Title: "Volere Mia Continio Amare"

A one-shot

Written by: Shawn


Summary: On the most deliriously hot night of summer, Buffy and Xander argue over secrets, the green-eyed monster, Faith, and why they are so magnificently terrible at relationships.

Rated: NC-17

Category: Romance/Erotica

Ship: BX always!

Timeline/Spoilers: AU before BtVS series finale "Chosen." The First was defeated and the Potentials were called worldwide, but neither Spike nor Anya died in the fight, and Sunnydale wasn't destroyed. Xander never lost his eye either. The story picks up the summer after "Chosen." Giles, Wood, Kennedy, and Andrew are all in England helping with the rebuilding of the Watchers Council.

Disclaimer: Shawn owns zip, lol.

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Authors Notes 1: Love and Passion. That sums up this one shot entirely.

Authors Notes 2: The title's translated from Italian and is at the end of the story.




Be patient wild eyes.

Soon will come a storm to tame you.

Let her winds surround you.

Match her fury and let fires reign.

There is no escape.

Nature means what she does.

~written by an unknown author

Inhaling your breath into my body, taking you into my soul, all this, through a kiss.

~by written an unknown author









1630 Revello Drive

Saturday, August 17 1:00 AM

Sunnydale, Ca




Had the door Buffy just slammed behind her, in his face no less, been a few inches closer Xander would have been a prime candidate for Extreme Makeover: Nose Edition. Alas, the tail-end of the Slayers fury came when she didn't even bother to leave the door open for him after she unlocked it. It was easy enough to pick up on her obvious anger with him on the ride home from Faith's party, but he hadn't expected this level of animosity.

It's only served to amplify his own annoyance.

Brandishing his house key, Xander unlocked the door, letting himself in. Buffy was no where to be found, nor had she even turned on the lights. Her new shoes laid against the far wall, no doubt kicked there by one pissed off Slayer. A small dent in the plaster on the bottom part of the wall was evidence enough. He inhaled a couple of deep, calming breaths so that he could talk to her without things evolving into a shouting match. It's to freaking hot as it was, with a 107 degree temperature all day long and both of the house air conditioners broken from over usage. At least Dawn's with her dad in LA, so the house was empty.

Buffy heard his footsteps come to a halt in the kitchens entryway. She calmly strolled over to the refrigerator, pulled out the half empty pitcher of ice cold grape Kool-Aid and drank the rest of it right then and there, gulping all of it. With satisfied sigh she laid the pitcher in the sink, never once sparing a glance her jackass of a boyfriends way. Her inner bitch applauded.

If it the humid heat wasn't so sweltering he'd concede she looked so damn hot in that little black dress. That is, if he wasn't sweating already and the salvation that was the glass of ice cold grape Kool-Aid he was dying for hadn't been so unceremoniously devoured in front of him... he'd call her a bitch if he knew she wouldn't take his head off, which she would. Calling Buffy a bitch often led to decapitations of the quick and brutal kind. Yes, he loved her even now when she had her petulant teenager act down pat. And she still wouldn't look at him.

The words 'I wonder if Spike's up for a late night patrol' danced on the tip of her tongue, awaiting liftoff, but she declined because she still adored the jerk behind her. That ice cold grape Kool-Aid sure hit the spot, but she's still dying under her clothes and the AC repairman won't be out until noon tomorrow. Eight straight days of over 100 degree temperatures, coupled with a cranky sister who thankfully just left town for three days, and a terribly busy week at the new health club she's working full time at over the summer have left Buffy in a less than pleasant mood. The blowout argument with her Dad yesterday over the phone didn't help matters one bit.

Tonight’s housewarming party for Faith's new apartment was supposed to be more than that, and it turned into far less, with the potential for murder on the table. Or at least a good sleeping on the couch tonight. Something neither of them wanted this morning.

"Look, I've given you as much space as the boyfriend handbook said to do, but enough is enough. Buffy, what's wrong?" He saw her toned, slender arms cross over her chest from behind, then watched her shake her head. The sight of which was slightly amusing and it caused him to laugh. The sound of which sent Buffy on a quick spin, now glaring at him with that 'I know just how to use a pitchfork' look in her eyes. It was kind of sexy, though he knew telling her that right now wouldn't help things. "The silent treatment is kind of immature."

Immature would be letting all the air out of his tires. Something she's already considered. He drew her ire

instantly. "That's coming from a guy who put his boxers in the freezer this morning?" She quirked a mean brow his way.

"I think your underwear were in there too. Right next to the steaks. You wanted the cool sensation as much as I did."

"You did it first," Buffy quickly pointed out, wagging her finger from him to the freezer and back. "I blame peer

pressure." She nodded for effect.

"Okay then, what else do you blame for giving me the silent treatment for the last half hour?"

No matter how sexy that snug dark blue button down shirt looked on him... "Maybe I just don't have anything to say to you right now."

Patience. Loving Buffy Summers required such patience. Xander walked over to the kitchen table, but no closer than that. He knew exactly why she was mad, and he wanted her to admit it. Then and only then could he release all the pent up anger he's holding in for her. "I can't read minds, Buffy."

"Speaking of mind, you didn't seem to mind one bit when Anya fed you a piece of cake with her fingers." And before he could reply she added, "If Spike did that to me you would have thrown a fit. And I still can't believe you gave him that glass of ice water."

"Buff, it's scorching outside."

"Why would he need a glass of water. He's dead," she emphasized.

"He looked thirsty."

"You gave him a glass filled with ice and holy water."

"How was I supposed to know it was holy water?"

"Oh, I don't know. The clear bottles labeled holy water in Faith's refrigerator should have given you a clue," she stated with no small amount of contempt. "Anya just loved watching you lick frosting from her fingers."

Aww... that beloved green-eyed monster. The one baddie Buffy couldn't slay. Xander barely nipped at Anya's finger, but to his Slayer he might as well have been deep throating her thumb. "Is this argument going to turn into a hair pulling contest?" Her moody hazel eyes widened, sharp like a executioners axe. "Why are you so mad at me?"

Buffy reigned in the urge to introduce her knee to his balls by pausing for a moment to collect her thoughts. She's angry, true enough, but couldn't he see she was a little hurt too? Isn't it bad enough it's still barely below 100 degrees at this time of night? Did he not know the heat has her a half a step away from a psychotic rage? "I thought we agreed to tell people about us tonight?"

Xander sighed and his jaw tightened. "No, you decided that. And you didn't make that decision until late in the evening, after you saw me getting attention you didn't like. I wanted to tell people a long time ago."

Three months of 'very long slaying patrols' were actually patrols with dating. Especially since the Hellmouth was destroyed the vampire/demon activity in Sunnydale was all but extinct. Buffy held her voice at a medium

level while edging away from the knife rack. "I thought you understood why?"

"And I thought you understood why I never wanted to hide us at all?"

"There were reasons and you know it."

"In this relationship we either make decisions together or not at all."

"That's funny. I don't remember us discussing if you could flirt with Faith half the night."

"I wasn't flirting with her."

"She sat on your lap, Xander."

God, it was hot. A stifling humidity enveloped the kitchen, only enhancing the tension between it's two

occupants. "Maybe if you would have walked over and said something before she sat in my lap she wouldn't have."

Buffy's tone of voice turned cold. "Maybe you should have told her."

"I politely pushed her off me."

She gazed away, defiant as ever. "She was still flirting. And I know she whispered something in your ear that made you smile like you'd just won the lottery."

'B sure is jealous. I'm so happy you told me about you two over the phone. This is so much fucking fun.' Faith played games oh so well. Xander suppressed a grin. "Faith flirts with everyone."

Leaning back against the sink, Buffy considered the fun, freedom, and romance that marked the last three months of her life. Ever since a research session over pizza turned into a unexpected kiss that led to a few more kisses and so on, she's been guarded not only with him, but of others knowing about them. Lovers for several weeks, she now had a far more basic fear. One she hadn't had with a man before. "You didn't seem to mind her flirting."

Xander equally wanted to hold her and shake her and shout at her and kiss away any pain she felt. Had any woman in the history of mankind ever sparked as many conflicting emotions in a man as Buffy Summers? "I'm not interested in her. You have nothing to be jealous over."

The mere mention of that word only hardened her resolve. "I wasn't jealous. I was about to kick her ass."

"Then what is this attitude over?"

"You!" she spat out a note louder than she intended too.

"Okay," Xander replied, coming around the table to stand in front of her. "What about me?"

"It's like..." she began to argue, her breathing coming heavier by the second. She tried with her hands to explain in a coherent manner, or make some sense of what she was feeling. He just didn't understand in the way all men seemed to never understand women. "I don't know. Let's drop it. It's hot as hell and I'm tired. I'm going

to bed." And with that quick dismissal Buffy stomped off and out of the kitchen.

Xander stood there as angry with her as he had ever been, listening to the sound of her steps ascending the stairs. Wasting not a second more he's on her trail, taking the stairs two at a time until he reached her bedroom. He swung the door open so hard it banged against the wall. It's so hot his shirt clung to his chest. The sight of her standing by the window shadowed in moonlight and sweat enthralled him. "Walking off like a damn child doesn't solve our problems."

"So now you're calling me a child?"

"If the toy fits, play with it." He sounded so serious and she looked so serious and then they both kinda thought about what he said... better leave that one behind.

"Tell the truth, Xander. You don't want people to know about us now, do you?"

Wherever did this come from? In a million years he never would have suspected she would say those words

to him. "Whatever gave you that idea?"

A rush of complex emotions swept up over her in a wave as diverse as they were practical, or at least in her own mind. She spoke before she thought. "Well, maybe since you're living your old high school fantasy of fucking me, you got what you wanted and now you're tired of me."

She should have hit him with her fist. It would have hurt less. And he wouldn't remember it near as well as he'll remember what she just said to him. Her words were beyond insulting. They degraded his character. This wasn't the old days. In a low, menacing tone he warned her, "You have five seconds to give me one hell of a reason to not dump you and walk right out this door and your life for good."

She bit her tongue, choking down a retort that would only worsen an already bad situation. She watched him closely, noticed his patience for her wear so thin down to nothing, and when he reached his breaking point, with disgust showing in his eyes, he turned around, about to make good on his threat.

Her heart forced her feet to move and fast!

"I'm sorry," she softly pleaded, her hands wrapped around his forearm to prevent him from leaving her.


"I'm just..." Buffy tugged at his arm, and when he turned to her the truth of who he was in her life, and the depths of what she felt for him was written all over her face. "I love you, Xander," she assured him with all the sincerity she could muster. "I'm truly in love with you. But I'm used to two things in every relationship I have ever been in. I'm used to controlling things or I'm used to the guy leaving me. I expect the sad ending when it comes to love. So I admit that tonight, yes, I was jealous."

He knew that admission wasn't easy for her. But she still had a ways to go to fix this. "Buffy, I'm the man who left a good woman at the alter with a crowded church full of friends and families. I'm far from being an expert on any of this myself."

"We're talking about tonight," she said. "And tonight is all my fault. I didn't want people to know about us at first because in a lot of ways I thought all we would share would be a short summer romance, and then we'd end things as great lifelong friends who could look back on the summer that once was and laugh about it." She paused, exhaling a deep breath. "I did not expect to fall in love with you."

"So you were just going to use me for sex?"

"And fun dates and new shoes and lots of laughter and sweet kisses, yes." He didn't take what she said the wrong way because it wasn't meant to be. She was smiling while on the verge of tears. "Sometimes I enjoy things that are private and all my own."

"I understand that."

"But I'm also a girl, Xander. And let me tell you, the guy you are today, you're pretty terrific," she complimented him and it earned her a smile. "You're handsome and you have a promising career and you're sweet and nice and all those good things that make me love you so much. You're amazing in bed and a genuinely good person. I trust you more than I have ever trusted anyone in my entire life. But part of me wondered if after years of you being attracted to me, that after we became lovers for a time you'd realize all you felt for me was desire and this great friendship. I didn't feel that way until I realized how deeply in love with you I am. And now I'm just worried or something. I didn't want to wake up one day being in love with a guy who after he got what he always wanted, only wanted a close friend after that."

She's uneasy, nervous, and sounding like a normal girl with normal fears and insecurities. Had she ever been so completely open and honest with her feelings before? No, and it lessened a great deal of Xander's hurt. "Buffy, I'm pretty damn head over heels defying gravity in love with you too," he assured her, pulling their joined hands between them. "My insecurities have insecurities. You know how I feel about Spike and Angel and all that. I never thought I'd measure up to those guys in the ways that mattered to you."

"I never saw it that way."

"Yeah, but I did. I thought after while you didn't want to tell people about us because you wanted another taste of a normal relationship for a while."

"Like Riley?" He nodded.

"And that after you had your fill you'd want what you always wanted. Something dark and dangerous and just this side of fangy."

She squeezed his hands. "Can't you tell how happy I am with you?"

"I thought you were happy with Riley too."

Assumptions have crippled them where love was concerned so many times. "I was never in love with Riley. Or Spike. And while I was in love with Angel, things changed. I'm not in love with him anymore. I made my peace with that. I'm only in love with you."

"And sweating so sexily."

She adored that come hither grin. And sexily wasn't even a real word, but he managed to make it sound cute. "I was jealous tonight. Very jealous." She added with a somewhat shy smile. "Incredible Hulk-

like jealous, alright."

"And I was pretty darn happy to see it."

"Then what made you so mad?"

"That it wasn't until Faith made it known she wanted me that you all of a sudden wanted to speak up and claim me."

Buffy knew she could be a very frustrating person at times. "I wanted you to speak up and tell her and everyone we were together."

"I wanted you to do the same thing."

"Part of me wanted you to read my mind."

"Sorry, Buff. My powers extend to making great sandwiches, superior parallel parking, and..."

"Making me very happy," she declared out of the blue, feeling his affectionate gaze upon her. "We suck," she laughed until he finally pulled her into the welcome embrace of his strong arms. "We really and truly suck."

"Yeah, but we're in love, so it's okay. We suck together."

"Can you forgive your short, ill-tempered, jealous honey?"

"Only if you can forgive your tall, bitchy, insecure boyfriend?"

"I can indeed."

"Me too."

Leaning up on her tippy-toes, Buffy kissed his cheek lightly and hugged him close to her. His broad chest pressed against her breasts. Xander breathed her in deeply, his nostrils full of her heady scent. He nuzzled her ear as she slowly ran her fingers through his hair. Arguing was as productive for them getting past some of their issues as it was fun in a quirky sort of way. They enjoyed going at each other, both strong willed and opinionated. "We need to

properly makeup," Buffy offered with a little pout, batting her eye lashes.

"No time like the present." He kissed her slowly on the lips, his eyes closed and his head filled with the aroma of her body spray. Despite the humidity, another kind of burn began to build steam, igniting a wanton fire. There was a pause, and then their lips met once more, this time in a long, slow, smooth kiss. His arms slipped around her shoulders and they embraced, deeply and passionately. His mouth was hungry for hers as his tongue forced it's way between her lips, seeking her own, delving around it.

Buffy felt his arms slip down around her waist and close tighter. She giggled against his lips when he lifted her ever so much that her feet left the floor briefly, and in four short strides deposited her in front of her bed. Their kissing turned ravenous and bold. The heat of his growing erection pressed into her belly, causing her to feel lightheaded as his hands fell to firmly cup and squeeze her backside. Her nipples hardened in response. She took hold of his tongue in her mouth and began to suckle it for the longest time until she needed so much more than this. She broke the kiss on a gasp. "Do you like this shirt?"

"It's okay, but I..." He never finished. Buffy tore it open like she was ripping a paper towel in half. She pulled what was left of it off and tossed it aside. "Can buy another one tomorrow."

"I'll go in half with you." Smirking, she held his deliciously adoring stare as his fingers slipped her little black dress off her shoulders. With a twist, shimmy, and a shake it pooled at her feet and left her wearing only a black rose embroidered thong. The look on his face screamed 'devour.' "Take off your shoes." He kicked them off, then used his heels to snag his socks. That was so cute to her for some strange reason. "Let me help you with this." She reached for the belt around his waist, undid it, and slipped it from around him. Her eyes slowly fell to the budge desperately tenting his pants.

"See something you like?"

"I see someone I love." She was kissed that very instant, and with such blinding passion. Her palms ghosted up his hard chest until she gently pushed him away. "I think you deserve something extra special tonight."

Oh how he loved it when she said things like that. "I can't think of anything remotely cool to say, so I'm just gonna nod and smile real wide."

"You're adorable," she confessed, stroking his cheek with her hand. She pulled him to her, and her kisses breathed forever into his soul. She deftly unzipped his pants with her nimble fingers before sliding her hand inside to grasp his manhood more firmly through the cotton of his boxers. His sudden intake of air against her lips made her smile oh so naughty. She loved how her touch alone caused his eyes to shut. "He's pretty adorable too."

In instant response, Xander began to harden under her touch. Buffy slid her fingers fully inside his pants and downwards over his growing erection to cup his tightening sack. "I'm so happy you're pleased with us," his voice leapt in pitch when she began stroking him. His eyes rolled behind their lids.

"You and the 'Big Guy' are my two favorite people." Buffy teased, then removed her hand, all the while enjoying that sincere expression of bliss covering his face. She tugged at his pants, then boxers. She shoved them down his legs and he kicked them off from around his ankles, now standing before her in all his delicious glory. Such a broad, strong body, and all hers to enjoy. She thought he had a beautiful hard cock. "Sit down on the bed."

He was lying on the bed it seemed before she spoke, as if his body knew to obey her order before even

he did. There was nothing in all the world he loved more than that predatory look Buffy got in her eyes when she was excited and focused solely on him. The moist beads of sweat dripping down her lovely breasts just about drove him mad. Whatever sanity he had left escaped him when she fell to her knees, gently prying his thighs apart, making space for herself.

His cock absolutely throbbed in anticipation.

Her head rose to capture the look on his face, her hands massaging his thighs, her breath hovering just over the head of his aching cock, now weeping trickles as if calling out to her. "There are so many sinfully sexy, naughty, make-your-toes-curl kind of things I want to say to you, but I'm going to keep it simple and just suck your cock really good. Okay?"

His fragile voice quivered and shook like a cornfield scarecrow in the eye of a tornado. "Whatever works for you, honey." The last bastion of coherent thought in his head evaporated into thin air when suddenly his cock was engulfed in warmth and wetness as she took him into her opening mouth. Buffy methodically pumped his shaft as she pulled up off his cock with her mouth, then stroked her hand up and down as she swirled the head around the inside of her mouth, then thrust her face back down, grunting, groaning, almost biting at him as she sucked and literally inhaled his very soul.

Her silky blonde strands fell across his belly and he softly brushed it back, wanting nothing to block the incredible view of his cock plunging between her lips and disappearing within her mouth. The bewitching sight left him as entranced as the exquisite sensations. He hummed and groaned his every compliment.

Her lips formed a tight seal at the base of his cock, pulling up, drawing any and all pre-cum into her waiting mouth. Her head began to bob up and down faster, building speed and urgency. She felt no shame in admitting that she loved doing this for him... to him, gaining pleasure by giving it. His cock rapidly inflated, growing in length and girth. She sucked hard. Her mouth, her lips formed a powerful vacuum meant to rob him of every memory he had of a woman before her. Any and everything he loved sexually, she sought to be his very best by a mile. Her tongue lanced out, pressing against the underside of his cock, lashing a trail along a vein.

"Buffy, that feels so good, baby." As if he weren't hot already, he's drenched in moisture almost from head

to toe. His heart beat in a decadent rhythm to her tender ministrations. He could hear her throat make noises, feel her jaw tightening as his fists clenched, toes curled, and his moaning came so deep and guttural that it shook him to the very core. "Buffy... oh Buffy, I'm so... I'm... Oh God."

As badly as she wanted to finish him this way, her body, inflamed with passion, desired him inside her. She lifted one last lingering time off him. His bewildered, almost pleading glare humbled her. Standing up, she shed her panties and straddled his lap that very second. "I know Anya asked you for a ride home, but I'm the only woman who rides you." She bent over and kissed him hard, caressing his face, his neck, and his shoulders until her right hand reached between them and grasped his cock at a high angle. She lifted over him, and slowly... agonizingly slowly sank him inside her, pumping a few sweet times until she he was no more, trapped within her snug heaven.

"I love you so much," he promised her as his hands settled over her hips, followed by hers settling over his.

"I love you too. Now sit back and let me fuck you." Feeling the uneven roughness of his shaft slide slowly past her sensitive nether lips while the head reached deeper and deeper into her body. Her luscious blonde hair fell forwards, shadowing her face as her arms trembled. She licked at her lips, attempting to control the sensations threatening to overwhelm her. He's trapped within her, deep... the feel of which could only be described as a overabundance of fullness. Then she began to roll her slender hips from side to side and around in little swirls, causing him to gasp and her to whimper his name. She stretched powerfully tight around him in a way that sent wave after wave of increasing pleasure up her spine and down her thighs. With every downward stroke she felt his head driving into her deeper, with every upward stroke, his shaft dragged against her sensitive clit. She felt her wetness wash over him. Her hands released there hold on his, and now her nails raked over his shoulder and chest, gaining purchase as her churning backside rode on his lap.

With every precious husky exclamation of her name from his lips she started tilting her hips forwards and backwards, gaining inch after inch inside. Her fingers dug into the hard glistening flesh of his chest and she watched his face intensely, studying each sensual expression. Arching, she pulled her hips upwards, sliding most of him out of her. Then, she would grind her hips down, capturing the lost inches while gaining more.

Buffy peered deep into Xander's eyes, straining to tighten, to hold his erection within her. "What are you... you thinking about?"

"Aside from how absolutely incredible you feel, that when Faith sat on my lap the only thing I could think about was she must have gained 15 or so pounds over the summer."

"Oh, I'm going to fuck you so good for saying that." Grinning evilly, Buffy threw back her head with pleasure, her blonde strands falling over the soft skin of her shoulders. Her sex tightened and he felt her passion increasing as he struggled to control his own. Firm and strong, she could feel the heat of his body against her legs and his erection reaching so deep within her.

Drenched in perspiration with a full moon serenading them through the window, they fucked slowly. Buffy would lift high up his shaft, then grind her body down slowly, her hips rotating, thrusting forwards and backwards. When their pelvises met, she would brush her clit on his pubic bone, thrusting forwards, backwards, anything that would add pressure to her clit.

Xander felt the fluttering tightness of her so slick around him, and heard her breathing deepened as her pace quickened. Soft, contented noises emanated from her grew tense, desperate, as she rode him with purpose now, spiraling towards a magnificent finish.

Sweat trickled down the side of her face as she looked him straight in the eyes. Sweet tension drew tight in her belly and spread. He saw her lovely face now contorted in the pleasure and pain of her approaching climax. Her inner sheath tightened around his base to hold him closer. Her eyes shut, her face wincing almost painfully as she wailed softly and clenched hard around his shaft in an attempt both to heighten his pleasure

Xander took her hands in his, twining their fingers. Buffy bent fully over his body, their joined hands settled by his neck. Lifting high up on his cock, she jammed down hard, grinding, and repeating her actions. Thrust, after thrust, he lifted his hips upwards, penetrating deeply. His cock expanded. His orgasm approached with the subtleness of a out of control freight train. His hips began quick, deep thrusts, bouncing her on his cock. Their bodies smacked loudly together, the sound of damp flesh against flesh filling the bedroom.

Releasing one of her hands, she ran her fingertips across his cheeks and forehead, drops of his sweat running down the backs of her hands as his face screwed up in concentration. "Oh God, I'm going to cum so hard. Fuck... I'm ... ahhh." She laid her head against his shoulder. Her eyes were shut, and her lips were plastered together, stifling her desired scream of ecstasy. She groaned louder, and then came his cry, rising nearly above hers, was a mixture of pleasure and real pain as his climax finally shook his hot, sweating body as she came right with him. Her piercing scream followed wave after convulsing wave of such satisfying tremors as her climax wrenched through her body. Her breathing stopped when she threw her head backwards, her long, soft throat exposed as his savagely hard ejaculations burst inside her.

Xander's vision opened wide as he watched her lovely flushed face, delighted that he could see her achieve such a release. Buffy slumped over him. A rush of air escaped her lungs, a muffled sigh of contentment into his neck at last signaled her Earth shattering orgasm had come to an end.

Xander felt the sheets sticking to him, as well as Buffy's entire body lounging over him. His arms came around her, stroking her now limp hair, pressing kisses to her face, simply loving her with all he had. "Buffy?" he managed to say after his breathing returned to normal.

"Yeah," she lifted her head from his shoulder.

"I'm not going to say this just because we had great sex, but honestly, I've never been this in love before. And I just hope you know I am all serious about us. This isn't just a summer fling or me being lonely. I'm deeply in love with you. Not stalker type love, mind you. I don't want to steal your underwear or try on your shoes or anything wacko like that. I love you with the kind of love that’s super deep, like a river or the Grand Can..." Her fingers brushed over his lips to stall his babbling, as her luminous smile lit up the night. She gently slid him from her, then covered him again. Her hair's sticking to the back of her neck now, but she just didn't care.

"I know how you feel, Xander. I feel the same way. I'm super in love with you too," she said with a sincere

laugh. "And thank you for not loving me in that special stalker sort of way. I appreciate it." His hand gently stroked the side of her face, brushing her hair aside.

"You are so beautiful."

"You spoil me with compliments."

"Isn’t that what the man who loves you is supposed to do?"

"No man I've been with so far. At least not the way you do. Then again, my ex's tended to be not so..."

"Alive?" She playfully swatted his shoulder.

"I was going to say sweet." Her lips pressed to his again, and she found herself rolled over and kissed thoroughly until she had no doubts he lived for her alone. She melts like a candle when they touch. If you were to measure the fire of their love it would put hell to shame. Such a beautiful thing it was and still growing.

"These are pretty sweet to me," Xander blew an added moist warmth over her small brown nipples, then ran his tongue lightly flicking over one. His lips surrounded her nipple, forming around the flesh a seal. He suckled her into his mouth softly, his tongue lashing the tip held within his mouth, massaging her. While he licked her right nipple and gently took it in between his teeth, his right hand was giving sensual attention to her left breast. His fingers kneaded her small firm flesh, cupping it first from underneath as if weighing it. His hand continued its caresses all around her for a bit more and then shifted gears to the other pebbled nipple. He softly kissed his way across her chest and then curled his tongue around her other nipple, just before inhaling it inside the heat of his mouth, sucking intensely while Buffy moaned her approval. Her hand lovingly caressed the back of his head while he nursed at her breast.

With a renewed strength his cock grew, filling with blood. Her hand reached for him, squeezing him hard, pumping up and down his shaft.

"I want you again."

"Then take me. I'm yours," she smiled up at him as he moved within the cradle of her slim thighs. The head of the cock slid inside her easily, slowly until they were one. Her hips tilted and her legs firmly locked around his back above his hips. Slow, demanding thrusts to begin with, plundering her soft flesh as they merged time and time again.

Her greedy, slick muscles tightened around him. Piston like, he dove into her, his cock invading every inch

of her. Her hips drove back at him, accepting each shove with a push that buried him deeper. Leaning forward, she bit into his shoulder hard, her teeth holding the skin as fucked her. "Make me cum again, Xander," she whimpered before her teeth latched onto his neck. "You feel so good inside me."

Xander's surges came faster into her. She moved her hips to match his thrusts. She held on to his neck and fucked him back as hard as he was fucking her. He kissed her lips softly and let the kiss linger until he felt her sucking at his lips in return as they grinded their bodies as one in perfect unison.

Buffy jackknifed him with her strong legs, pushing him harder into snug inner walls. She began to moan again, her eyes shut, and bit her lower lip hard to try and stifle the sound. Her head shook from side to side as her nails sought purchase up and down his back. Her hips arched, raising off the bed, her body growing tense as her hands were slicked with the perspiration moistening his shoulders.

"Oh God, you fuck me so good," escaped Buffy’s lips, over and over. She again bit into his flesh, her kisses, nips roaming over his shoulder, neck, chest, her finger nails digging into him as she held his flesh between her teeth.

"You feel so good, Buffy," Xander declared as their torsos collided with primal aggression. His sweat was dripping from his body onto hers, and then down off hers onto the sheets, seeping through to the mattress itself. Gasping, moaning sounds accompanied the bed rocking against the wall, the small table beside it rattling, and the squeaks of the bed springs. His strokes were long, quick and measured. Her raspy responses, deliberately in time with his, heightened her own arousal gradually and immensely pleasurably. The bed bounced with each thrust, the springs rebounding with each withdrawal from her body. She stroked his chest and arms lovingly, her eyes misty as she felt him throb deep within her.

Dripping in sweat, they fucked passionately. Buffy's whimpering became a loud sustained moan as the throbbing, pulsing spasms racked her body. Wet slapping noises emanated from their union. The muscles of her stomach strained as her body molded around his with a new wave of shudders and uncontrolled clenches.

With each stroke she could feel every ridge, every contour of his increasingly hard body as it invaded her and retreated. She threw her arms around him let out a muffled squeal as her strong internal muscles pulsed around him.

Both their faces were so close together, eyes tightly closed, screwed up in expressions of ecstasy as his cock thrust noisily in and out of her body and her cries of pleasure filled the air.

"Close... ohJesus... Oh Xander... I love you." Buffy started twisting her head quickly back and forth, humping him for all she was worth. Suddenly she froze and her breathing stopped. She screamed out a animalistic yell as her climax took her to new heights, tearing her in every which direction, causing her blood to burn as she shook violently. Her body and soul blended with his in total and complete ecstasy.

It was all too much for Xander and he came painfully. He felt his cock burst time after time, filling her. Sweet, sweet heaven with every lasting surge of his essence he ejaculated so deeply inside her.

Xander's exhausted, sweating body molded smoothly to Buffy’s. His hardness softened further. She listened to his heavy breathing in her ear, his sweat mingling with hers.

Her face and chest were flushed pink, glistening with perspiration. She was smiling. Their bodies musky and tired. All around them the damp, stained sheets bore witness to their endless passion.

Seconds later they laid side by side, legs and arms touching, each gasping for every breath they took. One edge of the sheets was pulled from under the bed, somehow. They were both literally drenched in sweat, and the scent that hung in the air was of such a passionate aroma. They stared at the ceiling... thoroughly satisfied... and then they began laughing. Laughing so hard for no good reason until it made sense because they're in love and laughter had better be a part of that. It certainly was for them.

"Let's get everyone together tomorrow and tell them about us," Buffy said.

"Are you asking me if we should or telling me?"


"Yeah, I agree. Let's do that."

Her poor baby. He looked completely exhausted, broken, and satisfied. Buffy felt a great sense of pride over that. "I love you."

"You just love my God-like love making abilities" he smiled at her.

"That too, but I love you more than how amazing you are in bed."

"Good, and you'll love me even more than that in the air-conditioned room I am going to rent for us tonight. Let's grab a shower and get out of here."

Buffy sat up, slipped off the bed and followed him to the bathroom. "So we're cool?"

"Yeah, when we get in that hotel room."

"Don't make me hit you."

"Yes, we're cool."


"Don't hog all the soap."

"I'm not a soap hog."



He loves her so much. And she loves him just the same.





The End

No Sequel

"Volere Mia Continio Amare" is Italian for "Desire My Endless Love"