expressions. "And now I need a plane ticket to California."

The girls all cheered!

White Falcon Martial Arts Academy

1900 Jackson Blvd

Monday, February 20, 2009 1:00 PM

Reefside, Ca

"... So again, I love the third and fifth newspaper ads. I really like the door-to-door flier as well. I approve of both of them," Tommy spoke to the advertising agent on the phone in his private office. Another booming thunder crackle from outside craned his neck back to gaze through the beige window blinds. Dark clouds loomed in the heavens, an uncommon sight for sunny California. "But lets hold off on the radio ads for now. The school is operating near capacity without it, so no need to add to the expense... yes, I agree but now isn't the time... Thank you. Let me transfer you to my secretary. She'll handle the payment... You're welcome. Have a great day. Thank you for all that you do."

Hanging up the receiver, Tommy reclined in his high-back chair and shut his eyes, exhaling deeply. Business for the original White Falcon Martial Arts Academy was stronger than ever, which was a testament to his hard work and smart decision making. Nearing its third year anniversary, the day-to-day operations were mostly being handled by Tully and Jennifer now. He honestly had time for more personal endeavors... that is to say, if he actually had any.

No need to re-open those emotional wounds, he thought to himself while marveling at the heavy thunder storm on the horizon. So much for it never raining in Southern California. It was damn rare, but it did happen from time to time.

Life was unpredictable that way.

He thought of taking his leave, but the empty quiet of his home had begun to feel more like a tomb in recent weeks. Maybe Haley was right. Jason too. He needed a new, fresh start around new people in a new place. Not stuck alone in the freaking woods all by himself.

The loneliness was crushing at times. A solitary life, while far from terrible, had never brought him happiness.

"Happiness," he muttered under his breath, shaking his head. Maybe that was meant for other people. He wasn't happy and he knew it. Content, yes. Successful, yes. Miserable... sometimes. His wild and crazy days were behind him... a decade plus in the past when he was a superhero piloting a giant robot while fighting evil and falling in love deeper every single day. And then real life hit and shattered any naive illusions of true love conquering all. He traded in the White Ranger armor for a businessman s mettle. His morpher for a smart phone. His wild nights for parent-teacher meetings and accounting. The woman he loved for the painful memory of how she just didn't want him anymore.

How he just wasn't worth being treated with respect if she didn't want him.

Tommy hid it well, burying the loss with a smile. Always with a shrug and a whatever. He stopped after a week of returning from Colorado calling anyone to talk about how hurt he was. He sucked it up, choked it down, and simply learned to live with the pain in a way no one would ever see. But it was with him every single day. Haunted him. Stalked him day and night. Along with the anger. And the regret. The betrayal. And the most bitter what might of been.

"Mr. Oliver, you have a visitor," Jane chimed in through the office speakerphone.

Tommy quickly checked his laptop calender, noting he didn't have anything scheduled, business wise. "Who is it?"

"Her name is Kimberly Hart. She said she is a old friend."

All the air fled his lungs as his chest constricted hard. Tommy swallowed deeply, seated behind his broad mahogany desk. This could not possibly be happening. "Can you please repeat that name?"

"Kimberly Hart."

A million replies raced through his mind, but curiosity reigned supreme. His heart was pounding inside his chest, but he quickly stilled himself. "She's... she's welcome. See her in. Thank you, Jane. Please hold all my calls."

"Will do, Mr. Oliver."

Tommy's eyes bore into his office door as every second seemed a small lifetime in passing. Nearly two months had transpired since she ripped his heart apart yet again. He was as viciously angry as he desired to see her more than anything. Quite the irony.

When the door slowly opened and she stepped inside he hated how his body had a purely involuntary reaction to how that pink sundress hugged her subtle curves. Their gazes locked for a long moment as he thought she looked breathtakingly beautiful and so sadly determined.

Her moment of truth had finally arrived. Kimberly quietly shut the door, nervously fumbled with her car keys, tucked her umbrella in her purse, and then took in the absolute bitterness lacing his expression toward her. The immense mountain she needed to climb seemed insurmountable. A victory seemed impossible. Still, he was worth her very best effort. Her heart was on the line here. And she intended to fight until there was nothing left to fight for. "I'm sorry for stopping by unannounced," she began as calmly as she could, nervously holding her hands. His glare was impatient. "I was worried you might say no to meeting with me."

"After reading your letter I didn't think there was anything left for us to say."

Moving closer to his desk, Kim stopped behind one of the two light-brown chairs in front of it. Her hands rested on the back. "There's so much I want to say to you, Tommy. So much I want to explain and I needed to do it in person. You deserved for me to do it in person." She took a brief moment to compose herself. "I just need a few minutes of your time, and then after that I'll do whatever you ask. Can I have that?"

The cause of his greatest joy and misery stood before him. He shrugged, pretending indifference despite the turmoil he felt inside. "The floor is yours."

Though she noticed the suspicion and emotion lacing his tone, she took what she could get. "Thank you."

Not sure where to begin, or if she should stand or sit, Kimberly took a deep breath to calm herself down. This was the most important moment of her personal life and all odds were against her. There was barely a sliver of a chance this good man would forgive her. But she had to try.

Finally, she took one of the chairs in front of his desk and sat down. She felt him assessing her carefully. He looked sexy as hell when he was mad, but this wasn't the time to get caught up in that. She sat up straight and made direct eye contact with him. "I'm sorry, Tommy. I want to begin there," she noted as his gaze turned away from her. "Those days we spent together in Colorado were the most wonderful, passionate, and fun experiences of my entire life. I fell so deeply in love with you all over again."

Tommy watched the tears cloud her vision, threatening to fall as the soft rain pelted the window glass outside. The tension was obvious in her voice. Her declaration raised the hairs on the back of his neck as he listened on.

"You're my first love, Tommy. And though I've loved other men, I have never truly loved anyone as much as I loved you. And I still do love you." She sighed heavily, facing the consequences of her actions. "I'm still deeply in love with you, but I can only imagine how that sounds to you since I wrote that letter and left you behind like a coward. What I did was unforgivable, and I am sorry. I, as a grown woman, don't have a excuse for my actions. You deserved so much better than the way I treated you, and all that I can say is I've done a world of soul-searching and took a good hard look in the mirror. I sabotaged us and I've done that to my happiness before. My issues with trusting men, with my Dad, and being capable of being happy have left me so fearful of ever truly letting someone into my heart."

Kimberly captured his gaze and refused to let go. She intended to leave here today no matter how it turned out with no regrets. She summoned all of her courage and just went for it. "Tommy, you got in. You're in my heart. You're a part of me and I hate that I hurt you. A letter and running like a damn coward were huge mistakes that I take full responsibility for. Again, I'm sorry. But from the moment I left until this very moment I haven't stopped thinking of you. I haven t stopped for a second loving you. And yes, I wish I were a better woman. I wish I didn't have issues and had made better decisions. I wish I could take it all back. But I'm here now and I want you to know you mean the world to me. Your love is precious to me. Your presence is what my life is missing. And as crazy as this probably sounds to you, I'm asking you for a second chance. I'm asking you for the hardest thing in the world to give to another person. I'm asking for your forgiveness. And if you give me... give us a second chance I swear to you that you won't ever regret it. I love you, Tommy. And I always will."

Unthinking except for his hurt, Tommy began clapping from behind his desk. His mock applause rang out as his expression twisted cynically. Sarcasm bled into his voice. "You really know how to twist the knife, Kim."

As she drew a jagged breath, her voice broke. "I'm... I'm trying to apologize and fight for us, Tommy. I think we have something that comes along once in a lifetime. I know I messed up so bad..."


Verbally slapped, Kim found herself quivering with sorrow. She could still count on one hand the number of times Tommy ever raised his voice to her. A stab of hot guilt caused her throat to close tight. Her gut twisted at the sheer pain etched on his face.

Tommy was literally shaking with rage. "You really think you have a fucking clue how bad it was? How much it hurt me? How humiliated I felt? How fucking worthless I felt that I wasn't worth even the effort to break my heart in person? That I wasn't worth any closure at all? Don't for a fucking second sit there and pretend you know how hurt I was. You don't!"

Swallowing hard to ward off the tears, Kimberly replied with gutsy defiance. "I'm sorry that I hurt you so badly. And no, I don't know how badly my actions hurt you. But I want to know. I want the chance to make up for them If I can. I want the man that I love, you, back in my life. So I know I'm facing a up-hill battle. I know things just can't go back to normal. And I know you don't want to hear this, but I have been so lonely and miserable and just so damn unhappy ever since I hurt you. I regret everything I did and I will do anything to make this up to you. I m asking for a chance, Tommy. For maybe another talk. Maybe dinner... I don't know. Anything you might agree too," she challenged. "Tommy, if this hurt us both so badly, maybe its worth fighting for. Trust me, its not easy coming here knowing how much you hate me, and apologizing. But I m trying to do the right thing. I am so sorry for all the hurt that I have caused you. I miss you and I love you more than anything in the world." Her voice softened to the edge of a whisper. "I'm asking for your forgiveness and a chance, Tommy."

She'd said everything he dreamed of her saying to him. Every declaration she made reflected those in the arguments he'd had with her in his head for weeks. Here she was in tears, begging his forgiveness. Apologizing and making it known that she still very much loved him. That she wanted him and only him. It was all that he'd wanted to hear... and yet the searing pain still crippled something inside him. He swore venomously, "Get the fuck out."

Kimberly blinked... her mouth parted, but there was nothing left to say. Air fled her lungs. Hope fled her heart. There was no need to fight off the tears that now trailed down her face. The haunting pain that she'd utterly lost the love of her life and there was no going back. This was the consequence of her actions. She'd come here and done her very best. She'd done the right thing at last. Heartbreaking as it was, it would have to be enough.

Rising slowly to her feet, Kimberly offered a soft, "Thank you for your time. Goodbye, Tommy."

Grimacing angrily, Tommy wanted to lift his entire desk off the floor and throw it through the nearest wall when the office door clicked shut behind her. He wanted to rage at the world and scream and yell and... his heart was pounding as he stared at the door... until he was through it and racing down the stairs and outside the school into the rain where he saw her petite form racing toward her car as the heavens opened up around them.

Raindrops trickled down her face she sobbed powerfully when she reached her car. Fumbling in her purse for her keys, she accidentally dropped them on the ground. She muttered a soft curse, just wishing the ground would open up and swallow her. Dear God, she'd truly lost him... Her head bowed as thunder rumbled across the parking lot, drenching her.

Suddenly Tommy snagged her wrist, turning her to face him.

"How could I ever trust you again?" he asked in a ragged tone, desperation written all over his face. He didn't know why he ran out here or what he was doing, but it felt like his whole life was on the line here. "Why would I think you wouldn't run away again?"

His challenge was as shocking as his presence. As the wind began to whip around them, as rain flattened her hair against her head. Darkening his shirt. His beautiful eyes were begging her for something... anything to hold onto. To believe in. He did still love her despite everything that had happened. But what could she give him? What in this very moment could she offer?

Her gaze dipped as she looked all around the the parking lot, attached to the small strip mall next door. And then she saw it. A sign. She knew how the Secretary of State worked in California. A idea. A absolutely insane idea. A shot in the dark, last second three pointer, Hail Mary touchdown pass of a shot.

Kimberly fixed a challenging stare at Tommy, a small smile twitching at the edge of her mouth. "Years ago we time traveled. We flew off into space and visited other worlds. We fought guitar monsters and pig monsters, and purse monsters and just about anything that was lying around. I was turned into a guy once, and Pink is just about the only color you haven't worn. We were super heroes before we had our drivers licenses. We worked for a cloud of smoke and a robot with a hubcap for a head," she half-laughed as tears mingled with rain drops. "We've seen and done so many crazy, unpredictable, impossible things in our lives, Tommy," she noted lovingly. "So right here, right now, I'm going to ask you to do one more crazy thing with me."

Standing in the rain with her, Tommy felt like his life was about to take a monumental turn.

"Marry me?"

Blinking, he snorted, looking off with as close to a grin as he could muster. "Excuse me?"

"You want to know how you could trust me, and how you would know I wouldn't ever run off again. Well this is it," she began honestly, and with purpose. "I'm in love with you, Tommy. Its always been you. It will always be you. And yes, this is out of the blue and kinda kooky and so unplanned, but here's the thing." Invading his personal space as rain soaked them, she took his hands in hers. "No one would cherish you more than me. No one would want you by their side more than me. No one desires you more than I do. No one could love you more than I do. And no one on this Earth wants to be your wife more than I do."

When it dawned on him just how serious she was, just how deadly serious she was he gulped. This was... this was just plain old nutcase crazy. A potentially horrible idea. Could turn out so bad. Had the makings of a irresponsible, naive, throw caution to the wind kind of disaster.

And yet when he gazed into her beautiful brown eyes he saw that she was the one. And that if you didn't take the chance, risk everything, you weren't truly living. She was the love of his life. There was just no doubt about that.

"Well?" she laughed in the rain, feeling pretty hopeful. "I'd like to be your wife before I catch pneumonia. So what do..."

Tommy cupped the damp back of her head, gliding his fingers into her wet hair, and drew her closer. His mouth hungrily covered hers, and the world narrowed around them to this one life-altering kiss.

Enroute to the home of Tommy Oliver

Monday, February 20, 2009 6:40 PM

Reefside, Ca

Out the corner of his eye, Tommy caught Kimberly staring adoringly at her new white-gold wedding band and matching three-carat diamond ring. Talk about putting the car before the horse as they bought it only a hour before they got married. His heart was still racing at the jewelry s immense meaning, and the gigantic implications on their lives now. How had all of this even happened? It was like the best blur ever. He couldn't have in a million years fathomed things would have turned out like this.

When he woke up this morning the only thing he was truly looking forward to was trying out that new Italian take-out restaurant near his school for dinner.

Now he was coming home with his wife.

His wife!

Nothing on this Earth could knock that enormously bright smile from his face. Or take away the sheer joy that settled over him. The excitement over their future. Storm clouds had cleared in more ways than the weather as he deftly navigated the road toward his home. He considered how truly amazing life was that the impossible could still happen. That you could still be surprised by something incredibly good in life, and that things could work out in the end every now and then.

The last couple of hours were a whirlwind of paperwork, personal documents, and sheer unadulterated insanity. The result, just thirty-five minutes ago they were pronounced man and wife.

Suddenly, Tommy burst with carefree laughter, shaking his head as he drove the winding roads.

"What's gotten into you, Mr. Oliver?" Kimberly cheerfully asked, before adding as she took in their far-from-the-city surroundings, "And why in the world do you live in the freaking woods? Are you a serial killer or something?"

Tommy snickered, "I do not live in the woods, Mrs. Oliver," he emphasized happily. She favored him with a cheeky grin. "I live in a home."

"That seems to be so deep in the woods I expect Winnie the Pooh to greet us any second now." Her husband chuckled. Her husband... goodness, it was gonna take a a long time getting used to calling him that. She just went from potential twenty-cat-owning-spinster to married professional. Unbefuckinglievable. She chewed on her bottom lip as he pulled onto a short dirt road that led to a modest two-story home up the hill. Taking in the secluded area, she playfully accused, "Who have you been murdering out here in the woods all by yourself? You better not be in a cult!"

"Don't make me divorce you before we've been married even one day?" Tommy smirked, but was quickly shut up by a unexpectedly strong kiss that ended with a audible smacking noise. Kim's expression was luminous, flashing a gorgeous smile at him. Had he ever seen her so happy? He hoped to see it for the rest of his life. "I do not belong to a cult, nor am I a serial killer. Unless you mean the Captain Crunch kind."

"I'm just saying, I'm checking your basement, tool shed, bathroom, and under the bed before I even take my shoes off. You better not have any skeletons in the closet, literally," Kim waited for him to park, and then leapt from the car. There was this surging energy in her that couldn't wait for the gentleman to open the door for her. She wanted to run and dance and just scream at the top of her lungs. She'd won the day, impossible as that seemed on the long flight to California. Somehow, someway, they were together again.

Suddenly she found herself whisked off her feet and into his arms. She looped hers around his neck, nestling her head over his shoulder as he carried her towards his porch, and then up to the front door. As he was about to attempt unlocking the door while still holding onto her, she politely tapped on his forehead with a single finger. "OK honey, when you left for work this morning, did you know you were bringing home a wife tonight?"

Tommy blinked, not sure where she was going with this. "Uhm, no."

"Well, seeing as how you're a bachelor living out here all alone in the woods, wouldn't you like a few minutes to tidy up around the house a little? Maybe clean some stuff, change some sheets, vacuum, spray some air freshener, make the bathroom presentable, put some dirty dishes away, etc?" she smiled even wider as it all dawned on his face. "I thought so."

"Gimme fifteen minutes, tops?" He softly set her down on her feet.

"You got it, Handsome. Go hide those dead bodies."

"I hate you."

"I hate you too... forever." Tommy soundly kissed her in a way that promised a night of hot, sweaty naked Olympics where they'd be going for multiple team gold medals in wild sex. She blushed just thinking about it. "Go!"

Tommy raced inside, leaving her on the porch to her private thoughts and to enjoy the post-storm warmth of California.

Ever the city girl since the day she was born, Kim found herself appreciating the beauty of the towering trees, quite of nature, and fresh air. There was no loud music to be heard. Or traffic. Or battling for parking spaces or anything existed out here. There was a serenity... a peace that, well, she knew she wouldn't really want to live here, but felt that she understood why he did.

For some who'd lived so fast for so many years, Tommy probably enjoyed the peace and quite.

Sitting down on the top step, Kim shut her eyes to a soothing warm breeze and thought of who to call first, and what she would say. Her mom was probably sound asleep, and she'd get around to her dad tomorrow. Both would probably have heart attacks. The girls would all be beyond shocked, not to mention her band mates and college pals. Heck, she was still shocked herself.

Behind her she heard Tommy racing through the house... it made her smile. He was making it nice for her. Score one for the Y-chromosome.

Her car was still at his school, but her luggage and laptop were in Tommy's jeep. It dawned on her she hadn't brought any lingerie or anything sexy. Oh well, she was sure they wouldn't give a crap once they were all over each other. And that couldn't happen soon enough.

And then a rustling noise drew her attention nearby bushes across the yard. Kim's eyes narrowed, and then she watched a small deer peek out. It nudged at the ground for some grass, slowly emerging as she followed its every move. They were truly beautiful animals, and looked so gentle. A calm settled over her as she watched it forge for dinner. "Hi Bambi, I'm Kim. I just married your landlord. Don't mind me. We're good."

The deer followed the sound of her voice until it looked directly at Kim, who gave a little wave.

"You are so freaking cute. And I just want you to know I loved the Bambi movie, except for the first ten minutes when her mom got shot. But I'm very pro-deer." Titling its head, the deer watched her most curiously. "Tommy really isn't a murderer, is he? I mean, you'd know, right? You seem like you probably live around here and all."

"Are you really having a conversation with the deer? Cause if you are I'm going to start questioning your sanity."

"People been doing that most of my life," Kim joked over her shoulder before standing. She met Tommy at the top step, walking into his warm embrace. This time when he lifted her into his arms, he carried her over the threshold into his... their home. "Welcome home, Beautiful."
As he sat her down just inside, Kim peered around the very nicely designed, for a guy at least, home. His furniture matched matched, and he had the customary big-screen TV. Air freshener lingered around them. He did have two very nice oil paintings on the wall, and his floor rug had a very nice pattern on it. Quietly, she knew she'd gut the place, but it was more than livable. It was home. His... their home now. For now, she supposed. Or not? There was so much to decide. "I like it," she smiled at her new husband.

"Good." Tommy led her to a white leather loveseat and then drew her down onto his lap. Before she could utter a word he hungrily ravished her soft mouth, cupping her cheek as he drank from her lips. Lust was building fast, and he knew she felt the hardness throbbing beneath her ass. He wanted her to feel the heat of him, and know what was in store for her all night long. His warm hands roamed over her bare thigh, just beneath her sundress,caressing the smooth skin there. When her hips began grinding over his lap he wanted to take her right there... rip her panties off her and just fuck her brains out!

"Wait, wait," she panted hotly when his mouth attached to her neck. As good as it felt, she pulled away, seated over his thighs with her hands pressed firmly to his chest. "We need to talk, alright?" Tommy wasn't listening when his hands filled with her breasts, molding to their shape, and though she hummed from how good it felt, she held fast to her initial thought. "Dear, please."

Groaning almost painfully, Tommy glared sarcastically. "What do we need to talk about?"

"Please think with the big head, and not the little one," Kim playfully dared him. After a pause, she began, "In a move most rational people would find profoundly crazy, we just got married after a couple of months of zero contact and a very bad break-up. I think we can't just gloss over that cause we're so horny and happy."

"I do!"

"Oh Jesus." She realized he was joking when his arms settled loosely around her. Turning serious, she took his right hand between hers, holding it close. "Tommy, I don't want you to think that just because we just got married I've forgotten the past months of pain I put you through. I hurt you a great, great deal and its going to take time and talks to deal with it. I just want you to know that I am so in love with you, and I'm so happy to be your wife. I want our marriage to be the most awesome marriage ever," she joked. "But we have so much to work out and issues to deal with and as happy as we are, I know we have a ton of work to do. I just want you to know I understand that and I'm all in. I'm fully committed to us. I'm not going anywhere, ever. So you're stuck with me."

"Now can we have sex?" She cutely swatted him, giggling. "Thank you for acknowledging all of that. I appreciate it a great deal and you're right, we have a ton of work to do and stuff to figure out." Gazing into her beautiful brown eyes he settled a matter in his mind. "I want to move to Florida."

Smiling brightly, Kim was clearly surprised. "We can talk about it, dear. That's a huge decision."

"Listen, even when my Dino Thunder Rangers graduated high school and went off to college, I still stayed here. I never moved on," he sighed, leaning against his wife, who hugged him closely. "I've been trying to hold onto the last bit of the Ranger life I could even when everyone else has let go. And I think it's time for me to let go as well," he declared. "I need a new start. And my three schools are running well enough that outside of a couple of visits a month, I'm not needed on a daily basis the way your company needs you. At least from what I remember you told me about your company."

"That's true. me moving here would be much harder for me, work-wise," Kim agreed as she squeezed his hand. "But I hate to think I'm taking you away from your home and everything you built."

"You're my home now, and we're building everything together from here on out."

Wetness moistened her eyes as she brushed her lips over his. However did she get so lucky? She decided to stop asking questions and just live in the moment. "That was sweet like a Hallmark card."

"A bit cheesy, but oh well." Tommy kissed her once more, softly lapping her tongue with his own. When she tried to deepen the kiss, it was his turn to pull away, teasingly denying her. "Don't you want to talk some more?"

She wanted to strangle him... after riding him till he couldn't see straight. "OK, I'm gonna make this fast. Here are a couple of things you don't know about me. Number one, I am a huge ice cream snob. I buy the best, most expensive Ben and Jerry's and won't ever settle for less."

"I watch Grey's Anatomy and I have never told anyone. I never will. And neither will you."

"I can't stand your furniture. I really can't. Can I burn it? I just think it needs to die."

"I ve got one of the first toy Green Ranger daggers ever made, and I keep it wrapped in plastic. Its gonna be a collectors item and I'm going to sell it one day when I have a mid-life crisis and buy a hot new sports car."

"Every single night I'm going to need at least one hour to myself, all alone, just to finish off my day. Please don't be mad or take offense."

"I own five adult movies on a secret hidden file on my computer upstairs. I will delete them if you want."

"I'm totally hot for that little soul patch thing you got going on your chin."

"Don't ever use my toothbrush. I'm just weird about that."

"I totally went down on Katherine in college one drunken night."

"I... wait, what the fuck?"

"Sucker!" Kim kissed him wildly, laughing the whole time. "In your wildest dreams, dear. Not even. I'm strictly dickly."

"Time to prove that," he growled, stealing her off his lap as he carried her upstairs to his bedroom. He kicked the door open, moving across the room when she was ripping his shirt open to tear it off.

Finally, they were on the bed.

"You have to many damn clothes on," Tommy swore between clenched teeth while unhooking her lavender bra with trembling hands, flinging it over his shoulder. She yanked one arm out of his dress shirt, and then tossed it across the room. Her fingers softly trailed beneath his tank-top over his hard abs. Her warm mouth feathered kisses over his neck, hardening his cock as fire flared in his eyes. His breath hitched, "You're driving me crazy."

"The feeling," her low, hungry moan followed his hands cupping her ass hard as he tore her panties off, "Is oh so," she panted hotly when her fist dove inside his underwear to curl around the hard, throbbing flesh she discovered. The rush of heat between her thighs left her swooning, "Mutual."

With his hips gently rocking into her pumping fist, he pressed her down onto the bed, drawing her tight little nipple into his mouth. His tongue swirled lazy circles round and round the tip before sucking hard as she stroked his cock the same. He craved burying his face between her legs to devour her until she came in his mouth. But his sheer, animal need to be inside her won out. "I love you, Beautiful," he exhaled in a deep, slow breath.

Releasing his cock from her grasp, panting and blushing, she gazed at the whole of him as he quickly undressed. All hard muscle and manhood, and hers... all hers, and God he was gorgeous by moonlight!

"I love you too," she swallowed hard as he covered her, pressing her into the bed, her legs instinctively drawing him into her in one slick thrust that rolled her eyes back as a wordless cry fled her parted lips. Thick and deep, her husband spread her deliciously as he entered her fully. Her nipples drew tight, desire fisted low in her belly as they began a slow rhythm of their hips rocking together. He was so hard she shivered all over, "God, I love you so much."

Her fingers swam through his short black hair as he slid back inside her snug warmth, the sweet friction so mind-blowing he wanted it to never end. Burying his face in the side of her neck, his mouth fastened over her pulse, suckling the soft skin there as he gave her long, deep strokes. Her body quivered beneath his, the sensual little feminine sounds she made murdered his senses. His hands roamed and clutched over her slender hips, holding her down as he fucked her slow and oh so deep.

"So... so good," her breath rushed as a surge of arousal slicked his cock. The warmth of his heavy breathing fanned over her throat, sparking sensation as he thrust deep inside her. His muscles heaved beneath her tender caress, his heart pounding so loudly she felt it against her own chest. Cupping the back of his head, she forced his mouth to hers. They engaged in a hot, devouring kiss. Groaning and straining as they gave themselves to each other passionately, her clenching inner muscles around the hard surging shaft as the scent of them hung potent in the air.

As if in awe, Tommy watched her teeth sink into her bottom lip. Her breath came fast, nails digging into his ass, drawing him harder into her. Her tortured expression of lust as he made love to her, her sex clasped tightly around him in rhythmic pulses left him on the edge of madness. He felt that expression forever imprint itself on his mind. How could he have ever lived without her? Without this? He wanted, needed, had to cum inside her so hard that she would know she was his for all time. His body heaved with lustful intent, hips rolling into her as she met him thrust for impacting thrust. "Love you so much, baby...myKim... love you."

"Tommy... honey, you feel so good... love you..." Sensation skittered up and down her spine as the tenderness in his voice brought wet tears to her eyes. She gazed into his, driving her hands back into his hair as he claimed her, body and soul, as his. She did the same, possessively squeezing around him, flesh slapping against naked flesh as her back arched in pleasure.

"I ve missed you so much."

His words gusted softly into her ear, his strokes coming faster, sharper. Her breath hitched, tension building in her womb as the entire world dissolved to where their bodies were joined, mating furiously now. The bed springs sang in celebration. "Never again... never leave you again... love you so much."

"Never again!"

His passionate growl left her trembling around him as they fucked relentlessly... sweaty and humid, sticky skin... the beds headboard rocking back against the wall in a steady thumping noise. Knees dug into the mattress, fists clutched at the damp sheets, husky moans of pleasure set the mood.

Kim curled her body tightly around his as a coil of pleasure tightened inside her. The heat of his breath gusted over her throat. He drove the very breath from her lungs as a deep shudder rippled over his shoulders. Her hips ground against him to take him deeper, to force him to take her spiraling off that edge of oblivion. She couldn't fight the helpless urge to cum so hard with him inside her. "So close... Tommy... so close... I'm... I'm going to..."

His urgent, primitive fucking demanded her climax as his roared to the surface!

Kimberly would later recall screaming his name in tandem with God and a few swear words as her orgasm banished all coherent thought from the here and now. Her body wrenched hard, and she was flying. Straining and squeezing and shaking and it was so damn good she couldn't do anything but love this man with all her heart.

Lost, broken, and so far gone Tommy roared inside her in robust, scalding jets as his body trembled powerfully over hers. All that he could do was chant her name, crying it out, everything that he had, given to her.

Shivering, soaked in sweat and the scent of passion, they crumbled side-by-side, each gasping for breath... happier than they'd ever been before. Grinning, Kim happily declared, "Score one for the good old fashioned missionary position. That was fucking awesome." Tommy rolled over onto his side, his face close to hers as they just gazed at each other. How in the world did they get here when all seemed lost? "I'm so happy right now."

"Me too, Beautiful," Tommy replied while softly caressing her cheek. Just this morning he woke up all alone, and now he'd never be alone again. Life was crazy that way. And though no happily ever after was promised to anyone, he certainly intended to go for theirs. "Who are we going to tell first?"

"Don't you mean 'what does my amazing wife want me to cook for dinner?'" she smiled cheekily

Tommy shook his head, "How about you call and order something?"

Her brows narrowed. "Who in the world delivers out here in the woods?"

The Dino Thunder rangers always teased him about that too. His address didn't even show up on a GPS. "OK, fine, I'll whip up something until we can go grocery shopping." And then he added, "But for me cooking dinner tonight, 'you' have to tell the whole gang we're married and explain. Deal?"

Kim shook her husband's hand, sealing the deal. She then tugged him closer, and was fully embraced as his arms locked around her waist. Closing her eyes, she hummed pleasantly, lying her head over his shoulder. "Are we dreaming?"

Holding his wife close, Tommy sighed into her air. "If we are, I hope we never wake up."

"Why do you live alone in the woods?"

"Easier to hide the bodies out here." He felt her smile against his shoulder, and then pressed a loving kiss over her temple. "I'm so glad you fought for us."

"I'm so glad you gave me a second chance. I know it wasn't easy. And I'll never take this... you... us for granted. I love you."

"I love you too... and the nine kids we're going to have."

Kim blinked hard. "Nine what?"

"Nine children."

"... you've been living out in the woods for far to long. I'm not baking nine cakes... you better be happy if I wash nine dishes."

"And why do you hate my furniture?"

"Cause it looks like a furniture set a lonely guy who lives in the woods would pick out." She shrieked when he tickled her until she gave back as good as she got, laughing so carefree. "This was one hell of an affair."

"Yeah, but the affair is over. We're married now." His wife yawned, smiling. "Wanna take a nap?"

"Yeah... catch ya on the flip side."

"Exactly where is the flip side?"

"Its on the corner of can you please let your wife sleep Mr. Talky Pants," she teased.

Holding her tighter, Tommy shut his eyes and relaxed. The world was a wonderful place again.

The End No Sequel

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