Title: Forgiven

By: Shawn



Summary: Anniversaries are not to be forgotten... but making up for forgetting can be oh so much fun *wink*

Rated: NC-17 for constant and rampant naughtiness.

Category: Romance/Erotica/Fluff

Ship: Buffy/Xander

Timeline/Spoilers: Set in the present day, everything is canon for the entire series run of BtVS except the destruction of Sunnydale and Xander losing his eye. All else is explained within the story.

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Disclaimer: Mutant Enemy owns everything. I own the right to make Buffy and Xander happy.

Authors Notes: Sexy goodness all over the place here. No angst whatsoever. Enjoy.






Not even a kiss on my cheek when I entered the room

A debt to be repaid, for sure

Casual amusement danced within your warm eyes, enjoying the rapture of my little bitty mistake

I am sorry, and you know I am sorry, and yet you deny me

Withholding your blush-inducing kiss, shying away with a grin adorning your face

Lips curled from the sight of my playful pout, wishing to brush it away with your lips

And yet, you deny me still

The warmth of your embrace, hidden from me as we sat side by side

The masculine timber of your voice won't curl my toes tonight

Your silence is my punishment for my transgression, even as your eyes reveal you understand

I know you love me, deeply, as does the entire world around us

But tonight...

Tonight, you're being bad

Getting back at me with your big bag of naughty tricks

That's okay, as you fight smile after smile

I'll win your forgiveness

I'll make you cry it out in the sweetest ectasy

Because I love you enough to pleasure it out of you

And into me...

-Unknown Author











The Summers home

1630 Revello Drive

Friday, April 15, 2005 1:30 PM

Sunnydale, Ca




"Home sweet home," Buffy declared to herself as she pulled into her driveway, parking her Jeep alongside Xander's

car. Running her fingers back and forth over the steering wheel as if she where playing piano keys, she shook her head for the umpteenth time since leaving work. A stranger passing by might notice her quirk of a smile and wonder what's on that beautiful woman's mind.

Is she listening to her favorite song, reminiscing over fond memories the lyrics remind her of?

Did someone do something extraordinarily nice for her out of the blue?

Is she so in love she can't help but to smile?

Did she win the lottery?

The stranger would be 0 for 4, though question number three is true. See, at the moment, Buffy's smiling because she knows she's in for a long afternoon of Xander-payback, courtesy of her slightly self-righteous boyfriend.

If only she didn't love him so much she wouldn't let him get away with a tenth of what she's going to let him get away with the rest of the day.

Resigned to her deserved fate, Buffy killed her engine, unhooked her seat belt, and grabbed her car keys. Instead of getting out of the car, she sat back and shook her head yet again, then sighed, then laughed to herself. "I am so dead," she muttered guiltily, wondering if Xander was plotting against her even now. Perhaps looking out her bedroom window as she sat there, twiddling his fingers in a 'Evil Villain' sort of way.

You know what? Sometimes in life you just mess up. Absolutely, completely, utterly mess up in every possible way and you can't do anything but accept that you are wrong and nod as the wronged party tells you that you are wrong. Buffy knew that yesterday, she was sooooooo wrong it didn't even make sense. She messed up big-time and will have to make it up to her Sweetie by doing what she hates to do above anything else.

More than even cleaning.

Or cooking.

Or admitting when she is wrong.

Yep, Buffy Anne Summers intends to bite the bullet and grovel to her boyfriend. Grovel because in this instant, he deserves it.


One year ago yesterday, April the 14, 2004. After their sixth date at a roller rink, they admitted their mutual love, absolute fear of that mutual love, and made it official. Changing that ole status from single to involved, forever crossing the friendship line, effectively erasing it.

Uh huh. Buffy and Xander hooked up.

In the past year their relationship grew by leaps and bounds, becoming far more intimate than any they ever shared before, and turned their worlds upside down by being more in love than they ever thought it was possible to be. In Buffy mind, and told to her by Xander as well, this past year has been the absolute best of their entire lives ever.

Now this past week, oh no, it's sucked like a two-dollar Ho on the Sunset Strip. Principle Summers, and even five months into the job Buffy can still barely wrap her mind around that title, has had a whirlwind of meetings with teachers, faculty members, the Board of Education, students and parents. She's been swamped by a mountain of paperwork, and has hunted the Double-Beast the last week and a half. The Double-Beast had double everything on it's body. Yeah, that meant four ears, arms, legs, two heads, two mouths, two noses, and two... ahem? It was eating vampires for some strange reason, and when the Slayer was called to Willy's Bar by scared vampires who had not broken the treaty they made with the Scooby Gang about not hunting anymore in Sunny D, they begged for her help and protection.

The funny thing was, the Double-Beast liked humans. It was seen around town helping little old ladies cross the street and an elderly gentleman carry his groceries into his house. Dawn even saw it helping a couple of teenagers with directions and a helping another guy change a flat tire. It's only real vice was, well, eating vampires. He said that tasted liked chicken.


Buffy, Willow, Xander, Faith, Kennedy, and Dawn researched and researched for days as calls came to the Summers home all hours of the night by scared and worried vampires when their friends were disappearing left and right.

Blah, blah, blah. The Scoobys tracked the Double-Beast down to Spike's old crypt, tried to reason with it, it attacked because it had no intention of stopping it's eating of vampires, and Buffy chopped his head off. As happy as the Scoobys were to finally be able to get a good nights sleep without being woken up by the phone, Xander especially looked forward to last night.

Their one year anniversary.

His plan originally, as Buffy was told last night, was to take her to this very elegant Italian restaurant across town that the owner of one of the buildings Xander's crew worked on also owned. The owner gave Xander and every member of his crew a free V.I.P pass for doing such a good and timely job. The arrival of the Double-Beast killed his planned night on the town, but no matter. Once they arrived back at home Xander went downstairs while Buffy took a shower. When he made his way back upstairs, gifts in a bag in one hand and a bottle of bubbly in the other, he found Buffy sleeping... no, according to him, snoring loud enough to raise the dead she's destined to kill. He sighed, smiled at his exhausted sweetheart, and then gently woke up her.

"Oh god," Buffy shook her head yet again, shutting her eyes as the memories came back to her. "I just might be the worlds worst girlfriend ever." Xander's crooked grin woke her up last night after she collapsed on the bed following her shower. All she had wanted to do was wash away all the purple puss that shot out of the Double-Beasts neck, hop in bed and get some sleep. But there Xander was, grinning from ear to ear, telling her how much he loved her and shoving a small box and two envelopes at her sleepy face, as well as offering her a glass of champagne. Slowly, Buffy sat up, yawning, but sincerely surprised...

...and then horrified beyond comprehension as she came to realize what was happening, what day it was, and how she had royally screwed up and forgot all about their one year anniversary. Grimacing, Buffy sat up a bit straighter as her life flashed before her eyes. She painted on her best smile as Xander presented her with the most gorgeous ring she'd ever seen. A $3.000 heart-shaped blue sapphire surrounded by inlaid glistening diamonds and set in 14K white gold. A gift from his heart, presented to her as if she were a princess. The ring was amazing and expensive and a million other various things, but none more important than it represented his absolute love for her and commitment to them. To make matters worse for her, he gave her five free passes to the Onyx Day-Spa she loves so well for a day of getting her hair done, her nails done, a facial, bikini wax, and a full body massage. Then he gave her a pair of tickets for them to visit Paris during the summer. He spent his entire bonus check and some of his savings to make their first anniversary so special.

Think of the lowest thing in the whole entire world. Buffy felt lower than that. She felt like the scum below the scum. She was the world's worst girlfriends hero. She simply could not speak, seeing as on one hand she was crying and hugging him so hard, while on the other she longed for the ground beneath her to open up and swallow her whole for forgetting their one year anniversary. When Xander nudged beside her, awaiting his gifts she ducked her head and began apologizing like mad that she forgot and was super busy and it just slipped her mind and... and... and...

You get the picture.

Xander, true to his nature, bombarded her with tease after tease after tease, as well as a restriction of all hot Xander-loving for an indefinite amount of time until he felt she fully understood what she had done. He made sure to mention all the gifts he bought for her and the night he tried to make for them. Buffy was relieved that he did smile at her, and deep down understood the work stress and Slayer business she's dealt with in the last couple of weeks, but she was soooo not off the hook.

Nonetheless, on a sunny morning in Sunnydale, Buffy did wake up in his arms, and to a sweet kiss just because she's still his dear, even when she drives him batty.

Xander was not forgiving her just yet. He did not make her breakfast, nor did give her a little kiss before she left the house. And when she tossed a "I love you" before walking out the door, he nodded with a smirk and gave her the thumbs up. Shaking her head then as she does now, Buffy knew she was in for it when she got home, just as she knows she's in for it now that she's home.

Key in hand, Buffy let herself in and shut the front door behind her, Heels kicked aside, she's enjoying the quiet, with Dawn in LA visiting their Dad, and Willow settled in her new apartment with Kennedy. Xander usually watched TV in their bedroom, so it's no surprise he's not sprawled out on the couch as she passed through the living room. With another successful project behind him, he was granted a well-deserved day off.

With a frown on her face, Buffy took a seat on the bottom step, her head held low. She knows deep down Xander will forgive her and that he's not really all that mad, but she's mad at herself. Their first anniversary should be celebrated and remembered. And even though Xander isn't the Slayer, he slays with her regularly and works just as many hours as she does. He was still able to remember their anniversary and buy her this amazing ring she's shown off all day long and received so many compliments over. One year ago began something so joyful in her life, and she's disappointed in herself over having forgotten their anniversary. It honestly just slipped her mind in recent days, but meant the world to her. She sincerely hoped Xander realized that and never doubted it.

Mustering up her courage, she ascended the stairs, catching the faint voices from the television in her room. Through the slightly cracked door she peered inside. She saw when Xander looked up from his position, sitting in the center of her bed, and smiled. He smiled back at her, but then yanked it back playfully, as if he remembered she was bad and did not deserve any smiles. At least he's not visibly angry with her as she walked inside. "Hey sweetheart."

Ever the professional these days, Buffy managed to make her dark blue Tower Hill pantsuit with the notched collar jacket look pretty damn irresistible, Xander considered when she entered the room, shutting the door behind

her. "Hey," he offered as a reply, without rising to meet her with a hug and kiss as usual. Ms Summers, as he's been calling her in his head all day, would not know the joys of Xander-affection until she sufficiently paid for her sins.

He added no more, not that she's all that surprised. This is her punishment. His polite silence and anti-affectionate attitude. He's sitting up in bed watching 'Joe Dirt' for what had to have been the one hundredth thousand time, by her estimation. As much as she's teased him over the film, it's gotten more than a few laughs out of

her too. "Working only a half-a-day feels like I have a three-day weekend." He nodded, laughing at the television, then looked her way. His eyes softened and something warm caressed her inside. He's messing with her, and wants her to earn her sweetness back. Buffy was more than up to the challenge. He deserved it. "How was your day off?"

The bed dipped next to him as she addled up alongside, her arms brushed against his. Usually that's his cue to wrap his arm over her shoulder and pull her closer. Usually, being the key word. "TV and a McDonalds over priced breakfast of McGriddle sandwiches and hash browns. That's been my day so far. I've been wicked lazy."

He's not touching her, nor has he even so much as pressed a kiss to her cheek. Boy oh boy she's in

hot water. "No lunch?" Xander shook his head. He stole a quick glance at her, then away just as quickly, and even shifted aside a little bit. Buffy stared at him hard, knowing that if their eyes lock he'll have to relinquish some of his hold on punishing her. Feeling slightly ignored, Buffy resorted to her trusty pout to wage this war of wills.

Don't look, don't look, don't look! Xander's chanting that to himself. She's using her ultimate secret weapon. The one that makes him want to hold onto her forever as wave after wave of affection flooded his system. Her pouts were usually met with his kisses, but not this time. Ms. Summers needs to know that while she is still loved, she is not yet forgiven. To that end, he might struggle, but he will resist her pout.

Silence, still. She hasn't broken him yet. It's funny as it is annoying, so she poked him with her elbow. "Honey, I am so sorry. You know I am," she whined, half-laughing at herself.

"I know you are. I believe you."

"But will you forgive me?" At long last he tilted his head toward her, eyes meeting her own, holding her

captive. She only wants him to pull her in his arms and kiss away the badness. "I know forgetting our first anniversary ranks high on the scale of the 'Don't Do List' in relationships. I know I messed up and I am really sorry. I love you more than anything else in the world and I can't stand it if you think I don't feel that way."

He cracked, but only a little. "I know you didn't do it on purpose, Buff. I've been with you every day, I know your busy schedule, and I know you have had a lot of your plate. Looking after the entire school, while Slaying whatever demon crawls out of whatever unmarked grave, and trying to find time to sleep isn't easy."

"That's still no excuse to forget our special day. One whole year of loving each other and I forget it. I won't get mad if you tell me I suck."

"You suck."

"Hey! You weren't supposed to say that."

"You said I could."

"Yeah, but you're supposed to not say it, and make me feel better by telling me I don't suck."

"Excuse me, but who forgot our anniversary?" Eyebrows raised, his query forced her to duck her head

yet again. He knows his girl, and so he knows she's taking this rough on herself. "You've been bad, Ms. Summers."

Anytime he was peeved at her, out came the Ms. Summers talk. Today however, she didn't have a leg to

stand on. "I promise to make it up to you." He shrugged, and fought off a grin as long as he could until he couldn't because she was pouting again. While he never wrapped an arm around her, he did ease in a little closer, and didn’t move a muscle when she rested her head on his shoulder. At that moment, despite what she did, she knew she was still his girl. "I'm gonna get out of these work clothes, take a shower, and get changed. After that, I will begin the long and enduring process of making yesterday up to you."

Watching her as she hopped up off the bed wearing her determined face, he couldn't help but to wonder over how she was going to do that. And how much he'd enjoy it.




Forty Minutes Later



Legs crossed over the covers, Xander's as relaxed as he can be on his day off. Dressed not to impress in his dark blue sweatshirt and faded jeans, he's taking the casual approach, having earned it in the past months of a recently completed bank project.

Today, at least in his head, had been planned out well in advance. Buffy told him about the half a day she'd be working and he knew he'd have the day off. The day after their one year anniversary, he expected no less than just lounging around the house with his girl, watching movies, cooking, enjoying the quiet of a day spent together, minus work and outside distractions. Even now that's not outside his grasp, though his girlfriends questionable memory deficiency played a part.

Buffy Anne Summers. His annoyingly spectacular other half. The beautiful forgetter of anniversaries and Slayer of

vampires. His Buffy, who's just down the hall and clouding his every thought.

Punishment be damned, Xander's a half a second away from storming her longer than usual shower, shedding his clothes as fast as humanly possible, and taking her right against the wall. Resisting an irresistible woman is futile, and he's never been able to successfully resist her. If only his super strong honey didn't deserve a bit of punishment.

'Joe Dirt' came with a few laughs, but went off with none, leaving only the sensual images of a dripping wet Buffy under the showers spray, draped in pillowing wafts of steam and a devilish smile for him alone. Try as he did to fight them, Xander tortured himself with thoughts of her ever since she exited the room with a promise to make things up to him.

Their love was long in coming, but is battle tested, strong, and so meaningful to them both. The passion between them was the surprise cherry on top. Friends shared friendship, not burning lust at times the way they did. Xander needed to get his mind off the foamy soap suds slowly cascading down Buffy's perfectly arched back, tampering off her firm little ass, then dripping down her thighs...

"No, no, no, no, no." Chanted to himself with a shaky hand through his short hair, trying so hard to toss her out of his mind. Buffy forgot their one year anniversary and for that she must pay. No hot loving for an indefinite period of time. No snuggles until she clearly earned them back. No having food cooked for her just because she pouted and asked nicely. No long kisses until she pledged to never ever forgot another anniversary, or at least give him a 'Free Pass' for the next time he forgot something or messed up.

The clear path was set before him. Xander knew that men all over the world would want him to get his 40 acres and a mule. To have his full payback for the girl forgetting a special day in their relationship. For every hard working man who forgot a birthday and had to sleep on the couch after working an eight hour shift, or a teenage boy who decided to buy that new violent video game rather than the more expensive corsage for his prom dates dress who wouldn't put out after the prom because she hated her corsage, or that fiancée who gave the girl he asked to marry him the same ring he never returned that he bought for the girl he asked before her, only to be rejected, Xander would playfully make Buffy pay for them and countless other men who forgot things and deserved justice.

Now if he could just get the vivid pictures of her naked wet form out of his head, he'd be just fine.

Of course he loves her and wants to enjoy their first full year together by just holding her close. He won't admit it to her, but he's missed her all day long. Missed her laughter, her quippy phrases, her sexy smile and her presence by his side. She's his precious gift, even when she screws up. Lord knows she's forgiven him enough over the past year for his own mistakes. Dumb arguments, dates missed because of work, little white lies about where her disappearing ice cream went, helping Dawn cover up coming in late, helping Dawn sneak her boyfriend out the house late. Ect, ect. Problem is, forgetting their anniversary is a big one, so she's gonna pony up for that.

Sitting up against the head board with the TV remote on his lap, Xander didn't feel like flipping channels in search of something to watch. 'Aliens' was about to come on yet again, probably for one millionth time, so that would keep the vibe violent and suspenseful rather than arousing when Buffy arrived from her long shower.

Now that he thinks about it, she has been gone a while now.

"Boy oh boy, I am so dead." Oh yeah, Xander now understood why Buffy's spending so much time in the bathroom. It's not cause she's all that sweaty, seeing as how she barely worked half a day. Oh no, this is calculated seduction, Slayer-style. She's in there using all those little secret girlie techniques that drive men wild. Spraying on that top-secret Government issued pheromones, or so Xander surmised, that insured men would comply to their every whim. He imagined her rubbing her expensive brand name fancy lotion all over her body so she'd feel so soft everywhere, then spraying on her favorite perfume, then fixing her hair the way he liked it, and maybe even a little shaving of a particular area he especially liked the most. "I'm so very dead," he joked to himself.

Resigned to his fate, Xander attempted to stall that nagging doubtful voice in his head and stick to his guns. He might love Buffy with all his heart, but he will pretend he only likes her a whole whole lot for the rest of

the day. After all, the men in the world are depending on him.

Soft footfalls caught his attention as he stilled himself for her arrival, taking a deep calming breath. Stiff upper lip and a strong will to see her punishment through till the end. Xander felt more than up for the.... oh crap... damn... oh well, it's over...

Xander gulped his best effort to remain at ease, though that was asking a whole heck of a lot. Standing just inside the bedroom, Buffy leaned against the door, clad in a pair of tight black denim jeans, and a matching stretch-knit top with pullover styling and three-quarter sleeves, minus a bra. Her hair's down, dangled in luscious loose blonde wisps framing her gorgeous face. She peered his way similar to a lioness on the prowl, and slowly began slinking toward him, licking her sensuous lips, adding just a pinch of sway to her hips. Feeling warm all over, Xander suddenly had to remember to breathe. "Did you have a good shower?"

The subtle tremble in his voice was evidence enough her attire and allure were on point. In the bathroom moments ago she considered putting on her old cheerleader outfit, or wearing just one of his dress shirts, and even strolling in nude. In the end though, she knows that casual sexy attire is what rocks his boat. Buffy took her own dear time rounding the bed until she slinked on, crawling toward him until she sat on his right side, shoulder to shoulder so that they touched. "All showers are the same, Xander. No biggie." Hmm, still no kiss, no hug, no nothing save a slightly shaken Xander beside her. She glanced at the TV screen. "We're watching Aliens?"

The rain forest fresh scent of her perfume wrecked havoc with his senses, toying with his sanity. As if all that soft bare flesh of her exposed neck wasn't killing him already. "You want me to find something else?"

"No, I want you to forgive your honey, who adores you above all others." His faked snort amused her to no end, as did his refusal to look her way. He's working double-time to maintain his distance. She could only imagine the crazy conversations he's had in his head about making her pay. Her zany beau. "I am truly sorry."

Xander looked up and away, twiddling his thumbs. "I know you are."

"But you don't act like you've forgiven me yet?"

"You were bad."

"So spank me," she dared naughty in his ear, then bit the lobe until he shooed her away as if they were in the fourth grade and she had cooties. Come to think of it, she never did find out what cooties were supposed to be. She figured it was a playground urban legend. She'd kick her boyfriend if she didn't love him so much. "Honey, I love you. You know that, right?"

"Of course," he conceded.

"Do you know that I feel awful for forgetting our anniversary?"

"I assume you have some regret, yes." Oh yeah, he's laying it on thick. Ms. Summers is not getting off that

easy. Pout all you want, he's not budging.

"Xander, honey." Shifting sideways, Buffy held her hand up and pointed to her ring, flashing it in his face. "Do you see this?"


She smirked, "What is it?"

Looking from her hand to her and back, he shrugged, "It's the ring I bought you."

"It's not just a ring to me, Xander. It's the best gift anyone has ever given me. It the sweetest gift, and I love it more than you'll ever know. It means the world to me, just like you do."

"Well it should because I'm going to be eating Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches for the rest of the year while taking the bus to work and washing my clothes down by the river." Laughter’s good for the soul, and so he shares it with her. A moment aside from the games their playing. "You really like it?"

His hopeful gaze was all she needed to see. "I don't just like it, I love it. It's the most special thing anyone has ever given me and I sincerely cherish it. I just hope you know that this ring, our one year anniversary, and you mean everything to me."

How could he retain his need to make her pay when she's laying her heart out for him, expressing how she truly feels. He knows that's the toughest thing for her to do. It means the world to him that she loves the ring. "You were bad," he accused minus the malice, adding in a loving gaze.

Pleased with that look in his eyes, Buffy could tell she's on the footsteps of forgiveness, so she pushes further, slipping over until she straddles his lap, nestling her body right over his... that perfect sweet spot that forces him to focus solely on her. Her hips dipped low, grinding on the hardening bulge beneath her. "I know I was bad, but you have to forgive me."

She so calculated that move, shifting on his lap, wearing such a bad-girl smile on her face. "Why should I forgive you, oh forgetter of important days and non-buyer of gifts on those important days?"

"Because you love me, and I'm your sweetheart, and I keep the city safe from the bad guys while you keep me safe and happy."

"You forgot our anniversary," he chuckled through his every word when her arms slipped around his neck, and her head descended to his cheek, kissing him a few times before facing him. She leaned in, he turned to the left, she tilted left, he turned his face to the right. Both smiled the whole time. When he still would not kiss her, she returned to placing little pecking kisses all over his nose, cheeks, and chin until he started laughing and simply couldn't stop. "You did a bad, bad thing."

"Have I told you lately," she whispered with a lick at the end on his ear, "How absolutely handsome you are?" she heard that little grown he tried to hide, "And how proud I am to be your girl," she saw his hands grip the bed sheets to not grab her. Another slow grind made his fists clench. "And that you turn my body inside out, and I can't ever get enough of making love to you?"

"Uhm, no..." Her lips are so close to his he can taste their flavor from memory alone.

Buffy could tell he's on the ropes. Her fingers began playing in his hair, curling affectionately around the back of his head. "You are my very best friend, the person I trust most in all the world, my favorite all-time cook, lover, and patrol partner..."

"Someone’s trying hard I see."

Another slow grind, staring directly into his warm brown eyes. "Hard being the operative word."

His Buffy could be so evil at times. "That was so not fair."

"Look, you just have to forgive me," she asserted with a gentle kiss to his forehead, then nuzzled the side of his face.

"Why is that," he managed not to grin to wide by sheer force of will.

"Because you love me and you want too."

"You are not yet forgiven, Ms. Summers."

"Then let me start repaying my debt right now, Mr. Harris." Buffy leaned in for the kill and kissed his lips. Her softest caress, her firm warm lips pressed to his, her tongue flicking deftly against his own. She wanted to swallow his tongue, wanted to feel everything inside her, but he held back, made her wait, then engulfed her tongue as his strong hands slid inside her jeans, cupping her backside. She was shaking now, uncontrollably. She felt him, rock hard, straining against his jeans between her thighs. Needing to touch him, her hand reached down and felt its length, felt its power. It twitched gamely, as she rubbed and stroked him through his jeans.

Releasing his lips on the brush of a gasp, Buffy pulled his hands away from her, back around in front of

them. "Xander, I love you with all my heart. Deeply, passionately, and more than anyone else ever." Her courage as it pertained to expressing her feelings to him came easier by the day. The humbleness in his eyes always made her feel like she'd never regret exposing herself so fully. "I'm going to make up for forgetting our anniversary," she boldly promised him as her hands found the buckle on his belt, undoing it, then slipping it from around his waist and tossing it over her shoulder with a wicked grin. "Your gifts yesterday made me feel like a princess, and that's something us girls love more than anything else. I loved all of them," she confessed with a gentle kiss as she slowly pulled down his zipper, loving that quick intake of air he just inhaled. He can't take his eyes off her. "I'm going to treat you like a King today." Buffy adored that bashful smile on his face. She grabbed the hem of his sweatshirt and asked him to lift his arms, then pulled it up and over his head, tossing it over her shoulder onto the floor. "I would sing to you, but I just can't sing very well, so I'll just tell you over and over how you are the most special person in the world to me." Vacating her spot on his lap, Buffy sat back on her knees and helped him shuck off his jeans, until he's down to his white boxers with the hearts on them. One of her silly Valentine’s Day gifts. His throbbing erection pushed at the fabric until she reached and yanked them down and off, exposing his hardness to her greedy eyes. "So what do you want, Honey?," she asked with a kiss and a slow lick of his lips. "Anything you want, it's yours." Her fist wrapped around the base of his cock, stroking slowly up and down as the tip weeped, cascading moisture over her fingers. "Do you want me to suck it? Because if you do I'll suck it until you can't see straight?" His obvious gulp made her giggle, even as she manipulated his shaft with an expert touch. She owned that piece of flesh anyway, it's lord and master. "Do you want me to climb on top and ride until you beg me to stop, because I am that damn good." Husky sexy sweet, her words captured his mind, body and soul. "Do you want me to bend over and push my ass in the air... let you take me from behind until you cum inside me... until I've milked every drop of what's mine from your body? Would you like that?" Xander actually blushed after she said that. Never let it be said a little dirty talk didn't have it's place in a relationship.

"Let's play it by ear."

Buffy's thrown on her back the next second by a raving, desperate man who loves her more than anything ever, kissing her deeply as his hands worked magic, pulling, tugging, throwing her clothes off left and right, while she laughed and clung to him, needing his love and touch and desperate need of her and her alone.

"I love you so much, Xander." Buffy tensed for a second, then exhaled deeply when the heat of his mouth wrapped around her right nipple, lapping long wet licks before suckling the pebbled tip... suckling so hard she held him to her breast, her body quivering beneath his.