Title: "Sincerely Yours"

Chapter 1/1

Written by: Shawn



Summary: Caution over something so new and precious at some time had to be thrown to the wind.

Category: Romance/Erotica

Rated: NC-17

Ship: Buffy/Xander

Timeline/Spoilers: Everything for the entire series run of "BtVS" is canon except for Xander losing his eye and the destruction of Sunnydale. Assume that the Scoobies left Sunnydale with Giles and the S.I.T's to find the other S.I.T's and held rebuild the Watchers Council. But a year and a half later Xander, Buffy, Dawn, Faith, and Willow returned to the United States to start over. The city has fully recovered from the events of "Chosen" and is where the Scoobies have relocated. November 2004 was when the Scoobies returned to Sunnydale.

Disclaimer: I don't own any rights to the BtVS series, Mutant Enemy does. But if they make that stupid Spike TV movie I shall not ever do another one of these again, lol.

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Authors Notes 1. Buffy and Xander began dating just over three months before the start of this story.

Authors Notes 2: Angst lovers need not apply here. This is simply a story about mature intimacy and romance.




Falling in love consists merely in uncorking the imagination and bottling the common sense.

--Helen Rowland









Buffy Summers home

1717 Kostner Drive

Friday, October 11, 2005 8:30 PM

Sunnydale, Ca



The irresistible lure of the one act she'd denied him for years was fascinating to say the least. The hunger created by her offering swelled into a desperate craving. The depths of his need knew no end.

Xander seized what desired for him to have.

Breathlessly, Buffy awaited his appraisal. Her confident smirk expected no less than the praise she was sure to follow. Her moody hazel eyes held his handsome face captive, determined not to miss the first second of his genuine opinion. Tingles of warmth seared her from head to toe as his tongue shot out again.

Savoring the heavenly heady scent, Xander's eyes slowly shut. It was so good he moaned softly, followed by a sliver of a smile. The word 'magnificent' came to mind, as it always had where she was concerned. Her intense gaze stirred his insides. He needed what she had given him a taste of more now then ever. "Please," he half-begged as she drew ever closer, then pulled away at the last moment, just before his tongue could curl around... She was far too evil tonight, and she was reveling in it. She acted as if she couldn't feel how close he was to 'taking' it from her, so tempting a display she had laid before him. "More."

"Like this?" The daring Slayer gave her man exactly what he wanted the way he wanted it, all the while aroused by the sight of his tongue lashing his bottom lip for long moment. When his mouth made contact with what she offered, she shivered with delight. If his intent was to provoke her, he succeeded. Watching the pleasure manifest in expression all over his face was quite inspirational. She felt tender and ripe all over. "Good?"


"I knew you'd love it."

"So did I."

"Was it what you expected?"

"Well, I was surprised by you adding the mushrooms because I never knew you liked them outside of being on a pizza, but it came out fantastic in the spaghetti," he complimented her culinary skills, even licking at the fork she held out in front of him. She seemed pleased, and far less nervous than before she began dangling that fork full of spaghetti. She wasn't known for her cooking skills and the times she'd cooked for a man could still be counted on one hand. Xander knew that, and so tonight was appreciated even more. "Now can I please pour us some wine so that we can get on with dinner, or are you going to feed me all night?"

"You'd have a problem with that?"

Even when she did something as trivial as lifted her eyebrow, he found it sexy and alluring. Then again, her tight little red strappy dress had something to do with it as well. "I'm starving, honey. You have proven me wrong and created a masterpiece that shames Chef Boyardee in every possible way," he laughed beside her on the couch in her living room. "Can we please eat now?"

Leaning in close, she brushed her lips over his cheek. "Yes we can. I'm hungry too, you know." She left him to go to the kitchen and retrieve another plate of spaghetti and some buttered garlic bread, and then returned and sat it in front of him on the table. "Dinner is served. And it is the most amazing dinner anyone has ever cooked anywhere, at any time in recorded history. If I do say so myself. And I do say so."

"Who would ever dispute you?”

"No one with good sense."

"It's a good thing I have good sense then." Xander filled two glasses with apple cider wine, while Buffy loaded her bootleg DVD copy of Wedding Crashers into her DVD player. When the film came on the quality was

astounding. "You are so going to jail for downloading copyrighted materials from the internet."

"Says the man with not one purchased CD in his car. All nine of them have your handwriting with a marker on top. And your handwriting is so bad."

"I blame my Comcast High Speed internet thingy. It tempts me with the evils that I can do with it. I am a self-admitted bit torrent whore."

"Join the club."

They had made dinner reservations earlier in the week for someplace new across town, but as with nearly every date they'd had so far, something went wacky.

The restaurant caught on fire today.

Luckily, no one was hurt, but that cancelled their dress-up evening on the town. No matter, really. Buffy had wanted to show off what she felt were her more-than-a-little-bit impressive new cooking skills, and tonight was as good a night as any.

Devouring another delicious forkful of spaghetti, Xander had to admit Buffy had done a great job. Better than he ever expected. The robust taste of her sauce was incredible. The combination of hamburger meat, mushrooms, and whatever else she added made this just about the best spaghetti he'd ever eaten. When he was sure he'd seen every side of her, when he was sure he knew her every angle, she switched up her flow, and he was charmed all over again. "I thought that cooking and driving were two things you would never do well."

"And I thought you'd never date a woman that at some time wouldn't try to kill you," she teased his mock of a tease, smiling the whole time. "Here's to surprising each other."

"I'll toast to that. I was so tired of my dates trying to kill me. You, my dear, are a breath of fresh air."

They clinked their wine glasses, each finishing off what was left. Buffy refilled them both, then dug into her

plate. She relished food these days in a healthy way Xander enjoyed watching. "Buff, you do realize that yet again another weird event happened that coincided with us going out on a date."

Having wished to halt his attempt at bringing up the weirdness, even she had to admit they had seen some strange occurrences. "I've worked fast food before. And while B'jore's is as far away from fast food as Michael Jackson is from sanity, grease fires do happen."

Xander chewed and swallowed a mouthful, then added, "Yes, but why of all nights did it coincide with us going out on a date?" he pondered with his fork aimed her way. "Me thinks outside forces are using voodoo and things of that nature against us."

Tearing off a piece of garlic bread, Buffy popped it in her mouth. "For the last time, honey. Angel did not curse us. Neither did Spike."

"You have to admit both have extensive experience in things of a cursed nature."

"We are not cursed. We're just not very lucky when it comes to going out on dates, but we do fine at home."

He knew she hated to be reminded, but he felt he just had to. It amused him, you see. "The first night I kissed you in Manchester Cemetery, we fell into that vampire-built underground tunnel when it collapsed beneath us and were nearly buried alive."

"Vampires are not nearly as good at architecture as you are. I doubt they were union guys," Buffy said, and then pondered, "Do vampires have a union?"

"Okay, smarty pants. Remember the night of our first date when we nearly drowned in that craptastic smelling sewer chasing that Dakar demon?"

"I admit that was more than a little icky," she nodded. That night she had lost her favorite cashmere blouse. She still missed that blouse. "But even though Sunnydale doesn't have near the baddie presence it once did, we still have to beat the baddies that do wander into town from time to time."

"Our second date had to be canceled due to Faith, Dawn, and Willow being arrested in that male strip club."

"Hey, at least you can't blame that on voodoo or curses. I warned Wills and Dawn that if they let Faith have anything over four beers it would lead to punches being thrown."

"Those bouncers tried to sue her."

"It's a good thing Willow used her memory spell."

"What about date number three that coincided with 'The Incident We Shall Never Speak Of'?"

Accidentally catching Clem having sex in Spike's old crypt when they thought someone was being attacked was just... "Maybe we are cursed," Buffy thought to herself, but only for a moment. She quickly shook it off. "Before you even bring up our fourth date..."

"I know, I know. It was just another garden-variety apocalypse attempted. But it still happened on the day we were supposed to go out on a date. Hence my conspiratorial voodoo slash curse theories."

She truly worried about his long-term mental health. "No matter what crazy or odd things happened, none of them affected us. We may not have been able to go out those nights, but we still had a lot of fun together."

"I shall take your word for it and not worry about any other 'special occasions," he wiggled his eye brows this time and loved the way he made her laugh, "That the voodoo/curse could attempt to interrupt."

Obviously, he meant whatever night they finally made love. If only he knew that night was... Buffy hid her sly grin behind her wine glass, choosing to leave his comment floating in the air. She felt his longing gaze fall over her all night long, and knew what he wanted. His patience was about to pay off.

The movie began as they settled into their dinner while enjoying each other’s company. Conversation flowed easy, as did the wine.

Alone time was precious, as was their relationship.

Almost three and a half months ago to the date they kissed for the very first time after a couple of weeks of flirting that began innocently enough. Explanations for why two people connect that hadn't connected before were worthless. Love happened when it wanted to happen, and for them it came out of the blue. Things were so different for both of them now, and the year and a half spent away from Sunnydale as the city recovered changed things between them. They discovered a new kinship in London and that deepened their already strong friendship into so much more when they arrived back in the States.

Xander moved into his first home. So did Buffy, who also traded in her blonde locks for her natural hair color as a brunette. Dawn enrolled in SU and lived at her dorm. Willow and Faith live in the same apartment building. Things changed as time dictated, but the family remained close.

Two of them even closer than that.

Casual late night patrols and long talks led to Buffy and Xander finding a common ground they never knew existed because it hadn't before. The former had given way to the present, and so in 2005 they fell in love the old fashioned way.

It just happened.

No major event. No kiss in the heat of an argument. No zany set-up by their friends or a pity party over drinks that led to a night of passion. None of those things or any of a hundred other clichés. They simply evolved from a deep and abiding friendship into a loving relationship. One that they hadn't taken to the next level yet due to not wanting to screw things up. Neither was known for waiting when dealing with matters of sex, and since neither had a relationship that actually worked out, they decided to wait.

Except tonight, Xander didn't know that Buffy had decided the wait was over. He was so going to get lucky and didn't even know it yet.

As shockingly good as it was, Xander loved dinner to the tune of two full plates, much to Buffy's chagrin and utter enjoyment. While she'd never be mistaken for Sally Homemaker, or would ever want the title, a certain amount of feminine pride was gleamed from the knowledge that she had so thoroughly satisfied her man. He sat back on the couch, each of them three glasses of wine buzzed, and cuddled her close as they laughed at the movie. She's warmly tucked under side, with his arm hung over her shoulder.

All was right in the world.

With her legs tucked under her, Buffy played with his free hand, toying with his fingers. "How was your day?"

"I had to inspect the progress of three work sites, which meant tons of driving and having explanations made to me about why they were behind schedule and more man power was needed. Oh the fun. And did I mention the arm and leg I had to trade for a full tank of gas? Pretty soon I'm just gonna get myself a ten-speed bike."

"If you think that's bad, try the thirty some odd phone calls that came into my office this afternoon from parents of students who left school just after their lunch periods do to severe vomiting," she explained, making a face while resting her head on his shoulder. The light kiss he pressed to her temple left her with such a special feeling of being loved. "Apperantly, Sunnydale High Schools principle is responsible for the food that she did not cook."

"The food was bad when we went there, but now it's lethal."

"Not just us though. I received calls from four other schools that all reported some kind of stomach virus was going around. Since we all bought food from Ferguson’s Foods, the Board of Education has called for an immediate investigation. Oh the fun of the days to come," she sighed. The affection of being squeezed closer felt

so nice. "Thank you."

"I love you."

"Love you too," she yawned after all long day that didn’t feel so long now that she's relaxing with her sweetie. Her plans were to fix dinner, flirt with him until he couldn't take it anymore, and then whisper how badly she wanted him to make love to her all night long, followed by doing it.

Unfortunately for her, she just fell asleep. So did he.




Ninety Minutes Later



Quiet came courtesy of the remote controls mute button, while the soft glow of some 80's television show offered faint traces of light that gave the living room an intimacy all it's own.

The perfect mood was set.

Their natural repositioning on the couch left Xander lying on his back, with Buffy cradled in his arms, her head resting on his chest. With one arm possessively anchored around her slender waist, his other hand gently grazed up and down her lower back, soothing her while she slept. He didn't resist a single urge to press kisses into her hair, or shut his eyes while resting his face in the silky strands. The one and only love of his life slept in his arms, and the trust she placed in him by doing so was cherished beyond words.

Nothing compared to the feel of her in his arms. Nothing at all.

In the dark of the cozy living room, Xander cuddled her to his chest, and sighed that he should be so lucky. They hadn't fallen in love in a one-sided sort of way, where one was so happy the other would even consider their love. A man who had loved other women and understood the differences and complexities of his heart fell in love with Buffy all over again, and it was new and unlike how it might have been had it happened years earlier. That year and a half spent mostly in London felt as if it were five years. A greater maturity and understanding not only of self, but of everything else life brought to the table helped them to grow as individuals.

Such was the way of things.

When he entered a room and she smiled upon seeing him, he knew that she was happy he was near. Whenever he made her laugh so hard she covered her mouth, he felt as if he accomplished some great thing. When her hand brushed his wherever they were, she never hesitated in taking his hand, solidifying the fact that they were together no matter where they were. She encouraged him at every turn, and inspired him as she always had. He gave her no less in return. She never once had a problem with him talking about Anya, or what they shared, or even that he missed her. And while it was never easy, he extended the same sentiment to her whenever she felt like talking about Spike or Angel. Or vent over her father. Or grieve over her mother. They fought and made up as often and the same as any couple. The equality of what they were building was as special as the love they shared.

Neither was greater or less than the other.

Not wasting a precious moment, Xander carefully observed her sweet slumber on his chest. She fit perfectly within his embrace and the thought of ever letting her go never crossed his mind. The gentle rise and fall of her back and peaceful expression she wore were evidence that she was happy and content. One of her hands clutched his shirt, while the other rested on his shoulder. Even in her sleep she held onto him, needing to feel his strength surrounding her.

That silent sentiment only endeared her to him even more.

It wasn't that Buffy was the most beautiful woman in the world, though he thought that she was. And it wasn't that she was the most sexy, of which he personally agreed. Her most alluring quality to him was how sincerely she loved him. How she treated him, and talked to him, and listened, and trusted him. She won his heart not by how she looked, but by who she was.

Xander counted himself among the lucky indeed.

Yawning softly against his chest, Buffy said in a breathy tone, "I can hear you thinking." She smiled when he squeezed her tighter in his arms and brushed another kiss along her temple. Nestled against him gave her such a feeling of security and loving affection.

"Are pyschic powers part of the post-24 year old Slayer package?"

"No," she replied to his sarcastic query. "But I know you. I can hear those wheels turning."

"Okay, then tell me what I'm thinking?"

"That you've never been more in love than you are right now."

If she only knew how correct her teasing was. "Ha ha, I'll have you know I was thinking about how lucky I am to be saving money on my car insurance since I switched to Geiko."

Sitting up on her elbows while yawning, Buffy fixed him with an expression that clearly stated she wasn't

buying it. "You just love their commercial with those two cave-men. You crack up every time you see it." His cute grin warmed her heart. The way he stared at her, like she was the sole priority in his life, nothing compared to that. He understood the Slayer. He respected the woman. And he loved her so deeply she forgot every heartbreak she had ever endured. "You were probably thinking about how lucky you are to be dating the most sexy, amazing, wonderful, super duper cool girl on Earth." She batted her eyelashes as if she were a superstar.

"I'm not dating Dawn. I'm dating you."

Her glare was as menacing as it was playful. "I'm sorry, 'Spike.' Did you say something?" When it came to messing with each other they could go back and forth all night, something they both enjoyed anyway. "So tell me what you were thinking about?"

From the crown of her head to the soles of her feet she captivated him with her easy sensuality. She was so gorgeous and honestly didn't know it. More to the point, she didn't care. His hand lifted to caress her cheek, and then he gently pulled her to his lips, raised his head, and thoroughly kissed her until the spark between them began to burn into a blazing fire. His arms fully encircled her waist, hauling her flush onto him as their tongues wetly curled around, passionately elevating the tension.

When at long last he released her lips, Xander gazed into her hazel eyes. "That's what I was thinking."

Spellbound by his kiss, she had to catch her breath, now resting her chin on his chest. "I don't want you to go home tonight."

"So I get the honor of listening to you snore?" He shrieked like a little girl when she pinched him. "That was so unnecessary and childlike."

"I promise you," she leaned in and pressed her lips softly to his in a peck of a kiss, "That you won't be bothered by my snoring tonight." Her smile turned down right wicked as she descended onto him.

The lush feel of her tender mouth nipping and lapping her tongue along his neck felt thrilling. He was sure she could now 'feel' her effect on him. "Care to elaborate?" he managed to croak out. When she took his ear lobe between her teeth and nibbled he felt his cock throb hard against her.

Buffy whispered in his ear, "You've shown me love in every possible way since the day we met except one." Her tongue tickled the inside of his ear as she slipped her hand between them and cupped his erection, causing him to groan harshly. "I want that to change tonight."

"Ho... how?" he stuttered from the feel of her lips pelting his throat in wet kisses. Oh boy, he sure hoped he was reading her right.

"I want you and I to do something we've never done before."


"You'll certainly feel high after I'm done with you," she promised him with a flick of her tongue.

Her hand continued massaging his aching shaft through his pants while her teeth bit at his neck. "You're not under a spell, are you?"

"No, but I certainly intend to be under you soon."

"And you're not a shape-shifter?"

"I can assume many positions, so yes, I can alter my shape in ways you're gonna love."

"Okay, just to clarify, this thing you want us to do that we’ve never done before, it's not gonna call for us to break the law or anything?"

"Well, break my bed, maybe."

"I could repair it, you know. I'm good at fixing things."

"For crying out loud, Xander. Do I have to come right out and ask you to fuck me senseless for the rest of the night and all weekend long?"

His heart just stopped. "Obviously, this is what it feels like to win the lottery. I don't think I can feel my legs anymore." His teasing smile was quickly wiped from his face via her lips, as he was kissed hard with tongue and nonverbally told to shut the hell up. Soon they were laughing around their kiss until Buffy pulled away, and then rose from him to her feet. She extended her hand.

"We're in love, we're committed, and this feels right to me. So, unless you have any arguments, let's go make some memories."

Her forwardness was striking. "Lord, if I'm dreaming, please don't let me wake up for the next fifteen minutes."

"I sincerely hope I've got more to look forward to than that," she teased him, leading him by hand to the

staircase. She slowly took to each step, trying to calm her nerves as she prepared to take that final, lasting step from friendship to so much more with him. This was it. Tonight was the night. They were going to become lovers. Things were going to change forever. She felt exhilarated, shy, and wanton all at the same time. Her heart was beating a mile a minute.

And then suddenly she was whisked off her feet as Xander sprinted the rest of the stairs two at a time. Her giggling rang out as he ascended. "Someone’s anxious."

"I've wanted to see, taste, touch, and pleasure your goodies since 1997. You were walking way to slow." She laughed all the way to her bedroom, and even harder when he kicked in her door and almost stumbled them both to the floor. He sat her down for a moment to catch his breath.

"You are so sexy when you're breathing heavy and look like you're about to pass out."

"Just... just give me a sec. My lungs will catch up to my hormones soon enough." Standing by the door, Xander's eyes followed her every step when she began backing up slowly into the room, and then reached behind her

dress. "Oh boy..."

Utterly bewitched by the obvious hunger set ablaze in his eyes for her alone, Buffy eased the twin straps of her dress from her shoulders, and then with a little dip and sway the clothing slipped from her slender figure to the floor, now pooled at her feet. Alluring. She felt so alluring and now exposed, clad in her sensual weapons of choice. A far to expensive black satin lace bra and panties set that she suddenly didn't give a damn about the price because Xander had to lean against the wall to keep from falling down. She stood up straight, her hands on her hips, smiling when she wished she could hold a bolder expression. She felt giddy and couldn't hide it. "Do you like?"

Xander swallowed hard, his mouth suddenly desert dry. "You look so freaking hot that you've just given me amnesia. All I know is that my name begins with a X and we are in a facility with a roof over our heads," he said as the ability to blink fled his eyes. Thankfully, breathing was on autopilot. "I do think that fire is hot and water is wet."

"Waters not the only thing." She relished the darker longing in his eyes. He loved what he saw and that eased the last of her nerves. Yes, she was like every other woman and had insecurities and such. But when it came to Xander, he made her feel beautiful without having to even say it. It was all in the way he looked at her. "Are you ready for a show?"

Ducking his head while wearing a smirk, he added, "I can barely stand up."

"Don't worry about that. I intend to keep you 'up' all night long." Reaching behind herself, Buffy carefully worked the small hook on her bra. A flick of her finger later saw her pulling it off her shoulders. She waited for a moment, gauging his every expression, and then shook it off, now held in her right hand. Bared before him, she blushed under his intense focus. He smiled so wide, as if she had given him the best gift ever, and then with a newfound confidence, and maybe silliness, she began twirling her bra over her head, until...

Suddenly, it accidentally flew from her fingertip across the room into her fish tank.

"Brad and Angelina, no!!!"

Xander couldn't help but to stare. The scene before him was as sexy as it was amusing to no end. He watched the outrageously beautiful, topless Slayer as she used a hanger to dig her Victoria's Secret bra from her fish tank. "You named them Brad and Angelina?"

"I liked Mr. and Mrs. Smith, so leave me alone," she declared as the dripping wet garment was retrieved. "Plus, they look hot together. I wanted my fish to look hot together."

"Why not Tom and Katie?"

Buffy shook her head. "Because Tom Cruise is crazy. I didn't want a crazy fish. Hence naming them after the hottest couple on earth." The bra was tossed into a hamper in the corner, and then she turned around, facing

her man. "Don't I get to see some goodies too?"

"I... I didn't bring any snacks."

She had a truly naughty line dangling on the very tip of her tongue until she realized he was still shocked that this was happening at all. That only made her love him more. "Clothes. Off. Now." First came his shirt, followed by a tank top that revealed a truly solid, muscular upper body that had her mouth watering to explore. He hesitated at his pants for a reason she quite didn't understand. She'd felt and grabbed that piece of him and he didn't have a damn thing to be bashful about, size wise. In fact, he had a whole lot to be proud of. "Unless you're gonna burst threw those pants, they gotta come off."

"Keep in mind, my dear. I had no idea tonight would be 'the night.' I didn't do a lot of laundry over the last week or so and," he trailed off while removing his pants to reveal a set of bright blue boxers with the Superman emblem over the 'middle.' Buffy, to her credit fought off laughing for as long as she could, even looking away at

one point. But the massive erection tenting the Superman symbol was just to funny and she couldn't hold it in

any longer. "Fine, good, get all that laughing out of your system now," he declared while advancing

on her, "Because the laughing’s about to stop."

"Oh really?" His strong arms wrapped around her and she was lifted off her feet the three steps it took to gently lay her down on the bed. His thumbs hooked her panties yanked them down and off her ankles. "What are you gonna do to me, Superman?"

His boxers were gone in a second, and then the slow nibbling of her lips began. Long, lazy kissing engaged them both, chasing away the previous humor as their passion enveloped them in a haze of delirious heat. Her mouth welcomed his tongue while the rest of her welcomed the solid weight of his body over hers. When her legs parted for him, he grinded against her center and she exhaled softly against his lips.

Perched over her lovely face, Xander beheld a faint blush clouding her cheeks. "So beautiful," he whispered before capturing her lips once more, passionately devouring her with a passion that threatened to blow the roof off her apartment building.

Buffy's arms wrapped around his neck and pulled him even closer. Her hardened nipples scraped over his broad chest. The thick length of him massaged her mound with such delicious friction she's liquid and dying to feel him inside her. "Xander," she exhaled when his lips suckled her throat column, brushing kisses over her pulse point, and then descending her chest.

Choosing his actions to speak louder than his words, Xander whirled his tongue over one chocolate nipple,. The sensation saw Buffy arch her back high. He did it again, twisting his tongue over her nipple until he inhaled the pebbled peak in his mouth.

His cock ached violently when she began whimpering.

The delicate taste of her flesh within his mouth was as perfect as it wasn't enough. He swiftly moved to her other breast, cupping it firmly, and then sampling the taste of that nipple until his lips circled, suckled, and left her groaning endlessly. His free hand squeezed her other breast while his thumb played over the nipple. Her legs closed tight around him, and even that show of power turned him on.

Wanting so much more of her, his kisses traveled southward. His lips ghosting over her trembling belly, snaking his tongue out to wiggle around her navel, and then farther down until he found the light curly dark hairs of her sex.

"You're going to drive me crazy."

"Sanity is highly overrated." As if gazing at the Garden of Eden, the rosy flower-like petals of her heaven glistened before him... because of him... He leaned down and inhaled her exotic scent, and then breathed warm air directly over her sensitive clit. His hands had to grab onto her thighs to hold her in place when she began squirming.

"Ahhh... god," she groaned loudly at that first long lick of his tongue. Again, and then again, from bottom to top he pressed firm while lashing his tongue in a steady rhythm of up and down. She couldn't sit still under his oral ministrations. Unconsciously, she reached for his right hand. Their fingers entwined by her hip. His other hand now laid over her stomach, and she was sure he could feel every clench and every pull of the muscles there while he made love to her pussy with his mouth.