Title: "Affair"
A Erotic Series
Chapter (2/4)
Written by: Shawn

Summary: Throwing caution to the wind, Tommy and Kim's private tryst
continues with new personal revelations, some outdoors snowmobiling
fun, and a talk by the fireplace that leaves both hoping they can
keep their feelings out of the affair.

Rating: M for variety of adult content. Very sexual adult content.
Category: Erotica/Romance
Timeline/Spoilers: Everything up to and including the Dino Thunder
finale is canon - After that its my AU.

Characters: Tommy and Kim

Disclaimer: I don't own anything to do with PR and won't make a cent
off of this.

Authors Notes 1: If you're in the mood for something grown, sexy,
flirtatious, salacious, blush inducing, and romantic then this is for

Dedicated to: The Grown and Sexy - Lovers of TK - and everyone at the
Perfect Chemistry forum.

Extra thanks to: Liz for her amazing artwork that accompanies this


"Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies."
~ Aristotle




(Day 1 continued)

3724 Verdon Lane
Cabin 2#
Saturday, December 4, 2008 7:00 PM
South Lake Tahoe, CA

"Damn, Kim. I didn't know you had it in you. And I'm not just talking
about Tommy's di..."

"Sha, please," Kim half-begged, shaking her head while pacing her
cabin, cell phone in hand. If it wasn't bad enough one former Yellow
Ranger was having a ball at her expense, the other one seemed just as

"Pinky dear, this is prime time gossip and the type of strangeness
only you could have gotten yourself into," Trini noted behind a
chuckle. "You engaged in hot door sex not even a hour after
accidentally running into your ex-boyfriend on a train, and then got
into a snowball fight with our former fearless leader that led to you
spending most of today boning each others brains out. Did I miss

Softly smacking the back of her head, Kim shut her eyes, still trying
to process things herself. Sadly, it was all a blur. A very hot,
naughty, toe-curling blur. "It all happened naturally."

"So his penis just naturally fell inside you?" Aisha had to add.

Kim sighed. "You make it sound so..."

"Natural?" Trini joked.

"I was going to say tawdry," Kim corrected her, now seated on her
window ceiling gazing at the cabin across the street. She couldn't
help wondering if he was thinking of her... "We didn't plan any of
this, you know. I never in a million years thought I'd see Tommy on
that train. But after we had dinner and started flirting and dancing
and he looked so hot in that suit and smelled so damn good!" she
emphasized to the point her fist clenched. "I plead temporary

"Girl, please, You ain't fooling nobody," Aisha fired back. "You have
wanted that man since you understood what wanting a man meant. You
saw a possible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and jumped the Good
Ship Tommy for all it was worth."

"But we're just friends," Kim pleaded her case.

"You fucked him," Trini chimed in. "You fucked Tommy. Say it.

Her friend's laughter rang in Kim's ears. "I hate you, Trini."

"You don't hate me, Pinky. You're just worried because we all know
what this might mean." Trini went on to explain, "Once you opened
this particular Pandora's Box you're not sure you can close it again."

"Trini's right," Aisha said. "If this was any other guy I think it
wouldn't be a big deal. We'd just tell you to stock up on condoms,
make sure he isn't nuts, and don't give him your real phone number or
home address. But it's Tommy, the guy you still measure all other
guys up to. Look, you two got past all the letter crap a long time
ago and managed to build a really good friendship. But none of that
matters when it comes to the spark. That little sexy something-
something that is either there or it isn't. When it comes to you and
Tommy, the spark has always been there. It'll probably always be
there. Last night that spark ignited into a fire and you finally got
inside the pants of the guy you've wanted forever. But can you keep
your feelings out of this, is my question? Can you just enjoy a
affair for a couple of days without your heart getting involved?"

Sighing a deeply held breath, Kim bowed her head, asking herself that
exact same question. Truthfully, she wasn't sure. And that answer
alone should ring the warning bells and make her call it quits right
now. But whenever she's near Tommy she couldn't think about anything
but getting closer. And she could tell he felt the same way. "I... No
one can fall in love in three days or use great sex as a barometer."

"True, but how long did it take you to fall in love with him the
first time?" Trini questioned, although she already knew the answer.
Kim's silence said it all. "No one's trying to tell you what to do,
only be careful. Honestly, since you're both healthy and single, I
don't see one reason why you shouldn't enjoy yourselves. You're both
adults and you know how to take care of yourselves. But this man has
meant something to you for so long and still does to this day. He
doesn't just push your button, he pushes all of them. Sha and I know
you. We were there through the Tommy-years. And even as time passed
and you grew apart, whenever you talked about him or told us you
talked to him I could hear that he still held a piece of your heart."

Groaning, Kim couldn't deny that if she tried. Tucking her legs
beneath her while watching snow flakes fall as evening gave way to
night, she missed Tommy already. He'd left her cabin only two hours
ago as both were trying to be mature and spend some time apart for
their own sake. "Of course I love him," she allowed herself to say
even as her traitorous heart whispered he meant even more than that
to her. "I've just never..."

"Boned him before," Aisha finished with a giggle. "I gather the
boning was epic?"

Kim's body shivered hot from the memory alone. "Sha, the man's dick
curves some sort of wonderful way and hits something in me that
drives me bonkers."

"... well damn," Trini laughed. "In the realm of to much information,
that ranks pretty high."

"Okay, summarize girls. Is this a huge, colossal mistake I'm making?"
Kim asked point blank.

"Kim, girl. Tommy's a good guy. One of the very best men I've ever
known," Aisha began. "So have your fun. Blow his back out if you need
too. Bone that boy silly. You deserve some fun. And trust your heart
like I do. Wherever it leads you, just don't be afraid of it."

"You already have a great friendship with Tommy," Trini
offered. "Making love doesn't have to end that. But be aware that
making love could turn it into more than a friendship. We're women
and just having sex with no emotional connection isn't possible with
us. Be mindful of that. But for the most part, be a guy for once.
Fuck him to your hearts content. Just don't hurt him because we all
know Tommy isn't a jerk. If you start to think he's developing
feelings and you aren't, stop things immediately. "

"What if I do start feelings things for him again?"

"Aren't you already?"

Kim swore Trini knew her all too well. Still, her mind and heart
couldn't make sense of love developing this fast. For now she decided
to push all thoughts out of her mind and live in the moment. Of
course, when she looked out of the window again and saw Tommy
crossing the street carrying a plastic bag, her smile could have lit
up the dark night sky. So, he missed her too. That melted something
inside her. "Ladies, I'm about to have company."

"Girl, you're gonna come back from your vacation limping."

"Night, Sha."

"Kim, I know you Pinks aren't as good with men as us Yellows, but
just pretend you know what you're doing in the sack."

"Fuck you and goodnight, Trini," Kim laughed, ending her call when
the knock sounded at her door. Tossing her cell phone on one of the
two rocking chairs in her small living room, she strolled to the door
and peeked through the keyhole. Tommy looked kinda cold, but in a
great mood. "Can I help you, sir?"

Rolling his eyes, Tommy tilted his head to the side. "I brought

Kim's eyes narrowed. "Excuse me, but do I know you? I don't open the
door for strangers."

Tommy sighed, knowing he'd have to play along. Kim just loved her
games. "I'm your dearest ex-boyfriend. "


Oh she was gonna pay for that. "Try again?"


She had to ability to drive him from zero to insanity in the span of
a heartbeat. Then again, Tommy thought that was part of her
irresistible charm. "I'm the ex-boyfriend you dumped with a letter."

"Be more specific. Was it a written letter, email, or text message?
I've done all three. Oh, and add in a Post-It. I dumped this one guy
with a Post-It on the hood of his car. I'm quirky that way."

Tommy leaned his shoulder against the door, exasperated as usual when
dealing with this woman. Especially since it was so cold he could see
his breathing. "I'm the first man you ever loved."


"Romantically, you nut job."

Kim rested her back to the door, smirking. "Insults won't get you in
here any faster, stranger danger."

"I swear you're twice as crazy as Kat, only with half the height."

"And on that note, goodnight stranger person, whoever you are," she
replied, covering her mouth to keep from laughing. It was so much fun
playing with him... flirting with him... just being with him, even
this. "I'm going to be nice and give you once last chance to gain
entrance to my humble abode. Tell me something that'll make me open
this door? And it better be good."

The nerve of her, Tommy smiled to himself. Thinking hard, he shut his
eyes while mulling over his possibilities before deciding on one of
his fondest memories. Suddenly he could see himself outside that
sunny day, practicing his Kata until he was interrupted. "You wore
raspberry lip gloss the very first time I kissed you," he
recalled. "The perfume you dotted behind your ears smelled of roses,
and you wore two simple gold hoop ear rings. You were wearing just a
little bit of eye shadow, but I thought you were the most beautiful
girl I'd ever seen. When you told me you missed me my bad day turned
into Christmas morning. And even then, just like now, you played your
little cute games of making me sweat it out."

Kim lazily opened the door, a sentimental smile adoring her face as
she took a step back to let him in. "I didn't want to make it to easy
for you."

"You never do." Hooking one arm around her waist, Tommy lifted her
off her feet, back-kicked the door shut, and then kissed her softly
while walking them toward the kitchen table near the back of her
cabin. He set her on her feet again. "Please don't tell me I have to
recount another of our relationship moments in order to eat dinner?"
Kim lifted her hand to his scarf, pulling it slowly from around his
neck before unzipping his coat, and then removing his skull cap.

"I'll save that for breakfast," she winked.

So, he was spending the night just like that? Tommy wasn't about to
complain in the least. He handed over the bag and then pulled off his
gloves. "I brought a couple of Premium Omaha Steaks and a bottle of
wine. I know you have the same grill on your back porch that I do, so
I figured I'd make us dinner... you handle breakfast."

Throwing all caution to the wind for the sake of enjoying what looked
to be a most pleasurable evening, Kim nodded. "Breakfast it is."
Needing a moment to breathe, she took his coat and things to hang
them up while he began laying out the meat to season. After lighting
her fireplace, she stood in her living room quietly observing him,
wondering where did this immense wealth of affection she was feeling
come from? Was she lonely and didn't know it, or simply missing
something that she hadn't had in so long she forgot what it looked
like? Mentally kicking herself, she knew that type of over thinking
tended to get her in trouble.

Maybe she should just enjoy this... whatever this was. No matter the
short amount of time they've been back together, or at least friends
reunited, the way she felt when she was with him was how she's longed
to feel with a man. Carefree because she trusted him not to never
hurt or betray her. Sexy because she thrills him, and is thrilled by
him. Affectionate because her touch was wanted by him as his was
craved by her.

Kim felt free of boundaries tonight, and looked forward to whatever
unpredictable events were to come.

"What's on your mind, Beautiful?" Tommy called from over his shoulder
while preparing the steaks for the grill. "You got quiet all of a

Arms wrapped around herself, Kim strolled toward him, standing by his
side. Why did she feel so at ease there? "I've been thinking about

Tommy nodded while sprinkling seasoning salt on the steaks. "You
reach any conclusions? "

"Other than we're crazy? No, not yet," she half-laughed while putting
the bottle of wine he brought with him in her small refrigerator. "Do
you think we're ruining our friendship by indulging our baser

"Kim, I've always loved you."

She snickered, "I bet you didn't the day you got that letter."

Tommy gave her a look. "No, I loved you the most that day because I
missed you so much." Having finished prepping the steaks, he wiped
his hands with a towel and then faced her. "You're my first love and
no matter the twists and turns life's taken us on, I still think the
world of you. Us enjoying each other," he smiled deviously while
closing in on her, "Is only another part of our friendship. At this
age and with how many years we've known each other, I just don't
think there's anything that could hurt us." At the risk of revealing
to much of his own feelings thus far, he caressed her cheek softly
and loved the way she leaned into his touch. "I'm open to any future."

Unconsciously, Kim laid her palms on his chest, and then play-punched
him gently. "Any future, huh?" He nodded, and then took her hands in
his, warming her from head to toe. "What if we end up hating each

"Not possible."

"If you snore..."

"I don't," Tommy grinned.

"Okay, I'll take your word for it," Kim accepted shyly when his arms
slid around her waist. Hers followed suit, now gazing up into his
brown eyes. "Don't mind me. I think I was having one of those over
analyzing girly moments."

"I like your girly moments. They show me your vulnerable side."

"Well you've certainly scene all the sides of me so far today." Kim
moaned when he playfully nuzzled of her neck before kissing her there
while his hands molded firmly around her ass. "Hey, hey, hey, the
vulnerable stuff is over." Shooing him away, when he mocked her by
bowing and turned around she swatted him on his butt for good
measure. "Go make my dinner and be quick about it." She clapped twice
in quick succession for effect.

Tommy tossed a middle finger over his shoulder before taking the
plate of steaks outside to the back porch. A few minutes later he had
the grill hot and the meat was sizzling. Feeling good while inhaling
the brisk night air, he glanced up into a clear night sky and felt
blessed. The weather didn't bother him at all.

Truthfully, his intentions for his vacation had been some quiet time
alone away from business and the big city. Meeting Kim was a
spectacular surprise, as unpredictable an occurrence as he's had in
years. And that's saying allot for the life he's led. Nonetheless,
being with her again... truly being with her now as her lover, he was
damned if any woman's ever captivated him like the former Pink
Ranger. If it wasn't her beauty, it was her charm. If it wasn't her
class, it was her passion. If it wasn't her intelligence, it was her

He even liked how she drove him crazy. That was a dangerous sign.

Shaking his head, Tommy was utterly taken by her already. And what
was worse, he knew it. Three times he's made love to her and by God,
she'd left him aching for more. Every kiss made the addiction worse.
And every time he held her she felt like she was meant for his
embrace alone.

None of that made sense considering he's enjoyed her presence barely
a full day. She was a spectacular woman who had always meant a great
deal to him whether they were in a relationship or not. And when was
life something you could ever figure out? Sometimes you just had to
live in the moment. He resigned to do so, shoving away any thoughts
to the contrary.

"The steaks smell great."

Tommy's attention lifted, finding Kim leaning casually against the
wooden door frame, having changed into a pink sweater that looked oh
so comfortable and soft. "Thanks. It should only be a couple more
minutes and then dinner will be served. I brought some mac and cheese
we can heat up too."

"My, my, my, you are such a good man-servant, " Kim teased while
walking over to him. She watched him flip the steaks, enjoying the
delicious aroma, and then rested her hand on his back. "I think I'll
keep you around... for now."

When a chilly wind caused her to rub her arms, Tommy drew her into
his, turning her back to his chest. She pretended to get away until
he held on tighter, both of them laughing softly at their little
wrestling match. She held his arms across her chest while relaxing
against him. Smoke billowed skyward from the grill, capturing their
attention in an almost hypnotic sort of way. No matter the chilly
temperature, tonight felt incredibly intimate.

Tommy rested his chin atop her head, snuggling her closer while she
toyed with his forearm. In a not so perfect world, he felt it was
pretty perfect right about now. "I want to take you somewhere

"Oh yeah? Where?"

"It's a surprise. But trust me, you'll have fun."

"Of the clothed or unclothed variety?"

"Clothed... this time." When she twisted around the arm she held, the
impish smile she graced him with sent him hurtling back in time when
they were young and so in love. When she could give him a pleased
look and he would have the best day. His arms tightened around her as
they shared a loving gaze, both quietly feeling the other out.

"I never knew you remembered our first kiss with such detail.
Especially considering your legendarily bad memory."

"My bad memory or not, you're unforgettable. "

"I never forgot you either," she assured him, and then rested her
head over his shoulder as they began swaying to no music at all. She
clung to him, loving the feel of his strong body pressed against
hers. "Do you think we would have worked out had I not written the

Pressing his face to her brunette tresses, Tommy seriously thought it
over. "I don't know, really. We were in high school at the time and
didn't have a clue what the real world was like. And even though your
letter just about killed me, look at the lives we created for
ourselves. I know its not all because of the letter, but somehow,
someway life led us here. I think everything that happened, pain and
all, was supposed to happen. I don't have any regrets."

"Neither do I," she revealed truthfully, but then amended, "I do
regret not telling you in person. And I don't care how many years ago
it was, or that you've forgiven me. I wish I had been mature enough
to face you one-on-one and tell you about Jeff."

"I'm glad you didn't," Tommy almost whispered. "I don't think I could
have taken seeing your face and hearing you tell me that you fell in
love with another guy and you were leaving me for him."

"Yeah, but it would have been the mature thing to do."

"Well, Ms. Hart," Tommy nudged her face, tilting her lips to his. "If
you're still so hung up on the way you broke up with me way back
when, I can certainly think of a few ways you can make it up to me

Tommy pulled Kim back to the porch railing, leaning against it while
holding her. She liked this sexy, playful side of him. She always
thought it was there as they got older, but now she's experiencing it
hand. The man obviously knew what he was doing. "You got anything
particular in mind?" He began whispering ten shades of wickedness in
her ear, blushing her cheeks the same color as her former Ranger
uniform, and all she could do was shut her eyes and
tingle. "Someone's got a vivid imagination. "

"Only for you," he revealed before covering her parted lips with his
hungry mouth, delving his tongue around hers, and then drawing on it
with slow, seductive sucks until her hands fisted his shirt and she
was pressing against him. Releasing her delicious mouth, he kept his
forehead pressed to hers, breathing softly over her lips... their
breaths mingling around them. "You invaded my dreams last night."

"My bad," she whispered seductively. "Did you have to take matters
into your own hand, pun intended?"

"After having you I just don't think that's possible anymore," he
reported, and then pressed another kiss over her lips. "So did you
think of me last night?"


"No?" Kim slowly shook her head, holding his gaze. Tommy released his
arms from around her, and then turned off the grill. "I'm going to
take my steaks and go home."

Kim cheesed, "Don't pout."

"I'm a former leader of the Power Rangers. I don't pout."

"You're pouting right now," Kim taunted, her arms crossed while he
took their steaks off the grill. "I didn't think about you last
night," she told him with his back to her. "But I thought about you
this morning before I got out of bed..." she allowed the words to
drip honey sweet from her lips, and saw his mouth curl ever so from
the side. "I thought about you in the shower," she noted, backing
back into the cabin. "And I'm sure I''l be thinking about you later
on tonight after we make love. Because Mr. Oliver, you are one hell
of a man. And a brother too. And you're cute when you pout."

"You are so not getting laid tonight."

"Yeah, and I bet you're going to try and stop the sun from rising in
the morning too, huh?"

Tommy watched her walk away... and just loved the way she walked.
Damn, she was entirely to tempting... and fun... and exciting, and
sexy, and... She was trouble with a capital T.

The problem was, he loved her brand of trouble.



Snowmobile Trails near Mt. Watson
Saturday, December 4, 2008 10:30 PM
South Lake Tahoe, CA

Twin black 700 Polaris RMK snowmobiles tore through the pristine
forests snow-trails at breakneck speeds, roaring through the night.

Gunning the throttle, Tommy jumped back-to-back- to-back snowy hills,
gliding along sharp turn with Kim hot on his tail. What began as a
late night tour for two quickly escalated into a taunting-filled,
very competitive race to Mount Watson. One in which the former White
Ranger had no intention of losing to his once-upon a time Pink honey.
And with the frost-capped mountain scenery within sight, his victory
was mere minutes

He had her and he knew it!

Chilling temperatures aside, Kim focused through her goggles, seeking
the smoothest trail that would give her the best shot at passing
Tommy. She already had a solid handle on her snowmobiles controls,
hitting her turns and hills with skillful maneuvers. As the brisk
winds whipped through her hair, she felt incredibly competitive in
chasing her ex-boyfriend. Beating him would garner her bragging
rights for the rest of their vacation. The added element of nighttime
racing forced her to manage the winding trails while keeping her prey
within striking distance. He hadn't won yet, she told herself while
weaving away from his snowmobiles gusting sprays of white.

The amazing sights as they approached the mountain were as
spectacular as they were unmatched. The frozen forest they blazed
through was alive with amazing wildlife and vast snowy expanses as
they rallied around a long S-curl trail, skidding sprays of snow all
around them. The picturesque mountains up ahead provided their goal
in sight as they exchanged leads now, weaving between the smoother
groomed snow trails and the more rugged off-trail paths that made for
a bumpier ride.

Branching off hard to the right, Kim seized a off-trail path, pushing
her snowmobile harder as she finally got ahead of Tommy when he
misjudged a small jump. Not to be outdone, he was quickly back on her
heels, jumping hill after hill in hot pursuit of her. The confident
smile she wore was one of impending victory until he passed her on a
sharp turn she nearly spun out on. Up ahead he suffered a similar
fate, which gave her precious seconds to catch back up.

From there they again traded positions, with Tommy pulling ahead
after Kim hit a hill jump a notch to slow. With his adrenalin
pumping, he mashed the gas, trying desperately to fend her off. She
was a hell of an opponent, he'd give her that.

For the last twenty-five miles they've raced by moonlight, chasing a
victory both would never let the other live down. And with all the
snow-trail paths at last converging onto one long trail ahead, it was
now or never to make your final move.

The exhilarating final mile past a shimmering mountain stream with
the backdrop of a bright night sky as the winds whipped their faces
saw Tommy and Kim racing side-by-side on a smooth, straightaway

Grinning wildly, Kim whipped her snowmobile in a zig-zag motion that
Tommy couldn't pass and finally zoomed across their agreed upon
finish line of the 'Welcome to Mount Watson' sign. Breaking to a
skidding stop, she rose over her snowmobile while energetically


Tommy greatly enjoyed the splatter of snow clinging to Kim's face.
His post-loss snowball was a direct hit, immature as it was. Leaving
his snowmobile behind while ignoring her colorful Sailor-like
comments, he approached her. "You should be more humble in victory."

Spitting out the bits of snow that flew in her mouth, Kim removed her
goggles and shook them clean. "You are such a jerk," she scowled at
him until he came around her and straddled her snowmobile, his back
to her handle bars, facing her. "You couldn't just accept defeat,
could you? Oh no, you just had to hit your ex-girlfriend in the face
with a snowball. I swear if women could pro-create there wouldn't be
one good reason to keep any man around. You'd all be shipped off to

Tommy found her discomfort most amusing. "Sit down, Kim." She
begrudgingly did it so, facing him, still pissed at him. Despite the
somewhat chilly temperatures, he removed his gloves and then began
tenderly cleaning her face with his bare hands, paying careful
attention around her eyes. The pads of his thumbs smoothed over her
forehead and hairline, then down her cheeks, removing all the
moisture. He brushed a few flakes of snow from her hair and off the
collar of her coat.

Kim watched him the whole time, quietly charmed as he took gentle
care of her. And try as she did to hold tight to her anger, he could
turn her personal dial from 'angry' to 'sweetheart' faster than any
man she'd ever met before. Here they were outside in the elements,
the backdrop of a mountain nearby, and he's being sweet despite
having hit her with a snowball. There was something romantic about
that, quirky as it was. "I'm trying to think of something snarky and
sarcastic to say, but you've kinda won my heart just now."

Tommy leaned in closer, resting his hands on her
hips. "Congratulations on your victory."

'Thank you," she accepted graciously. There was no rhyme or reason
for the renewed strength of affection she felt for this man. He was
simply Tommy... and that touched her deeply no matter if it made
or not. "Thanks for taking me snowmobiling. I haven't done this in
like three years. I forgot how much I missed it. I had a lot of fun."

"You're welcome. I had a great time too." Tommy remained her personal
space, their breaths mingling between them. "The last time I did this
was when me and the guys all went skiing and snowmobiling two years

"I remember that," Kim noted. "Rocky called it the 'Y Chromosome Tour
2006.' He even emailed us artwork that had the title and the tag
line 'No Vaginas Allowed.'"

"Yeah, and I remember Aisha's spam-email reply to all of us that
called for a boycott to our gay orgy unless we videotaped it." He
shook his head, remembering the day. "Our friends are nuts."

"Yeah, well, I'm sure some of them would call us nuts for how we're
acting right now."

"Not if they could see how you make me feel." Her cheeks flushed
pink, signaling his words were appreciated. "Are you cold?"

"No," she shook her head slowly, feeling him watching her. She
tingled under his gaze. "Dinner was fantastic. You really know how to
grill a steak. And I liked your choice of wine too." His brown eyes
continued their adoration until she felt almost embarrassed by the
way he was staring at her... especially her mouth. His sincerity
removed her usual ability to put guys in their place. His made her
feel so beautiful. "If your intention is to make me blush, its

His hands on her hips tightened enough to draw her closer, and then
he hovered just above her mouth. "I need to kiss you now."

"And why is that?" she smiled brightly.

"Because I can't help myself," his voice lowered to a sexy timber
before grazing her lips with his tongue, and then covering her mouth
fully, drawing her into his arms. She melted in his embrace, no
matter the moderately chilly temperatures around them. As their kiss
deepened she straddled his lap, her legs hanging over his thighs
while he plundered her warm mouth. Her arms tangled around his neck,
holding him to her, their lower bodies locked tight as they began to
move unconsciously, lost in the friction that felt so good yet wasn't
nearly enough.

"Tommy," Kim groaned his name with her eyes shut tightly, holding the
back of his head while his tongue glided wet over her neck before
sucking the sensitive skin there, causing her to swoon over his lap.
Her back arched, her eyes veered skyward at the bright heavens above.
Dear God, they were outside at night in the mountains and her body
was still craving his in spite of having had him twice today already.
His caress was pure, liquid sex injected into her body and she
couldn't seem to get enough. Her backside ground over the hard bulge
of his lap and all she could think of was how badly she wanted to
feel him inside her.

Kissing from her ear lobe to her cheek, Tommy then framed her lovely
face with his hands. His fiery, intense expression said it all. Her
parted lips pleaded for more. He kissed her deeply again before
pausing, and then found himself being kissed when she dove back in.
All the while moving over his lap in a agonizingly slow way that was
driving him to madness. "If you keep doing that..." His head bowed
when her gloved hand moved over his throbbing erection. "It'll take
forever to get back to your cabin."

"I can't... I don't want to.." Kim kissed him one more time, her
heart pounding in her chest. Caution be damned, she thought to
herself. She was on her fucking vacation, living her fucking life,
and going a little wild was what you're supposed to do before you got
to old. Shoving logic aside, her adventurous spirit kicked in.
Looking over her shoulder, she knew the emergency trunk on the back
of her snowmobile had a thick rolled-up blanket inside. Her mind
began ghosting over the possibilities.

Tommy loved the feisty smirk she suddenly wore. "What are you

"How bad do you want me?"

"More than my next breath." Tommy's breath caught in his lungs when
she began unbuttoning her pants. He watched her bend backwards to
open the trunk compartment of her snowmobile and remove a thick
burgundy blanket. His eyes darkened passionately that very
second. "Kim..."

"Trust me." Her eyes twinkling mischievously, Kim undid the button on
Tommy's pants, and then drug his zipper down slowly, loving the way
he watched her. Her hand reached inside his underwear and curled
around the hard length of him, now throbbing in the palm of her
hand. "Get your pants down."

His heart racing, Tommy shrugged his pants down his thighs, the cold
of the leather seat chilling when he sat back down. Kim held the
blanket out to him and he was sure he knew what she was
planning. "I've never done it outside before."

"Then at least I get one of your V-cards," Kim winked while standing,
her legs on either side of the snowmobile, facing him. Here was the
tricky part. She pulled her pants and panties down to just below her
knees where the seat held blocked anything further. Tommy took his
cue, wrapping his arms around her waist, effectively lifting her just
enough so that she could yank her pants and underwear down to her
ankles. Then he drew her towards him, lowering her just over his lap.
This was a spur of the moment deal, not the most comfortable, but
exciting and hot as hell despite the cold weather.

When Tommy was finished wrapping the blanket around Kim's lower body,
she was poised over his cock, her knees bent, her feet pointing
behind her. They shared the same wild, carefree look as she nestled
down until she felt the head of his cock press against her, and then
slowly sank him inside her. The conflicting sensations of the chilly
outdoors weather, the cool leather against their bare skin, the
constriction of her ankles by her clothes, the warm thickness
spreading deeply within her, and the moist heat of her gloved snug
around him left both of them gasping the night air.

At that very moment fat flakes of snow began to fall softly from the

Entranced by the sensuous tremble of her lips, Tommy devoured her
parted mouth with a kiss drenched in greedy desire. His arms anchored
her across his lap, holding her as she began to move, riding him with
long, slow rolls that squeezed around him so pleasurably his jaw
clenched. He was captivated by the erotic way she rose and fell over
him. Her moans barely escaped their hungry mouths as they kissed,
rocking together as they made love, groaning in unison.

Never mind the swirling winds or the new snowfall, Kim was lost to
anything but the feel of Tommy moving inside her. Eyes shut tightly,
she strained her hips at his counter-thrusts, bucking when he hit
that incredible spot only he could hit, and then sighing when his
hips jerked into hers. She bounced lazily, slowly drawing out their
pleasure while her tongue probed his mouth as surely as his cock
became a living part of her. She was liquid in his arms, drawing
tightly around him, eliciting the most sensuous noise she had ever
heard a man make before. And even without a normal range of motion
she felt her climax building to a crescendo.

Holding on around his neck, Kim began grinding hard and low him into
her. Her teeth clenched when he countered with full-depth lifting
surges that caused her to cry out his name and God when her body
suddenly tensed, and then shattered in a fiery, shuddering climax.

Eyes wide open, Tommy witnessed it all. The way she threw her hair
back as snow flakes descended her face... the open-mouthed cry that
echoed around them... the most erotic expressions he'd ever seen a
woman make as she wailed in his arms... but kept right on riding him,
seeking another orgasm. He kissed her again, harder, driving her
slender form down on his cock. She trembled in his arms, straining
against him, her lip caught between her teeth, her hips rocking
harder. Guttural groans fled his lungs when she swiveled her hips,
changing the angle of his penetrations. His hand sought the sweet
curves of her ass, barely keeping the blanket in place while lunging
up into her faster, trying to force them both over the edge. He knew
just how to angle how he sat to rub friction over her clit, and then
kept her body full embedded while riding her over his lap until her
voice broke once more, crying out while clutching onto him for dear

Grunting loudly as the moisture and clenching around him ended his
mortal existence, Tommy exploded in hot bursts of warmth deeply
inside her. Shaking, moaning her name, dying the sweetest death as
she panted over his neck in his arms.

Minutes... how many, it didn't matter to Kim. Her smirk was one of
utter satisfaction and excitement. She couldn't wrap her mind around
having had sex with Tommy outside in freezing temperatures on the
back of a snowmobile. What the hell?!!! All she knew was that she
felt happy and wild and free. She laughed while gazing at the sky,
and even stuck her tongue out to capture a snow flake. "Oh my God, I
can't believe we did that."

Still trying to catch his breath, Tommy shut his eyes while laughing
with her. Despite the frosty temperatures they heat they generated
left him comfortable. He couldn't imagine the vision they made with
the way their pants were hanging on them. "If anyone else was
snowmobiling this trail tonight we might of gotten caught."

"That made it all the more exciting. And I'd just tell them you're my

Tommy pressed a quick kiss to her lips, smiling. "Kim, you're crazy."

"Crazy about you, yeah," she declared with a cute little head tilt.
Ten minutes later they were on their way back to her cabin.



(Day 2)

3724 Verdon Lane
Cabin 2#
Sunday, December 5, 2008 12:20 AM
South Lake Tahoe, CA

Crouched down by the fireplace, Tommy blew out the matches he used to
lite the fire, tossing them into the crackling flames. Warmth began
filling the small cabin once more, chasing away the chill that
greeted them upon their return a little while ago. Taking a seat on
the soft brown rug, he stared at the flames almost hypnotically while
trying to make sense of the new feelings coursing through him. Kim's
shower provided a welcome amount of time alone, giving him space to
think things over.

He couldn't do so in her presence. Being near her was...
intoxicating. In just one day she's swept his senses into a uproar,
driven him mad with passion, and rediscovered a tenderness within him
that hadn't been touched in far to long.

His eyes eased shut, enjoying being free from the winter wear he wore
tonight. He's barefoot, clad only in jeans, comfortable and casual
once more. Physically, he's tired and sore from a day of the most
amazing sexual pleasure he's ever experienced in his entire life. But
just as powerful were the emerging feelings Kim stirred within him.
Their chemistry had been on grand display all day long. From the
moment they conversed over a quiet candlelight dinner last night, to
the way they slow danced afterwards before reaching her room and...
this morning they engaged in a extremely entertaining snow ball fight
that led to a second round of passionate love making, and then
holding her in his arms as she slept peacefully. Something long
thought dead was alive and well between them.

Tommy couldn't give it a name yet, but he refused to deny its

Smiling to himself, recalling the amazing day he'd spent with Kim
seemed like a dream rather than time he actually lived. In high
school he remembered wanting to be able to kiss her anytime the
desire arose. It wasn't until the very last year of their
relationship did he feel confident enough to taste her lips on a
whim. But today he didn't just taste... he feasted. And her kiss was
sweeter than any of his memories. She was exciting, sexy, engaging,
and bold in a way that took his heart by storm. Jesus, he knew it
wasn't logical and far to soon to be wanting more than this vacation,
but the whispers in his head were already craving far more than three
days with such a captivating woman.

Meanwhile, having just finished a very hot, soothing shower; Kim
wrapped herself in a white terry-cloth towel and then poured the last
glass of wine, finishing off the bottle. Padding softly into the
living room, she found Tommy seated by the fire, seemingly lost in
his own thoughts, gazing into the flames. She wore the same
conflicted expression in front of the bathroom mirror just moments
ago. Her heart swelled for him, fondly recalling her hopes of him in
her youth and how in adulthood he'd exceeded each and every one.

He was still as honorable and caring as she remembered when they
dated. Still the gentleman who would always open doors for her,
listen to what she had to say, and never raise his voice. He still
possessed the most gentle touch she's ever known, only now the man
ravished her with his passion to breathlessness. He's lived a life
worthy of ten Michael Bay action movies, had raced cars
professionally, graduated college with a degree in Paleontology, and
was now a accomplished businessman.

And was still the same sweet guy she fell for so many years ago.

Kim quietly appraised him without his notice, enjoying the view. The
long, lean, mouthwatering muscle shadowing his chest tempted her
feminine wiles. His embrace left her feeling so safe and loved... it
didn't make since. Not this fast, and yet here she was, pining over
him after just one day.

She mused that perhaps this was all a symptom of simply having been
single for so long she forgot how good it felt to share yourself with
someone you trusted, respected, and wanted physically. Then again,
she shook those thoughts free. Tommy was just special. Period. She
just had to figure out how special.

Having had her fill of just watching the subject of her inner
thoughts, Kim approached him from behind, and then smiled when he
jumped as her hand brushed over his bare shoulder. "You mind some

"There's room for two." Extending his hand, Tommy helped her down to
the rug while keeping her towel in place, and then settled her
against his side. She nestled softly there, and smelled so good he
could barely stand it. She was still damp from the shower. Her hair
was wet and her skin sparkled softly. "How are you feeling?"

"Sore, tender, and tired for a host of adult reasons," she smiled
sarcastically, well aware he understood exactly why she felt that
way. The fires amber glow reflected off his muscled abs glorified the
man to no end. He was walking sex and didn't seemed to know or care.
That only endeared her even more. "How do you feel?"

"I'm fine." Kim gave a snort of sorts, not believing him. It was a
lie as his back ached and he tweaked his ankle when he almost slipped
on a patch of ice. Nonetheless, he watched her lips purse around her
wine glass and suddenly felt envious. "Is that the last of it?"

Kim nodded. "Yeah, but we can share. A night cap will probably do us
both some good." She handed him the glass, and then shut her eyes to
enjoy the warmth of the fireplace and the feel of him by her side.
The heat was so soothing to her tired muscles. She craned her neck to
work out a kink or two. "So Tommy?"


"Tell me your deepest, darkest secret?" she asked, favoring him with
an arched brow. "Something no one else in the world knows."

They're lovers now and this felt uniquely intimate, which he couldn't
help but feel meant something special. His eyes lifted to hers
seriously, and when he spoke there wasn't a hint of mirth in his
voice. "I killed a human once."

Surprise colored her features by firelight. "What happened?"

Tommy sighed, shaking his head slowly. "Periodically, other Ranger
teams call me to consult about different things. I'm fully retired
now, so I don't go on any missions, normally. But Wes and I are good
friends. When he asked I couldn't say no."

"He was a part of the Time Force Rangers, right?" Tommy acknowledged
that he was. "But he's not a Ranger anymore, is he?"

"Not in the widely understood meaning of the term.."

"Similar to you?"

"Yeah, I suppose so." Tommy exhaled deeply. "Wes is the co-leader of
the Silver Guardians in Silver Hills. He called me in on a case
concerning the trafficking of homeless people, illegal immigrants,
and drug addicts to a Alien race who had a taste for human flesh, no
matter what their physical condition was."

Kim paled at the mere thought. "You never just deal with a buddy
having a flat tire on the highway, do you?" she teased lightly. "So
the aliens liked eating human flesh? Disgusting much."

"The Aliens would transport twenty people a week off the streets back
to their world, pay their contacts in jewels, and then repeat. Wes
had been investigating the multiple disappearances for over half a
year. It was a small operation where the only people that turned up
missing were those who wouldn't be missed or heavily investigated if
they disappeared. Poor people who had little to begin with and mostly
lived on the streets or in shelters. Wes caught a lead on the alien
race called me in. We went undercover and were shocked to find a trio
of ex-cops running the racket. We ended up getting into a fight with
them and I killed one of the
ex-cops. I broke his neck before he could shoot Wes from behind."

Breathless, Kim could sense the great toll this had taken on Tommy.
Guilt was a part of his genetic make-up, a fact she's known since he
was a teenager. She could only imagine the ways he's tortured himself
over his actions. Her hand came to rest over his, though he still
couldn't look at her. "You didn't think the bad guys would be human,
did you?"

"Not in a million years. Wes was convinced it might of been shape-
shifters or someone like that. When we found out humans were selling
other humans as food we moved in. Wes and his people covered
everything up, disposed of the body, and took the other two guys
away. But I still killed a human with my bare hands."

"You saved Wes's life."

"Yes, but..."

"No buts, Tommy. You did the right thing. You did what you've always
done, and that's protect people. Don't beat yourself up over
defending your life and your partner's. When we were Rangers we did
it all the time, only the bad guys were aliens. But like everything
else in life as we got older the rules changed. Hell, the whole world
changed. The lines between good and evil blurred and the bad guys
started looking just like us. You did what you had to do. And Wes is
alive because of it."

Squeezing her hand affectionately, Tommy felt as if a weight were
lifted. Not because he hadn't rationalized what he'd done some time
ago, but because now he'd finally told someone close to him about it.
Perspective in your own head was tricky at times to come to terms
with. That's why everyone needed loved ones to talk too. "Thank you?"

"You're welcome," Kim assured him. "Now tell me why you told me
instead of Jason, Katherine, Haley, Rocky, or Adam?" she asked,
noting those he was closest too.

Tommy shrugged, wincing a bit. "I don't know," he replied
truthfully. "I can't answer that right now."

"Okay," Kim replied softly as she felt so close to him again. And now
that he's revealed something to her, something so personal that no
one else knows, it was as if they became lovers all over again. Being
close to thirty helped her understand that. Together they stared at
the fire, warm and cozy.

"So let me ask you the same question," Tommy said, turning to
her. "Tell me your deepest, darkest secret?"

One very hurtful memory immediately came to mind, and even now Kim
felt guilt over having never told Aisha or Trini or even her own
mother. "I was almost raped in college."

The mere idea of someone trying to hurt her that way sent Tommy's
mood to murderous, but he pushed how he felt aside to draw her
closer. "Tell me?"

Kim's wrapped her arms around herself protectively, as if the memory
alone was a threat. "I was never a drinker in college, you know. I
mean I knew how to have a good time and I was a social drinker, but I
didn't find it fun getting blitzed until I couldn't see straight.
Still, one night it happened at a frat house party. I was so stupid
that night," she revealed as her voice took on a fragile quality. "I
was going out with a guy named Gabe and the party was a post-finals
deal. Everyone was unwinding after the all the craziness of that
week. I let go like everyone else and drank like a fish. At the time
Gabe and I had only been seeing each other about three weeks and
hadn't slept together yet. I was still feeling him out, trying to see
if he was the player type or had any real sincerity about him."

Continuing, she explained, "I barely remember climbing the stairs to
his dorm room, but I remember him being all over me. From the moment
we walked in he was clawing at my clothes, tearing my blouse and
trying to get me on the bed. I told him no repeatedly and tried
pushing him away, but he kept coming. He was determined to have sex
and I realized he wasn't going to take no for an answer. I kneed him
in the balls as hard as I could, and then grabbed the phone by the
bed and crushed it against his mouth. I broke two of his teeth," she
recalled with the makings of a grin that faded. "Someone called the
police when they saw me run from his dorm room and he was arrested
that night."

"Is he still in jail?"

"Yep. Hopefully he's getting what he deserves... right up the ass on
a nightly basis."

Even her dark side was sexy and only added to her appeal. Tommy
leaned down and pressed his lips to her temple, holding his head
there for a moment. "I'm sorry you had to go through that."

"Thank you. But it taught me a valuable lesson about taking care of
myself. I know him trying to take advantage of me wasn't my fault,
but I was the one drinking like I was out of my mind. So I share some
blame for that night and I take responsibility for it."

"Why didn't you tell Sha, Trini, or your Mom?"

"I was ashamed to let them know I put myself in that position. Like I
said, I know I didn't deserve to almost get raped. That wasn't my
fault. But getting plastered and then going to a guys dorm room late
at night was. And I just wanted to forget the whole thing like it
never happened."

Tommy understood her. "So why tell me?"

"You have cool, spiky hair." She lifted her hand to play with it, and
then winced. Tommy noticed.

"Stiff neck?" She nodded as if it were no big deal. "Take your towel

Smirking, Kim rolled her eyes. "Tommy, as hot as you are, and as
fantastic as we are together, I do not want to have sex again. My
body just can't take it."

Scooting away just a little, Tommy smiled. "As Herculean as my
performances have been today, I couldn't possibly do it again either.
What I was thinking of is giving you a massage. I've been told I'm
very at them."

"Oh really?" escaped her lips honey sweet. She rose to her feet, and
when he did too, towering over her, she pressed her hands to his
chest. "You don't have to."

"I want to."

Dammit, even his voice made her toes curl. And when he used a finger
to undo the towels knot, causing it to drift to the floor, the gaze
he graced her body with caused her to blush. "What do you want me to

Taking the towel, Tommy spread it out over the rug. He took a step
back to make room for her, trying to focus his mind away the
ravishing vision that she made by firelight. "Lay down on your
stomach. I'll take care of the rest."

Feeling almost giddy, Kim held his gaze while seductively falling to
her knees, and then easing down onto her belly. She watched him walk
away towards his small overnight bag, only to return a moment later
with a small bottle of something clear. "You came prepared?"

"Just in case I met a sexy little snow bunny while on vacation," he
declared wearing a expression that was anything but innocent, and
then showed her the warming-to-the- touch massage oil. "Which I did,"
he winked before settling on the floor beside her on his knees. The
setting was warm and intimate, just the two of them enjoying the
after hours by the fireplace.

"Yay, I'm a snow bunny," she sing-songed with a laugh. "Get to the
massaging, Man-Servant. "

"Yes, mistress." Tommy began rubbing his hands together to warm them,
and then poured a bit of the massage oil into the palm of his right
hand. He gently pressed his hands to either side of her spine in the
small of her back. "I want you to take deep breaths, relax your mind,
and concentrate on the feel of my hands."

Sighing comfortably, Kim shut her eyes as his strong hands began
gently slowly stroking up her back, spreading out the warming oil,
and then worked the base of her neck before descending the sides of
her back once more. The massage oil soaked into her skin, loosening
her muscles and relaxing her with the most soothing warmth. She felt
like purring and he had only just begun. "You know how to cook, slow
dance, entertain my mind, and thrill me in bed. Tell me, Mr. Oliver.
Is there anything you can't do?"

"Go back in time and kick the Letter-guy's ass."

Kim giggled at that one. "Oh shut up."

For the next five minutes Tommy massaged her back, neck, and
shoulders with long, smooth strokes. His hands never left her body
once, working all the tension and stress out of her. The soft,
sensual sounds she made inflamed his senses, but his goal was to
relax her fully, and so he focused solely on that task. Enjoying only
the natural light the fireplace provided, he felt it set the perfect
intimate mood for them
to enjoy. Using a little more massage oil, the pressure of his hands
altered from light to moderate as time passed. "How does that feel?"

"Incredible, " Kim exhaled delightfully as the wonderful feel of his
hands graced her with such heaven. When his hands stroked down, and
then back up the supple curves of her backside she moaned
while smiling. Quietly, his hands roamed all over her cheeks,
squeezing and kneading them for relaxation rather than the prelude to
something sexual. She never in a million years imagined before this
vacation Tommy would get to know her body so intimately. "Tell the
truth. You've been dying to do that for years?"

Bending down, Tommy brushed a kiss over her left cheek,
grinning. "Guilty as charged."

Having just felt his lips on her butt, Kim cackled, "Men!"

Tommy greatly enjoyed that part of the massage, and then progressed
to her inner thighs and behind her knees. Again, using long, smooth
strokes that spread the warming massage oil evenly, his hands
maintained contact with her body at all times. Her breathing was
even, and she seemed to be throughly enjoying the massage. "How are
you parents doing?"

"Dad's fine, diabetic wise," Kim noted with a pleasant hum lacing her
voice. "I think he's finally accepted that he can't live like he used
to, so he's doing better with his eating and working out. My mom's
dating again, although I think after two divorces she's done with
marriage. She's fine though. I spoke to her just before I got on the

"That's good to hear."

"So how about yours?"

Tommy's hands glided up and down her legs, over her calves and
ankles, working towards to her feet. "My Dad's going to finally
retire at the end of this year."

"Congratulations. I was beginning to think he'd work forever."

"You and me both," Tommy agreed with her right foot almost in his
lap, massaging her foot with both hands. "My folks are thinking of
moving out of California, but they haven't decided where yet. Dad's
completely recovered from his mild heart attack, and my mom's
transfered to a new hospital. She's up for a promotion soon, so that
may put a hold on their moving plans."

"Your mom is such a wonderful woman. I miss her. She was always so
sweet to me when I came to your house. I was a nervous wreck thinking
she wouldn't like me or I'd say something stupid around her. But she
always made me feel welcome and comfortable. "

"My parents adored you. And I liked your parents too. You mom would
always hug me at the door, and then give me the evil eye while
reminding me to keep your bedroom door open when I went up stairs."
They both laughed, remembering that and the reasons why. "Your dad
always shook my hand, but maintained the evil eye most of the time."

"He liked you tons, believe me. But he never trusted boys in general
and seeing as how he was cheating on my mom, he might of been
projecting some of his guilt onto you."

"Well, its all water under the bridge now." After finishing her left
foot, Tommy massaged his way back to her shoulders and neck. Using a
bit more warming oil, he used his thumbs and forefingers, gently
pinching in a massaging motion she seemed to love. At one point she
moaned so sensuously his jaw clenched. His touch gradually grew
firmer, rubbing all the back down her back down to her ankles, and
then dragging his hands back upwards. "So tell me about the last guy
you dated?"

"Do I have to?" Kim half-whined while throughly enjoying her massage.
When Tommy whispered yes she growled, and then laughed. "A long time
ago in a galaxy far far away... or maybe eight months ago in Miami,
Florida the very amazing, sexy, uniquely incredible Kimberly met a
pretty boy named Brandon at a Starbucks."

"Ohhhh, I get the story told in third person. I'm so lucky."

Kim's hand lifted to give him the middle finger before
continuing, "So our heroine met the pretty boy while standing in
line. He commented on the style of her skirt and her pretty brown
eyes. Kim was flattered and had always been a sucker for dimples, of
which the pretty boy had in spades. A shared table and a nice
conversation led to the exchange of phone numbers. From there came a
very nice seafood dinner a week later, and then moderately good sex
a month after that. Unfortunately for our slightly pretty-boy-blinded
Kim, bits and pieces of Brandon's life began to not make much sense.
His strange work hours, how after a month she still hadn't seen his
house, and whenever they were together he'd leave the room whenever
he got a cell phone roused the former Pink Ranger's Batman detective
skills. And after a modest background check done by a anonymous but
brilliant childhood friend who I will refer to as Willy, Kim
discovered Brandon was married with two kids. Upon seeing Mr. Jackass
the next day Kim proceeded to read him the riot act while informing
him that his wife had a very detailed phone message waiting for her
on her cell. Thus ended Kim's brief relationship with yet another man
that made her wonder if trying a gayer lifestyle might be her only
shot at finding someone special. The end."

Bending down to her ear, Tommy whispered, "Did I ever tell you my
birth father's last name was 'Right'?"

Smirking, Kim turned her head to him. "So that makes you Mr. Right,

"You never know." He tapered off to work on her arms, descending
slowly to her fingertips before gliding upwards once more. Then he
returned to the long strokes he started with down her back and legs
before rising along her arms. He set his hand at the base of her neck
and then swept them south to her lower back, repeating the soothing
massage four times in slow succession. "I don't suppose you're
curious about the last person I dated?"

"Pfft. Like any of them compare to me."

"Ego much," Tommy laughed softly.

"Sorry, I'm just feeling so good right now my minds loopy. Tell me
about her later, k?" He kissed her shoulder, answering with his

For the next fifteen minutes silence reigned. Beginning at her lower
back, Tommy used both hands to massage the side of her torso in
smooth, slow motions. After a time he lazily progressed towards her
her neck, and then swept his hands up and down her back six times in
a row.

"I swear to God I have had sex that wasn't as good as this massage."

"Hush, Beautiful."

Damn butterflies in her tummy always responded to that cute
nickname. "Hushing."

His hands went back to a very light, gentle motion as he began
finishing off the massage. His strokes grew lighter as he spanned the
whole of her body three times before gently removing his hands at the
dip of her lower back. And just for the hell of it he bent down and
smooched her left butt cheek.

"I guess I can never tell you to kiss my ass and have it mean
anything, can I?"

"You could always dare me to kiss other places?"

Slowly rolling over onto her back, Kim lifted her hand, caressing his
cheek. "Just you wait."

Tommy noticed her long yawn and then lifted her off the floor into
his arms, standing to his feet. She clung around his neck as he
carried her to bed and laid her down over the covers. She pulled him
on top of her, and then beckoned for a kiss he could never deny her.
They engaged in a long make-out session of soothing, relaxing kissing
that left both feeling a deeper connection to the other.

A minute later they were under the covers, both yawning, lying in a
loose embrace.

"Where did you learn to give a massage like that?"

"A girl taught me in college? She's a professional masseuse now,"
Tommy replied.

"I'd like to buy her a great bottle of wine. You're amazing."

"I was inspired?"

"Am I the source of your inspiration? "

"Maybe," he kissed softly over her lips.

"Maybe," she repeated, yawning, not sure if she was bantering with
him, or offering her innermost thoughts of them and what the future
might hold. Nonetheless they soon fell asleep in a peaceful, loving
slumber as their first full day together ended.

Whatever would tomorrow bring?


The End of Chapter 2

Chapter 3: Tommy and Kim's 'affair' hits its first major snag when
the green-eyed monster rears its ugly head.