Title: "Affair"
A Erotic Series
Chapter (4/6)
Written by: Shawn

Summary: Tommy gains a deeper understanding of Kim's past
relationships, and that knowledge only strengthens his resolve
concerning them.

Rating: M for variety of adult content. Very sexual adult content.
Category: Erotica/Romance
Timeline/Spoilers: Everything up to and including the Dino Thunder
finale is canon - After that its my AU.

Characters: Tommy and Kim

Disclaimer: I don't own anything to do with PR and won't make a cent
off of this.

Authors Notes 1: If you're in the mood for something grown, sexy,
flirtatious, salacious, blush inducing, and romantic then this is for

Authors Notes 2: All lyrics used by Kim in this story belong to Amy
Jo Johnson for the song "Purple Skies"

Authors Notes 3: There will be six chapters now. Hey, the story is
writing itself. I'm just along for the ride.

Dedicated to: The Grown and Sexy - Lovers of TK - and everyone at the
Perfect Chemistry Tommy/Kim, Sky/Syd forum.

Extra thanks to: Liz for her amazing artwork that accompanies this

Beta read by: Angela the amazing!!!


"Immature love says: "I love you because I need you." Mature love
says: "I need you because I love you."
~~ Erich Fromm

"Today I begin to understand what love must be, if it exists. When we
are parted, we each feel the lack of the other half of ourselves. We
are incomplete like a book in two volumes of which the first has been
lost. That is what I imagine love to be: incompleteness in absence."
~~ Edmond and Jules de Goncourt


(Day 2)

Tommy's cabin
3723 Verdon Lane
Cabin #3
Sunday, December 5, 2008 10:15 PM
South Lake Tahoe, CA

Whiling lounging comfortably with his head lying in Kim's lap, Tommy
read the words scrolling across the screen of her impressive HP
Pavilion dv2700t Special Edition laptop. He couldn't help repeating
what he just read when it's meaning dawned on him. "This is the
property of Fox 2000 for the purpose of advanced previewing. Illegal
distribution of this movie is strictly prohibited." Sparing a teasing
smirk up at his pizza-munching lady-friend, he inquired, "You
illegally downloaded this, didn't you?"

Shrugging, Kim's mouth was full of a slice of delicious deluxe deep
dish pizza. Lifting her finger while she chewed, her expression was
far from guilty. "Ever since I was introduced to the wonders of high-
speed cable Internet and the amazing world of Bit-Torrents in college
I have not purchased a movie or album in years. And before you
comment on the rights of those who worked on the things I gleefully
steal, I'll be concerned for their well being when they don't go on
shows like Cribs, Pimp My Ride, or Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
to show off their expensive toys. Until then I shed not a tear for
those millionaires. "

Turning his head, Tommy pressed his lips to her smooth, bare thigh.
Her vanilla body spray tempted his senses. "I see your point."

"Good," Kim noted while he trailed tender kisses along her outer
thigh that coursed warm contentment throughout her body. "Seeing
things my way works best."

"You're a thief."

"How can you say that?"

"Cause you stole my heart."

The fact that he even said that with a straight face amused
her. "That was so corny."

"Yeah, but it made you smile." She had no sarcastic reply seeing as
he was right, so she finished off her slice of pizza. Having already
devoured three slices himself, peaceful relaxation swept over him in
this intimately lazy setting. His bedroom was solely lit by the LCD
screen of Kim's laptop seated at the end of the bed, conveying a
unique domestic quality he was enjoying greatly. They weren't doing
anything special tonight other than enjoying a late dinner and a
movie. Being carefree with her was a breath of fresh air to a life he
hadn't considered mundane or ordinary until now.

Time spent with Kim was extraordinary. Her mere presence sparked his
world similar to his days as a Ranger. He hadn't felt this alive in

As the evening drew near its end Tommy wore black sweats only, while
Kim donned a pink cotton pajama top with cranes on them. She told him
the story of funny finding the entire set on Ebay and how the
pajama's spoke to her through her computer monitor. They said, "Buy
us, Kim. We belong with you." So she did. Tommy called her nuts, but
seeing as how her black thong was the only other piece of clothing
she wore, his name-calling stopped there.

It wasn't as if he didn't love her brand of Kim-crazy.

Tonight was all about supreme comfort and nothing more than that.
They laid over the soft, thick dark blue comforter on his king-sized
bed as the movie began. The extra-large deluxe deep dish pizza that
arrived twenty minutes ago sat at the edge of his bed, the lid open
for seconds or thirds should they wish. Whatever was left was going
to be tomorrow's breakfast.

Sighing pleasantly as the movie began, Kim affectionately skimmed her
hand over Tommy's bare chest. Her finger graved over his nipple,
pebbling before her very eyes. She loved touching him and found
herself doing it without consciously thinking about it first. His
clean, fresh scent smelled so good after their bath, and the talk
they shared entwined her around him in a way she could only describe
as spiritual. The ramifications of giving into this seemingly
inevitable feeling of love for him were terrifying. And yet here she
was, lying in bed with his head resting in her lap while they watched
a romantic movie. Had she ever felt so content in all her life?

"Its called 27 Dresses, not 21 Dresses. How did I forget that?" Kim
chuckled while absently running her hand over his head, and through
his short hair. "I guess the voice in my head can be wrong sometimes."

Tommy followed the opening of the movie, and while pleased to see X-
men's James Marsden starring, his hope's dimmed by the second. "So
far I'm getting the feeling there won't be any explosions or action
in this film."

"So you're saying I lied to you?" Kim had the nerve to ask with a
straight face. Grinning, Tommy nodded at her. "Well, I think you've
had enough action for ten lifetimes, Mr. Crayola Ranger. Just lie
back, relax your mind, and enjoy the spectacle that is a chick flick."

"Only for you."

As her hand brushed over the muscled expanse of his chest, Kim
delighted in his little declaration. When he shut his eyes she
silently exhaled, wishing that she could take her own advice about
relaxing. It was only when he revealed his heartache over his birth
and natural parents that she stopped fighting her heart, told her
head to shut the fuck up, and began living in the moment. But doing
so with him was so easy it scared her. The way they effortlessly
shared their inner most thoughts, life experiences, and pleasure left
her questioning how it could happen so fast. Here was the most
genuine, trustworthy, selfless, and sexy man she had ever met. And he
was hers for the taking, of that she was sure. He hadn't said it
bluntly in so many words, but she knew. The part of her that wanted
to run warred with the part that never wanted to leave his side again.

If her feelings ran that deep after just two days, what hope did she
have of giving him up after the next two? Especially when she didn't
want to.

Of course they were just enjoying a sexy holiday affair, she tried to
rationalize in her mind. A timed excursion outside her normal life.
The freedom she felt was because she trusted him, and knew that she
always could. Yes, she's loved him in some form or another for almost
half her life. That wasn't going to change either. He possessed the
uncanny ability to make her smile and laugh and want to tell him
about her darkest days and saddest nights. That he openly shared
parts of him he's never shared with anyone else more than made her
feel special.

She felt like she truly meant something to him. That they shared
something he had never found with another woman. And that was
priceless to her.

Their blazing sexual chemistry was jaw-droopingly fantastic and most
any woman would love to lose herself for a couple of days with a guy
she found incredibly attractive, minus real-life responsibilities.
She was just as normal as any other woman and mature enough to know
beyond a shadow of a doubt that you couldn't fall in love with
someone in forty-eight hours.

Then again, she considered thoughtfully. Who in all the world could
say just what was the appropriate amount of time, or way to fall in
love with anyone? If there were one grown-up lesson she's learned
over the years it was that feelings weren't governed by rules. They
came and went as they pleased. You're just along for the ride.

"You're quite," Tommy drew her attention after a couple of minutes,
noting the thoughtful expression she wore. "What's on your mind,

Broken out of her fog of thoughts, Kim replied, "You."

Bringing his hand over his heart, Tommy pretended to be
overwhelmed. "I feel so special."

"Don't mock me," she laughed a little. "Just think, in three days
you're going to be back home missing me soooooo much."

Tommy regarded her humorously. "I won't miss you at all."

"Good. Cause I won't miss you either." She was beaming when she said
it, her lips curled into a mischievous pout.

"Not even a little?"

Rubbing two fingers in front of him, she snickered, "Maybe a smidgen."

He caught her hand, warmly curling his own around it. "I'll miss you
too." The urge to say more was rising strongly, but he fought it
tooth and nail. Pushing her to fast wasn't the way to go. He'd
patiently wait until the night before they were leaving and then
spring his idea on her. Until then, he intended to soak in her
alluring presence while showing her just how interested he was and
how right they could be together.

"Can you believe Jason and Katherine's wedding is just three months
away?" Kim thought out loud with a note of awe to her voice. Out the
corner of her eye she judged Tommy's reaction, or lack thereof. "It
must be strange being the best man when you once dated the bride?"

"Jason and I talked about that when he asked me," Tommy confided in
Kim while softly stroking her leg with his hand. She had the most
baby soft skin he'd ever felt before. "I honestly thought one day
that would be Kat and I saying our vows."

"Life's funny that way."


"Do you miss her?"

"Romantically, no," he explained while reveling in her hand lying
over his heart. "We went as far as we were meant to go relationship-
wise and Jason truly makes her happy. They're meant to be together
and I'm sincerely happy for them. I just think its weird whenever you
see someone you dated for a very long time get married while you're
still single. For some reason it makes you feel like you haven't
accomplished much, you know?"

Kim could relate, remembering a love or two from her past. "Yeah, I
do. On one hand if things didn't end badly between the two of you,
you're happy for the person. But another part of you..."

"Resents them," Tommy concluded for her. "Even when you don't mean

Kim nodded. "Its like you say to yourself, what did that person learn
about life and love that I didn't from our ended relationship? And
then comes the endless second guessing of why it ended at all and how
much were you to blame."

"And after while you start wondering if you're cut out for a
relationship. "

"So how do you get rid of the doubts?" Kim pondered out loud.

"Well, for me, I got on a train two nights ago and met you again."
Tommy held her pleased gaze, loving the way she nibbled her bottom
lip between her teeth to keep from smiling. Deciding to let her off
the hook, he rose from her lap to sit next to her. "We're the poster
children for politically incorrect views of our past loves."

"Nah, we're just human." For Kim, Tommy's intentions upon moving so
close to her were as clear as day and certainly welcomed. When he
leaned in there was no hesitation on her part. She tasted his lips,
kissing him deeply, their mouths gliding along a smooth rhythm that
warmed her from head to toe. When their lips parted they gazed softly
at one another, heat simmering between them. She wished that she had
a reference point in her past for feeling so peaceful and loved in a
man's presence. But compared to Tommy... "I don't want to fall for
you," she confessed quietly, and then bowed her head, unable to face

"And I don't want you to fall for anyone else." Her chocolate brown
eyes lifted, capturing the way he adored her, and then she smiled
brightly. He realized in that very moment he couldn't give her his
heart. She'd already taken it and didn't even know it yet. "I think
you're what I've been missing."

Why did he have to tell her that the way he did... with so much
sincerity... looking at her like she was so special to him already.
Kim's cheeks pinkened. "So you've been missing a short gymnast who
can't parallel park?"

"For just about a decade, yeah," Tommy gave a slightly nervous laugh.

He was so handsome. To damn handsome. And sweet. And made her feel
good about... everything. He wasn't near perfect, but was far to
perfect at the things she'd always wanted in a man. Her small hands
framed his face, her fingers ghosting a gentle caress. She sighed
because she wanted him so bad it didn't make sense to her. And not
just physically. She wanted the way he made her feel to never end. "I
think... I think I might have been missing you too."

Kim's unexpected admission swelled Tommy's heart. This was par for
the course with them, using veiled comments that forever bordered on
what they truly wanted to say. Ambiguous so that they could always
have a way out. But he knew the point of no return was fast
approaching. He gently tugged her right hand to his lips, kissing
it. "My Beautiful."

"Always," she proclaimed without thought, and then rolled her eyes at
the admission. He looked oh so proud of himself that she wanted to
hit him in the head with something. Something big. "Wanna do each
other's hair?"

"What am I now, your sister?"

"Look at it this way. You're still my favorite sibling," she shined a
smile his way, and then dove past him towards the pizza box. Well
aware her thong-covered backside was arched seductively in his
direction, when she glanced innocently over her shoulders the hungry
expression he wore sent a pleasurable shiver through her body. "See
something you like, Handsome?"

"Don't make me take you."

Sparing a look down at the front of his sweats, she recognized the
evidence of his arousal. "You can only take what I give you."

"Then how about you hand me another slice of pizza. That's what I
really want."

"Sure you do." Taking one for herself and one for him, Kim swiveled
back around and sat Indian style beside him. She handed him his slice
and then bit into hers. "I swear this is some of the best pizza I
have ever tasted."

"I know," Tommy couldn't help but to agree, chewing into another
thick slice. When he looked up he found Kim staring at him with a
small smear of pizza sauce on her lip. She looked to be waiting for
something. "What?"

"This is where you gently swipe my lip with your hand, cleaning off
the sauce and then tasting it on your finger like in all good
romantic movies and books."

"I was just going to hand you a napkin." Even her mock of a glare
charmed him to no end. "Did you want one?"

"Way to break a romantic mood, Mr. Oliver."

Setting his pizza slice aside, Tommy maneuvered in her personal
space. "I wasn't aware you craved a romantic mood, Mrs. Oliver?"

"Ha, in your dreams," flew out of her mouth that very second, no
matter that her heart was racing so fast she hoped he couldn't hear
it. Him smirking in her face wasn't helping either. Kim cursed her
complexion. "Aren't you going to finish your pizza?"

"Maybe I have a taste for something else."

His voice dripped low and sexy. Kim gulped when his strong, warm
hands fell to her bare hips. Then she leaned in his face. "Whatever
do you have a taste for, Mr. Hart?"

Ahhh... there was his feisty Beautiful. Tommy met her challenge head
on. "This," he punctuated by brushing his lips firmly over hers. "And
this," his warm mouth slowly swept over her cheek, peppering kisses
to her ear. His tongue dashed slowly along the lobe, followed by a
gentle bite that made her giggle. "A little bit of right here," he
traced his tongue over the curve of her neck while gently pressing
her to lay down, and then covered her body with his own. "This
entices me," he declared before devouring her throat with more open-
mouth kissing that saw her moan pleasurably.

Humming pleasantly as the feel of his soft lips roamed the side of
her neck, Kim faintly skimmed his sides while luxuriating in the
solid feel of his body settled between her parted thighs. "I've been
told I was delicious before."

Tommy drifted just above her pouty lips, gazing down at her. "Can I
kill the guy who told you that?"

"I never said it was a guy." Winking, Kim felt him his manhood twitch
against her center. Her body quivered in response. "Men are so
predictable. "

"And you are such a tease." Tommy throughly kissed her that very
second, the movie was forgotten in the background. In the center of
the bed they drowned in a decadent rhythm of gliding mouths and
dueling tongues, panting hotly. Her hands slipped inside the back of
his sweat pants, grasping and kneading his firm bare ass. His hands
swept up and down her toned thighs, dying to feel them wrapped around
him again.

Separated by a sliver of black cotton, when his hips flexed into hers
the friction caused them both to tremble and groan. Tommy lifted his
mouth with a soft gasp, his vision transfixed by the sensual flush
she wore. Her lips parted just so... He regarded her with hungry
eyes. "God, you're beautiful."

"I'm... I'm alright, sometimes," Kim managed to voice in a slightly
humble tone, nearly overwhelmed by his intensity. He shook his head
before her, obviously disagreeing with her assessment. "You make me
feel beautiful."

"I love you," Tommy swore before pressing his lips to hers once more,
giving her no time to think or question just how deeply the sentiment
ran. She eagerly returned his passion, curling her tongue around his
while moving against him in a way that mimicked what they both
desperately wanted. Her hands coursed over the sleek cut of muscle
lining his shoulders and back, caressing him as much as she desired.
His weight settled solid over her, nestling a sense of possession and
femininity through her. She throughly explored his mouth while the
sensual heat liquefying her body left her aching to be filled by him.

Tommy's right hand began plucking the buttons one at a time on Kim's
pajama top until she finished the rest for him. Descending the moment
he pulled the top aside, he savored a rosy, pebbled nipple with his
tongue. Round and round he traced until her husky moan inspired his
mouth to capture the tip, drawing ever so strongly while his hand
kneaded the soft flesh of her other breast. He nibbled hungrily at
her nipple, pulling at the tip until she whined softly, and then
soothed her with gentle suckling.

"Feels so good," she whimpered when he trailed wet kisses across her
cleavage before closing his lips around the other nipple. The sweet
pressure of his mouth drawing strongly on the tip made her toes curl
and her eyes shut. Her subdued moaning grew in volume while his
tongue swept around the slope of her breast, imprinting the taste of
her skin on his mind forever before paying the same sensual homage to
her other
breast. Her fists were already clenching at the comforter when his
tongue methodically lapped down her chest past her quivering belly
until he dipped inside her navel, swirling around. The sensation
tickled ever so much. Descending once more, hot tingles left her body
shuddering when he paused over the center of her damp panties.

Dark, brown eyes lifted, capturing Kim's pointed breathless gaze.
Tommy hung there, simply breathing over the thin cotton separating
her sex from him, allowing the sweltering anticipation to build.

And then his thick tongue lashed the length of her sex through the
cotton, causing her entire body to arch when she cried out, her
fingernails digging into the comforter. His hands fell to her slender
hips, holding her in place while he began long lashes up and down the
fabric, wetting it while licking her that much faster. The
intoxicating scent of her arousal wrenched at his sanity, causing him
to dip his tongue against her, dragging it up and down until she
whimpered in ecstasy. Her body jerked, twisted sideways, her thighs
trembling around his head while his tongue drove her mad.

Greedy for the taste of her, Tommy didn't give her a moments rest.
His mouth covered the cotton separating them. He inhaled the damp
fabric, noted the sharp scent that made his cock throb, and then
hungrily suckled and drew upon Kim until her fingernails raked over
his scalp. Her hips arched against his mouth, feeding herself to his
carnal hunger. Constant panting assaulted his ears, while he felt
full body shudders course through her. His tongue firmly stroked her
north and south until the fabric was soaked, not letting up for a

Finally, when his vaunted sanity reached its tortured limit, Tommy
tugged her panties aside and drove his tongue deeply into her.

"Uhhhnnn.... ohmygodTommy! !!" Gritting her teeth, Kim trembled
mightily against his mouth. The sudden feel of his tongue fucking
her, diving inside her constantly had her mind floating on some new
plane of existence. He began suckling her sex whole, while
simultaneously pushing his tongue deeper inside her. His hands began
at her waist rubbing up her body to firmly cup both her soft breasts,
amplifying the sensations by strumming her aching nipples.

Hot ambrosia... her whining cries were sunshine falling over him. He
used long, smooth strokes of his tongue over her delicious pink
flesh, all the while reveling in her intense response.

And when he at last wrapped his lips around her clit, sucking while
vigorously swirling his tongue over it the tension in her belly
coiled hot, ignited, and then detonated that very
second. "Ahhhh...uhh. ...uhh..uhhh, " she cried out through a pounding,
pulsing orgasm rocketing waves of exquisite pleasure through her.
Arching her back, her slender hips instinctively fed his hungry
mouth, rolling against his tongue. The slick juices of her climax an
elixir covering his lips, trickling down his jaw.

Every sweet drop of her only fed his new addiction. Tommy craved
more, and so when his hands took hold of her backside, squeezing the
firm cheeks while holding her to his greedy mouth, he feasted on her
like he had never done to a woman before. Every lustful sound she
made... every time her silky thighs shuddered he sucked, lashed, and
nibbled her until she was shaking constantly. Stroking the folds with
his tongue, he drank in her clit once more, bathing it in saliva
before lashing it like crazy. And then she cried out a second time,
chanting his name and God over and over he didn't pause a moment
during her climax until she finally pushed his face away as she was
to sensitive for him to go on.

Panting for air while lying on her side, Kim felt the subtle
aftershocks of back-to-back cataclysmic orgasms tremble through her.
She tried to catch her breath and regain the ability to think.
Feeling warm and sated, she opened her eyes again, blinking. She'd
been with a guy or two who she thought knew how to go down on a
woman, but now she felt both of them combined couldn't fill a comic
book with what they knew about the female anatomy. While Tommy, he
was obviously the Encyclopedia Britannica of oral sex. "I think... I
think I'm broken."

Tommy laughed softly on his back, breathing heavily, still tasting
her on his lips. "I'll take that as a compliment."

"You should. You're incredible." While shrugging off her pajama top
and thong, Kim smirked at the bulging front of his seat pants. "Poor
Tommy," she playfully pouted while maneuvering sideways over his
legs. She loved the way his thighs trembled when she laid her palm
over his erection and rubbed it slowly. "This looks really hard and
uncomfortable. "

Her evil teasing required a sarcastic reply. To bad all he could do
was swallow hard and nod. "Yeah... its... uhm..."

When Tommy stuttered Kim smiled. Her hand ran over and around the
front of his sweat pants. She felt him twitching beneath her hand,
and then gently curled around the shaft, giving him a gentle
squeeze... and then another. She watched his belly quiver the longer
she toyed with him. "Do you want me to fix this little problem of


"Shut up," she smiled while moving up his body. "I love you too." As
he'd done earlier, she captured his mouth before anymore could be
said, rendering him speechless while sampling the taste of herself on
his lips. Her hand kept grazing over his cock, causing him to moan in
the midst of their kissing. She dipped her hand inside his sweat
pants, gently curling her fist around him and began slow-stroking
root to tip. She nipped one last time at his lips, and then leaned
into his neck, brushing her tongue over his ear. She whispered, "I'm
going to suck your cock so good you're going to lose your mind."

Tommy shivered all over when she slinked down his body, lying
sideways over his lap. A quick lift and tug saw his sweat pants go
flying across the room. "Kim..."

"Shhh..." She bent over him, pursed her lips, and kissed the head of
his cock. It wildly leapt in response, so she kissed it again,
swirling her tongue around the head until his eyes rolled back. The
passionate expression he wore was priceless. "This belongs to me
now," she boldly proclaimed when her right hand firmly gripped him at
the base, again marveling at the delicious curve of him and how it
just drove her crazy. "You wouldn't dare believe me if I told you how
many times I fantasized about doing this to you in high school."

"Ahhhh..." Tommy gasped for breath when her soft little tongue
slithered up and down the length of him, feathery lapping away at
him. If the sight of Kim twirling her tongue all around his cock
wasn't mind-blowing enough, the erotic feel of her warm breath and
the sensation of her oral caress completely shut his mind down to the
point where all he could do was breathe. Her left hand fondled his
balls, cupping their weight while massaging hem. She was torturing
him with her lazy pace, slowly dragging her tongue up and down, but
never once taking him inside her mouth. She would only kiss the tip,
daring a naughty smirk at him before continuing her taste test. "Kim,

"Begging already?"

"You just love playing your games, don't you?"

"Yeah, and you're going to love this."

When her soft lips finally welcomed him inside the warmth of her
mouth his physical response to her was overwhelming. Reclining his
head back, Tommy's chest heaved. The sensual sounds of her tender
sucking captivated his senses. The sight of her chocolate-brown hair
falling like a curtain over his lap while her head lazily bobbed up
an down wrenched the very breath from his lungs. Her cheeks hollowed,
increasing the pressure around him to the point that he had to try
and think of something... anything but the heaven he was feeling or
this would be over with embarrassingly quick.

Humming softly over the weeping head as her saliva dripped from her
tongue down around him, Kim inhaled the hard flesh once more, drawing
deeply while cork-screwing her fist to amplify his pleasure. Even
when he twitched inside her mouth, the action aroused her as it
signaled h loved what she was doing. She held his length with her
tongue against the roof of her mouth, and then flicked it with the
tip of her tongue before plunging him deeply inside her mouth again.
She loudly sucked on his cock, intent on obliterating any memory of
another woman from his mind forever. He tasted salty and hot, the
skin so baby soft she adored the feel against her lips. She drowned
him in wetness while sucking harder, giving him not a moments peace.
Her hand swept over his heart, relishing the rapid beat.

"Oh God... OhmyGod." Tommy's face winced and contorted, lost in the
erotic pleasure of Kim pumping him in and out of her warm mouth. The
hot, moist vice drawing on him so deeply crippled his sanity. He
swore she was trying to suck his soul out of him with her vigor and
technique. No woman had ever been better than this and he would love
to tell her that if he was capable of speech or coherent thought.
Instead, he laid there and let her tame him into sweet submission.
Her hands fondled and stroked while her mouth sucked and sucked
and.... God, she was wicked! "Kim... Kim, close... close..."

So, he had the good graces to warn a girl? Kim liked that. And he
hadn't once tried to put his hand on her head to guide her like she
didn't know what she was doing. He never ceased to impress her with
his gentlemanly skills. Slowly, she lifted her lips, panting and
smiling, loving the absolutely dominated expression he wore. "Thanks,
but I''m a girl that finishes every job she starts."

With those daring words Tommy saw stars. Her tongue pressed against
him while she sucked harder, bobbing her head in tandem with stroking
him around the base until his he stiffened so quickly, and then
erupted in
shuddering, warm bursts she greedily swallowed until he had no more
to give. Until his husky groaning faded into nothingness. Gasping,
she finally released him, lying her head on his thigh.

While semen wasn't a delicacy to say the least, the erotic act and
his reaction was well worth the minor flavor annoyance. Kim grinned
evilly over his thigh, humming while watching the man she throughly
pleased try to regain his senses. Yeah, she was that damn good. He
hadn't even lifted his head yet. "Humbly speaking, you can worship me
now if you like?"

Laughing softly, Tommy felt her kissing her way up his chest until he
was able to wrap his arm around her. He drew her to his chest, gazing
into her beautiful brown eyes. "I humbly submit to the Church of Kim."

Arching a brow, she cheekily replied, "So you submit to C.O.K.? " Kim
shook her head while enjoying his mild embarrassment. "I guess we
have alot more to talk about than I thought."

"I love you, but you're truly wacked in the head."

"Just so long as you love me," she whispered before kissing him
deeply again, reveling in his warm, protective embrace. Being in his
arms again felt so amazing she couldn't put it into words. When their
kiss ended she rested her head over his shoulder, sighing while
closing her eyes as a drowsy sort of mood fell upon her. The
seductively affectionate feel of his hands caressing her back made
her sleepy. "You're a nice human pillow."

Tommy chuckled softly in her ear, and then kissed the top of her
had. "And you're a nice human blanket." Holding her naked body in his
arms, he swore nothing had ever felt so right in all his life. "Kim?"


"This is where you belong," he dared to tell her despite every reason
not to, especially since it might scare her away.

Kim lifted her face to his, smiling softly. "I know."



(Day 3)

Tommy's cabin
3723 Verdon Lane
Cabin #3
Monday, December 6, 2008 9:45 AM
South Lake Tahoe, CA

"Mom, I'm perfectly fine," Tommy chimed into the Nokia cell-phone
braced between his cheek and shoulder while flipping a blueberry
pancake. He caught it on the spatula, unlike its twin brother that
met a terrible fate a few minutes ago and was now in the trash can.
Thankfully, no one saw his little mistake. Kim would have had a field
day teasing him about it. "We got some more snow yesterday, but
nothing major. No roads were shut down or anything like that."

"I heard something about a avalanche, dear?"

Tommy poured more patter into the frying pan. "There was no
avalanche, mom. You must have misheard something on television. Do I
need to buy you a hearing aid for Christmas?"

"Only if you want a sack of potatoes as your gift." Smiling, Vivian
Oliver had to admit her son sounded like he was in a very good mood
this morning. She knew pushing him to take this time away before the
holidays was a good idea. Leaning against the center-island in her
kitchen, she replied, "Okay, alright. I was just worrying, that's

She was sweet and Tommy adored her, but he needed to concentrate on
the task at hand before he lost any more pancakes to his lack of
culinary coordination. "I love you and promise to call you and Dad
later on, okay?"

"That's fine, dear. Oh, and one more thing. I just want to remind

Tommy instantly recognized that particular tone of voice and dreaded
it. "Don't say it, Mom. Please don't say it."

Vivian pressed on, "That in case you meet a girl up there..."

"Mom, I'm almost thirty and well versed in the birds and the bees. It
makes me shudder when you talk like this..."

"... and hook up like you young folks do these days, just remember to
wear a condom if you have sexual relationship with her." Tommy's
groan amused her greatly. "You have no idea where those girls have
been. I just want you to be careful. And don't buy any of those weird
condoms with the tiles or whatever they are called on them. And make
sure that spermicide stuff is on the package too. You might want to
look out for..."

"Mom, for the love of God..."

"... buy normal sized condoms that work. That's all I'm going to say."

Shaking his head, Tommy shuddered while holding the spatula. "I truly
believe you enjoy making me feel uncomfortable. "

"Its a parent's right, dear," she laughed softly. "Bye honey. Love

"Love you too. Tell the old man I love him as well."

"Will do."

Pressing end with his cheek, Tommy slipped his cell in his back
pocket. Sparing a quick glance at the small kitchen table, he had
five stacked blueberry pancakes finished already, and was sure three
more would be the end of his breakfast cooking experience. With the
soothing sounds of Kim's guitar playing coming from the living room,
he paused for a brief moment, allowing himself to enjoy the domestic
intimacy of it all.

When they woke up this morning Kim showered first, explaining that
she wanted to work on her music and that her muse was a early morning
person. Apparently her muse was a invisible, one-armed guy named Hank
who helped her write all her songs.

Kim was quirky that way.

After she was done Tommy took his hot shower, put on some clothes,
and upon exiting the bathroom was told that in addition to heating up
the deep dish pizza, Kim wanted pancakes. Blueberry pancakes.
Crossing his arms over his chest, he told her exactly where the
supplies were so that she could make them. One of the perks of his
cabin were a fully stocked fridge. The former Pink Ranger explained
that she was banned from both her mother and her father's kitchens
for reasons she didn't want to divulge that included a fire and the
loss of a Thanksgiving turkey. She confessed that she just didn't mix
well with natural gas stoves. Or electric stoves. Or grills. And that
she was only on friendly speaking terms with her microwave. Still,
she offered to flip a coin for the cooking rights.

He shouldn't have agreed seeing as he lost. And now here he was,
standing in front of a hot stove making blueberry pancakes for Kim.

Nonetheless, this morning's light snowfall, the fireplace-heated
comfort of his cozy cabin, coupled with the amazing woman stealing
his heart made for a great way to start your day.

Discussed and agreed upon before they even got out of bed that lazy
was what they were going to be for the next twenty-four hours, they
had no plans and weren't making any. Kim wanted to get some work done
on her music, while he intended to get a work-out in and then read
the books he brought with him. Being together was all the
entertainment they needed, and he couldn't help feeling a bit giddy
that he had her all to himself.

Listening while he cooked, her lovely singing brought a tender smile
to his face. She's so in love with her music and this huge
opportunity she has with her band in the new year. Her enthusiasm was
rubbing off on him as he's always enjoyed watching her reach for her
dreams. That she was doing it again with him, sharing her hopes and
fears meant a great deal. It made him feel special to her again.

A short time later he had two white plates stacked high with
blueberry pancakes. A knife and a couple of squares of butter
slathered on top of both, followed by a generous helping of thick
maple syrup. As she requested, two slices of deep-dish pizza were to
be featured on the side of her plate. He took the last slice for
himself while admiring his handiwork. A breakfast of champions, this
was not. But he couldn't help his pride over enjoying a silly, child-
like meal with the woman he loved. And they were on vacation after
all, so it didn't matter. You were supposed to indulge.

Tommy was extraordinarily comfortable in loose-fit faded jeans and a
red t-shirt. Walking barefoot into the living room where he found Kim
in what she deemed were her writing overalls, seated on the rug in
front of the fireplace with her guitar in her lap and a notepad and
pen nearby. "Am I a good man-servant or what?"

The delicious scent of those pancakes made her hum delightfully.
Kim's face lit up with a pleased expression. "You are a most
excellent man-servant. The Church of Kim approves."

"Oh great. I have the approval of C.O.K." Grinning when she took her
plate from his hands, he sat down beside her and caught the faint
scent of her body spray. He couldn't help inhaling, and almost felt
embarrassed by it. She smelled so good this morning. Her shoulder-
length brown hair was pulled back in a messy pony tail, wearing her
rumpled old overalls and a pink shirt... she was the absolute picture
of cute. Yeah, he knew he had it bad for her. Real bad. "How's the
writing coming?"

"Not as easily as I was last night," she winked before rising to her
feet, heading into the kitchen. A minute later she returned with two
tall glasses of cold milk. "You forgot to bring us something to

"I guess I'm not perfect after all."

"Join the club, Handsome."

Tommy took his glass from her, and then scooted aside she so could
take her place again. She saddled up so close their shoulders
brushed, warming both of them. "So, your music? Are you making any

While biting into a thick slice of pizza, Kim gave a little head
shake while chewing. "Its coming along, but slowly. Hank hasn't been
much help this morning. I'm going to really work on it today though.
My goal is to finish two or three songs before the day is out or die

"Do you want me to give you some space after breakfast so you can
write? I could just stay in the bedroom out of your way" Tommy asked
while cutting, and then forking three small pieces of dripping
blueberry pancakes.

"No, I like having you close. Having another ear to listen to what
I'm singing might actually help more than hurt." When she smiled he
brought his fork to her lips. She bit off the end, chewed, and then
her eyes
widened with fascination at his cooking skills. "That's fantastic."

"Blueberry pancakes are one of the three breakfast dishes I can make."

"The other two being?"

"Regular pancakes and peanut butter pancakes."

Kim favored him with the glimmer of a smirk. "You're a man of many

"And you smell good."

It was an out-of-nowhere comment that nonetheless charmed her. "So do

They settled into a comfortable, quiet mood while eating a breakfast
of blueberry pancakes, deep dish pizza, and cold milk by the
fireplace. Kim tried to wish away the butterflies fluttering around
her stomach. Alas, that was a lost cause. She couldn't help loving
him. It wasn't a conscious acceptance. It simply... was. His company,
his ability to banter with her, make her laugh, and make her want to
share her world and protect his came effortlessly. And she had never
felt as protected with a man before as she does with him. He wasn't
plying her with flowers or poetry. He wasn't talking about himself a
mile a minute. He wasn't ignoring anything that she had to say, no
matter if it were serious or silly.

She felt as though her life truly mattered to him. And he made the
best damn pancakes she'd ever tasted.

Moving quickly while Kim drank her milk, Tommy stole a slice of pizza
from her plate, shrugging in the face of her glare. "You love me."

He stated rather than asked, eating away as if any response contrary
of his claim wouldn't be believed if she said it. That sort of
confidence intrigued her. "Don't make me kick your ass, Oliver."

"You'd do anything to get your hands on me, wouldn't you, Hart?"

"I doubt you'd find me shoving my foot where the sun don't shine as
enjoyable as last nights... activities." Tommy had the nerve to lean
in for a kiss, but she playfully pulled away. "No smoochies for
you, pizza stealer."

That devilish twinkle in her eye made her that much more
appealing. "Fine. I don't want to kiss you anymore, anyway."

Kim rolled her eyes. "Good. Cause I don't want to kiss you anymore
either. So there," she tilted her head to the side at the end. His
soft laughter washed over her like a warm, sunny day. Try as she
might to resist, he was far to sexy this morning looking all scruffy
and unkept. No comb had seen his hair, and he needed a shave badly.
She was no better having not a ounce of make-up on. Still, his eyes
favored her
with adoration. "Did you sleep well?"

He finished chewing before answering, "I held you all night."

"That's not an answer."

"Yes, it is," he noted affectionately, watching her watch him. She
turned her gaze away, pleased with his reply. She just had to feel
this emotional pull between them. Four days wasn't going to be
enough. Not by a long shot. And if Tommy had his way, four days was
going to become something very, very special they someday looked back
on together. "Did you sleep well?"

Kim sighed quietly, and then gave a little nod. Why did being with
him feel so good when they've only spent two days together after
being separated for years? She tried to make sense of it in her mind.
Even with her heart whispering a answer she wasn't quite ready to
face. "The blueberry pancakes are delicious. Thanks for breakfast."

"You're welcome," he replied before downing some of his milk. "And
for the record, you got lucky winning that coin flip."

"No, that wasn't luck, honey." Grinning, Kim reached in her side
pocket and produced her winning quarter. She held it up for him to
get a look at, showing off its duel-sided heads. "When I called heads
I knew I wasn't going to lose."

Staring at her like she grew a second head, Tommy shook his, not even
surprised. "What else do you walk around with?"

"Well, in my purse I keep this double-headed quarter, a small tazer
gun, and a pair of handcuffs."

"That's kinda naughty."

His soft, sexy voice wove around her. Kim gave him a gentle poke with
the end of her elbow. "I was kidding about the handcuffs one."


"Those are in the small dresser by my bed at home."

Kim didn't bat a eye lash when she said it, as her uninhibited nature
was striking. She loved pushing his buttons and was far to good at it
already. Even in her most comfortable, unsexy attire she was a orgasm
waiting to happen in his eyes. "You cheated."

"Well, its not like its the first time I did that to you." Her smart
mouth earned her a mild glare, and then she laughed at their decade
ago relationship woes. "And I haven't loved anyone as much as I loved
you since. So the mistake was all mine." Still not a word said. "And
you smell good." Nope, nothing. "You are the best lover I have ever
had." That comment at least drew his attention, albeit mildly.

Of course when she deftly straddled his lap and slipped her arms
around his neck he was smiling with his head down. "Tommy?" His reply
was silence. "Honey," she allowed to drip from her lips softly. He
fought off laughing, but still didn't break. "I love you," she noted
cutely, and then enjoyed the feel of his arms wrapping around her.
She leaned in and gave him a Eskimo kiss with her nose, which finally
him laugh. "Breakfast was wonderful."

Returning her Eskimo kiss, he smiled at the way her nose scrunched
up. "Can I expect you to never cook?"

"Trust me, you don't want me too," she smiled, and then realized that
his question had a sort of... he wasn't just talking about their
weekend. There was a underlying something there. And soon she'd have
to acknowledge it. "When I cook, food dies."

"It's already dead."

"Well, when I'm done with it, its deader." They laughed at her
silliness, holding each other by the fire. "So tell me your bad

Did she have a clue how much he loved holding her like this? Tommy
had to shake his head free to answer her. "You're assuming I have

"You possess the Y-Chromosome. It's a given."

She thought she was so cute when she was being cheeky. Still, Tommy
nuzzled the side of her neck until she giggled, trying to break free
of his embrace with a half-hearted attempt. His locked hands settled
over her lower back, cuddling her in his arms. "I can't stand people
who drive slow. It bothers me."

"Says the former Nascar driver," Kim noted. "Newsflash, Speed Racer,
everyones not meant to go 120 miles per hour."

"I yelled at a little old lady by accident two weeks ago." Kim
snickered against his shoulder, grinning at him. "I didn't know she
was a little old lady. I thought she was some slow driving jerk. And
when I saw her face I freaked and started yelling I was sorry, but i
think I scared her. I didn't mean too."

"Tommy Oliver. Elderly Intimidator. "

"It was an accident." Kim kissed him softly, nipping his bottom lip
at the end. Tommy knew that she didn't have a clue how she was
quickly removing the possibility that another woman could live up to
in his eyes. "My handwriting is terrible, and that sucks considering
I taught high school for a number of years."

"I remember your handwriting looking like a cat walked in ink and ran
across a piece of paper." He scowled. She smiled. "What?"

"I watch Bridezilla late at night when I can't sleep."

Kim blinked. "You are so gay." Tommy blew out a breath, laughing
while holding her close. "Is that the truth?" He nodded
sheepishly. "So very gay."

"I have," he began by tenderly brushing his mouth over hers, "Spent
the last two days," another long kiss, "Showing you just how much I
love women. You in particular."

While kissing him, Kim mused that her feelings for him were so strong
they defied reason or logic. Choosing to shove it to the back of her
mind, she submerged in their passion, loving the heat that simmered
between them. It was only when he began falling back to the floor
that she pulled away. "No, no, no, Mr. Oliver. Anytime we get
horizontal I never get anything done."

"Oh, I think we get plenty done."

"That's your penis talking."

"Are you listening?" Tommy groaned Kim detangled herself from his
arms. No matter how many times he's had her since the train, he's
captivated by the endless swell of desire she inspires in him. Sill,
he knew how serious she was about writing her music today. And while
he honestly went on vacation to get away from it all, she actually
wanted to get some work done. "So what do we do now?"

While taking their plates away, the glasses balanced on top, Kim
declared, "Get ready for a little impromptu concert I'm about to
perform." She returned a moment later with a pillow from the bedroom
and tossed it his way. "Get comfortable and be honest, okay. I just
want to know how some of this new material sounds. I know the band
isn't here, but think of this as a basic preview. You're my captive
audience of one."

Settling the pillow behind his head, Tommy stretched out while
watching her settle in with her guitar. "I'm ready when you are,

He seemed to know the perfect moment to use that little nickname that
always made her feel warm and cherished. Pushing thoughts of the
heart aside for a while, Kim looked over her song notebook while
warming up with her guitar. "I have three songs either finished or
closed to it. They're all very personal songs to me."

"So I shouldn't expect the Pink Ranger version of 'Baby, hit me one
more time'?"

"Not unless you want me to hit you with this guitar," she replied
sarcastically. "This first song is called 'From Afar'."

For the next hour Kim performed for her beloved audience. Having
never been a writer of any kind, Tommy found himself mesmerized and
truly interested as she explained between songs the writing process
she uses and the emotional origins of her music. He listened
intently, feeling grateful that yet another part of her personal life
was being opened to him. As expected, her singing voice had changed
over the years, and she seemed to alter it with each song in a way he
found fascinating.

When Kim sang 'Puddle of Grace,' Tommy felt the heartache and soul
baring laced within the song. 'Distractions' moody lyrics drew him
in. He felt like he could listen to her sing and talk about her music
for the rest of his life because she did so with such passion and
fire. Music was part of Kimberly Ann Hart just as surely as any organ
in her body. He'd only suspected what music meant to her back in high
school when gymnastics claimed her world, but since that dream's been
fulfilled she's chosen another.

As the music flowed out of her, Kim noted his intense interest. He
wasn't just listening for the sake of listening, he was paying
attention. Even as she felt her thoughts were jumbled at times when
it came to explaining where her music came from, he gave her space to
do things the way she needed to.

Performing for him by the fireplace felt almost spiritual in the way
she felt connected to him again. His eyes shined for her alone, just
the same way they did back in high school. Only now there was no
hesitation in his loving gaze. No fear or insecurity when he touched
her. No first-love's innocence when he held her close. The man craved
her and she knew it.

She loved him for it.

And was terrified by it.

Sighing deeply, Kim set aside her guitar, lifted her head and looked
his way. "What's the verdict? Am I on my way to the Grammy's or the
bargain bin at the Record-O-Rama? "

Tommy sat up, stretching his arms out while smiling. "Your music is


"I wouldn't lie to you about something you obviously love." Her
expression softened before his very eyes. "I respect you to much to
tell you I like something if I really don't. I think your music is
powerfully emotional and very personal. I can tell by the heart you
put into your singing. I liked all three of your songs,
especially 'From Afar'."

Tommy's opinion carried a great deal of weight with Kim, as she was
aware of his music tastes since they complimented her own. "Thank

"You're welcome."

Kim rose to her feet, resting her guitar against the wall by the
fireplace. She watched Tommy rise from the floor and approach her.
All to easily she walked into his arms, and dear God, it felt like
coming home
to her. She found such comfort and strength in his embrace. It was
still true to her that she didn't need a man. Not to feel complete or
whole or to give her a reason to live. But she wanted this one. And
she could tell he wanted her too.

With her nose pressed to his chest, Kim noted cutely, "Your shirt
smells like Bounce."

Tommy chuckled warm over her temple, and then pressed a kiss
there. "Your shirt has a small hole on the sleeve."

"You don't have any jell in your hair today." She heard him snicker
while hugging her close. "Its not very spikey."

"When you kissed me you tasted like blueberry pancakes."

"Really?" Kim asked in a valley-girl voice. He nodded, smiling down
at her. "I'll let you in on a little secret. The guy I'm having a
affair with made them for me for breakfast."

"Wow, a guy made you breakfast?"

Kim nodded. "He's a great guy."

"You sound like you really like him?"

"I more than like him."

"You adore him, then?"

"I think we're way past that."

"So can I assume you love him?" Tommy bent to her lips, waiting for
her next move. Her small, warm hands gently cradled his face,
caressing over his cheeks.

"Yes... you may assume." Winking, she pulled away, but took his right
hand, leading him out of the living room. She felt his hot stare all
over her. "Before you get to excited we're not going to your bedroom."

Tommy hadn't a clue in the world why she was leading him into the
bathroom. She left him there for a moment, returning with a chair
from the kitchen table. She sat it in front of his sink. "There's
kinky, and then there's kinky, and then there's this."

"Oh hush. Sit down," Kim ordered, wearing her resolve face. Tommy did
as he was told. "You're scruffy this morning. And while I kinda like
scruffy on you, I'm crazy about you when you're clean shaven. So to
that end, I'm going to give you a shave."

"I can shave myself, Kim."

"I want to," she argued seductively, her head titled to the
side. "I've always wanted to do this... so will you indulge me?"
Tommy stared for a moment, and then tore of his shirt and threw it in
a small green laundry basket. "I'm assuming all your shaving stuff is
in the medicine cabinet?"

Tommy nodded. "Help yourself."

Rummaging through the medicine cabinet, Kim removed a new Schick
Quattro High Performance razor from a package of three and his 1805
shaving cream. She sat the items down on the sink's counter, and then
turned on the hot water, soaking her hands. "I need you to spread
your legs for me."

Tommy arched his eye brow. "You're sexy when you give me orders."

"You're talking again. That needs to stop." Smirking, Kim pressed her
knee between his until he complied, parting his legs. Standing in the
space he made, she began wetting his face all over with her hands,
taking her time softening his skin with the warm water. She couldn't
help loving the way he was looking at her while she took care of him.
So much so that she bent down and kissed him firmly just
because. "Okay, listen. I've only seen this done in the movies, and
it didn't look like rocket science. So I need to you remain perfectly
still. No sudden head movements and no talking."

"So you've never done this before?"

"Uhmn, no. Not unless my legs count."

"Well I know one other place you obviously... "

"You just want a knee to the balls, don't you?" Kim laughed at him,
shoving his hands away when he tried to grab her hips. She waved the
razor at his face, grinning. "Are you going to behave for me, Mr.
Oliver? Cause if you don't you might end up looking like the Joker."

"I shall remain perfectly still, Ms. Hart. I will try my very best to
resist the utter charm and magnificent sex appeal you effortlessly

Tilting her head to the side, she regarded him with a smile. "Nice.
Now hush."


Kim squirted some shaving cream into her hand, and then began
applying it in upward circular motions all over his face. "Since you
can't talk, I will." She used more shaving cream to fully cover the
areas where there was more hair. "Do you remember that guy I was
telling you about last night that I dated and he cheated with a good
friend of mine? Tap my right leg for yes, and left for no."

Tommy tapped her right leg twice with a finger.

"So I dated that jerk for two whole years. That's over seven hundred
days of my life wasted. I wish I could file a civil suit against him
for emotional distress and being an all around asshole." Kim
recognized the compassion in Tommy's eyes. She began on the right
side of his face, carefully shaving downward from his
sideburns. "Don't you think that me and all the girls who get royally
screwed over by the male population deserve reparations in the
million dollar range?" He didn't tap right away, causing her to
scowl. He quickly tapped her right leg. She nodded. "Exactly."

Kim used long, even strokes with the razor. "That tramp of a good
friend of mine, Callie, was sleeping with my boyfriend for over two
month before I caught them. Tommy, you have no idea how it screws
with a girls head when a close friend you've told all your persona
issues to betrays you. It really messes up your ability to trust
people." Applying light but firm pressure, she continued shaving, and
then rinsed the blade for the first time. "Callie and I had been
friends for well over a year. She knew how hard it is for me to trust
relationships and men in general. So for her to betray me the way
that she did, it was double the pain. Especially since the jerk
finally told me he pursued her and she never once said a thing. She
could have told me my boyfriend hit on her and then I would have left
him. But no, she went right along with it, sleeping with him behind
my back and even got pregnant. How's that for sisterhood?"

Rinsing the blade again, Kim began working the left side of his face
with long, smooth strokes. "So there I was, crushed by two of the
most important people in my life. Don't think I didn't think about
cheating on you and what happened to me being karma. I did. But as
much as we loved each other we were still in high school and hadn't
even graduated yet. I'm not downplaying what we had because its still
so special to me. But honestly, we were kids."

Tommy tapped her right leg, gazing at her.

"Dylan and I were done with college and living together. We were
building our lives together and I began thinking, well, this is what
you do. You date for a while, get to know each other very well, and
if you're both in good places in your life and in love you get
married. He hadn't asked me or anything, but I was sure he was going
to eventually. Then I get hit with the atomic bomb of betrayals." She
shaved the area around his chin, moving upwards to smooth the area.
Then she rinsed the blade again. "I was so hurt, Tommy. I was
completely caught off guard, just like my mother was. I didn't have a
clue he was cheating. I cried so hard the night I caught them in bed
at her apartment. A guy friend of mine was the one that told me what
was happening behind my back. He was never interested in me or trying
to take Dylan's place. He was just a good friend and was tired of me
being made a fool of. I didn't want to believe him until the moment I
walked in on Callie and Dylan. I had a spare key to her place and
used it. When they saw me she started crying and he didn't say a
word. I just walked out and drove home in a daze. I don't even
remember driving, I was so out of it. I was depressed for months
after that. I didn't even want to leave my apartment. I had just
wasted two years of my life and lost two of the most important people
to me."

While shaving under his chin, Kim pulled the razor from his throat to
his chin, and then rinsed the blade again. "Trini and Aisha offered
to fly to Florida and beat Callie's ass. Then Kat and Tanya said
they'd deal with Dylan and when they were done he'd be useless to a
woman from that point on," she smiled, remembering how her truest
girlfriends had her back. "I never told Jason or Zack because they
would have come down and put a hurting on Dylan. Billy offered to
erase his social security number, drivers license, and birth
certificate from the governments records. I told him because I knew
he wouldn't resort to violence. And I almost took him up on his
offer. Would you have?"

Tommy tapped her left leg.

Kim gave him a look. "You wanted me to call Jason and Zack, right?"

He tapped her right leg.

"Why am I not surprised," she grinned. "Would you have beaten that
jerk up for me?" Tommy tapped her right leg several times. That made
her laugh. "Curl your lip over your front teeth." When he did as
asked, Kim washed off the excess shaving cream, and then examined his
face for any areas shed have to go over again.

"Back to my story, not only did Callie and Dylan stay together when
the baby was born, but they got married. How's that for a kick to the
teeth? Where was the justice life was supposed to throw my way... you
know, like in the form of a bus into their car? But no, I get to run
into them one day at a grocery story with the cutest little baby girl
ever while I was all alone with a carton of milk and some eggs." Kim
shook her head at the far from fond memory. "So that further screwed
with me, relationship wise. My ability to trust people and my own
judgment just about evaporated. I think I became even more cynical
about love and men. I started wondering when God was going to even
the score with those two people who hurt me so bad, cause they were
living the American dream. And then I just had to accept life that is
unfair and fucked sometimes. So I had to pick up the pieces of my
shattered heart and move on. I didn't have any other choice. I wasn't
going to let what happened break me."

Kim checked over the edge of his jaw, around his ears, and near his
lips and nose for anywhere she missed. Satisfied, she threw the
disposable razor in the small trash can, and then wet her hands with
cold water. She smoothed the coolness all over his face, and then
gently patted his face dry and clean. "Thus ends my sad tale of love
and loss."

"Beautiful," he called her, and then took her small hands between
them. Her story not only touched him deeply, but gave him an even
greater look into her heart. And insight into her psyche. "I can't
imagine how tough it was for you when all of that happened, but I'm
so proud of the woman you've become. And you're right, none of that
stuff broke you. You're an incredibly loving, caring, sexy woman who
deserves the very best of everything this world has to offer. I'm
just sorry you had to go through all of that."

"Not as sorry as I am."

"I doubt there's anything I can say to make you feel better about the
past, but I hope you judge the present by what you see and feel. I
swear I would never hurt you the way he did."

Of course he wouldn't. Tommy wasn't capable of hurting anyone unless
lives were on the line. But certainly, he would never hurt her. Kim
didn't know everything in the world, but she knew he loved her. She
saw it. She felt it. And she was strengthened by it. She half-
laughed, "You'd have your hands full with me."

Shrugging, Tommy gently drew her into his lap, snuggling her close
with her head resting over his shoulder. His arms wrapped
protectively around her. He whispered, "I wouldn't have it any other

Smiling at him, Kim sighed pleasantly while lying in his arms. In her
most unguarded, dark moments he's found her pleasing and desirable.
She didn't think that she could trust him with anything, she knew
that she could. That both scared and thrilled her. Her hand caressed
his cheek. "You're freshly shaven. I did a pretty good job."

Ever one to change the subject when it hit a bit to close to home,
Tommy let it go... for now. "You did a great job. Thank you."

"You're welcome."

"And if you ever need to shave your..."

"Not in a million years."

"A billion?"

"No. Not even then." She kissed his smiling lips, tracing her hand
over his soft, smooth face. "You know what I want to do right now?"

Tommy nuzzled her neck, "Let the man you love hold you."

"Besides that," she smirked, almost regretting she let that
slip. "I'd like to introduce you to the wonderful world of Phineas
and Ferb."

Tommy blinked. "What is that?"

"Phineas and Ferb is a Disney cartoon my nephew got me addicted to
the last time I visited my brother. Its a animated series about two
brothers who can create and do almost anything and never get caught
by their parents. Their sister is in love with this guy, but she
keeps humiliating herself in front of him and is always trying to get
her parents to see exactly what her brothers are up to." He didn't
look convinced. "Trust me, you're gonna laugh no matter what you
think. Phineas's head is shaped like a Doritio, Ferb's pants are
pulled up to his chest, and their sister cracks me up. Don't even get
me started on their pet. He's a spy. Trust me, its funny. I've got
eight or nine episodes on my laptop. Let's go watch them in bed."

Tommy was shaking his head when she rose from his lap and drug him
away. "Why do I want to watch a cartoon about a guy who's head is
shaped like a Dorito?"

"Cause your ex-girlfriend will probably want to have sex with you
sometime in the near future."

"You say the cutest things."

"Only to my favorite ex-boyfriend. You're the only one I don't want
to kill."

"I'll take that as a compliment."


3 hours Later


Being on vacation meant that a lazy afternoon nap wasn't frowned
upon, but pretty much expected minus the responsibilities of work and
home life.

The quiet, cozy atmosphere of Tommy's bedroom felt like heaven on
Earth to Kim when she yawned sleepily while lying on her side beneath
the covers of the king-sized bed. The warm, steady breathing fanning
over the back of her neck slowly drew her thoughts to coherency as
she smiled contently against her arm. In a most imperfect world,
there was no place she'd rather be than right here. Especially with
him. There were no meetings requiring her presence today. No office
politics to play, downtown Tampa traffic to navigate, or new
customers to charm over lunch.

She felt gloriously free... and loved.

With Tommy's warm, solid form curled protectively behind her, his arm
across over her waist and comfortably binding them, she didn't want
anything more than this. A quiet, warm bedroom and someone dear to
hold. His face was pressed into her silky brown hair as he slept
peacefully while holding her, their legs entwined as surely as their
hearts were becoming.

Judging by the wall-clock, the time was barely past 4:00 PM,
signaling they'd spent three hours snoozing after watching a couple
of Phineas and Ferb episodes on her lap top. Tommy's preferred brand
of animated series came in the Batman, Justice League, and Family Guy
arenas. Nonetheless, there was a cleverness and innocent charm to the
Disney show that made him laugh more than he expected. Phineas and
Ferb didn't reinvent the wheel when it came to comedy, but it was
damn entertaining all the same.

Yawning again, Kim blinked her eyes open, looking to the far end of
their bedroom. She gave a little poke of her elbow to her bedmate
until he roused. "Why did you get a floor length mirror in your cabin
and I didn't?"

"Cause the owner of these cabins likes me better than you," Tommy
delivered through a long yawn while his refusing to open his
eyes. "It's a height thing, Kim. You weren't tall enough to get the

"You really want me to rip your balls off, don't you?" She heard him
snicker over her ear, and then felt his mouth lazily canvass the nape
of her neck, sweeping a kiss there. Her lips twitched into a
smile. "I can't remember the last time I was able to fall asleep
during the day before this trip."

While stretching his legs, Tommy nuzzled her neck, "Me either. I'm
used to the loud sounds of karate classes, constant telephone calls,
meetings with parents, meetings with accountants, and never-ending
knocks at my office door all day long."

"Replace the sounds of your classes with long meetings after boring
meetings, constantly trying to make designers see the middle ground,
refereeing designers arguments, going over new concepts until you
want to gouge your eyes out, and teleconferencing with people you'd
like to stab repeatedly."

Her soft, sleepy voice carried a adorable quality to him."You're so
sexy when you talk violent."

"And I think you need your head examined," Kim laughed quietly while
turning over to face him. Sleepy Tommy captured her heart, giving her
a glimpse of the boy he once was when he yawned. He seemed so relaxed
and she loved that she was a major part of the reason why. "I hate to
say I told you so..."

"But you will anyway."

"I told you that you would love Phineas and Ferb. You should thank me
for introducing you to it."

"So I should thank a mature, career-minded woman for introducing me
to a Disney cartoon?"

"Says the mature, career-minded man who can't seem to stay out of
colorful spandex?"

"I was saving the world, Kim."

"At what point were you going to let someone else save it?" Her
assertion was met with a dark expression similar to a slap to the
face. Their playful banter had somehow run into a brick wall of
sorts. Tommy didn't say another word, setting his gaze on the ceiling
while lying on his back. In her mind's eye, she imagined him as a
little boy tying a blanket around his neck like a cape, pretending to
be Superman while running through his mother's kitchen. Only in real
life, he'd done all those spectacular things you read about in comic
books. And that's a life he's had the hardest time walking away
from. "You're mad at me."

Tommy exhaled a deep breath. "I'm not."

"I didn't ask if you were. I know you are." He didn't counter her
claim again as his suddenly tense mood provided more evidence to back
it up. She obviously touched a nerve, although she didn't mind that
she could get to him. In fact, she kind of liked that. She leaned
half over his chest, resting her head there while observing his
scowl. "I won't allow you to stay mad at me."

"I never said I was mad."

"But you are."

"Kim, let it go."

"Then why are you grouchy all of a sudden?" When he finally graced
her with a look, he shrugged. "I just worry about you."

Tommy sighed while gazing at Kim, and then lifted his arms around
her. He wasn't exactly sure what changed with his mood, so he tried
to explain. "I don't why I was born to live the life that I have. I
mean, I did more before I was twenty than most people will do their
entire life. You name something impossible and I've probably done it
twice. And I never saw myself as someone special. When I got to Angel
Grove, I just wanted some friends and to stop moving around so much
because of my dad's job. Then I met you," he noted fondly while
running his fingers through her hair. He loved her smile and was
given the reward of it here. "Of course, when I was kidnapped and
placed under a spell by Rita, and then tried to kill you and all of
your friends... well, that wasn't the first impression I was hoping
to make."

"We couldn't exactly hold attempted murder against you when you were
under a evil spell."

"You say that like it's so normal."

"Normal left our lives a very long time ago," Kim favored him with a
genuine smile. "Back in high school when most sixteen year olds were
dying to pass their driver's test, Billy and I switched bodies once.
I had a penis for over four hours."

Tommy glared at her, and then shuddered. "I could live a good, long
life if you never, ever reminded me of that again."

Kim playfully swatted his shoulder. "Reminded you of what? That I in
fact had a very nice penis for a couple of hours attached to my
body?" Her eyes flashed with amusement. Tommy's, not so much. "Okay,
for you, I'll stop talking about the penis I once had."

"Anywaaaay," he gave a laugh while quickly for his sanity's sake
changing the subject, "I'm drawn to the Ranger life because it
fulfills the thrill seeker in me. It gave my life purpose by allowing
me to help people and protect the world. It's very hard to work a 9
to 5 desk job and be satisfied with your life when you've felt the
Power coursing through your body while flying a Zord through outer
space. There's a part of me that feels like I was the best man for
the Ranger job, and yes, I know how egotistical that sounds."

"You're the best of us, Tommy. But you're not immortal." Kim trailed
the back of her hand over his smooth cheek, gracing him with her
affectionate caress. "You have no idea how much I dread getting a
phone call late one night about you or Jason or even Adam, and have
to be told you died on a secret Ranger mission."

"I retired."

"For now. But you told me you're still in contact with various Ranger
teams. And if the chance to get your hands on some new powers came
along, I'm not sure you could say no."

His first instinct was to rebuff her claim, but his throat tight
closed around the words. She's always been able to see through him,
and obviously that hadn't changed. "... maybe."

"Any woman you're involved with is going to have to be able to live
with that part of you that can't fully walk away from the Ranger life
and all the danger that comes with it."

Tommy knew he was tempting fate by asking, but he went for it
anyway. "Could you?"

Mildly surprised, Kim dared to hold his gaze, never wavering for a
second as the air around them became tinged with anticipation. He
hated that she knew he was anxious to know her answer as his gentle
nudging them towards being something more than just lovers felt like
it got a nice, hard shove with his question.

"I'd be with you... right by your side. Where I belong..." and then
she smiled, twisting her hand between them. "Provided we were in a
romantic relationship. Hypothetically, of course."

"Hypothetically, " Tommy repeated, grinning while sitting up so that
he could kiss her. He cradled the back of her hand when their lips
met in a firm, loving embrace. Their mouths slowly glided back and
forth while he gently rolled her over. They nibbled, chased, and
laughed around long kisses that left them panting for more. Minutes
later then their lips parted, he gazed down at her with such intense
emotion reflected in his eyes. "I love you, Beautiful."

Kim's hand lifted and she softly ran it over his cheek. She licked
her lips, her brown eyes twinkling ever so as she absorbed his
declaration. She sensed that he wanted to say more, but didn't, and
for that she was grateful. At least for now. "Say it again."

"I love you." Another deep kiss fell upon her lips, and then he
hovered just above them.


"You are so not going to get your way all the time in this
relationship. " Kim giggled before he kissed her, and then
passionately deepened it. She moaned hotly when he began sucking on
her tongue while her hands roamed his broad shoulders. He settled
between her thighs, pressing her firmly into the bed. Their mouths
parted only when air became a necessity. "So why did you tell me that
particular story while you were shaving me?" he asked as he tried to
steady his breathing.

She blinked, a bit caught off guard. "I...I don't know." She tried to
draw him down to her for another kiss, but he didn't fall for her
delaying tactic. "Does it matter?"

"Yes. It does to me."

Coursing her fingers through the hair of the back of his head, Kim
felt like she was being forced to open up to him, when in reality,
that's what she'd been doing for a while now. "I think I was saying
some of that stuff out loud for the very first time," she
explained. "I've told some people bits and pieces of what happened,
but I've never just talked about how all of that made me feel. Trini,
Sha, and the girls all know what it's like to be a woman and deal
with infidelity. Whether if it's happened to them or someone close to
them. With the guys, they would only want to know how I was doing and
who they needed to kill," she laughed. "But with you, I sort of
talked out how everything made me feel and how it changed me. I don't
want to mistrust people or second guess myself all the time. My
relationships since Dylan have all suffered due to me not being able
to give enough of myself, or just not letting anyone get close enough
to me. Yes, there might have been a jerk or two, but there were a
couple of decent guys, too, and I didn't treat all of them very well."

He saw the deep seeded regret in her chocolate brown eyes."So you
told me that story as therapy for yourself?"

Staring at him for a long pause, Kim finally gave up the truth. "Not
entirely." When he smiled, she realized that was exactly what he
wanted to hear. She sighed, "Like I told you before, I'm broken.
Relationship- wise."

"That's not true," Tommy quickly asserted, shaking his head. "You had
some rotten luck with love. At this age, we've all got our scars.
That's life for everybody."

"When my Dad cheated on my Mom, she was sure everything was going
well in their marriage. Just like I thought everything was going well
with Dylan. I have all the respect in the world for my mom and I'm a
college educated woman in my own right, but neither one of us knew
what was happening right under our noses. I honestly didn't have a
clue, so when I found out he was cheating, I wasn't just dealing with
his betrayal, but my own inability to accurately gauge our
relationship. I felt like a fool. I read the same women's magazines
like every other girl. I saw all the articles on eight to ten ways to
know your man was cheating written by so called "relationship
experts". And I still didn't know. Trust me, that has a lasting
effect on a girl's life."


"I hope not." Sympathy and compassion were written all over his face,
as well as a deep-seeded resolve that he wasn't letting her off the
hook. He was going to fight or her... for them. That was why she drew
him down to her, kissing him deeply. Here was a man she could reveal
the scars of her heart to and never scare him away. He truly loved
her, and she sincerely felt it. Even the parts of her that hurt the

"I love you," she whispered over his lips, gazing into his eyes.

"I know," he replied. "That's why I trust you with my life. You have
the most beautiful heart I have ever known. I just don't want you to
be afraid of yourself. I have all the faith in the world in you."

Feeling a bit devilish despite the blush she wore, Kim declared, "You
are the world's best brother."

"I swear someday I'm going to write you a letter."

"It had better be a love letter."

"What, like the one you wrote me?"

"That was a love letter," Kim asserted, grinning. "It was just about
loving someone else."

"It broke my heart at the time."

"Life's tough, Handsome. You need to pull up your big boy pants."

Tommy nibbled her bottom lip with a little bite, and then kissed her
firmly. "Nah, I'd rather take off yours." When his hand deftly undid
the shoulder straps on her overalls the cell phone in his back pocket
to hum. "I'm not answering that."

Grinning cheekily, Kim groped his backside for the cell phone,
kneading his ass before removing it. "And here I thought I was the
only one in the room with a vibrator." She winked and then recognized
the number on his Caller ID. This was going to be fun. "Hey Rocky,
what's up?"

"Uhm... is this Tommy Oliver's phone?"

"Yes, it is," Kim chirped. "What can I do for you?"

His eyes widening behind his desk at work, Rocky stared at his phone,
tilting his head. "Kim, is that you?"

"Well, it sure ain't Santa Clause." Tommy stuck his tongue out at
her. Kim did the same, adding a middle finger. When he tried to bite
it, she laughed. "What do you want, Rocko?"

"Okay, first off, seeing as how this is some truly hot and naughty
Ranger gossip, I'd like to know how the original Pink Ranger and the
second best Red Ranger ever, behind me of course..."

"Of course," Kim smirked in Tommy's face. His eyes rolled.

"... are together? He's supposed to be in Lake Tahoe being a lazy ass
while the rest of us work for a living."

"Oh, he's here."

Rocky lifted his feet up on his desk, grinning. "Define here?"

Kim blushed just a little. "Uhm, on top of me." There was a pause on
the other end.

"... boomchickabowwow chikabowow.. ."

"Oh, shut up, Rocky," Kim giggled when Tommy started laughing. And
she still had one hand over his ass. "Here's the short story. Tommy
and I met up on the train here. Neither of us knew the other was
going on a vacation to Lake Tahoe and surprise, surprise, we were
reunited. My ex-honey got me out of a particular situation with a
gentleman caller who was annoying me. Talk about history repeating
itself," she smiled at Tommy. "Once the jerk was dispatched, the
Rainbow Ranger and I had dinner and did some dancing and... well...
look, we caught up."

Rocky paused a moment, judging over what she said and the clearly-
hiding-something way she said it. "You boned him, didn't you?"

"Since he's on top of me right now, there's a very good chance the
answer is yes. But I am a lady and shall neither confirm nor deny
your assuming claim."

Rocky shook his head, wondering who he should call first with this
news. "Okay, so of all the places in the world, and all the different
modes of transportation, and all the days you could go, you two end
up on the same train, going to the same place at the exact same time?
That sounds like some wacky plot for a romantic story with naughty

"And our cabin's are across the street from each other."

"Never let it be said that God doesn't have a sense of humor. Those
are some very strange occurrences. Some people might call that fate."

Groaning softly, Kim's eyes slipped shut when Tommy began Frenching
her neck with his tongue, with his hands skimming slowly up the side
of her body under her shirt. "Fate... yeah. Fate's good... really

"I mean, back when Adam and I shared a apartment, he made the most
unmanly high-pitched girly shriek after he found out I replaced his
body wash with Dawn dish washing liquid a week earlier, so everyday,
he had been showering with Dawn. Hey, I was helping him shower with a
girl. But did he thank me? Nope, and that was strange, but you two
hooking up again like that is 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not' kinda

Gritting her teeth to keep from humming pleasurably, Kim tightly
gripped the sheets with her free hand while Tommy's mouth began
pulling and suckling her nipple after having pushed up her shirt. The
man was driving her ten shades of hot with his tongue swirling all
around the tip of her breast, causing her toes to curl. "Strange,
strange, strange..."

"Was that a moan?" Rocky wondered while listening closer. Then there
was another one, followed by the unmistakable sound of clothes
rustling. "I'm so not sure if I should be repulsed or turned on right

"... gotta go, Rocky."

"You two had better use some protection unless you want some little
Kim juniors running around."

"Later." Kim barely hit end before tossing the cell phone off the
bed, landing it next to the pink shirt she had just lost after Tommy
got rid of his. Her busy hands were tearing at his belt and the top
button on his jeans while urgently kissing him. The sound of his
zipper being pulled down turned her on for some reason as she began
pulling off her overalls, kicking them down her legs and off at the
end of the bed. All that she knew was they had to have broken some
Guinness Book of World Records for speed undressing under the covers.
And now the hard, warm length of him throbbed against her pulsing
mound, forcing an involuntary clench that made her groan deep in the
back of her throat.

His warm mouth paid loving worship to her small, firm breasts. He
suckled gently on the tip of one rosy nipple, while his hand rubbed
hotly over the other. His tongue wetly bathed each peak with long,
slow lashes before drawing them into his mouth, sweeping his tongue
back and forth until her thighs trembled around him. He pleasured her
lazily, taking his time kissing all over her chest. Lifting his gaze
with an enticing smile, he found the purest desire pooled in her
brown eyes. "Are you ready to have your world rocked?"

"That's a question you might want to ask yourself, Handsome." With a
wink, Kim drew him to her waiting mouth, capturing his with such
greedy hunger. Their tongues mingled and slowly rolled round and
round, causing them to moan deeply around their kissing. Her arms
encircled his neck while the hardness pressed against her core was
becoming slick with her moist arousal. Her nipples drew tight against
his chest, grazing the muscles there when they began to move as one,
grinding while kissing deeply. The pleasurable feel of his strong
body resting above her caused her belly to quiver with tingles where
their skin
touched. She gently bit at and nibbled his lips between kisses,
loving the husky sounds he made.

Kim slipped one arm down his body to give his bare ass a firm squeeze
before gliding over his hip between his legs. She took his weeping
cock in her hand, firmly stroking the hardness until his eyes rolled
back and his breathing grew harsh. The hard flesh throbbed and
twitched in her fist, while the man shivered above her. She couldn't
help the sensual smile curling her lips at at the tortured expression
he wore. She released him, whispering, "Kiss me."

His mouth dove for hers, gliding rhythmically over her delicate lips
while he aligned himself with her soft entrance. Her fingers dug into
his back ever so harder when he began pushing inside her, spreading
her warm flesh until he was encased in the tight depths of her body.
Her breathy whining followed every long, slow stroke. Nothing...
nothing had ever felt as good as making love to her, so he took his
time in drawing out her pleasure, intending to make this so good for
her. His mouth fell upon her neck, hungrily suckling her while his
hips rocked deeply into her. "God, you feel so good."

"Uhhnnn..." Kim moaned softly with every thrust, her hips matching
his pace, clutching him with her arms as pleasure reverberated
throughout her body. The methodical pace he set left her panting, her
body drawing tightly around his every surge into her. Exquisite
sensation best described how he felt within her, causing her eyes to
flutter when his pelvic bone began grinding over her sensitive clit.
The tension coiled hot, burning brighter by the second. "Don't
stop... don't ever stop..."

The wicked feel of her teeth biting gently into his neck forced a
gasp of air from Tommy while laboring above her. She was so wanton
and uninhibited, so willing and exciting that he ached for her.
Slowly stroking in and out of her slick, wet heat was pure heaven.
His knees spread enough to dig into the mattress, giving him a deeper
angle to surge harder. He panted low and husky against her ear,
suddenly pounding into her for a time until she frantically cried
out. Her hips arched hard, her body clenching around him as a
roaring, blissful orgasm stormed through her.

Gazing down at his love, Tommy swore he had never seen anything more
beautiful than her face when she was coming. Nothing more glorious
that her flushed expression of ecstasy, clinging to him through it
all. His head bowed, kissing her tenderly while weaving into her with
long, smooth thrusts. "I love you so much," he panted over her lips
before drowning them in another passionate kiss.

"I love you... ohmygod, I love you," Kim wailed softly, her sex
contracting and caressing around him. She gasped in pleasure, hugging
him tightly, her nails dug into his back. With her eyes clenched
shut, quivering tingles swept through her body as they rode a rhythm
of passionate instinct. That delicious curve of his shaft left her
craving the way he stretched her, pulsing deeply inside her, driving
her body crazy with
sensation. "Love you, Tommy... I need you."

Kim's sensual declarations made Tommy's eyes darken with lust and
love. She began moaning with every long thrust as the bed creaked,
echoing its approval. She captured his soul so deeply that he
fantasized about making love to her while actually doing it. He loved
the way her body writhed beneath his, her ankles locked around his
waist, perspiration glistening their bodies under the covers. "It
could be like this," he kissed her deeply, panting. "All the time..."

While grinding over the sheets chasing another primal release, her
hands stroked his shoulder while she kissed over his throat. "I never
want to give this up," escaped her lips while panting. She felt his
chest heaving with exertion, his strong, surging hips forcing a
litany of "Uhnn... Uhnn... awww... Uhnn," from her. She felt herself
quivering around him, her desire building with every thrust that
parted her lips. The rigid cock driving her dizzy with pleasure was
punctuated by the raunchy flesh colliding noise of their passionate
love-making. The fullness of him taking her was a welcome addiction
her body never wanted to do without. "Harder... please..."

The moist, tight sheath of her crippled his sanity as surely as her
sexy pleading. She felt so perfect beneath him, so small and hot
while he thrust deeper and higher, aroused by her soft whining and
the way she held him while trembling. "I love you so much, Kim," he
gasped over her ear, running his tongue around the lobe before
drawing it into his mouth.

"I love you... Tommy, ohgod..." She confessed her love while they
mated all over the bed, their hands clawing, kneading, ravenously
caressing each other. On and on they moved as one, kissing wildly,
their bodies straining together. "I'm... I'm... faster... so close."

Tommy watched her head snap back when he began pounding into her with
deep, urgent thrusts. Her erect nipples grazed sensations over his
chest, her pelvis rocking against his thrusts as their bodies strove
toward sweet oblivion. He kissed her hard when she began shaking from
head to toe. His heart raced as his body drew closer to his own end.
They were groaning, straining, and arching in perfect sync until he
roared into her one final time, buried deeply.

Thrashing beneath him, Kim felt the vigorous jerking throbs of his
frantic ejaculations while her own climax left her wrenching beneath
him, crying out as her sex drained him so fully he slumped over her
before her orgasm ended. She could barely catch her breath, her arms
clinging to him, their skin sticky with perspiration. She felt
glorious and exhausted, panting loudly, her eyes still shut. He was
softening inside her, his heart racing so fast she could feel it
against her chest. He whispered her name and the word 'love' over and
over, causing her to smile. She tenderly kissed his temple, her
fingers slowly coursing through his dark hair.

Their love making was so explosive it began making her question if
she'd ever had real sex before. The man was a fucking revelation in
bed. Sex wasn't everything by far, but when it's fantastic, it just
didn't hurt. Fantastic was fast becoming inadequate to Kim when
describing making love to Tommy. She was at a blissful loss for
words. "I think I'm going to need another nap." He laughed softly
over her ear, and then lifted his head to gaze lovingly at
her. "After that you can make my lunch."

"No way. You're making lunch." When she shook her head he kissed her
once more, firmly. "I just did all the work."

"You have some nerve..."

"Enough, Beautiful. Just say yes?"

"Fine, just get off me," she laughed, smiling. He gently lifted
himself off of her, lying by her side. "We're sticky and sweaty and
need another shower. Then I'll whip up something for lunch. You
better like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches."

"You're such a chef."

"No. I'm just yours."

"That was sweet."

"Sweet enough to get you to make lunch?"

"No, not that sweet." Still, he kissed her wearing a smile, having
never known such peace or love in his entire life. And before this
trip was over with, he silently swore she would see just how amazing
that could be for many years to come.


The End of Chapter 3

Chapter 4: Tommy and Kim's last day together...